Infolinks Review: A Powerful AdSense Alternative

The two most important things on affiliate marketers’ minds are profits and more profits.

I’m not trying to be clever half-way with the above statement, but I just want you to know that while some make profits, others make more profits.

More profits could mean different things to different people, even to you. More profits could be multiple income streams, high-income earnings, or even earning more with less budgets.

This review profiles one of the ad networks that help you earn more out of your limited web space. You could call it a network that lets you make more profits, and still be correct.

The main topics covered in this Infolinks review include:

  • An Overview of Infolinks
  • Great Benefits From Joining Infolinks
  • The Main Features of Infolinks
  • Various Ad Formats on Infolinks
  • What’s Required to Join Infolinks
  • How to Get Your Website Approved For Infolinks
  • Infolinks Payments
  • Pros and Cons of Infolinks
  • Conclusion

An Overview of Infolinks

Infolinks is an ad network that offers revenue-generating opportunities to its users. Advertisers are able to purchase quality traffic from its market place, while publishers are opportune to monetize their traffic.

Infolinks is a privately-owned ad network founded in 2007, with its offices located at Ridgewood, New Jersey, and Tel Aviv in Israel. The platform is focused on delivering ad formats that require little or no extra space on a publisher’s site.

Publishers that need to diversify their income stream can find Infolinks as a viable option.

How will all these high-sounding words benefit you as a publisher? I’ll tell you in just a moment; so grab your seat, and popcorn while at it.

Great Benefits from Joining Infolinks

1. Best Alternative to Google AdSense

Infolinks is one network that can pass for the best Google AdSense alternative for your blog. Google serves contextual ads on your blog and millions of other publishers through its AdSense network.

Google has a policy that prevents its publishers from displaying contextual ads from other ad networks. This limits the available options for publishers when it comes to running ads alongside Google ads.

Not so with Infolinks as it cannot be classified as a contextual ad network; it tries to deliver relevant ads to your visitors.

The good news is that publishers can display both Google ads and Infolinks ads.

2. Efficient Use of Your Site’s Prime Estate

Ever visited a site that looked so crowded with ad banners, text ads, and videos everywhere?

I’m almost certain that you left that site with a very negative impression.

Developers of Infolinks must have noticed this, and decided to create less demanding ad units.

You can have a couple of in-Text, in-Tag, In-Frame, and In-Search ads and still not degrade user experience on your site.

3. No Minimum Traffic Required

Most ad networks require publishers to have attained a minimum amount of traffic before joining them. This is the biggest put-off for owners of new blogs with barely a few thousand monthly visitors.

With Infolinks, you tend to channel your focus instead of building high-quality traffic to your site.

4. Easy to Implement

Publishers will find Infolinks easy to deploy on their sites, even for those without web coding skills. All that is needed is to copy the snippet code and place it where needed.

For sites built on WordPress, the plugin makes your job much easier and straightforward.

Within 3 minutes of deploying the codes, your ads are set to run.

5. Multiple Ad Formats

Choose from different available ad formats to suit your type of content. These formats include In-Tag, In-Text, In-Frame, In-Search, In-Screen, and In-Fold.

6. Attractive Revenue Share Percentage

Publishers are entitled to a mouth-watering 70% revenue share. I don’t get to see a lot of ad networks that will offer you this much in revenue share.

I would say that this is one of the best reasons for joining the Infolinks platform.

7. Get Approved Within 3 Days

Remember that this platform places no minimum traffic before joining its network of publishers. Another plus from Infolinks is its quick approval process.

We’re talking about having your approval and being ready to start earning all within 3 days. AdSense takes anything beyond 7 days to get you approved.

8. Higher Earnings from Premium Traffic Sources

Okay, this may not sound as a benefit to all publishers on Infolinks. But all the same, it brings in higher earnings for some.

There are countries that are referred to as premium traffic sources, and these are the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Traffic from these countries earns much higher than those from other countries. For instance, CPM for the United States could earn $5, while that of India could be $0.8.

I could go on and on about the benefits of joining Infolinks, but that could take away part of the fun.

The objective of this review is to present important features of Infolinks that help you arrive at a decision – to join or not to join.

This is what I hope to achieve after you must have learned what features to expect from Infolinks.

The Main Features of Infolinks

1. User-friendly and easy-to-navigate control panel 

Publishers can easily find their way around the control panel and create ad units for display on their sites.

2. Customize ad units 

The customized feature allows you to select which ad units to activate and deactivate. You can also select certain ad types, and modify the look and feel to suit you.

3. One account, multiple websites 

You need to apply just once for admission into the Infolinks platform. After your request has been approved, you can use the same account to manage as many websites as you have.

There is no need to reapply to Infolinks for every additional site that you want to run the ads on. Everything about your ad management is controlled from one control panel.

4. Reporting on Infolinks 

This feature allows you to view details about your ad campaigns. You will be able to view data such as daily net page views, ad views, eCPM, and earnings.

5. Various payment options 

Publishers have a wide range of payment options to select from, such as PayPal, ACH, and Wire Transfer.

Other available payment methods to choose from include Payoneer, Western Union, and eCheck.

6. Infolinks self-served marketplace 

Users are given a lot of control over decisions that concern ads creation and customization. The marketplace is a self-service portal for advertisers and publishers to find offers that best meet their needs.

7. Wide reach 

Infolinks has over 100,000 websites in its marketplace for advertisers to choose from. Its operations also span 128 countries around the world.

8. Ad codes placed at the page bottom 

This allows your pages to load first, before the ad codes for Infolinks. This way, your pages’ load speed is not affected by any ads displayed on them.

Infolinks is a platform with lots of choices for publishers. One of such is choosing which ad type to display on your site.

Let’s delve into some of the popular ad formats that you can choose from.

Various Ad Formats on Infolinks

I. In-Text Ad Unit

This ad unit is the default ad unit activated for a publisher after concluding with the account setup. Using in-Text ad units, the words on your web pages are highlighted and monetized when visitors hover around them with their mouse.

The texts are highlighted with double lines drawn under, to differentiate them from hyperlinks.

Links formatted this way make the ad units clearly obvious to your visitors – though sometimes the ads tend to have no relevance to the pages’ content.

II. In-Frame Ad Unit

These ad types are programmed to slide out from either side of the browser window after your web page is loaded. They appear as skyscrapers with single image banners or series of text ads.

III. In-Screen Ad Unit

This ad unit is the newest addition to the fold, and still in beta.

It is a highly-customizable display unit that serves relevant ads to all devices.

Now that you have details of the benefits and features of Infolinks, let’s move along to the requirements for joining the network.

IV. In-Tag Ad Unit

This ad unit bears a lot of semblance with Google AdSense link units. In-Tag ad units are displayed as keywords with lengths ranging from 4 to 10 words.

When visitors hover around these ads using their cursor, they are provided with additional info about the brand. Clicking on any of the links will redirect your visitors to the advertiser’s landing page.

V. In-Article Ad Unit

This ad unit has the highest potential for views among the other units. It is expanded in-between to display ads wherever a user engages with content on your site.

It is an ad unit that is preferred by top brands because of its high engagement rate.

VI. In-Fold Ad Unit

Ads displayed inFold explores search engine ad displays to deliver ads right above the fold.

Above the fold simply means that part of a web page that you see before you scroll down a page. It is a prime estate on web pages simply because it is the visible part immediately after it has finished loading.

This ad unit is optimized for desktop computers, while performing badly on mobile devices.

What’s Required to Join Infolinks

No setup fees, Infolinks is free to join for publishers who are interested in getting onboard the platform.

The platform does not require any minimum page views or website stats for its publisher – though they are expected to maintain the certain quality of traffic from their sites.

Infolinks expects its publishers to abide by certain laid-down rules which include:

  • Prohibition of content that violates any of its IP rights
  • No display or promotion pornography, hate-related, or violent content

How to Get Your Website Approved For Infolinks

The process for displaying Infolinks ads on any website is registration. You will have to submit your site for evaluation by the Infolinks team before you can display any of their ads.

Here are some requirements that must be met to improve your chances of approval.

  • Your proposed website must contain quality content no matter the niche it covers.
  • Your site should not contain anything that promotes illegal activities, pornography, violence, or too many spammy ads.
  • Your site should be currently live on the internet, and not under construction or a parked domain.

If you are sure that your site complies with all these rules, then you’re as good as ready to fly.

Before then, I suggest you consider the payment details before taking the next step in the sign-up process.

Infolinks Payments

Publishers earn 70% from the revenue share with Infolinks, while the minimum payout threshold is $50.

Payouts are on a net 45 basis, and available payment options include PayPal, Payoneer, Check, Western Union, ACH, and wire transfer.

Pros and Cons of Infolinks

Pros of Infolinks

  • It provides an alternative to Google AdSense for publishers to earn extra income from ad display
  • Free to join, no setup fees required to get started with this platform
  • It is easy to customize and integrate ad units into web pages of publishers
  • A wide range of ad units to choose from such as in-Tag, In-Text, In-Article, In-Search, and In-Fold ad units

Cons of Infolinks

  • In some cases, the ads displayed on publishers’ sites bear no relevance to the content
  • The reporting feature on the control panel does not allow users to conduct in-depth reporting and analysis of data


Infolinks provides an option for publishers to earn extra income from ad revenue share.

The network does not make any extra demand on web space, but places ad units that integrate with your web content.

There is no minimum traffic required before joining the network, although there are rules that have to be obeyed.

Publishers are to ensure that their sites contain quality content and desist from content that is harmful.

It is common for displayed ads to bear low relevance to a site’s piece of content, leading to low revenue.

The sign-up process is easy and requires no fee of any sort. It takes 3 days to get approved once you meet all that is required.

If you want to earn passive income online, you’d need to produce content consistently on your blog. To learn the fundamentals of blogging and how you can achieve success in blogging, give Wealthy Affiliate a try today.

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    • Much welcome, Peter! If you have been frustrated by Google AdSense on many occasions, Infolinks is there to make it up to you. Aside from the fact that its approval process is quick and easy, it can be deployed to monetize your site and earn a decent amount of income.

  2. Who would have thought that a better alternative to google AdSense will pop up this way and I must say that this is really great to see. Personally, I like this post here and I will like to really include myself with this infolinks and see the way that I can maximize the potentials of earning thrpugh it. Thanks

    • Excellent, Carol! Good to know you enjoyed reading this post! Oh yes, Infolinks is designed to create better revenue-sharing opportunities – the kind of opportunities that aren’t available with Google AdSense! It has four major ways to help you monetize your site.

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    • Thanks again for reading my Infolinks tutorial, Aboribo! When it comes to earning Ad revenue, look no further than Infolinks. This platform will ensure that you get started with displaying ads in less than 24 hours of submitting an application and it has a great earning potential.

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    • Thanks for your comment, Skuchmane! Infolinks is one of the best ad platforms that let you enjoy the ease of signing up and getting approved in no time. Within a 24-hour period of submitting your application, you will get an email from them notifying you of approval and you can have ads displayed on all the pages of your site.

  5. HI! I was just looking for this, an alternative to AdSense to earn additional revenue. Thanks for stating the pros in the cons in this comprehensive post. What I like the most is that I can run them side by side with AdSense.

    I really don’t mind if once in a while an ad is not completely relevant to the content on my site.

    • Of course, yes, Ann! You can run Google AdSense alongside Infolinks ads without any problem and you will find that you can possibly make much more money publishing for the latter ad platform than the former. Also, when it comes to getting approved, it’s easier with Infolinks than with Google AdSense.


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