Affiliate Marketing Training – For Less Than A Dollar A Day!


The fact that you are looking for affiliate market training lets me know a lot. It lets me know that you are wanting to invest in actually learning the skill set and you are SERIOUS. People that’s not serious usually don’t look for training.

The last thing you need is a training platform that’s going to try and get you for every dime you got. With affiliate marketing your going to need some tools like websites, the keyword tool, and most importantly the support. Many affiliate marketing trainings put a separate price tag on all your resources.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes into play. All the tools and resources you need in one place. Hours and hours of training, your websites, your keyword tool,  everything you need to get you up and rolling

With a community of over 1.2 million members for support. You have the opportunity to learn from some off the most successful online entreprenuers in this industry.

Matter of fact, see for yourself for FREE!

Never enter any finicial information until you see that Wealthy Affiliate is right fit for you!

Even As a free member you still get free websites, a total of 60 free keyword searches, community support, and your FREE membership never expires.



Once you do upgrade to the premium membership. IT’S ON! Absolutely 100% of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is unlocked. We don’t play no games here at Wealthy Affiliate your either a free member or a premium member. And its just that simple!

First Thing First… THE TRAINING

I’m sure you can agree, its difficult to accomplish anything without the proper training. Lets get straight to it and start off in the training tab. Look to the left hand side in the screen shot above.

When you click on the Online Entrepreneur tab  in the drop down. Here you will learn how to build an affiliate marketing business around something you enjoy, a hobby, or a passion.

Work through 5 courses with 10 lessons each at your own pace. Work through the trainings over and over again if you want to. Its video based with text instruction and you got a checklist after each lesson to keep you on task.

Beautifully Structured Comprehensive Training

Once you are inside the Online Entrepreneur Certification your first course will look like this

After working through just this first lesson alone, even with no knowledge in affiliate marketing at all. You will have learned the basics and have your very own online business up and running on a secure and solid foundation.

One Of The Biggest Downfalls With Starting An Online business

One of the biggest downfalls with starting an online business, is not having access to help when you need it. If you ever feel stuck while working through the trainings. At the bottom of every training there is a discussion forum where you can ask any question and get almost instant help or even add your feedback.This is how it looks inside. Join the discussion by simply typing in your question or adding  your feedback.  Notice that check list to keep you on task  right above the top helpers for this lesson.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training…Yeah It’s Beautifully Structed Too..

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is structured just like the Online Entrepreneur training. The Affiliate Bootcamp training is dedicated to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You certainly don’t have to choose this direction. Your direction is up to you

Many members do choose this direction  because Wealthy Affiliate is undeniably the best affiliate marketing training in the world.

On top of all your trainings and resources you have available to you here, you can Earn as you Learn. With one of the most lucrative affiliate programs. All trainings, blogs, questions, everything within the community has a link that is unique to you. That is your affiliate link than you can leverage and  profit from it.

Plus when you have that” hands on experience”, it makes it so much easier for you to recommend  those products and services to others.

Class Is In Session

Over 10 classrooms covering varies topics like email marketing, social marketing, video marketing, local marketing and more.


Search For Trainings

Search for trainings in the search bar at the top of your membership. Every training, blog or any question already asked will pop up in the drop down. You can even book mark and save items by clicking on the star in the right hand corner right.

If you cant find what you are looking for in the drop down go ahead and ASK!

Quite frankly, I don’t care where you ask your questions at. Just ask them…and keep asking. Everywhere through out the community you can ask question.

  • Private Messaging
  • Use the Search Bar
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Ask Question Tab in your profile
If You Can’t Find A Training That You Are Looking For. Request It And One Of Our Expert Members Will Create It!!!

Live Weekly Webinars

Live weekly webinars with expert member Jay. With affiliate marketing anything you can think of can become a successful online business. Jay does all kinds of case studies. Jay did a case study on  NFL snack helmets- turned out to be very successful online business.

If you miss Jays weekly webinars, NO Worries they are recorded and just like all the other trainings here. There is a discussion forum for you to ask question or give your feedback.

The whole community is alerted when you have a question and trust me several members within the community will come to your rescue. The support here is unbelievable!

This is why I believe so many members that have no technical experience or any knowledge of affiliate marketing, build some really successful online businesses after working through our trainings. Building their website from scratch to an online empire.

We teach you the right way here and the only way to have long term success with affiliate marketing, is to build a website. Your website is where you will control practically everything to do with your online business.
Your website is your FOUNDATION.


Yes that’s right! You can host up to 50websites on Siterubix, Wealthy Affiliate’s all inclusive state  of the art website platform. 25 on a free domain and 25 on a paid domain.

Don’t Let Website Building Scare You

You have access to the most sophisticated website builder with features that no other platform in the world offer. So advance yet simplified for any newbie. A virtual one click WordPress installer allows you to create a website in less than 30secs

Let’s let the” techies” worry about the “techy” stuff
While we focus on more important things
Like, Building our businesses!

Your Keyword Tool Is A Must!

Your keyword tool is a must! It goes hand in hand with website building. Applying your keyword research within in your content, is what’s going to bring relevant viewers to your website. You have access to Unlimited Jaxxy Keyword Searches as a premium member.

As you work through the training everything will be laid out for you step by step. You will quickly start to see how everything flows and start seeing some results

So Here’s The Deal

So here’s the deal… At Wealthy Affiliate we are a community that don’t hold nothing back from each other and we care about each others success. It is only right that I am straight up front with you about the cost.

Remember you can stay a free member as long as you like any you NEVER need to enter any financial information. As a FREE member you get your free trainings, free websites, a total of 60 free Jaxxy keyword searches, 24/7 support and plenty more as a 100% free member.

There is only one other membership to choose from and that’s our premium membership. Once you upgrade instantly 100% of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is unlocked!!!

The Premium Membership will cost you:

Yearly Premium Membership = 359/yearly = 0.98 cents a day
Monthly Premium Membership = 49/monthly = 1.61 a day

All and all, My goal here at selflessmoney is to expose you to Affiliate Marketing Training that actually delivers!!!

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And as always,

I wish you much success

Sierra Morgan