10 Powerful Ways to Build Backlinks in 2020

Backlinks (sites connecting to yours) are, for Google and most major search engines, the leading ranking signal. So is getting more search engine traffic!

Owing to the fact that the traffic is directly associated with the value of the backlinks you’ve got on your site, the more authority sites that link out to your blog, the higher search engine rankings and organic traffic you will receive.

Definitely you want to keep a close watch on your search engine rankings! When Google bot is out there for the crawling of the web, one of the most crucial things Google looks into is your site’s external backlinks, understanding how pages are linked to one another. Of course there are more than 200 ranking factors, but external backlinks and content stand as the two most crucial ranking metrics for search engine optimization.

Now, obviously, high-quality backlinks aren’t easy to get, but that shouldn’t be. As a matter of fact, I would be giving you 10 powerful ways to build quality backlinks to your blog and here they are:

1. Build Broken Links

Among others, I cherish the broken-link building technique because when it comes to generating one-way backlinks, this particular technique works accurately. The method has to do with getting in touch with a site owner to notify him of the broken links detected on his site.

All along, you suggest a way to repair or rebuild those links using other sites. And, needless to say, your own site is mentioned here. Owing to the fact that you’re helping the site owner out by reporting dead/broken links on his blog, chances are you could get links back to your site.

Thus, to apply the broken-link technique, start by finding niche-related sites that have pages for resources. By using the following search queries, you’ll find them in Google search results:

  • Your keywords Plus resources
  • Your keyword Plus links
  • Keywords in links or URLs

2. Backlinks Using Infographics

When it comes to building quality backlinks, infographics are one of the most famous techniques for driving website traffic and acquiring quality backlinks. They’re excellent as well because they are extremely easy to share and understand. No one dislikes visual information, right? That’s why more and more people have demanded for infographics.

So, select your infographics cautiously! Ensure to include interesting and original story for your audience in each of your infographics. To select, simply go along with the hottest topics and figure out what readers are on the lookout for, then build your infographics through statistical information.

To begin with, research and collect information for the content. Then, look for someone to visualize the content on your behalf.

Most people misconceive that it’s expensive to create an infographic; that isn’t the case in any way. Assume an average price ranging from $100 to $200! If it’s assumed that you get 10 backlinks on each infographic, you’ll have to pay $10 per link. For 5 backlinks, you’ll be paying $20 a link. That’s cost-effective for backlinks generated via the moderation of a site owner. And you’ll stand to win more in the event that your infographic goes skyrocketing.

To find designers who have got good portfolios, try checking out Dribble. Upgrade your account to the pro status at the rate of $20/year. Utilize the search filter and enter the term “Infographic”. Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for, choose the “Hire Me” option and forward a message explaining what you need and asking for a price. Another platform to find professional designers for creating cost-effective infographics is Fiverr.

Ensure to make the infographic easy for others to share once it’s ready. To achieve that, leverage the Siege Media generator for creating your own embed code

Once you’ve put everything in place, and you’ve got a shining infographic on your site, it’s high time you shared it. You have a couple of infographic directories at your disposal online to submit yours. For instance, you have more than a hundred places here for you to submit your infographic.

3. The Benefit of Guest Posts

Guest posting is the most prominent way to get in touch with fresh audiences. By writing blog posts for other famous sites, you’ll have your content placed before the prospective readers and gain more exposure. Most times, it wouldn’t be about the external backlinks, but about building social media followers or an online presence

Guest posting enables you to utilize your connections and grow your audience. If you’re contemplating on whether or not to utilize guest posting, remember that Google itself accepts guest posters on its own Analytics blog.

Also, reach out via email to those who have initially shared similar infographics on social media or have linked to them. Request feedback on each of your infographics, but do not request a link directly. If they fall in love with your infographic, they’re going to decide on what to do themselves.

There are a couple of ways to find sites that are accepting guest posts. Here are some of them. To find blogs that accept guest posters, utilize the Google search queries:

  • Your keyword Plus guest-posts
  • Your keyword Plus write-for-us
  • your keyword Plus become a guest poster
  • Your keyword Plus submit a post
  • Your keyword Plus want to write a guest post for
  • Your keyword Plus post
  • Your keyword Plus guest bloggers needed
  • Your keyword Plus guest article by
  • Your keyword Plus become a guest poster
  • Your keyword Plus now accepting new guest posts

Look for online influencers that publish guest articles on a consistent basis and try contributing your quotas to the same portal they have had long ago.

Leverage Topsy to automate the whole process while setting alerts for the specific keywords you’re keeping track of.

When writing a guest post, ensure to link to your social media accounts. If somebody likes your write-up, chances are he will likely follow you for similar future posts.

4. Spy on Your Rivals

If you really want to drive more search engine traffic, it’s then compulsory to stay in touch and updated with your basic rivals’ internet marketing tactics. You too should spy on your rivals on several social media platforms and search for their earning or link-building strategies, together with their content marketing techniques. Below are a few tips to follow:

Be at alert for when rivals are publishing new posts on their sites.

Follow them on social media platforms or sign up to their newsletters. Creating a Google alert for the key phrase; website:yourrival.com is another great way to keep track of their new posts. For instance, if my rival is WebJournal, I can then have a Google alert set leveraging the keyword; website:webjournal.com.

Figure out what backlinks your rivals are earning or receiving and when.

This will ensure that you can replicate their most prominent backlinks and come to realize better what techniques they’re applying to market their site. If they’re generating links via guest posting, then try becoming a guest poster on the same sites. If they’re getting most of their backlinks from website reviews, then reach out to those site owners and offer a trial to them so they can fine-tune what you really have to offer. At the end of the day, they may come up with a review about it.

My most-liked tool for spying on my rival’s links is known as Monitor Backlinks. It enables you to add 4 most significant rivals. Every week, you’ll continue to receive a report that contains all the fresh backlinks they’ve built so far.

Right within the tool, you receive more intuitions regarding these backlinks and can have them sorted by their value and other search engine optimization parameters.

Applying this method, I could evaluate new opportunities to generate links. Using the Monitor Backlinks tool, I could keep track of all the external backlinks my site is building. Every time I have a successful link-building campaign, I easily find all the fresh backlinks I’ve been building in my dashboard.

5. Earn Internal Links

Internal links are an instrumental signal for coming up with a successful blog. They do transfer link juice, and you can make use of anchor texts. With an ideal internal linking framework, you can assist readers with navigating through the pages of your site and boosting the entire reader experience

There exist some tools that can generate internal links automatically on your site, particularly if you’re using WordPress, but this should be done manually. It’s been recommended by Matt Cutts of Microsoft that site owners should maintain the number of internal links on their blog below 100 per page for both search engine optimization and usability.

6. Promote Your Blog Content

Good content will never earn you backlinks unless you’ve got to know about promoting it the right way. You need to reach out through blog outreach campaigns and promote the best of your content.

One of the most prominent tactics to implement is reaching out to websites or bloggers operating monthly or weekly roundups. Also, you can leverage Google and use search queries such as Keyword Plus roundup and the likes. In order to get results, only ensure to select from the previous month or week.

Then reach out to the site owners and offer to them a short introduction to your own site. With the message you pass across, add a link to one of your best guides or tutorials. If your resource is found helpful or useful, you may win their link back to your own site in the forthcoming weekly roundup. These blog owners are constantly on the lookout for good content, so they, of course, would like to hear what you have to say.

For other methods, ensure never to exploit your relationship with any of these site owners by requesting a link directly.

7. Draft Testimonials

A simple technique to build high-quality links is drafting testimonials for sites you’re utilizing. You will only spend a couple of minutes, and you’ll be able to generate a backlink from an authority blog’s homepage. For as long as you’re a user of the specific product, chances are you could receive a link to be exchanged completely for a testimonial.

8. Get in Touch with Important Bloggers & Journalists

To earn lots of high-quality backlinks to your site, you must learn to spread the word about what you do for a living. And what more prominent way to achieve this than reach out via email to those influencers and journalists from your industry! Finding people’s email addresses is a daunting task, but you have no cause to get discouraged. Below is how to find the email address of anyone:

  • More than 90% of the email addresses at websites and publications are structured like this: Sierra@site.com or MSierra@site.com. Thus, ensure your pitch is sent directly to these emails.
  • If the format above doesn’t work out, leverage tools such as Emailfinder.io, Thrust.io, or Voilanorbert. Simply type the name of the author you want to reach out to and the brand he’s responsible to.
  • You can alternatively forward your message via social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes.

Also, ensure to make each pitch as concise as possible. Nobody cares to read boring and long emails from unknown persons.

9. Donate Funds

Of course you can build backlinks by donating some money to non-profit making firms. This technique is easy and quick. What you simply need to do is find sites in your industry that are accepting donations and linking back to websites that have donated something. Just forward the exact donation amount you planned to make and draft your site URL.

Here are a few suggestions for the search queries you are to use for your searches.

  • Donation Plus authors Plus chosen keywords
  • Author’s page Plus Donate Plus your keyword
  • Author’s page Plus your keyword

10. Opt for Interviews

Web interviews are really hot at the moment, and an ideal and convenient way to build backlinks to your blog. As you turn an authority in your specialty, you’ll begin to receive a ton of interview invitations, but for now, to start out, you must make the first move. Find sites that are conducting interviews and bring it to their awareness that you’d love to take part and what expertise you can share.


Links and content are an extremely significant ranking signals in Google search algorithm – so, you need to channel your marketing endeavors to these; otherwise you’ll take longer to achieve success in the online world. Do you want to learn the rudiments of affiliate marketing and how you can make money blogging? Why not visit this page and learn more!

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