Internet Marketing Glossary – Basic Marketing Terms That’s Good to Know

Advertiser- The company that produces products or services that you promote as an affiliate. Also referred to as the Merchant.

Affiliate- Someone who promotes products or services for a merchant in return a commission is received for the sales or leads they drive.

Affiliate Link- A provided by the merchant to add to your site that has a unique tracking code specifically assigned to you to track sales that you are responsible for generating.

Affiliate Marketing- Performance based marketing that can be based on a sale, click, or other action. If visitors click on your link to a merchant site and purchase a product in return you receive a commission for that sale.

Affiliate Program- This is a program offered by a merchant to allow individuals to recommend or refer others to their products or services in return the affiliate will receive a commission.

Associate- Another term for affiliate

Bounce Rate- The percentage of visitors that land on one of your pages. Instead of viewing more pages they leave the site. They only visit one page then “bounce” away.

Call to Action- You need to tell your visitors what you want them to do… Click Here! Order Now! Learn More…. these are effective phares you use when you want your visitors to take action.

CPA- Cost Per Action- Refers to the amount of money paid by the merchant for a specific action- this can be getting a form filled out or an email sign up.

Commission- The predefined money or fee a merchant pays an affiliate for generating sales or a predefined desired outcome for a merchant

Cookie- A text file that is sent from a website to a file within a users web browser. Cookies are used for various reasons on the web. In regards to affiliate marketing, cookies are used to assign an ID to a user that has clicked on your affiliate link to a merchant website for a predefined period (whether or not they click on your affiliate link again) then you can receive credit for the sale. Example: if someone clicks on your Amazon affiliate link but doesn’t buy anything, the cookie will stay in their browser for 24hrs. If they buy within those 24hrs you will still get the commission.

E-mail Link– An affiliate link with the intent of being utilized in an email advertisement

Google Analytics- Hosted by Google it will provide you with statistics from your website. You can track things like traffic, traffic sources, conversions and more.

Keyword- The word or phrase that online users search for. A keyword can be more than just one word. ”         ”

List Building- This is when you capture your visitor’s contact information including their e-mail and add them to your list. You can now keep in contact with them.

Niche- Your target audience- a group of people looking for stuff

Paypal- Global e-commerce allowing payment and money transfers to be made safely on the internet.

Plugins- Used to add specific features to your WordPress blog for example. Akismet is an example of a plug in it allows you to prevent spam comments on your blog.

Raw clicks- Tracking that allows you to see how many overall clicks have occurred on your affiliate link.

Residual Earnings- This when you are credited with the lifetime sales for any new customers you refer to merchants, indefinitely versus only being paid on the first, initial purchase made by the referral. This is also referred to as “lifetime commissions”.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization- optimizing your website for it to rank well in search engines for keywords and specific topics.

Unique Clicks- Tracking that allows you to see how many unique (different) people have clicked on your affiliate link versus seeing all clicks (Raw Clicks).

Squeeze Page- This is a page where your objective is to capture your visitor’s contact information

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