Placeit Review: An In-Depth Overview of a Proficient Design Tool for Online Stores

By | March 25, 2020

Frequently there is an illusion that e-commerce dealers need to be thought leaders in every area of their business – there are industries like sales, video production, marketing, product design, website design, and a bunch more. But the reality is, you cannot do it all alone – not at least at the “pro” level of expertise required to take your business to a successful stage.

Gratefully for e-commerce dealers, there are tools and sites that provide a simple-to-use, detailed process for coming up with brand demo videos and mockups that require absolutely no Photoshop skills or design and little time. With this, you can design things like branded products and custom attire that are capable of distinguishing your store from that of others, all in a couple of steps.

One of those brands is Placeit, which has been in existence since 2013. How is it related to similar companies? What does it offer? Why should online retailers give it a shot? Read on to deduce whether Placeit can help improve your online business or not.

What Is Placeit?

Being a one-stop shop for animated videos, design templates, logos, and mock-ups, Placeit is the right place to be when it comes to selling items like T-shirts and showcasing your designs in a realistic and professional manner. With Placeit, there are hundreds of digital device and attire mockups that wouldn’t take longer than a few seconds to come up with.

And for brands that need a business logo, Placeit also specializes in state-of-the-art logo making services that can help ensure that your brand stands out among its rivals. Alongside making logo and attire designs, Placeit deals in flyers, banners, book covers, business cards, and a lot more with hundreds of designs – and many more are added on a daily basis.

It’s maintained at Placeit that technology and design are lumped together to come up with quality marketing and branding tools; thus, irrespective of creative or technical expertise, anyone can produce proficient products and resources for their brands.

What is the Cost of Placeit?

Placeit has a free trial offer when it comes to buying its service and this is meant to help you test-run the tools offered first. If you see what you desire, here are the payment options:

  • Single Purchases: You are only required to make payment for what you are in need of. For example, if you just need a couple of T-shirt or mockup designs, just those needed items can be paid for without making a whole monthly subscription payment. Video mockups sell for $9 each, design templates sell for $2 per design template, a logo is sold for $39, and each video mockup is sold for $9 while image mockups sell for $7 each.
  • Endless Subscription: At $99.95 per year or $$19.95 per month, you are given endless access to the whole of design templates, logo makers, video templates, and mockups at Placeit. No minimum subscription is specified, so you can maintain your subscription for as long as you wish. You also have the opportunity to download and create as many resources (logos, videos, mockups, etc) as you want.

Getting Started with Placeit

To get started with Placeit and its tools, simply log on to and hit the signup button in the top left-hand corner of the homepage. Fill in your email address; check the appropriate boxes to consent to their agreement policies.

How Does the Placeit Platform Work?

Having created your account, it’s relatively easy to come up with the resources needed for your online store. In this regard, you’ll be walked through the process of utilizing the numerous offers available at Placeit which include:

  • Video Maker
  • Logo Maker
  • Design Templates
  • Mockup Generator

Mockup Generator at Placeit

At Placeit, there are hundreds of item mockups to select from. For the inexperienced, item mockups are automatically advertised templates on which designs and images can be placed.

Here’s the right way to set up yours:

  1. Select the Mockups Link which is located in the left-hand corner of the site – Choose any mockup type that you would love to come up with. At Placeit, you can select from a list of mockups which include tote bags, leggings, T-Shirts, mugs, hoodies, and more.
  2. Having selected the mockup type you want, you are allowed to browse through the template and design library of Placeit. For example, if coming up with T-Shirts is your choice, you can then have access to templates that feature numerous vicinities and representations.
  3. Choose the template you would love to use, then upload your personal image or add text.
  4. After the uploading, the image can then be edited to your own specifications within the potentialities of the website. Each image must be paid for – and the pricing representation you’ve selected will determine the cost of each download.

In this T-Shirt mockup illustration, you can choose to pay a subscription to Placeit for either $99.95 yearly or $19.95 monthly or choose a single mockup purchase of $7 per month.

Design Templates

On Placeit, there is a section dedicated for Design Templates, where you can find numerous templates for T-Shirt social media images, designs, business cards, flyers, labels, and many more. To use the tool accurately, here’s a fast guide:

  • Click on the Design Template tab in the top left-hand corner of the site – Right there, choose the mockup type you’d love to design.
  • Select the kind of resource you would love to create – Let’s use Instagram content designs for an example here, though you can select from the many options available at Placeit. Likewise Mockups, you can choose the template you’d love to customize and get going.
  • Customize the diverse sections of your design template – You are allowed to modify your font, edit the frame, modify your own featured image, and even produce unique content.
  • Download and Save: Likewise the former example, you can choose to buy your creation outright, download it or get subscribed to this platform.

Placeit Logo Maker

When it comes to creating a business logo for your online store, Placeit is King. Follow the useful tips below on the right way to go about it:

You can also use Placeit to create a logo for your ecommerce site. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Log on to the Logos area of the site – Enter the name of your brand in the Let’s Make a Logo field, then choose your country.
  • Placeit then provides diverse logo alternatives – You are given the chance here to customize the palette of your business or brand, and the platform will then channel or gear its logo ideas based on the different colors you selected.
  • Customize the various elements of the logo – You are allowed to select the font, frame, color, text, and background based on how you want your logo appearing.
  • Download and save – Press the download button and buy the logo at the rate of $39 or select the subscription model.

Video Maker at Placeit

As far as making videos is concerned, Placeit provides thousands of video templates that were thoughtfully created to look great and professional, irrespective of the one you choose. This is an excellent way for online store owners to share a funny moment with their audience, create the next proficient viral awareness, or advertise their latest products to build traffic for their business.

1. Start by logging on to the Videos area of the website – Select the video type that you would love to make (examples include intro design templates, product demos, Stories on Instagram, and so on)

In this illustration, we shall choose to make an Instagram video.

2. Visit the video templates of Placeit and select one of them to get started with.

3. Channel the video template for your online brand – After selecting your desired video template, the different components of this video can be well customized, which include playback speed, images, colors, text, and many more. It’s also allowed to add fresh video slide if you so desire.

4. Download the chosen video – Likewise other video making tools, you will get the instructions on how to download your video creation by purchasing it either for your Placeit subscription or outright at the rate of $9

The Pros of Placeit

In simple terms, Placeit is easy to use, and of course the inexperienced in the technical and design business can easily come up with videos and mockups by utilizing one of their numerous templates. They provide a full library that includes over 300 MacBook templates, 1,500 iPhone mockups, 2,750 T-Shirt mockups, and every other thing from coupons to templates.

Just choose the template image you need, ensure that the desired image you’d like to drop in it fits in the template requests and dimensions, and nothing more is required to make a professional-looking video.

Placeit has consistently received positive user reviews. As said by a user, “I’ve been on the lookout for such a video and mockup app but didn’t ever know it was created until I came across this awesome platform finally. I’m not a guru in video making or Photoshop, and that heavy lifting was made to fade away by these guys. Much excited! Will of course subscribe to the amazing platform as they’ve created what is truly a state-of-the-art video and photo making service.”

And another user review is added here, “I have been a consistent user of Placeit, building my business with Placeit for nearly 12 months now and have just got a lot of good things to say about this platform. Since I’m not a Photoshop fan and do not have video making experience, Placeit gives me a possibility to easily and quickly create quality product videos and photos for my brand.”

The Cons of Placeit

While the Placeit platform is a simple-to-use one among its counterparts for fresh online store owners and template designers hustling to create custom products, it doesn’t offer premium features like advanced editing, integrations, or customization features that professional template designers look for on most similar sites.

Placeit users also observed that it’s seriously lagging behind in realistic blur, gif support, advanced cropping, and color background selections.

A considerable number of negatives were also noted, one of these being that the representations were not as divergent as they should have been, and for the 3,000+ images present, some users discovered that most images were obsolete and looked out of date.

Others discovered that downloads would always run slowly, while at least a user admitted that, “The platform will keep charging your CC even after the first three months compulsory membership payment has been made if you forget to cancel the subscription.”

Why Online Store Owners Should Choose Placeit

As stated earlier, Placeit is a prominent online resource for online retailers as it provides you with a state-of-the-art and simple-to-use way to just create easy and quick item mockups for promoted clothing and other items.

If you need a business logo for your brand, you’ve just found the right tool for that! Leverage some of their divergent templates to choose one that captivates the audience and captures your brand history.

As far as marketing is concerned, video is coming out fast as one of the most important blogging resources needed to rank well. For example, on YouTube alone, about 500,000,000+ video hours are watched every day, social video comes up with 12 times more shares than images & text merged together, and more than 60 percent of customers buy something after watching promoted social videos.

On Placeit, you have access to the hundreds of diverse design templates and mockups to make your Instagram stories, product overview for your customers to be sure of what they want to buy from you, slideshow images and videos, Instagram videos, new product demos, or create offers you intend to advertise to the audience. It’s a quick way to build engagement with your clients, which boosts brand credibility and recognition.


While it’s known that in 2020, over 70 percent of organic traffic will come from videos, you’d need to use tools like Placeit to drive search engine traffic to your blog and ensure that your brand doesn’t lag behind in the online world of videos.

You also need some training and the WA affiliate Bootcamp would be of help to you and your business. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about this great online business community.

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