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Website building is nothing like it was back in the day. We can now do without all that coding and “stuff”. With Content Management Systems(CMS) like WordPress, we can now edit our content without any coding.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform and is free to use to anyone. However, WordPress does require some setting up.That’s why when you start your FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership, you can take advantage of WordPress Express. A Virtual one click installer EXCLUSIVE to Wealthy Affiliate.

In this post I will be sharing with you why Wealthy Affiliate’s All In One Website Suite is more than just the best free website builder.

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All Inclusive Website Builder

Many people register a domain, pay for hosting, then install WordPress. This task is integrated with SiteRubix Wealthy Affiliate’s ALL INCLUSIVE website builder

In addition to, free hosting and domain register your free membership will include but definitely not limited to:

  • Not 1 but 2free websites
  • 12 handpicked themes to choose from
  • Site Content-State of the Art Writing Platform
  • Layers of Security

Here take a look inside my membership

You just click the website tab then select your desired task in the drop down. I am a premium member so my membership looks a bit different than the free membership. All that’s included in your free membership is checked marked in RED.

Now Lets start off in the website builder and build this baby in 4steps!

Website Building at it’s Finest

Website building at its finest in just 4 steps!

STEP#1: Choose rather you want a free domain, a domain you own or if you want to transfer and existing domain. I used a free domain to show you in this example.

A free domain you don’t own, Wealthy Affiliate does.  A free domain is  ideal if  you are a newbie or just want to “test the water”. As your website begins to generate some income. You can always transfer your free domain to a domain that you own.

A paid domain is a domain that you own. This is your piece of web. Something like online real estate. For a one time yearly payment of $10-$12 a year you will be the owner of your domain. I pay 11.99 a year for

Transfer an existing domain with a simple click of a button.

STEP#2: Choose a domain name for your website. Your domain name will become the name of your website. On a free domain your website name will look like this  On a paid domain your website name will look like this


STEP#3: Choose a title for your website. The title of your website can be your domain name. You can always change your website title later.


STEP#4: Choose a theme for your website. You have 12 hand picked designs to choose from. Over 3,000 themes to select from as a premium member.


Then just hit that Big green button and just like that. Your website is up and rolling ready for content.


They Say… Content is King

They say content is king. Well, at least inside the SiteRubix Content platform content is King. Keep in mind that content is what makes the internet. Without content the internet wouldn’t even exist. Content is King. Manage and edit your content on this State of the Art writing platform.

  • Keep track of your writing stats
  • Set Word Count and Article publishing goals
  • Ready to use Templates – Affiliate Disclosure, About me, Keyword rich content page, and Privacy Policy Templates Or you can Create your own templates
  • Monitor how many of your articles have been indexed in Google
  • Data base of 1000’s of free stock photos
  • Publish all content that you create within site content straight to your website

Monitor and Keep Your Hard Work Safe

The biggest downfall with building a website is one wrong click and there goes all your hard work down the drain. Rest easy with Daily Website Backups and Full Website Redundancy.

FREE Site SSL (HTTPS): Every message is encrypted to ensure a secure and private connection for your viewers; That’s that green padlock that pops up  in your browser in front of the URL. That padlock lets you know you are on a secure site.

Site Protection (Spam Blocker): Spam clutters your data base, slows your site down, and wastes your time recovering real comments. Block all automated spam at the server level before it even hits your website.

Site security: equipped with layers and layers of security including hacking, malware, and bot-net attack protection.

Plenty of Room For Growth

As your website becomes established and your business begins to grow. You are going to need a platform that will allow for higher traffic and more websites. You need a platform that will grow with you.

As a premium member host a total of 50 websites on the SiteRubix  Platform. Yes a total of 50 websites. 25 on a free domain and 25 on a paid domain. You can run several multi  million dollar websites. You will not outgrow the SiteRubix website platform.

As a premium member unlock

Site Comments- Request website comments from members within the WA community; website engagement plays a key role in website ranking.

Site Feedback- Request feedback from members within the community. See what they think about  your content, images,  your website’s overall direction; site feedback allows to efficiently improve your website.

Site Support- Website Technical support 24/7. Get a response within minutes.

There is only two memberships available here at Wealthy Affiliate Free or Premium. So, by all means stay a free member as long as you like. You never need any finciail information as a free member and your free membership never expires.

Once you do upgrade to a premium member 100% of absolutely everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is unlocked, trainings and all for less than a dollar a day.

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Rather you are building a website for a full time income, extra income, or you just have something you want to share. The SiteRubix website platform is equipped with all the tools you need to build a safe and secure, yet powerful website.

Build your Free website on the SiteRubix Platform. The Best Free Website Builder in this industry!

As always,

Wishing you much success

Sierra Morgan

You Will Never Have to Say I Hate My Job Again

You Will Never Have to Say I Hate My Job Again!

You will never have to say I hate my job again. When you start your own online business you can travel and work from anywhere in the world.

According to Wikipedia, the online industry generates over 2.2 trillion US dollars a year. It is expected to grow to a 4.88 trillion US dollar industry by the year 2021. You have endless opportunities starting an online business. The online industry is here to stay

Start a online business and start doing what you love to do.

Stop working at a job you hate!

You Have One Of The Most Powerful Storefronts In The World!!!

Think about  how powerful it is to have a online business, unlike traditional store fronts your online business will operate 24/7 even while you sleep. Your online store front will never close.

If you can create a social media account or even navigate on my website you can start a online business. Seriously, its really not that hard especially if you get the right training and have some help.

Just take something that interest you, build a website around that interest. Then just invest a hour or so a day into building your online business. You wont believe how much you can accomplish.

If anybody tells you that you can start earning a income online overnight is LYINGING  TO YOU! Unless of course you go viral and what’s the odds of THAT?

In the real online world…

Starting an online business is just like starting any other business. Its not going to be an overnight success. Your are going to have to put in some effort and take some time to invest in the knowledge.

You cant do anything without learning the skills that it will take to be successful online. Even though, these skills are pretty simple once you get the hang of things. I certainly don’t expect you to learn these skills overnight.

Here is my review on my online training community You can start your free account there. This is the best place to learn these skills.

This is where everything that I need for my online business is located. All my trainings, tools, and resources. From my websites, to my keyword tool, and so much more. As well as ton and tons of support.

Right now for FREE while you are working through the trainings you can interact with some really successful online entrepreneurs – many of them are experts in this industry.

I am sure you already know the best way to set yourself up for success is to have a mentor. To have somebody help guide you through the Do’s and the Dont’s, here you have access to thousands of them. That is PRICELESS!

The only people that don’t succeed online after working through our online trainings  are the people who QUIT!

For the longest I let the fear of writing hold me back, then I realized I wasn’t ever going to learn how to write if I didn’t write. I needed to change my mindset and challenge myself.

I even wrote my first blog within the community titled.

Don’t Be Like Me – a blog all about my fear of writing. How I was using the excuse  about the lack of offline support. When all I had to do was look within my online community and most importantly look within myself.

You can view my first blog here

Man was I proud of myself! The support from the community was amazing as well. My online family really boosted my confidence.

I even replied to every comment. Not no whimpy replies either, I went into detail in those comments. If I didn’t do anything else. I was for sure sharpening my conversational skills with them comments.

Yeah don’t be like me-Don’t let fear hold you back

I’m doing what I love to do. I love the fact that I can help people all over the world  start a new financial journey. I can introduce them to a way they will never have to say I hate my job again. I can do this no matter where I’m at in the world. If it takes me sharpening my writing skills. Then so be it, I will write!

What is it that you love to do?  I would love to know below in the comment section.

And as always,

Wishing you much success!