Best 15 Sites to Buy High-Quality Backlinks in 2020

Paying for backlinks may get you into loads of trouble. You could lose your money to backlinks vendors, or worse still, your site could get penalized by Google.

And yet, there are countless benefits of using paid backlinks. We’re talking about boosting your site’s search engine ranking, gaining more site exposure, and traffic. If well-executed, paid backlinks could help boost your site’s authority and trustworthiness.

Still, I will recommend you build your backlinks the old fashioned way – that is building it naturally. This way, it is cost-effective, requires less effort, and produces longer-lasting results.

So why go for paid backlinks if the consequences are so heavy?

For one, most top-ranking websites do it, and they get away with it. That means they have found smart ways to get high quality and relevant backlinks to boost their sites. Another reason for buying backlinks is that the results are much faster than building backlinks naturally.

There are many other benefits to using paid backlinks which I may not have the time and space to mention here. My goal is to provide you with platforms that you can buy high-quality backlinks for your site from.

Please note that the sites mentioned here are no guarantee that you will get exactly what you need. You just have to carry out your own due diligence to ensure you are dealing with the right people.

If you’re ready, let’s dive into our list of the best 15 sites to buy high-quality backlinks.

  • LinkWheel.Pro
  • AuthorityBacklinks
  • The Five Dollar Links
  • oDesk
  • Links Management
  • Fiverr
  • Backlinks Hub
  • Black Hat Links
  • PostLinks
  • BacklinksRocket
  • Warrior Forum
  • WickedFire
  • Conclusion

According to Google, a paid link is any link or post containing a link that is obtained through the exchange of money or gifts.

Yet, people have continued to patronize paid links for their websites.

When Should You Consider Paid Links?

When your business or brand has a lot of money to invest in its SEO

When you have a new site that doesn’t have SEO but needs quick traffic

When you find a link source that has high quality and relevant links

When you have a spam-free site from which to purchase links

When there is a reliable source to help you acquire the links

When it is a common practice among companies in your industry or niche

Now that you know when to go for paid links, let’s delve into the sites where you can buy the links from.

1. LinkWheel.Pro

Do you need high-quality backlinks for your site? If yes, then this site is one of the best platforms suited for that need. Links from this site will help boost your website significantly if you feature educational content on your website.

The links from LinkWheel.Pro come highly trusted, but you may have to take it slow as a new user. Choose a package that fills your immediate need.

As your website’s search ranking improves, you can then buy more links to help rank it higher.

2. AuthorityBacklinks

It is the software that offers link management services for both buyers and sellers. Text links can be easily sold and bought from its easy-to-use control panel.

The platform provides opportunities for anyone who wants to earn extra income through selling link advertisements. Their site enhancement tools help to improve the performance of your site or blog.

You could monetize your website, or every page of your website, although a minimum page score is required to participate.

Google’s indexing of your site is the first step, while the page score grants access to web page monetization.

3. The Five Dollar Links

The Five Dollar Links is one of the best sites to obtain high-quality backlinks. Users are able to access quality and relevant backlinks for their sites from this site.

There are lots of helpful information about link building, and how to get quality backlinks from this site. Get access to traffic reports, and other important details that every site owner would need.

There are analytical tools to help with your site management, also on The Five Dollar Links.

4. oDesk

oDesk isn’t actually a site for buying links, but a marketplace on which freelancers can be hired to get the job done. Choosing this platform may turn out to be more expensive compared to the ones mentioned in this post.

To get the best possible freelancer for the job, you will need to browse through their reviews. Find out their total work hours, ratings, and price per hour. More often than not, the higher the price, the higher the quality of work! But don’t just take what you see, so your due diligence to get the best person.

If need be, go through their portfolios before deciding on who to hire.


In a popularity contest, this site is more likely to win than any other mentioned in this post. It is a safe destination for those looking for high-quality backlinks.

You can make payment for backlinks using different payment options. The supported payment options include debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.

It is also a great site to make money from selling backlinks. ranks pretty well, making it a good choice for improving your site’s ranking also.

6. Links Management

Links Management offers flexible backlinks services to suit your budget and preferences. You could go for backlinks with PR1 sites, through PR8 sites. You can buy cheap backlinks for as low as $1 on this platform.

The management of this platform claims that its backlinks are placed manually. You can read through case studies on their site to verify their claims.

Users receive a bonus of $50 credit for spending $100 with Links Management. A great incentive for you to speed up your purchases on the platform!

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a massive marketplace where you can buy almost anything for $5, including backlinks.

In many cases, cheap isn’t always the best option. So you have to be very cautious while buying backlinks from Fiverr.

That’s because many of the gig sellers build backlinks for their clients using automated tools. A practice that will end up harming your website!

So how do you avoid gig sellers that do this? Your primary focus should be avoiding gig sellers that indulge in this practice. Sort through the available gig sellers carefully, and select the most appropriate ones.

Purchase only the gigs with high ratings and enough convincing reviews. The number of buyers for the gigs should also be assessed to find the ones that are popular. As much as quality links are important, the quantity of buyers of a particular gig is also important.

Perform as many checks as you need to be convinced about your purchase. Because disavowing unwanted backlinks is also a tedious task.

8. BacklinksHub

BackilnksHub is one of the most preferred platforms for buying white hat backlinks. The site offers a one-year link replacement guarantee for its users.

BacklinksHub is renowned for its compliance with ethical SEO standards – making it the ideal place for links buying if you don’t want to get into trouble with Google’s algorithm.

9. Black Hat Links

This is a place where links are bought in wholesale, with a minimum of 50 backlinks. You can get links such as comments, Wiki, and Do-follow.

All the links are created and scheduled within a week. No matter how many links you are paying for, everything is delivered within 7 days.

10. PostLinks

PostLinks is a genuine platform for users to buy any number of backlinks. These links are from high-quality publishers with a guarantee of high ranking pages. Although PostLinks handles large volumes of links for its users, there is never a case of spamming.

Neither is there any bidding on this platform.

Every link you will purchase from PostLinks is genuine. The links are all relevant to your content, which means you are not likely to experience any problems with search engines.

11. BacklinksRocket

This platform goes beyond backlinks selling to offer you SEO solutions based on your requirements. Their links are high quality with the capability to enhance your site’s search engine ranking.

You can leverage this platform to drive your website on social media, attain good Alexa ranking, and improve the number of visitors to your site. BacklinksRocket offers a range of SEO packages depending on users’ requirements.

You can even access some good government links, to give you credibility and boost your site’s ranking.

12. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a popular platform for internet marketers and all other online entrepreneurs. You will find lots of experts and gain access to lots of information and helpful tools for your business.

You can get high-quality backlinks from top sites and on Warrior Forum. It’s just that you have to be willing to pay premium prices for the links purchased there because you are getting backlinks from big and notable online brands.

13. WickedFire

WickedFire provides all-in-one SEO and online marketing solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners. Users of this platform include content writers, internet marketers, SEO experts, and domain flippers.

On WickedFire, you get access to hire professionals such as link builders, website designers and developers, and others related to your particular niche or industry. These professionals are great at what they do and they help you get the job done.

For related services, you can hire experts for commenting and the creation of web 2.0 technologies. All these services put together will help improve your traffic and search engine ranking.


I wouldn’t advise you to use as a last resort for buying backlinks. That’s because the marketplace is filled with uncertified service providers, their rates are high, and there’s no guarantee of an excellent job.

15. Sape.RU

From its TLD (top-level domain), you can tell the origin of this platform. Though it is a Russian site, you can use it by installing Google translate Chrome extension.

It is a great platform to buy niche specific backlinks, which go live immediately after you pay for them.

You are allowed to filter the links based on domain authority, page authority, outbound links, and others.


There are two kinds of backlinks: Organic and paid backlinks!

Organic backlinks are inbound links that you do not have direct say or influence over. These are links by people who have read your posts and found them interesting or relevant.

Paid links are broadly classified as inbound links that you received in exchange for money or some form of value. For paid links, you have some direct influence over the link source.

Backlinks are one of the important metrics used by search engines to rank a website or website in SERP.

Google has made it plain that it favors organic links over paid links. In fact, any site discovered to have paid for links gets penalized by the search giant.

However, this has not discouraged site owners from paying for backlinks. In fact, it is a standard practice among most of the top-performing websites.

In reality, one can never rule out the use of paid links to boost SEO and drive traffic.

There are times when paid links might be the best option for your site. These times include when you have a good budget for your site, or when your site is new and requires some immediate boost in traffic. Other times include when you have a reliable source of quality traffic, and when paid traffic is a common practice in your industry or niche.

If you do decide to get paid links, you will find the list of websites a valuable resource.

Be sure to carry out checks of the websites and sellers before going into any transactions with any of them.

Links are extremely important for ranking and they’re among the top ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. Links remain crucial for SEO no matter what Algorithm Update is rolled out by Google.

It’s not how many links you’ve generated so far that matters for ranking but the quality of domains that link to your site.

Do you want to know how you can build backlinks naturally with quality content? Then try out Wealthy Affiliate University – where you have all the tools and resources at your disposal to learn SEO to the core.

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