Admitad CPA Network Review

This review is intended to guide Publishers on monetizing their traffic through the Admitad CPA Network. Other benefits include:

  • Insight into one of the highest paying affiliate programs
  • Wide range of available tools to help Publishers increase their conversion rate
  • Transparent network with detailed reporting systems
  • Platforms that facilitate long-term relationship building between Advertisers and Publishers

As your tour guide, I ask that you maintain an open mind. As we both explore the opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of Admitad CPA Network.

  • What do You Understand by a Cost per Action (CPA) Network?
  • What You Should Know About Admitad Cost per Action (CPA) Network
  • Main Features of Admitad CPA Network
  • 10 Powerful Reasons to Join Admitad CPA Network
  • Available Publishers’ Tools
  • The Different Admitad Business Models for Publishers
  • Pros and Cons of Admitad CPA Network
  • Getting Started
  • Conclusion

What do You Understand by a Cost per Action (CPA) Network?

A CPA (Cost per Action) Network is an intermediary that connects different advertisers with publishers who are compensated using the CPA business model.

Advertisers are businesses or brands that have products to promote. The products may be tangible or intangible ones. Advertisers also indicate what actions they expect their target audience to take. Some actions are filling a form, downloading an app, signing up for email newsletter or social engagement with advertisers. Advertisers pay commissions to publishers whose referrals complete these actions.

Publishers include bloggers, internet marketers, site owners, influencers and other internet users whose platforms command a significant following. Publishers are assigned unique affiliate URLs for promotion and receive commissions for completed actions by any of their referrals. Publishers are at liberty to choose advertisers and products they wish to promote. Different media available for promotions are blogs, websites, social media accounts, and email newsletters.

CPA Networks provide the tools, platforms, and resources to enable advertisers and publishers achieve their business objectives. Admitad is one of the prominent names in the affiliate industry, and our focus from this point is to explore what opportunities are available to publishers.

What You Should Know About Admitad Cost per Action (CPA) Network

Admitad is a global network that provides advertisers with a platform to help increase sales of their products and help publishers earn income from monetizing traffic.

Founded in Germany in 2009 to help advertisers launch custom affiliate programs, Admitad has since grown to provide worldwide coverage for businesses outside Europe. The company now boasts of several offices across Europe and India. The European offices include Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and Germany.

Admitad provides a suite of working tools for advertisers and publishers to enhance their business outcomes. Advertisers are able to better promote their products, while publishers enjoy a higher conversion rate using these tools.

That’s not all you need to know about Admitad. A preview of its features will show that users stand to benefit so much more from joining this network.

Here are more features that can be found in Admitad CPA Network.

Main Features of Admitad CPA Network

1. Innovative Publisher Tools – The CPA Network remains at the forefront of creating innovative solutions and tools to complement publishers’ efforts at promoting advertisers’ products.

Virtually all affiliate networks in existence have products to be promoted. The main difference between them resides in the tools and resources made available to publishers to ease their work and improve productivity. In a subsequent section, we will go into details of the different tools available to publishers on Admitad.

2. Premium Paying Affiliate Network – Publishers on Admitad network have access to one of the highest earning opportunities in the industry. Commissions are very attractive; there are a host of CPA earning options. And advertisers also reward Publishers who are outstanding in their performance. They are rewarded with extra bonuses added to the normal earnings.

3. Flexible Payment Options – Publishers can have a variety to choose from:

  • CPA – Publishers earn a percentage when their referrals complete an action.
  • CPL (Cost per Lead)
  • CPI (Cost per Install) – Publisher earns when referrals download and install apps on their mobile device.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) – Publishers get paid whenever a visitor clicks on a link, banner or other advertising medium.
  • CPM (Cost per Mille)

4. Admitad network has a partner relationship with reputable brands around the world. These brands include, AliExpress, Koovs, MakemyTrip, eBay, Nike, Adidas and CitiBank.

5. Use of Different Ads Media – Publishers have the freedom to promote the products of advertisers through a number of media platforms like blogs, social media, and email marketing.

10 Powerful Reasons to Join Admitad CPA Network

Agreed, Admitad CPA Network has some wonderful features that would appeal to any marketer serious about monetizing their traffic. If this isn’t you, these 10 powerful reasons might kindle an interest in you.

1. High Paying Cost per Action (CPA) Network

Publishers have the option to participate in a number of predetermined paying products, earn commissions on different products and additional bonuses from certain advertisers for performing very well.

2. Innovative Tools for Publishers

Publishers are awarded different innovative tools to help in monetizing their traffic, carry out detailed analysis of their performances, and build relationships with advertisers.

Some of these tools include rotating ads, custom tracking domain and a deeplink generator.

3. Global Platform for both Advertisers and Publishers

Admitad started out as a European brand to help advertisers around there promote their products. It has since grown into a global brand that caters to the business needs of both advertisers and publishers.

There are no restrictions on any advertiser and publishers from anywhere in the world as they can participate in its affiliate program.

4. Intuitive User Interface

Admitad offers an easy-to-use interface even for new marketers. Finding your way around is a breeze with its well-organized navigation system.

5. Wide Range of Advertisers and Products to Select From

There are more than 1,000 advertisers on Admitad with a wide range of product selections. Publishers can find products that fit into their niche and particular demography of generated traffic.

6. Detailed and Transparent Reporting

Users of Admitad are offered access to detailed reporting that provides a very clear picture of promotional activities. Publishers are able to better monitor activities and make modifications where necessary.

7. Dedicated Rep

Advertisers and Publishers on Admitad CPA Network are offered dedicated reps to work with them to ensure optimum usage of the network’s resources for their success. Users are able to get prompt responses and guidance from the dedicated reps.

8. Different Earning Options

As a publisher, you can choose which marketing suits your niche and traffic.

9. One of the Most Reliable Payments

Publishers’ earnings on Admitad are regular.

10. Reputable Brands as Partners

Admitad has a lot of reputable and global brands as partners on its network. Some of these brands include, Nike, Adidas and CitiBank.

Available Publishers’ Tools

Admitad has a wide range of innovative tools for advertisers and publishers on its network. This section however covers some of the tools available to publishers.

I. Deeplink Generator

This is a tool for generating affiliate links that direct your visitors to the advertisers’ landing page or product page.

II. Coupons and Deals

Publishers can display products of advertisers on their websites while offering different discounts and deals for buyers.

III. Rotating Ads

It is a revolving banner ad designed to auto-select most suitable ads for your website’s niche.

IV. Enhanced Link Checker

Useful for keeping track of all links used with deep link generators! Publishers are assured that their affiliate links would not generate any issues or lead to lost affiliate sales.

V. Post-Back URL

This gives access to all clicks’ stats forwarded to the Publisher’s system.

VI. Custom Tracking Domain

This allows you to convert parked domains into affiliate earners by simply replacing the standard Admitad affiliate link with your parked domain name.

The Different Admitad Business Models for Publishers

Publishers have different business models to choose from when working with Admitad CPA Network. Having the right tools ensures that your campaigns are effectively executed to get the best results.

These are some great business models for publishers to adopt:

Retargeting – Prospective buyers sometimes end up abandoning purchases at different stages of the shopping process. Retargeting helps to position the products that these prospective buyers have searched for in the past, or may have abandoned them at some point before checkout.

Cash back and Rewards – Reward buyers with loyalty points, cash back, bonuses and other incentives to motivate them.

Social Media Targeting – Allows publishers who are very active on social media to use their accounts in driving affiliate sales. Organic posts are great for reaching out to your followers, though paid ads will give much better results and help to reach new customers.

Email Marketing – is a great strategy to reach out to lots of people at once. Especially for those who have a growing list of email subscribers. If you do not currently have an email list, now would be a great time to start building one.

Contextual Advertising

Generate targeted traffic through posting ads to engines like Google. Using particular product names as keywords for your ads, online search users can access your ads which will direct them to your blog or landing page.

Pros and Cons of Admitad CPA Network

A comprehensive review of Admitad CPA Network would not be complete without considering the advantages and disadvantages of using the affiliate network.

Pros of Admitad CPA Network

  • One of the best means for bloggers, site owners and internet marketers to monetize their traffic.
  • Publishers are provided with quality and reliable tools to enhance performance, monitor and track promotional activities.
  • Partnership with major brands around the world
  • Admitad is a very responsive company, taking note of users’ suggestions and ideas to make user experience better.
  • Flexible payment options for Publishers on Admitad CPA Network.

Cons of Admitad CPA Network

  • Compared to some other bigger affiliate networks, Admitad doesn’t have that many Advertisers to choose from.
  • Options for payouts are quite limited to a select few.

Getting Started

Getting started for publishers on Admitad CPA Network is a free and easy process. This section outlines 5 simple steps to get started with earning income on Admitad.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Admitad with this link and sign up either as an individual or legal entity. On the right hand side, you will find the tab “Sign up to be a publisher” and by clicking, you begin the sign-up process on Admitad CPA Network.

Step 2: After clicking on the tab in step 1, you will be directed to the registration page where your details will be filled.

Fill in the accurate details of required information including your introduction, email ID and password. Also select your country of residence and then click on the checkbox to agree on Admitad terms.

Step 3: This is the stage where you will add the space. Publishers can select advertisers that they are interested in working with.

The most important criterion at this point is considering advertisers whose products fit into the needs of your audience.

Once you are done with this, Admitad will send the activating link to your email address.

Step 4: This is where you distribute the ads through the different media and business models available to you.

Step 5: You start earning for every completed action from your referrals.


Admitad takes the idea of relationship building to the next level. Their dedicated reps work with both Advertisers and Publishers to optimize the use of their platform.

Advertisers are given tools to help them make the most of their campaigns. Publishers also have access to an array of tools to enhance their promotions and earning capabilities.

The network also encourages Advertisers and Publishers to build positive working relationships.

Admitad offers a wide range of advertisers, products, business models and earning opportunities. All you have to do is ensure a steady stream of high quality traffic.

Sign up is easy and Intuitive for those who are ready to give it a shot.

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