My Wealthy Affiliate Review – A Way To Make Money Online

In this review, we’ll be discussing everything to know about the Wealthy Affiliate program. And this includes:

  • What is Wealthy Affiliate Program?
  • Starting At Wealthy Affiliate
  • What are the benefits of the premium package in the Wealthy Affiliate Program?
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Conclusion

What is Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Wealthy Affiliate, with more than 1,400,000 successful members, is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for building online business (not to mention, it is the most cost-effective affiliate marketing platform).

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It’s the world’s most advanced, cutting-edge training and innovative online business platform where people, from all parts of the world, receive entrepreneurship and business training with several marketing tools and resources accessible to them, making it easier for everyone to learn and earn money.

The program is accessible to online entrepreneurs living in Australia, Europe, South America, North America, and the rest of the world.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is a work-at-home online business forum, founded twelve (12) years ago by two Canadians, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, who have been into affiliate marketing for more than fifteen (15) years now. It’s safe to say, the duo have successfully created one of the most successful and trusted brands in the affiliate marketing industry.

This review will give you a better insight into what this forum is all about, and how you can benefit from it to make money online.

This program is, indeed, a professional network that truly strives to give you the best of mentoring, guidance and ensures that you truly become a success using its materials, blueprint and tools.

They provide extensive training for members, teaching the numerous techniques and strategies that work in today’s online business world. Obviously, this is a very critical element to ensure you succeed in affiliate marketing. You will have access to the latest training programs in the industry.

These training resources are suitable for all levels of affiliate marketers, with a special focus on enabling marketers of all levels to develop from scratch into a successful, long-term business in any niche of their choice.

Wealthy Affiliate launched a blogging system known as “Pay-it-forward“ and an online university known as Wealth Affiliate University, and this has guaranteed that the system is kept to serve the original purpose for which it was created.

You are always given the best of support and guidance both on Site Support and Live Web Chat. Don’t be like such people who wouldn’t try things out but choose to remain skeptical due to past frustrations.

In this platform, members earn $13000 – $18000 per month. Everyone in the platform cares for one another, especially for the new members who need slow and steady guidance.

Being part of the Wealthy Affiliate world, you will also learn the right method for creating a WordPress site in just a few clicks. You will additionally learn how to get a first-page ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines by implementing working strategies.

Starting At Wealthy Affiliate

Getting started at Wealthy Affiliate is a big step in the right direction towards changing your intellectual, mental and financial capabilities. With the tools and resources available at your disposal, it shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. And you must take decisive, bold steps to accomplish your overall goal.

Getting to become part of the Wealthy Affiliate program doesn’t cost you a penny. It only takes a moment to create a free starter membership account and set up your account profile.

I always advise new members to begin first with the free trial. They can later upgrade their membership, having totally convinced about the program. The Wealthy Affiliate program offering a free trial has gone a long way in showcasing how convinced and strong the creators have been in the program to suffice your online needs.

In getting started with the Wealthy Affiliate program, I always advise new intakes to opt-in for these two (2) training programs offered by the company, which are the major training courses you need to take before venturing into the affiliate program. And the training courses are:

  • Online entrepreneur certification: The online entrepreneur certification comprises 50 lessons, which come in 5 different levels. Completing this training will equip you to be successful in your online entrepreneurship and business ventures. It teaches you tips to make and keep money while you also study
    You can start your first 10 lessons for free right here!

  • Affiliate Bootcamp: The Affiliate Bootcamp comes in 7 different phases, geared basically towards how you could generate income online, even if you have never made a dime online. Going through this training equips and prepares you for the internet world you are about to sojourn.
    Start your first 10 lesson of the Affiliate Bootcamp for free right here!

However, you must note that free membership is limited to some particular countries, and restricted from the premium features. After opening an account with Wealthy Affiliate, you will then have access to the first ten lessons in the online entrepreneur certification.

What are the Benefits of the Premium Package in Wealthy Affiliate?

There are a lot more benefits with the premium package than with the free membership package. What are these benefits? Let’s take a look:

1. You get lots of training materials: Upgrading your membership subscription to premium grants you access to a lot of training materials such as the online entrepreneur certification (which comprises 50 lessons in 5 levels); the course includes an introduction to Online Business where you learn the basics of everything that has to do with an online business.  

Next is how to build your own traffic producing website that will rank high in Google search results. You are taught how to actually make money in different ways. Next is a lesson on Social Media mastery and how you can effectively use it to market your affiliate link. You are finally taught how you could achieve success by creating powerful content. Right after this training, you are then taught how to build a business by referring people to the Wealthy Affiliate program.

2. Access to live webinars: every week, a member of Wealthy Affiliate hosts a live webinar on different subjects, all related to starting and building an online business through affiliate marketing. All these webinars are both broadcasted and shown live with the option of recording which is deliberately enabled to help members who missed the broadcast watch them again and again at their convenience. They are also very helpful in bringing new members up to speed, about happenings within the community.

3. They have an in-built hosting and website building solution: Being a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate program gives you the opportunity to access an online building and hosting platform called “Siterubix”. With this tool, you can build an amazing and high Google PageRank website in no time effortlessly.

With these solutions, you can host and buy domain names or use your existing domain names. Even if you are not the technical type, this tool helps to shield you against the technicalities of creating a website. You also create, manage and build your website using WordPress when you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member.

As a free member, you have the right to build two free websites that will be up and running in minutes, have a free domain name, have free hosting, and have access to free training programs and support.

However, if you decide to upgrade to a premium membership, you will get full features such as the Premium membership fees – $ 19 for the first month and $49 for each subsequent month; you could build 25 free websites using and 25 on your own domain, both of which are freely hosted. You would also receive extensive training; participate in Camp and Field Events and Courses, already done Keyword Research Tools with professional expert support.

4. Being part of a large community, you have numerous benefits: Joining the Wealthy Affiliate program gives you access to a community of like-minded people, all striving to succeed, which could be helpful to your aspirations, as you would have the chance to learn from people’s experiences and they also learn from your experience, which in turn helps each other to achieve more.

I always advise new members to be very careful who they should always listen to in the community as some pieces of advice are not as knowledgeable as it should be:

5. 24 hours customer support: They have a 24/7 live customer support platform via web chat or if you decide to speak with a customer representative on the phone pertaining to questions you might have concerning the platform, or any difficulties you are experiencing using the Wealthy Affiliate program, you’re welcome.

6. Being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, you stand a chance of winning an all-expense-paid trip to the United States of America on a yearly basis, where you attend private meetings with super affiliates from all walks of life.

Through the just launched Wealthy Affiliate Site Comment 2.0 platform, you’ll have the limitless opportunity of earning $0.50 cash value on every other comment using the tool anytime you comment on a member’s post.

This simply means, anytime you offer a comment of 50+ words on another member’s blog post, you get paid instantly and there is no limit to the number of times you can comment on a daily basis. Is that not amazing? Upon successfully creating a brand, you’ve begun a 100 percent real journey that leads to financial independence and there’s no stumbling block on the way since you are willing to try it out and become financially.

7. In Wealthy Affiliate, there are diverse ways to earn income, which isn’t just by affiliate marketing. You can generate income by commenting; you could create a website using the Siterubix tool. To build your business with the help of this tool, you could generate organic traffic to your site which could drive up your revenue. In addition, you also get there to learn new things

I honestly believe that, Kyle and Carson have created a very useful and life changing platform through the Wealthy Affiliate program. Now, what are the pros and cons?


  • You get 24/7/365 support and unlimited training.
  • You have unlimited access to live videos and weekly webinars that will practically help you learn at various capacities.
  • You would begin Training straightaway after registering your account.
  • You will get an overall access to the most powerful domain registrar and hosting plan worth more than the 3rd-tier $250 packages in monthly hosting.
  • You would get access to a lot of relevant content on the Wealthy Affiliate program
  • Easy to use – it is built as an All-in-one mobile and web-friendly platform
  • Offers a free trial period, to test if the program is suitable for you
  • Very active and interactive community of users


  • I believe the community of users could be moderated better by the platform
  • Your account gets deactivated automatically once you are unable to pay your due subscription within the given moratorium period, though WA keeps a backup for your site 5-6 months after your account has gone deactivated.
  • You only have 4 weeks to reactivate your inactive WA account after your monthly automated subscription payment failed. However, you can move your domain from Wealthy Affiliate before the moratorium period elapses.

Areas that I Believe Needs Improvement

Backlinking Strategy: There is the need for more training about building high quality backlinks to your site, which I believe needs to be improved.

Tools and Training for Building an Email List: In the Wealthy Affiliate training program, there is the need for more concepts on building and keeping an email list, which I believe needs to be improved. Having a mailing list is one of the most important areas of affiliate marketing and I believe people from Wealthy Affiliate program know this. Although there is a default email autoresponder with the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.


I believe the Wealthy Affiliate program is a good way for potential online entrepreneurs to earn cool and legitimate income online, and I hope this review will help you in making a sound decision.

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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us .I have been working in the online world for a long time and are looking for more new places to work online .Just then your article caught my eye .Although before that I was working in the wealthy affiliate marketplace .But before reading your article, I didn’t know the details and I didn’t know it was so helpful .It is the world’s most advanced modern training and innovative online business platform .And it didn’t really cost me to be a part of this affiliate program .The ability to start this affiliate program has changed my mental and financial ability, which is a huge step forward .I want to tell my other friends that you are comfortable working in this marketplace and creating a custom place to make money online. 

    • Hi Shanta, you are more than welcome and thanks for stopping by. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be, rest assured you are in good hands here. Stick with it work through the trainings, take action and you will see results! Yes, please tell all your friends and family that Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recrecommendation when it comes to an online business platform. Shanta, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to go to my profile right here. Iwill be more than happy to help with guestion you have just write on my wall! Follow me and I will follow you back. Thanks again for stopping by. See ya soon😊

  2. I am a member and didn’t know you could make money making comments. I do love the fact that they make it so easy to start off. I have had some problems with my affiliate links that no one there seems to know about but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. All in all my site is to help people so money is not the number 1 purpose. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and am so happy that I stumbled a pond it. It’s a good place to meet new people from all over the world and there are some experienced people that are glad to help anyone who is trying to build a business.

    • Hey Tommy, yes Kyle and Carson really thinks of it all those guys are pure genius. You can earn cash credits for commenting. I dont know of any other platform in this industry that offers this feature. What’s the problem with your links? Maybe I can help you out. You are 100% right WA is a wonderful place to learn! Let me know if I can help you out in anyway. I would love to have you in my network. Go to my profile here follow me so I can follow you back. See ya soon. 😊

  3. Good Summary.  I have personally used Wealthy Affiliates and have found the training to be top notch.  The training really couldn’t be better for someone starting out in this space especially starting from scratch.  The live Training Webinars are also excellent.  The hosting is a great value and included in membership.  My personal experience as a premium (or paid) member is worth every penny.  I have found if you’re willing to work at it that Wealthy Affiliates provides a community to aid you in your journey to making money online.

    • Hey Daniel, glad you stopped by! Sounds like you are enjoying the training, awsome! I agree the trainings are top notch! The live trainings with Jay are amazing, he’s such a entertainer with loads of knowledge. One thing I enjoy about the trainings is you have the ability to ask questions in all the training platforms. I dont know if you know, but you can even create your own trainings. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be! I’d love to add you to my network Follow me here and I’ll follow you back. 

  4. This is a comprehensive list of  all the stuff you get with both the wealthy affiliate free account and upgrading to premium. I think that the tools for writing on it are very handy and it just feels better to write within the platform where others can help. What is your favorite feature of the platform?

    • Hi Jon, Thanks so kindly for leaving a thought on my site! Everything you need to be successful online is right here all in one place! I would certainly have to say my favorite feature of the platform is the community! I have never seen so many selfless people in my life! That’s exactly how came about! Drop by my profile here to say HI anytime. Follow me and I will follow you back.. talk to ya soon!

  5. Hi Sierra,

    Thanks for the thorough and very comprehensive review post.

    Since 2008 I tried to make money online. I have tried Paid to click, Get paid to, Online surveys, Captcha typing, Ad posting, Email reading, Data entry, Transcription, Tele Calling, etc. Nothing helped to earn a reasonable amount online. To be honest, I earned some money but it’s not worth the effort.

    I have also lost $4000+ over the period of 2008-2016 trying different make money online programs and products. Finally, I came across Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016. I was afraid and skeptical and did my research for one month. Although I am not 100% confident I gave it a try in November 2016.

    To cut the long story short…

    I am still with WA and since December 2017 I am a full-time affiliate marketer and blogger working from home. This is not possible without Wealthy Affiliate. It changed my life and I am a fan of WA.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for the lovely comment. I to am a fan of Wealthy Affiliate. WA’s  platform is definitely changes lives all around the world! So glad you found the right place to make working from home a reality for you! That is amazing! Let us stay connected inside. Here is my profile follow me so I can follow you back!

  6. Hello Sierra. Nice to see you share your review of Wealthy Affiliate based on your personal experience and opinions. You have really done a good job with this review and I’m sure it will help people make well informed decision. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I so much believed in the platform and I decided to go premium for 1 year. The experience has been massive. With all the packages and tools in Wealthy Affiliate, I feel Wealthy Affiliate is underpriced.


    • Hi MrBizzy, I really appreciate you stopping by my site. I am glad to know you enjoyed my WA review. My goal here at is making sure I can help others make well informed decisions. Rather it be WA or any other platform I have done a review on. I can assure you, you made the right decision going yearly! You say the experience has been massive! Just wait, there is so much more to come! MrBizzy, lets stay connected! Go to my profile here. Follow me so I can follow you. See ya inside

  7. Wealthy Affiliate I’ve been around for a while now I always notice new members are advised to give a free trial and I like this thing very much.Wealthy Affiliate sees all these products All photos are really good in quality and very useful in the workplace.I did not see anything that could harm anyone.

    • Hello Shariful islam, thank you so much dropping in on my site! Greatly appreciate! When I came across Wealthy Affiliate, the free membership was the first thing that caught my eye. Although I didn’t stay a free member for long. I was on board before my 7 day trail could even expire. I immediately upgraded to a premium member. It is nice to have the option to stay a free member as long as you like.. Especially for those that are having a financial hardship or just up on the fence about going premium. Your right we are harmless here at WA and all the essential tools you need to be successful online are right here in one platform! Shariful, thanks again for stopping by. Go to my profile here so we can stay connected. Follow me and I will follow you back. Looking forward to seeing ya soon!

  8. Wealthy affiliate is fantastic! I discovered it a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. I’ve attempted to earn a living online in a few different ways, including trying to figure out affiliate marketing on my own, but it never worked for me that way. There’s a ton of information out there, but unless you get some proper lessons like the ones wealthy affiliate has structured into their program, you won’t be able to find most of that information in the same places. You’ll also find that much of that information is contradictory, because different people have different approaches to it. It’s far better to follow up program like the one at wealthy affiliate. I still think they have the best information out there and it’s constantly updated. Their community is also outstanding and everyone seems willing to help. Thanks for sharing this great review!

    • Hi Mark, thank you so much for visiting my site! I am so excited you don’t have through you online journey alone anymore. I know that feeling it can being frustrating and lonely. Not many people can relate to the online industry! The community here at Wealthy Affiliate is priceless.. We are like family here and that’s what I love! The training here is second to none. There is no other platform I would rather belong too.. Mark, add me to your network my profile is right here. Follow me so I can follow you back! Cant wait to see you inside!

  9. hello

    From the start I was impressed with this article why?

    1.clean look

    2. well organized structure

    3. flows and leads the reader hand in hand

    Pinpoints the areas I myself have questions and concerns about. 

    I .e backlinking, and email supporting 

    these are clearly not met in full by WA and training needs to be crafted to address this completely

    I have seen too many of these WA advertisement that have left me feeling SALE SALE PRESSURE

    but this one is subtle less in your face but assertive and informative to allow me to make my own choices and as I feel comfortable with

    All in all a great article well done


    • So kind of you to stop by my review and highlight my strengths! Christopher, The standards at WA are set so high because of our members like you. I do believe more training on backlinking and email support are soon to come. Things don’t get left undone to long at WA. Glad I was able to address your concerns without the pressure! I really love your positivity and would like to connect with you inside.My profile is right here. See ya soon

  10. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful article. I really liked your article. I think your article will benefit us all. I am also a wealthy affiliate member. I think Wealthy Affiliate is a big step in the right direction towards changing our intellectual, mental and financial capabilities. I learn many things for your Wealthy Affiliate Review. wish you all the best.

    • U are most welcome Sabinamou, I’m so pleased that you were able to benefit from my article. I like to help out where ever I can. Drop by my profile here if you ever have any questions, or just want to say hi. Its an amazing feeling to be surrounding by so many people with the same mindset as you. Hope I’ll be seeing you soon!

    • Hi Gideon, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the mentioned research techniques. So excited to know how these applied techniques work out for you! All the best!


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