The Ultimate Guide to Buying Quality Backlinks in 2020

It is no news that backlinks are an important search ranking metric used by Google. What may be news is that you could buy backlinks and not get penalized by Google.

I know you’re thinking, ‘Is it remotely possible to buy backlinks and not get penalized by Google?’

Emphatically yes! Not all the big guns on the internet actually worked their way up through organic links. The smart ones took other routes and still got to the top of their class on Google SERP.

If they did it and were successful, you too can do it and get the desired results.

But hold on, you have to understand that there are backlinks and there are backlinks. All I am saying is that backlinks differ from one another by their quality and relevance.

If you are going to eat any frog at all, you might as well eat a big one. In simple English, if you have to go through the troubles of buying backlinks for your site, make sure the links have quality and relevance to your content.

Now back to the backlinks buying, I will show you in this post how you should go about it, and make the most of it.

One important thing to note is Google would not hesitate to penalize you for link buying. That is if you are caught buying backlinks.

The main topics covered in our backlink buying guide include:

  • Is It Necessary For You To Buy Backlinks?
  • What Do You Understand By Backlinks Buying?
  • Why You Should Give Backlinks Buying Serious Thoughts
  • The Downside To Buying SEO Backlinks
  • Benefits of Building Organic Backlinks
  • What is the Cost Associated With Buying Backlinks?
  • How to Go About Buying Backlinks
  • Conclusion

Is It Necessary For You To Buy Backlinks?

If you were to ask 1,000 SEO experts if buying backlinks was a good idea, I’m sure the answers would be split right in between.

You see, not everyone is okay with the risk associated with buying backlinks.

Backlink buying may turn out just right for you. Or, it could turn around and bite you in your bottom. That’s if Google finds out that you are actively involved in buying links.

On the bright, there isn’t anyone that has not ‘traded’ for backlinks. You will notice my use of the word traded instead of bought. Not every transaction involves buying with money, but when it comes to backlinks, they are the same.

No one can entirely absolve themselves from backlinks buying, what Google frowns at is irrelevant backlinks. That doesn’t mean you don’t get penalized for buying a highly relevant backlink if you are caught.

The key to successful backlinks buying is to focus on quality and relevant backlinks. By this, you will be able to turn backlinks buying into an effective SEO strategy.

What Do You Understand By Backlinks Buying?

Backlinks buying refers to a business transaction that involves the exchange of money or other things of value for external links.

As we have earlier concluded in this post, backlinks buying isn’t all about paying with money. There are other forms of value that could be used to procure backlinks, and these include:

  • The use of sponsored and guest posts
  • Placement of links
  • Any other link you may have paid for to be published on other sites
  • Product reviews
  • Giving a free product or service in exchange for your product’s review

So you see, buying of backlinks could take different shapes or forms.

Why You Should Give Backlinks Buying Serious Thoughts

Backlink buying remains a common practice with website owners. Since backlinks are one of the most important metrics used for ranking websites, companies have to do all it takes to acquire backlinks.

The reason you don’t hear backlinks buying in public is that Google discourages it. Any website that is discovered to be patronizing sellers of backlinks gets the big hammer from Google.

If backlinks buying isn’t openly supported by Google, why then do companies indulge in it? It’s partly because it cannot be avoided, and also because SEO ranking is very competitive. Every company wants to get on the top of SERP (Search Engine Reports Pages).

Backlinks are also essential to fully optimize a website for search engine ranking. As you will find out in this post, backlinks are a common practice among the top-ranked websites.

Here are the reasons it is important to give serious thoughts to backlinks buying.

1. Get Desired Results Faster

If you were to take the natural route of building backlinks, you have to first create quality content worth linking to. After which you will share the post’s URL on different social media platforms and ad networks to enable you to drive traffic to your newly published post.

If readers find your content valuable enough to share, then the backlinks start trickling in. This stage may take anything from a few days to a couple of months. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait for years before the organic backlinks keep coming in.

Even a few months may seem like an eternity to most online businesses. So how do you remedy the slow process of building backlinks? By going for paid backlinks, you make the process faster. You can start seeing the results of the bought backlinks within a few days.

2. The Need to Remain Competitive in The Murky Waters of SEO 

The big brands pay for backlinks one way or the other. They have human and capital resources to get as many backlinks as possible. And you have to compete with them in the same niche or industry.

If you decide to hold off buying the links, you put yourself in a position of disadvantage against your competitors. They end up getting the traffic, while you still saddled with building up your backlight naturally.

Don’t get me wrong there; I’m not saying it is wrong to build organic backlinks. I’m just trying to let you know that you can be smart about getting the needed backlinks.

3. Get Faster Response From Websites That Accept Paid Links 

We live in a capitalist world where the prize goes to the highest bidder. Let’s assume 2 webmasters approach an authority site for backlinks. Mr. A is all sounding nice and wants the backlinks as a favor. But Mr. B offers to pay $500 for the backlinks.

If the site owner only has one slot available for the backlink, who do you think would be given? The answer is Mr. B and for good reasons.

Mr. B offered to pay for the service, and so will be considered first. So you see that paying for the backlinks will enable you to get faster responses for backlinks.

Before you jump into sourcing for backlinks, note that what is required is quality and relevant backlinks. Do not get backlinks for the sake of backlinks. Low quality and irrelevant backlinks will surely get your site into trouble with Google.

The Downside to Buying SEO Backlinks

Buying backlinks does come with a lot of risks. And if discovered by Google, the consequences are better imagined.

One of the downsides to paying for backlinks is the risk of losing your money. This happens when you have paid for backlinks only to be discovered by Google. Your site gets penalized, and you do not get a refund for money spent in buying the backlinks.

The other downside is the penalty that Google metes out to those caught patronizing paid backlinks. The site is penalized, and much time and effort are needed for its recovery.

I’m not trying to make Google look bad; after all, the search engine has an obligation to its users. which is to deliver relevant results to users’ search queries.

To do this effectively, the quality and relevance of backlinks are used to measure the trustworthiness and authority of a page.

Benefits of Building Organic Backlinks

Organic backlinks are the exact opposite of paid backlinks. Also called natural backlinks, organic backlinks are inbound links that originate from outside sources without your direct influence.

You do not need to solicit, make offers, or pay for the backlinks. Rather, having read your content and found to be valuable, your audiences decide to link back to your content. In SEO circles, this is also referred to as a White hat link building.

Organic link building offers some great benefits which are not limited to:

1. No Need to Reach Out to Relevant or Authority Sites

If you’re not building links naturally, you will need to spend time and effort sourcing for sites to give you links. Making appointments, discussions, and negotiations are some of the link buying activities.

The time, energy, and resources spent with the activities can be avoided if you opt for organic link building.

2. Longer Lasting Result 

Organic link building may seem like a slow-moving process from the beginning. As you make progress and results become obvious, the payoff is longer lasting.

3. Cost Saving 

You will not need to pay any agency, or for a link building tool because you won’t be needing them to build organic backlinks. The only costs you will incur are those associated with creating your content.

So you see that with organic link building, you are able to save cost. While paid linking most often requires you to pay money or some form of value in exchange for the backlinks.

What is the Cost Associated with Buying Backlinks?

For a marketplace to truly exist there must be buyers and sellers. So we need to first identify the sellers of backlinks, before delving into the price.

To make this step much easier on you, contact a credible SEO expert, digital marketing agency.

The cost of backlinks depends on a number of factors that include:

  • The quality of content on the site will determine if you are offered a low or high price.
  • Having a strong brand presence will help get responses from backlink sellers faster.
  • The site’s authority plays a significant role in the cost. Most of the older sites limit the number of links they offer to the newer sites. Approaching these older sites might take forever to get a response. Worse still, their prices may be far from reasonable.
  • The particular Industry/ Niche determines what its links would cost. For example, blogs in the finance industry would charge higher for backlinks than those in the automobile industry.
  • Sundry costs that arise during the link buying process.

Depending on the above-listed factors, the price for quality links would range from $100 to $1,000.

How to Go About Buying Backlinks

Unless you are a skilled SEO practitioner, I would advise that you outsource the whole link building process.

This would help you save time, cost, and get better results from your investment.

Before approaching any SEO expert or agency, carry out your due diligence. Find out as much information as you can, to be sure you’re dealing with the right people.

Before committing to any contracts with the SEO expert or agency, ask some relevant questions. Find out if you will see the links first, also the relationship of your site with the linking site, and the link guarantee. Ask for references too, and if possible contact them.

Ensure that you are carried along with every step of the linking process.


Backlinks are important metrics used by Google to determine your site’s search ranking on SERP. Google looks at the quality and relevance of your backlinks, and not just the quantity.

For as long as we know, companies have been buying backlinks with money, or other forms of value. Even though Google has made it clear that paid backlinks are penalized if they are discovered.

Due to the competitive nature of SEO, there are situations that require the use of paid links. But if you choose to do it, the links must be quality, relevant, and originate from authority sites.

This guide provides you with the necessary details to get started with buying quality backlinks for your site.

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    • Hey Sheddy, buying backlinks is a common SEO strategy that many bloggers implement to improve page rankings and drive lots of traffic to their website. However, exploring this link building approach can sometimes be risky if you get links from the wrong source. You need to learn a lot about SEO before buying backlinks from any SEO firm. Thanks for stopping by Sheddy!

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    • Hey Jomata, thank you for your comment. While Google has officially disclosed that it frowns at buying backlinks from the so-called SEO firms, many authority sites implemented this black hat SEO strategy at one time or the other but did so wisely. However, to be on the safe side with Google, its better you stick to the white hat SEO strategy only, and you can move your site up the PageRank in no distant time. Thanks again for stopping by!


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