8 Amazing About Pages to Learn From

Setting up and running a successful blog requires you to put the right things in the right places. I assume that you already have your plans for keywords, topic ideas, and also on how to reach out to your target audience.

In order for your blog to stand out, your content has to be of high quality, it has to be top-notch. But that’s not all because there still remains an all-important element that can determine the success of your online business.

This all-essential element is referred to as the “About” page and you’ve got to get it right from the very start. If you’re struggling with setting up an About page, then this guide provides you with valuable information to guide you.


You will need to understand the importance of this single page in order to set out with the right perspective. Here are some benefits of crafting a convincing About page for your blog.

  • Your About page is one of the first pages that your web visitors like to go to. If they find the content convincing enough, then they can visit other pages
  • Most web visitors that want to do business with you will check out your About page. From the page, they will know if you are in the best position to fill their needs
  • Your About page says a lot about your brand like how professional it is and its ability to handle any assigned projects. The way your About page is structured and organized also communicates an image to your readers.

If you want to maximize visitors’ time on your blog, you will need to pay serious attention to your About page.

Creating About Page

Creating a compelling About page isn’t as difficult as many would think it to be. In fact, just anyone can get it right with their business or blog About page.

Your About page should feature as much information as possible concerning your blog or business. Your readers should have a very clear picture of who you are and what you offer after reading your About page.

The moment your readers are able to identify with you, they will definitely stay longer to find out how you can help solve their problems.

Another important info that should be found on your About page is testimonials. These testimonials, plus some social proof, will enable you to convince your readers that you are capable of delivering on your promise.

An ideal About page gives your readers a peek into what your business is all about. And it also lets them know whether they should pitch their tents with you in terms of providing the solutions that they need.

This guide contains 8 great examples of the About page that you can learn a thing or two from.

8 Amazing About Pages That You Could Learn a Thing or Two from

1 – Moz

The About page on the Moz website is a uniquely-designed one that makes it very attractive to first-time visitors. It’s visually stimulating with features that attract visitors to do business with the company.

It’s an About page that certainly stands out from the crowd. You will find a creative timeline featured on the Moz About page.

It’s a page that has all the right elements organized in the right places. If you are able to produce something similar on your site, you won’t have any problems convincing visitors to stay on your site.

You might need professional hands to design something similar, however, it is worth any investments that you put into it.

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2 – Xo Sarah

The Xo Sarah About page is one with a completely-different vibe to it. Yet it comes across as being so simple, concise, and straight to the point.

Just like every great About page, this page tells you all you need to know about the brand. There’s no room for second-guessing once you find yourself on this page. This is a good quality that will help you communicate your offering the moment someone lands on your website.

Another great feature that you will discover on this About page is the beautiful-looking images featured on it. They are smart and original-looking pictures, not the kind that you find on many other websites.

One thing you should note is that your About page is meant to project your brand as being unique. And when you use pictures that are common on the web, your About page tends to lose its uniqueness.

The Xo Sarah About page features high-quality photos of Sarah herself. You don’t need to tell any first-time visitor that the pictures are original. However, using a fake picture is one of the fastest ways of repelling visitors from your site.

3 – Mirasee

Mirasee is one of the most attractive About pages on the internet, my verdict! It is well-organized with all the right information neatly packaged in the right positions.

The owner of the site, Danny Ivy, first gives a brief explanation of what Mirasee stands for and his reason for using the domain name. Of course, you will be first welcomed by the big, bold message “Who We Serve”.

After reading through the About page, you will instantly know if you’re in the right place. Other great features of this page are the option for you to connect with the team. You can access such details as team members’ names, pictures, and the positions they occupy.

It’s a feature that makes the Mirasee About page stand out.

4 – Tim Ferris

In case you’re wondering who he is, Tim Ferris is the person behind the “4 Hour Work Week” brand. It’s got a popular book as well as a blog and some other branded products. You will find his blog a rich source of information and inspiration to keep you going.

Tim does a good job of the products that he introduces to the market. Another job he has done excellently well is the well-crafted About page on his blog.

It’s kind of a simple About page that drives straight home the point. On visiting the page, you will be welcomed by a simple quote that tells you all about the author of the blog.

The language is clear, with the texts written in the third person. The words are so simple that you will find it easy to comprehend the message being passed across.

Actually, that’s one of the signatures of Tim Ferris; ability to communicate complex messages using easy-to-understand language. Tim also features some social proofs on the page showing references from popular sites and organizations.

One thing’s for sure, the About page on Tim’s blog is pretty convincing that he’s the right man for the job.

5 – Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin also features an About page that comes with a rich blend of the right elements. The page is quite simple and straight to the point without any form of ambiguities.

It’s the kind of About page that leaves you convinced about what she stands for. The first thing that catches your attention is the attraction of the page. And this is mainly due to the original, high-quality pictures of her that are featured on the About page.

Her page also communicates her brand in such a humane manner that it catches your fancy. I find that the pictures plus the write-up add a rich blend of color that really engages the reader. After spending time on her About page, you will know the next course of action to take.

The true test of an About page is its ability to dissolve doubt in such a way that you know if the brand is what you need. And Melyssa Griffin communicates that so well that you immediately know if she is the right person for you.

6 – Social Trigger

The evolution of blogging wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Derek Halpern. And if you don’t know him, chances are you’re new to the online blogging space.

Derek is one of the earliest bloggers that covered the topic of online selling through human psychology. You can read up more about his craft to learn a thing or two about online selling and human psychology.

The Social Triggers’ About page features a very simple way for visitors to navigate through the site. I wouldn’t refer to the page as well-designed, but it does deliver the kind of results that is consistent with any well-designed About page.

You will find some testimonials from customers that have experienced his brand. This is one of the most persuasive ways of selling yourself to new customers, by simply giving visitors access to comments and feedback from those that have used your product.

It’s one of the reasons while social proof is very effective for selling your products and your brand on the internet. As you can see from Social Triggers’ About page, Derek does a good job on it.

Also, another powerful social proof is the caliber of the brand that Derek has done business with in the past. This should help douse any skepticism you may have had before your visit to the site.

If you have customers that have great testimonies about your products or services, you should include their testimonials. It’s effective for Social Triggers and it definitely will be for your own About page.

7 – Stuart Walker

Stuart Walker is one of the most popular bloggers in the area of niche blogging. His brainchild is NicheHacks where he shares vital information to help you succeed in your blogging career.

One thing’s for sure and that is Stuart has got a lot of creative juice flowing through his system. The moment you find yourself on the Stuart’s About page, you will be totally convinced that it is a place for generating niche ideas.

Yea, it’s a place where all your niche research efforts are cut short because you will discover great ideas from the site.

Stuart also mentions different blogs and publications that he’s been featured using their logos. You will also discover some of his achievements in affiliate marketing and some of his blogging awards.

You’ll also discover what other popular bloggers are saying about Stuart Walker.

The power of his social proof is so strong that it would leave you convinced about the brand. Imagine coming across a blogger that the likes of Brian Dean and Neil Patel have positive things to say about.

You do not have to go out in search of popular bloggers to make positive comments about you. The true power behind testimonials lies in their authenticity.

8 – Backlinko

Backlinko features a clear example of a simple yet powerful About page. Not much can be said about the design or color of the About page.

However, it does take simplicity to another level by letting you know what the site is all about. There’s never any room for doubt after you come across Brian Dean’s About page.

On your first visit, you will immediately realize that the site is all about SEO. That anything and everything about SEO can be found on Backlinko. In fact, you are welcomed with a message asking you if you want to take your SEO to the next level.

Of course, there are two plausible answers to that question – it’s either a YES or a NO.

If YES, then you can remain on the blog, possibly sign up for the email newsletter. And if your answer is NO, then you may have to visit some other site that features what you’re searching for.

Sometimes, keeping it short and simple (KISS) is enough to deliver the best of results for your About page.


About page is one of the most important places that visitors go to before they establish relations with you.

If your About page is convincing enough you will be able to attract the interest of that visitor to your brand.

However, if it is shoddy and ambiguous, you will find yourself losing a lot of business prospects.

This post offers you 8 amazing About page examples that you can receive some insights from to help you craft an effective About page for your site.

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