Motion Invest Review

In this review, you’ll figure out how you can buy and sell an existing website through the Motion Invest network. There are multiple inroads to the affiliate marketing business.

You can start from the very beginning by acquiring a domain name and web hosting, and then building your site step by step, from the ground up.

Another way of making it in the affiliate world is to pay your way through. By this, I mean buying your domain and hosting, and then paying content creators for the articles featured on your site.

Anyone who is busy, but wants to own an affiliate marketing website can take this route. It will only cost you something extra to build it to the point where it starts earning income.

The third option is to buy an already existing website with its own contents and audience. Buy up the efforts of someone else and harness it to the level of profitability that you want.

How to Earn Extra Income from Building and Selling Websites

This third option is the least common of the three for some reasons which we will look into much later. However, there’s a company that has evolved to meet the needs of those who are interested in the third option.

And that service is called Motion Invest, the subject under review. I will be offering valuable insights about Motion Invest with a view to helping you make the decision.

Is Motion Invest the right choice for you, or should you look somewhere else?

About Motion Invest

Motion Invest is an innovative service for online business owners seeking to buy or sell websites. The company offers buying and selling opportunities for websites earning between $50 and $2,000 monthly.

In order words, its target market is those who are interested in the sale and purchase of “smaller websites”.

Motion Invest is the brainchild of Jon Gillham, Spencer Haws, and Kelley Van Boxmeer, who operate a novel business model.

What they do is maintain a portfolio of websites that were bought off the sellers, and then sell these websites to interested buyers at agreed prices.

So while website sellers and buyers act like brokers, Motion Invest actually owns the websites that they sell.

What is the assurance that you will get quality service every time you deal with Motion Invest?

You will find all that in this review, but first a little more info about the founders!

Meet the Founders of Motion Invest

Motion Invest is quite new in the website buying/selling business. This means proper due diligence has to be done before you can do business with them.

However, the founders of Motion Invest have some vested stake – their names.

You see, they’ve gathered a cumulative of 30 years’ experience in the online business space. And the duo of Jon Gillham and Spencer Haws have their brand names to protect.

Let’s meet the individual founders of Motion Invest.

Jon Gillham

Jon Gillham is in his mid-30s, married with 3 children, and an engineer. His passion for systems led him to build online businesses which enabled his move from employee to employer.

And has since then grown his online businesses both in size and revenue, gathering close to 10 years of experience in the process.

Jon has acquired quite a portfolio of websites over the years, which he has successfully turned around.

Spencer Haws

Spencer is a successful internet marketer, blogger, podcaster, and software entrepreneur. He was the brain behind the Long Tail Pro software, which was later sold to another company, for a profit.

He has amassed over 10 years of experience in buying and selling websites.

Kelley Van Boxmeer

Kelley is a successful online entrepreneur with a passion for learning and growth, having more than 8 years of experience in managing and growing others’ portfolios of websites.

These people have good knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to managing websites. And they have brought all of this experience to the running of Motion Invest.

Benefits of Buying and Selling On Motion Invest

1 – Reduced Risk

One of the things that make Motion Invest different from other website buyers and sellers is their business model. While other companies act as brokers between buyers and sellers, Motion Invest does it quite differently.

They buy the website from you – that’s if you are the one selling, and then sell these websites to those who want to buy.

So while other companies just broker the sale, they actually buy from you or sell to you. And for each website they purchase, there is an independent vetting process.

As a buyer, you are very sure that you are getting exactly what was advertised. There is little or no risk associated with whatever transactions are done with Motion Invest.

2 – Motion Invest presents buying and selling opportunities to small sites

Finding a website broker that will sell your website generating less than $2,000 monthly is nearly impossible.

Brokers earn a commission for every sale, and the commission on small sites is quite minimal. So they usually deal with sites having earning capabilities of $10,000 and higher.

But Motion Invest created this platform for people to buy and sell websites earning $2,000 and less.

3 – No brokerage fees

As I have mentioned earlier, when you sell a website on Motion Invest, you are selling to them. And when you make a purchase, you are also buying from them.

There are no brokerage fees or commissions on any of the transactions. You will receive the exact payment that is stated for each transaction, unlike website brokers that charge both buyers and sellers for each transaction.

4 – If you’re selling your website, Motion Invest pays you in full

No half-payments, down payments, or commitments whatsoever. Once an offer is made and accepted, the payment is made in full upfront.

5 – Easy buying and selling process on Motion Invest

Most times, the website buying or selling process takes a day to complete, except when there are technical matters that need to be resolved. And while all this is going on, there is constant communication between you and the Motion Invest team.

Even though the company is quite new, you can bet that Motion Invest is run by capable hands.

Steps to Buying a Website on Motion Invest

I understand that buying a website requires you to carry out due diligence. This means that you will need some time to consider any offers that come your way.

But this may not be the right approach when buying websites on Motion Invest. You may have to move as quickly as possible since most offers are closed before one week.

That said, let’s run you through the steps for buying a website on Motion Invest.

Step 1 – Decide on the first step to take

This is quite simple, as there are only two available options here. It’s either you have made up your mind on buying a website, or you need to discuss it with the Motion Invest team.

If you’re for the first option, then you can visit the Motion Invest website to view available websites. If you want more details, you can book a call with the Motion Invest team to get more details about the buying process.

Step 2 – Narrow down your choice

You probably have a checklist for the website that you would like to buy. After completing step 1, you will have to narrow down on the available websites for sale.

If you are looking for a particular niche website, this is where you draw the line. If you can’t find any website that fits your criteria, you will have to check back in the future.

If you find one that meets your criteria, then you are set for the next step. Note that buying a website is the same thing as making an investment, so make sure you’re buying exactly what you need.

Step 3 – Fund your purchase through available payment options

Now that you have decided on a website to buy, you will need to act fast. You can do this by funding the purchase of your chosen website.

Preferred payment options on Motion Invest include PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Credit Cards.

If there’s any need to speak with the company before funding the purchase, you can schedule a call with them.

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Step 4 – Ownership transfer

This is where the website ownership gets transferred to you. The domain name will be transferred to your preferred domain name registrar, which could take a few hours to 14 days, depending on the domain name registrars involved?

All the files for the website will also be transferred to you for the hosting.

Step 5 – It’s yours to build and profit from

The website is now under your control and you can start building from this point. Whatever you want to do with the website is up to you.

You can see that the website buying process is a straightforward practice. It goes also for the website selling process which we review next.

Steps to Selling Your Website on Motion Invest

Motion Invest makes the process of selling your website very easy.

Since you are selling directly to them, there is a ready market for you. The only hurdle you have to scale is for your website to meet their requirements.

Plus you are not expected to pay for any brokerage fee before you can sell to them. Which is 15% cost savings that would have gone to the website broker.

Here are the easy steps to follow for selling your website to Motion Invest.

Step 1 – Submit your website for a free evaluation

The Motion Invest team has criteria that every website must meet. And the evaluation is for assessment of your website to see if it meets the requirements.

You will have to fill the evaluation form with all the required details about the website you want to sell after which a background check will be carried out based on the details you provide.

You don’t need me to tell you that all the details you provide must be accurate.

Step 2 – Analysis of the website

After submitting details for evaluation, your website will have to be analyzed.

For this, you need to provide the website URL, access to Google Analytics, Monthly Profit, and your proof of Income. If, for any reason, you are unable to provide any of these, talk to the Motion Invest team for a workaround.

Once you provide all the required details, they take it up from there.

All you need to do is sit back and wait for feedback from the Motion Invest team. And they will contact you for the price you’re offering for the website.

Step 3 – Reach an agreement

After scaling through steps 1 and 2, you will be given a buyer agreement containing the details of the transaction, which will be signed by you and Motion Invest.

Once this is done, Motion Invest transfers the funds to an escrow account for safekeeping. This is a standard practice to protect both buyers and sellers involved in a transaction.

Step 4 – Transfer of website

Motion Invest gets access to your website in order to transfer it. A backup of the website will be made, while you will maintain a copy of the website.

Once done, you will be expected to transfer the domain over to Motion Invest. You will be guided by the Motion Invest team every step of the way.

Step 5 – Transfer Complete

After the transfer of domain name is complete, and the site connected to the backup, then funds are released from escrow to you.

The steps are quite easy to follow, and even if you encounter difficulty, the Motion Invest team will help out.


There are different options for building a successful affiliate marketing website. The first is to start from the very beginning and start building it content-by-content.

You can also hire content creators to produce content for your website while you focus on other things.

The third option is to buy an existing website with its domain name, contents, and audience. If you choose the third option, then Motion Invest might just be the company that you need.

They offer a platform where you can buy or sell websites without stress. The websites are well-vetted, risk-free, and they require no brokerage fees.

The platform is owned and operated by 3 partners with so much experience in the game.

Have you made any decision to buy or sell your website anytime soon? Then give Motion Invest a try.

If you wish to manage your site yourself without selling to anyone else, then you might want to earn monthly affiliate recurring commissions from it via an independent affiliate marketing community like Wealthy Affiliate. Give the Wealthy Affiliate community a try today and start smiling to the bank monthly.

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