GrooveFunnels Review 2020: Is it the Right Online Marketing Software for You?

Looking for the most informative GrooveFunnels review online? Then you have come to the right place! To get started, GrooveFunnels is a potential game-changer that could revitalize the market a bit.

Are you a newbie or just getting started online? Using simple tools, you can control all areas of your business from a single account. Do you want to avoid spending extra cash on funnel builders, CRM, email marketing, webinars, sales tools, landing page builder, and many more? Yes, it can be very expensive to separately pay for all these tools.

GrooveFunnels provides you with all these vital marketing tools at a less price. In this honest review, you will find out about essential marketing tools like GrooveSell, GrooveKart, GroovePages, GrooveMail, and other marketing tools you can use to grow your business.

You must be familiar with other integrated marketing and funnel tools like Leadpages, Kartra, Builderall, ClickFunnels, etc. Of these tools, GrooveFunnels is the realistic all-in-one online marketing tool.

It was created by a digital marketing industry pioneer called Mike Filsaime. He is also the founder of GrooveDigital and a software developer.

In this detailed review, we will delve into the GrooveFunnel features, alternatives, apps, pricing, and lots more.


GrooveFunnels is an ultimate suite of online marketing tools created to assist you with building websites, landing pages, and funnels, and for the purpose of selling digital products.

Some online marketing tools attached with GrooveFunnels include: GrooveSell (which is used for a shopping cart), GroovePages (which is mainly for building landing pages), GrooveMail (which provides email services), and many other essential tools for selling physical and digital products through the internet.


The initial name given to it was GrooveApps, but due to the change, it’s now officially named GrooveFunnels.

Getting the domain name was previously difficult for Mike and his entire team members, so they decided to name their brand GrooveApps though it was all in the past. Now it’s named GrooveFunnels.

GrooveDigital Inc.

GrooveDigital Inc. is the superset of all the Groove tools, brands, and products. It is a company that comprises both in-house and virtual workers.

This workplace has brands such as GrooveKart, GrooveFunnels, and several other services like GroovePay, GrooveAds, and lots more.

Who Invented GrooveFunnels?

Groove Digital Inc. is made up of online influencers, software developers, and digital entrepreneurs. Below are the team members behind this company.

Mike Filsaime

If a digital marketer is to be chosen for deeply researching anything digital, then it should be Mike Filsaime. He is an active internet marketer. He has become highly successful with software products and digital courses, and has done several launches worth more than a million dollars for several brands.

From creating and launching useful digital products in his passion, he has been able to generate more than $120,000,000

These tools are created to remove the frustration and pain of getting started with online business.

Mike is the brain behind some online marketing tools like EverWebinar, DealGuardian, PayDotCom, Kartra, Butterfly, Evergreen, and others.

Mattijs Naus

Mattijs Naus is the GroovePages’ CTO. When it comes to developing top-notch software products for online entrepreneurs, small-scale businesses, startups, and internet businesses, he has got the right knowledge. He’s one of the co-founders of GrooveDigital.

If you work with Mike Filsaime and the rest, you’ll find that the team has a beautiful vision and the technical know-how to invent super-performing marketing solutions like Kartra, ClickFunnels, etc.

If you need some outperforming online marketing experts to rely on, look no further. You’ve met the right guys. They’ve been indispensable to the online marketing space lately.

John Cornetta

John Cornetta is a reputable e-commerce expert. He operates numerous e-commerce stores that earn him a six-figure income every month.

John’s skill and pull to run his online business using the most viable platforms has indisputably positioned GrooveKart ahead of other famous online shopping cart sites such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and so on.

No doubt about it, GrooveKart is convenient to use, cost-effective, and has a user-friendly interface.

John is a respected coach when it comes to dealing in digital products online. Therefore, this skill is being utilized in GrooveKart to present an unmatched marketing solution.

Matt Serralta

Matt Serralta is also a team member and the eminent architect of the GrooveKart tool. He has a decade of executive and expert-level management experience in the e-commerce industry, sales, and administrative activities.

Matt Serralta has self-confidence and his unbeatable quotas towards e-commerce development and marketing has influenced GrooveKart. He is the former Office Depot consultant.

John and Mike have worked out their way to ensure that they incorporated standalone marketing software like WebinarJam and Kartra into the GroovePages 2.0 software.

Is GrooveFunnels the Right Choice For Your Business?

GrooveFunnels ensures to present the best digital marketing software for bloggers, course creators, small entrepreneurs, content marketers, and just anyone with a product or service to sell.

GrooveFunnels is the Right Tool for Your Online Business if:

  • You write content online
  • You are planning to build landing pages and funnels
  • You are a digital marketer
  • You’re interested in running a paid membership site
  • You have a service or product to promote (or sell)

GrooveFunnels is Not the Right Tool for Your Online Business if:

  • You do not have services or products to promote (or sell)
  • You are not interested in using an all-in-one online marketing tool
  • You are satisfied with using software such as Kartra, ClickFunnels, etc. and do not ever want to try out GrooveFunnels
  • You are not willing to learn how to make use of the tools

What is Included with GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a complete pack of digital marketing tools. Check out what’s included with the tools:

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

Looking for a new and exciting way to monetize your web traffic through affiliate marketing? This review offers you details on one of the very promising affiliate programs that came to light in 2020.

It’s called GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program and this review gives you all the details to join and start earning.

Why Join?

Let’s start off with the main reasons you or anyone else would want to join this affiliate program.

1 – New Kid on the Block

I know that being a new affiliate program doesn’t mean that you earn bigger or better cash from it. However, the fun part is that you get to be one of the early birds to join and earn good cash from the program.

Everyone also knows that GrooveFunnels products are of excellent quality.

2 – High Paying Program

As an affiliate, you will be earning 40% on each sale of GrooveFunnels products bought by your referrals. Also, as a Pro member, you are entitled to 10% tier 2 commissions on each sale of GrooveFunnels products.

3 – Selling Free Products is Easy

Most people I know will sign up for a free product or service provided they get some value from the product.

GrooveFunnels has taken advantage of this by offering free access to some of its products – GroovePages Lite and GrooveSell. Converting your audience into signing up for the free products is much easier.

However, you will only earn money from GrooveFunnels when they upgrade to any of the pro plans.

4 – Lifetime Affiliate Tag

Let’s say you refer someone to GrooveFunnels and that person signs up for the free plan. That’s cool because there are free products that can be accessed even with the free plan.

However, if it takes one year for your referral to upgrade the plan to a paid one, you still earn the referral commission.

No matter how long it takes your referral to upgrade to a paid plan, you will still earn the commission on that sale. That’s one of the reasons to get started with the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program as soon as possible.


GrooveFunnels is a marketing solution that offers tools for managing funnels, affiliate marketing, sales, and email marketing. It also handles video marketing and management of membership sites for digital marketers.

There are 5 main products offered by GrooveFunnels to users, which are:

  • GrooveSell
  • GroovePages
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveVideo

New users will be able to access GroovePages Lite and GrooveSell For free.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

You are signed up automatically for the GrooveFunnels affiliate program the moment you register on the platform. Also, you will be granted free access to GrooveSell and GroovePages Lite just because you joined.

As a free member, you can refer others to the GrooveFunnels platform and earn 40% off any purchase. There is also a paid plan (Pro) which gives you full access to all the products on GrooveFunnels. However, this Pro plan also enables you to earn commissions on the tier 2 level.

Let me explain this tier 2 earning with a simple example. If Alex were to sign up and upgrade his membership plan on GrooveFunnels, he becomes a Pro member.

If Alex refers Jane to GrooveFunnels and she pays for the Pro plan, Alex gets a 40% commission on Jane’s payment. Jane is Alex’s referral on the first tier (or tier 1 level).

Let’s say that Jane also referred Judith to GrooveFunnels and Judith opts for the Pro plan, Jane would earn 40% off Judith’s purchase (tier 1) while Alex would earn 10% off Judith’s purchase (tier 2).

So you see that there are endless income opportunities for affiliates through the tier 2 income level. That’s a good reason to sign up for the GrooveFunnels affiliate program as soon as you can. Now, another great feature of this program is Lifetime affiliate tagging that lets the first tag win.

As I explained earlier, the first affiliate to refer someone else to GrooveFunnels gets to earn the commission whenever the referral upgrades their plans.

Now that you have a working knowledge of the program, let me walk you through the steps you need to take to start earning.

Getting Started

To get started on the GrooveFunnels affiliate program, all you need to do is sign up for a free account. This account entitles you to earn a 40% commission on each sale you refer to GrooveFunnels.

To earn the 10% commission on the tier 2 level, you would have to upgrade your free plan.

Step 1 – Sign up for your free account

The sign-up process on GrooveFunnels is pretty easy and straightforward. You will be able to do that on the GrooveFunnels official website.

Step 2 – Accessing Your GrooveFunnels Dashboard

Once you have signed up for your free GrooveFunnels account, you will be able to login to the main dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can access all the services that are available to you on GrooveFunnels. Those who are on the free account will only be able to see the services that are available to them.

Step 3 – Accessing Affiliate Information

You can access all the information that you need to drive your affiliate campaigns by clicking the GrooveAffiliate tab on the sidebar to the left.

You should also see the stats and performance of all your campaigns as well as obtain your affiliate links and materials for promoting the offers.

Step 4 – Start Earning

Now that you have all the information and tools to promote GrooveFunnels products, the next thing is to start earning by referring new users and other affiliates to the platform.


As new affiliate programs spring up, new and exciting ways to earn income are introduced.

However, it doesn’t mean that all the programs will be able to deliver as promised. What it does mean is that you’ll need vital details about any new or existing affiliate programs you want to join.

That’s the reason for putting together this GrooveFunnels affiliate program review for you. The program is still in its infant stage yet it offers so many income-earning opportunities for those who are ready to promote.

In all, I would say that the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is one program that you should give a try. When you do, stick to the free plan until you start earning from your affiliate sales before upgrading to a Pro plan.

Still want to earn from an independent affiliate program that pays on a recurring basis in commissions up to 50%? Let me just get straight to the point by introducing Wealthy Affiliate to you. This is another affiliate marketing tool that teaches you everything you need to know about online marketing and how you can be successful at it.

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  1. Hmm, it’s definitly an intriguing program to be joining and I am actually somewhat tempted to join after reading this review but I can certainly say that it is worth the money based on what I read. But based on how much money I make I am still unsure as to if I can afford to join. I see that you offer Wealthy Affiliate program here on your site and I definitely like that program a lot and will be looking into it too

    • Hey Misael, thanks for leaving a thought! Groove Funnels is yet another powerful sales funnel builder tool and an email marketing service provider on its own. It’s new in the industry though, it’s Free membership has more marketing features than most similar funnel builders that have existed over the past decades. Thanks for commenting on my Groove Funnels review! Be sure to stop by anytime!

  2. Hi there and thank you for this information.  It is very hard to find the right platform for online work.  Finding one that has multiple assets within it, and for a lower price than if you were to pay for each individually, is even better!  This information was very helpful to me as I myself do online business.  I am always looking for different roads to take and being able to hear from someone who knows really helps.  I like the fact that you included the different people associated with creating the platform too.  It’s one thing to hear about what the product is, but more informative if you can understand the behind the scenes aspect also.  That helps me make a more informed decision.

    I will be looking forward to more of your reviews.

    Thank you


    • Thanks for your comment on my GrooveFunnels review, Angela! There is nothing like finding a platform to promote your affiliate marketing business and at an affordable rate for a newbie. When it comes to getting results in no time, GrooveFunnels is highly recommended. There’s a free plan though, you will need to upgrade to the pro version to enjoy most advanced features in the tool. Thanks again Angela, stop by anytime!


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