Can you really make money online?

Can you really make money online? Absolutely you can with affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the process of connecting people with products they want via the internet. In return, you will receive a commission.

Big companies like Amazon, Walmart, and some small companies as well all have FREE affiliate programs because they need our help promoting their products.

The products you promote will not be over priced because you are receiving a commission on the retail price. Products you already believe in or use yourself. You do not have to promote products you have never heard of or is too expensive for you to afford.

Knowing about the product you are promoting allows you to give a true and honest opinion of what you are promoting. This is how you establish trust with your viewers. You are simply helping your viewers make an informed purchase by giving your honest opinion of the product they wish to purchase.

Amazon affiliate program pays up to 10% commission. With a 24hr cookie that means if anyone purchases anything off your link within 24hrs you will receive a commission for that purchase.

Example: For the sake of this example, I’ll use gym shoes.

Say someone comes on to your Amazon affiliate link purchase a pair of gym shoes at $120.

$120 x 10%= $12.00. Now let’s say they add $100 worth of accessories to go along with their gym shoe purchase.

so we have $120 + $100= $220 Take $220 x 10% commission  That’s a total of $22 commission

I know $22.00 commission doesn’t sound like a lot but let’s take $22 X 10 people =$ 220 in commission. Not bad in commissions that you can accumulate in your sleep.

Google alone gets over 3billion clicks per day!  With SEO(search engine optimization) and the keyword tool, you can now target a massive audience with any product you choose. Recruiting friends and family are not required. You will no longer be that annoying friend that always has something for sale.

Get The Proper Training You Need For Online Success!!!

There is no secret to be successful with anything all you need is the proper training, support, and practice. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we have the best online business training platform in the world. I promote Wealthy Affiliate because I am so passionate and proud of helping others generate income from anywhere in the world. I have never seen a training platform with the support we have available here at Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself! With your FREE lifetime membership, no credit card requirements and no hidden fees, you will have instant access to:

Personal Help & Support-

  • Access to 24/7/365 live support
  • Access to owners (Carson&Kyle)
  • Access to keyword tool
  • Ability to ask questions throughout the entire platform including training

Over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, tutorials. All training is video based with text instructions. You will have a checklist at the end of each lesson to help keep you on task to complete each lesson.

There is tons of training and education here so through out the training you are encouraged to take a break to help prevent information overload. You can always start off where you left off.

2 free websites

  • fully functional- with themes to select from
  • ready to generate income

FREE Affiliate program-EARN AS YOU LEARN

This is what generating income online will look like:

  1. Choose an Intrest – This can be anything you want.
  2. Build a Website – You get 2 as a free member. Your website is your foundation, your presence in the internet world. This is where you have control of what really goes on behind the scenes of your online business. Your security, themes, features (also known as plugins)  This is all controlled through your website.
  3. Get Rankings & Visitors– We teach you this, I mentioned earlier about the power of SEO – already pre installed in your 2FREE websites and the keyword tool-you’ll have access to this
  4. Generate income- This is where you are rewarded for helping others

Build Yor Own Free WordPress Website…

Here is a video that co-owner Kyle has put together to show you how to create your very own website in just 30secs!!!

Build a Website in 30 Seconds

I can help you, but only if you take action. You can have your own website up and running in just a few minutes from now by following these 3 simple steps!

WATCH VIDEO: Create a website in under 30 secs 

Step1: Start creating your website $0 for you at

Step2: Create your free account

Step3: YOU NOW  have access to 2free websites & a training platform with LIVE support. In no time you will have your very own fully functional WordPress website.

My Promise to You…

This is not a get rich quick solution, however, I PROMISE you that with dedication and hard work. You can achieve financial freedom online. Rather it is part time income or never having to request a day off again! With just an hour a day.

Anything new can appear to be overwhelming at first, but if you take action and never give up. You can and will achieve and exceed your goals. I and my Wealthy Affiliate community will have your back every step of the way! That’s my promise to you.


I’d be more than happy to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.


As always,

I’m wishing you happiness and success with all your future endeavors.

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