Ezoic Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate marketing programs offer you various active and passive incomes. This post reviews one of those exciting affiliate marketing programs to help you monetize your traffic.

We will review the Ezoic affiliate program, its benefits, features, pros and cons, and other important details. The goal is to bring you to a place where you can make informed decisions about joining the affiliate program.

Anyone who puts their minds to it can make money online.

The major decision you need to make is how you want to go about it. Do you have products that you would like to sell online? Or maybe you have services to offer your target market.

Those who have no products or services of their own need not despair. There are loads of merchants willing to offer you income-earning opportunities.

Let’s dive right in to discover what opportunities await you in the Ezoic affiliate program.

The main topics covered in this Ezoic affiliate program review are:

  • An Overview of the Ezoic Platform
  • About the Ezoic Affiliate Program
  • Benefits of Using the Ezoic Platform
  • The Main Features of the Ezoic Platform
  • Who Should Explore Ezoic?
  • About the Ezoic Affiliate Program
  • How the Ezoic Affiliate Program Works
  • Why You Should Sign Up For the Ezoic Affiliate Program
  • Earnings and Payments on the Ezoic Affiliate Program
  • Pros and Cons of the Ezoic Affiliate Program
  • Conclusion

An Overview of the Ezoic Platform

Have you ever wondered how your visitors respond to your current website layout? Or, needed to make changes in the color or position of some ads without distorting user experience?

I have been in such positions before, and I tell you it isn’t a very good place to be in. A single change in layout or ad placement can reduce your website traffic by half – without you knowing the reason for the dip in traffic.

Well, it isn’t all sad and gloomy; as Ezoic offers a platform that can help you determine how changes affect your visitors. And you can learn more about your website visitors while you’re at it.

The Ezoic Platform is an intelligent ad testing solution that equips users with tools to deliver tailored experiences to their visitors.

You can perform ad tests of various ad providers, place ads on your website, and learn more about visitors to your website. Website owners can use the information gathered from the Ezoic Platform to better position their ads in order to optimize their website space.

We’re talking about the AI (Artificial Intelligence) software designed to make life easier for you.

How about clearly itemizing some of the benefits of using this platform?

Benefits of Using the Ezoic Platform

1. Perform Various Tests on Ad Types and Layouts

Brands go extra miles in gathering data about their target market – including paying so much for surveys and other means of getting data.

This tool comes with an all-in-one solution to obtain details about different ad types that affect site visitors. You can test ad types – text, graphics, and videos. All of these testing can be done on the Ezoic platform.

With all you learn from the tests, you will be able to use the best ad types, sizes, colors, and positions for your audience.

2. Measure Users’ Activities on Your Site

Beyond ad testing, you can obtain different metrics that help measure and report activities on your site.

The Ezoic Platform lets you view details such as page views, bounce rate, and time spent on your site – providing you with exact details on visitors’ responses to your ads.

You can filter these results based on the device used, country, and article viewed.

3. Easily Convert Your Site for Google AMP Compliance

The Google AMP compliant site is a mobile version of your site that is optimized for viewing on mobile phones and tablets. AMP compliant sites are indexed in search engines which make them easy to find through Google search.

Ezoic comes with its AMP converter which is built by a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

4. Ads Platform That Helps You Earn Extra Income

Google AdSense is the most common ad network known to site owners. That’s because they have the largest market share in online ads. But they are not the only network available to you.

Ezoic has an affiliate program that rewards you for referring new users to its service. You earn commissions on every sale, with passive earning potentials.

The later part of this review covers the Ezoic affiliate program in more detail.

My goal is to give you a taste of what to expect from using the Ezoic platform. Based on the experiences I’ve had with the platform. I’m sure you would discover more benefits yourself.

A peek into the features of Ezoic will give you a better picture of this intelligent testing platform.

The Main Features of the Ezoic Platform

  • Ad platform that lets website owners perform different types of ad tests on their sites
  • Test different ads from various ad providers
  • AI-Powered tool for learning about website visitors
  • Layout tester system for performing multivariate layout tests to find out what works best
  • Helps you deliver tailored experiences to site visitors based on site usage
  • Report data about visitors such as bounce rate, page views, and time spent on your site
  • Filter details to target visitors based on device, country, and article
  • Ezoic AMP converter to help you maintain a beautiful, fully functional mobile site
  • Income earning opportunities for publishers who refer new users to Ezoic service
  • With all these cool features, the question is who are those that need the Ezoic platform the most?
  • Well, I’ll tell you in the next section though I expect some of my picks to surprise you.

Who Should Use the Ezoic Platform

1. Publishers – This includes bloggers, internet marketers, and affiliate marketers who earn income from ad revenue. The Ezoic platform is designed to help publishers optimize earnings from ad displays on their sites.

2. Brands – Business owners have a lot to gain from what they learn about their audience, and find out which ad types and layouts appeal to their audience. Also, they can get more insights into site visitors based on data obtained from the Ezoic platform.

3. Ad Networks – Can better serve advertisers and publishers on their networks by using the Ezoic platform. Advertisers are able to discover what ad types work best. While Publishers are able to optimize their ad displays to get better revenue.

4. Affiliate Marketers – Earn extra income from the Ezoic affiliate marketing program by sending in new users.

About the Ezoic Affiliate Program

The Ezoic affiliate program is a program designed to reward marketers for referring new users to its platform. The program is open for marketers who own sites, blogs, or other digital publishing platforms.

Affiliates are rewarded with a 3% commission for every completed sale. This 3% commission is revenue share from Ezoic earnings on publishers. This means that the marketers receive the 3% commission on what Ezoic earns from their ad partners.

The unique benefit for marketers is the opportunity to receive a lifetime income from clients they refer – as long as these clients remain users of Ezoic platform.

As an affiliate marketer, the chance to receive monthly recurring income should appeal to you.

What’s more, it is an affiliate program that is easy to sign up and get started with right away.

Follow these simple steps to start earning from the Ezoic affiliate marketing program.

How the Ezoic Affiliate Program Works

The Ezoic affiliate program is one of the few affiliate programs that allow sites with less than 25,000 monthly visitors to sign up.

The signup process is described below using a step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Sign up for free on the Ezoic platform, providing all needed details about yourself and the publishing platform.

Step 2 – Receive your unique affiliate ID for the Ezoic affiliate program. This ID is unique to your account, used to introduce new users to the Ezoic platform, and can be easily tracked.

Step 3 – Start publishing online content with your affiliate ID embedded within. The most common way is to create blog posts about Ezoic with the links sending in interested persons.

Other digital platforms you can use are social media networks, email newsletters, forums, and paid search advertising.

Step 4 – Earn your commissions and get paid monthly. Once a new user clicks on your affiliate ID and makes a purchase, you earn a 3% commission. At the end of the month, Ezoic pays you your total earnings for the month.

Why You Should Sign Up For the Ezoic Affiliate Program

It is free, simple, and easy to get started on the Ezoic Affiliate Program. No minimum traffic requirements, no complex application process, or sign-up fees required!

Earn recurring monthly income over a lifetime. Ezoic pays you a 3% commission monthly for your referrals who continue with the service. This earning is over a lifetime as long as the client remains with the platform.

Grow your earnings as your referral businesses grow – Although affiliates earn 3% commissions, their total earnings increase as their clients’ dealings with Ezoic increase.

Regular monthly payment to affiliate marketers by Ezoic.

No limit to your earning capacity on the Ezoic affiliate program. There is no cap on the number of referrals you can introduce to the affiliate program.

If you’re like most marketers, the most interesting part is when we talk about the payment details. We have covered that in bits and pieces, and now we go into the details proper.

Earnings and Payments on the Ezoic Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketers earn 3% commissions off the earnings of Ezoic. You could call it a revenue share where the actual amount earned depends on Ezoic earnings from its users.

The commissions continue as long as the referral remains on the Ezoic Platform. This means that affiliate earnings are over a lifetime.

The minimum payout threshold is $20, and the payment is made to affiliates every month. The payment options that are available to affiliate marketers on Ezoic are PayPal, Check, or ACH.

Pros and Cons of Ezoic Affiliate Program

This review is complete only when we have highlighted the pros and cons of the Ezoic Affiliate Program.

Pros of Ezoic Affiliate Program

  • The services offered by the Ezoic platform are of great quality. This makes it easier for marketers to sell it, and have a high retention of users.
  • This affiliate program can be run alongside Google AdSense and other affiliate programs.
  • This is a great opportunity to earn monthly income over a lifetime.
  • New affiliate marketers can easily sign up for this program as there’s no minimum traffic needed.
  • Your earnings on the Ezoic affiliate program grow as your referrals businesses with Ezoic increase.
  • Your affiliate ID can be easily used to monitor and track those who signed up through it.

Cons of Ezoic Affiliate Program

  • The 3% commission is quite low compared to what other affiliate marketing programs offer.
  • Some publishers move from Ezoic to higher-paying ad platforms when they exceed 25,000 monthly web visitors. If your referrals are among those moving, it reduces your earning from Ezoic.


You can make money online through a number of options – sell your products or products of others.

Affiliate marketing offers the best earning opportunities if you want to sell products belonging to others. You will earn a commission for every sale that comes through your referral.

The Ezoic affiliate program offers a way for marketers to earn a 3% commission on each sale. Plus a monthly recurring commission for the duration during which the client remains with the Ezoic platform. This is a lifetime income opportunity for affiliate marketers on the Ezoic affiliate program.

The affiliate program is free, easy to get started with, especially for new marketers.

The commission seems low compared to other programs, and clients leaving Ezoic leads to lower income for the marketer.

Marketers who have a large network of clients can take advantage of this program and introduce them to Ezoic. This will be a great source of monthly earnings for such marketers.

What do you need to get started on the Ezoic affiliate program? This post offers you all the required details to get started.

Do you want to become a super affiliate? Congratulations, I brought you a platform where the dream of becoming a super affiliate will come true in no distant time. Just take the time and read my WA University review.

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