Powerhouse Affiliate Review: Is It Legit?

Are you just hearing about Powerhouse Affiliate for the first time? Well, Powerhouse Affiliate is an affiliate marketing and Cost per Action (CPA) certification platform that provides top-notch training to young internet entrepreneurs and creates several money-making opportunities to affiliate members from all walks of life.

After reading this review, you’ll be sure to make a decision as to whether it’s suitable for your online marketing goals or not.

Are you looking for an online business opportunity that will help you quit your regular 9-5 job? Powerhouse Affiliate is a platform that will help satisfy that goal.

To find out whether Powerhouse Affiliate can potentially help you find a home based business that will earn you some regular income, read this review down the page and don’t forget to leave a comment in the box below this post.

I’m giving nothing but my honest review of Powerhouse Affiliate and what you stand to gain from being, not just a member, but a premium one for that matter.

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What Is Powerhouse Affiliate?

The community was started by Babineau Joey in 2013. Joey, being an experienced affiliate marketer, has exonerated himself completely from his regular job and started showing others the way to financial freedom through affiliate marketing.

Powerhouse Affiliate – Free version (Limited), or $197 (for the first month), and $47 (for each of the subsequent months)!

Currently, there’s a special offer called Action Taker that lets you upgrade for only $19 instead of the normal $197. Fantastic offer! Absolutely rare!

What is Inside This Platform?

Powerhouse Affiliate Training/Bootcamp

  • Level 1 – Affiliate Marketing Training (Free)
  • Level 2 – Channels for Monetization (for Premium Members)
  • Level 3 – Performance Marketing Training (for Premium Members)
  • Level 4 – Advanced Traffic (for Premium Members)
  • Level 5 – Advanced Tactic (for Premium Members)
  • Level 6 – Ongoing Business Development & Training (for Premium Members)
  • Extra 8 Exclusive Lessons (for Premium Members)

Affiliate Dashboard

  • Access to Bootcamp Training
  • Events & Announcements (for Premium members only)
  • Overview Video

Affiliate Stats

  • Statistics
  • Your affiliate link

Member Support

  • Helpdesk – ticket submission
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Community – (Premium membership are able to participate; Free members can only read)

  • New Topics
  • Forum
  • Calendar

Case Studies – (for Premium Members only)

Webinars – (for Premium Members only)

Resources – (for Premium Members only)

  • Business in a Box
  • Landing Page (Squeeze Page) Templates
  • Discounts & Coupons
  • Marketing Graphics

Facebook Group – Free for all

Affiliate Program – (for Premium Members)

CPA Network – (for Premium Members)

  • Rewards & Mentor Bonuses
  • Program Details

LP Studio (Beta) – (for Premium Members)

  • Website & Landing Page Builder
  • Web Hosting (Free for all)

Predicted Costs

  • Membership – $47 per month
  • OptimizePress – Squeeze page software – from $79 to $199 a year
  • Bluehost – Domain & hosting – At least $127/year
  • Bemob – Tracking Software – from $25 per month to $1499 per month
  • Solo Ads – Some dollars monthly
  • Aweber – A free trial Plus $19 monthly Autoresponder service

What Do You Understand by CPA Marketing?

Do you have any previous knowledge of CPA Marketing?

CPA (Cost per Action), also called Pay per Acquisition (PPA) or Cost per Acquisition, is a web advertising costing model through which advertisers only pay for a defined acquisition – for instance a form submit, click, or sale… (The Language of Wikipedia)

In the language of affiliate marketing, CPA means that the advertiser pays a given amount of money to an affiliate in exchange for leads that result in an expected action such as a click or sale. This eliminates the risk for advertisers in as much as they are sure that they won’t be getting bad referrals for their money, and the affiliate is duly encouraged to deliver expected traffic.

Now that you understood what Cost per Action (CPA) is about, and everything that’s involved, let’s proceed further.

Who Is The Powerhouse Affiliate Platform Meant For?

Earning with affiliate marketing has turned out to be trending due to the low membership requirement. Thus, a lot of people are giving CPA a try.

Upgrading to premium may be challenging right now, but you can make a lot of money if you’re given the right training.

If earning revenue from paid ads (Cost per Action) is the route you’d prefer to take, then the CPA program of Powerhouse Affiliate could be the right one for you. The Powerhouse Affiliate membership fee is quite inexpensive, but you must prepare to pay for some third-party services as well.

Based on what the video explained, proper tracking would be needed by you in order to make sufficient profit.

The awesome thing about PA is that the CPA network is privately owned by Joey himself; thus, it becomes so easy, as a premium user, getting some promo links for the services or products he is advertising.

How Does It Really Work?

You’ve probably received an advert in your inbox, or on Facebook! I used to receive mine in my inbox

Being a premium member of Powerhouse Affiliate, I can tell you what the program stands for and the numerous benefits that accrue to you as a member.

The Deals Page

After accessing the home page of PA, you will definitely find out straight away that it offers some free certification/training. I believe everybody likes attending free training.

If you take a look at Joey’s deals page, you’ll likely admire it. It adds a lot of information excluding all the publicity that most marketers out there love to use.

A lot of programs are out there in which the owners wouldn’t reveal their real identities. Joey isn’t like that. He’s personal and upfront, which I cherish in him!

Having shared some testimonials, he analyzed how he has fine-tuned the platform with updated techniques, direct access to an affiliate manager, and course analysis to stay intact.

Joey emphasized that he has come across a lot of outdated, old courses, and that achieving success with affiliate marketing is only feasible if the right certification is given.

So, having leveraged accessible tools and training, he speaks about the PA Facebook Group he created years ago which is free for everyone (Whether a free or paid member).

It’s imperative to build a huge community of people with similar opinions, support, help and encourage one another.

He has his Super Affiliate Newsletter that he explains to his members. He shares the resources created by some big-time affiliates within his platform. Below are some trending topics:

  • How to get cost-effective clicks that really converts
  • Integrated Pay per Click ad tactics
  • Email marketing tactics
  • Running affiliate links via discrete domains
  • Building internet marketing traffic
  • Leveraging numerous products
  • Prospective offline marketing possibilities

The Affiliate Member Area

You need to fill in your username, password, and name and email address in order to access your free training. Once you’re done filling out those login details, you’re right inside the member area.

Affiliate Dashboard

Joey already made the overview video and it lasts for more than 10 minutes in length. This video is tailored for the premium members.

Though it’s possible for free members to view it, you cannot gain access to most things he really shows through his home page.

This is where events or announcements are published and it’s a feature for premium members only.

PA Training

PA offers courses in five stages and one other stage for webinars and case studies. And aside from all that, there are still eight more lessons on a variety of topics:

  • Five Verticals Worth Testing
  • How to Find Profitable Keywords to focus on
  • A simple guide to Solo Advertising
  • How to Set up Bing Advertising Campaigns
  • Setting up CPV Lab Tracking
  • How to set up Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Tips for getting Higher Conversions with a Landing Page
  • How to Set up Facebook Campaigns

Earning from Powerhouse Affiliate

If you’re a premium member of PA, you’ll receive payments across the three tiers on a recurring basis. All you need to do is pick your affiliate link and promote that on social media, forums and everywhere else tenable. You can also embed your link within your blog post which you specially posted for marketing purposes.

Regarding the payment system of the Powerhouse Affiliate referral program, it’s one of the most rewarding affiliate programs in the entire industry.

One awesome thing about its recurring commission system is that you can still earn some mentor bonuses along with recurring commissions.

Below is a summary of how the commission is calculated:

Tier 1 Commission Payout: 

When you bring a friend to PA, and they upgrade to PA premium, you’ll get 50 percent commissions almost immediately. Not that alone, you’ll also continue earning commissions on a monthly basis. This is the most encouraging part of it all.

Tier 2 Commission Payout:

When a direct referral brings someone to PA and they also upgrade to Powerhouse Affiliate premium, you’ll get a further 10 percent commission (Tier 2 commission).

Tier 3 Commission Payout:

When your indirect referral brings someone to Powerhouse Affiliate, and they take action, you’ll get a 5 percent commission instantly.

Affiliate Marketing Courses

Do you wish to know much about affiliate marketing? You can achieve that milestone through this platform. PA has everything you need to master affiliate marketing to the core and succeed easily. There’s a chance to buy your domain name right within the platform and the web hosting is free for everyone.

It can take some time, usually less than 7 days to be through mastering everything about affiliate marketing using their courses. Except you’re a slow learner, the PA learning curve doesn’t require more than a week or two.

The certification has a number of tasks to be completed by every member and you can go on with that as you study through the Online Entrepreneur certification.

Cost Per Action Affiliate Funnel Tactic

CPA is known as the real cost of generating customers or leads to take specific actions such as form submissions, app downloads, email submits, and lots more.

The Cost Per Action certification course is particularly created only for the PA premium members. Though free members were given access to the Vault Media, they’d now need to upgrade to enjoy the Vault Media platform (CPA).

The Cost per Action certification course is particularly created for PA premium members, as a free member cannot have access to the Vault Media unlike before. Previously, you could join as a free member and start promoting the CPA offers of Powerhouse Affiliate.

For the referral program of Powerhouse Affiliate, free members can now earn through this way unlike before. The referral program is now open to free users on the platform.

One more amazing thing about the Cost per Action program is that your approval is done as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait weeks before getting approved.

The most disgusting thing about most Cost per Action networks out there is that they delay approval of affiliates for so long, which is frustrating.

More lessons on Generating traffic:

  • CPV Lab tracking setup certification
  • Squeeze/Landing pages setup for a boost in conversions
  • Keyword and Niche research tips
  • Google Advertising campaign setup certification
  • Bing Ad campaign setup certification
  • The CPA Display Academy
  • Facebook campaigns setup tips and instructions

Is Powerhouse Affiliate Legit or Scam?

PA is regarded as one of the best and most trusted affiliate marketing companies in the entire industry for its Cost per Action and other programs. And as far as making money is concerned, Powerhouse Affiliate is a legit site to achieve it.

Are you a novice to the affiliate marketing business? If yes, you’ve found a great affiliate marketing platform to leverage. Just follow the steps below as I’m going to try working you through the registration process and any other thing you may need.

How to Get Started on Powerhouse Affiliate?

Sign up and start by following these simple steps:

  • Create a free account
  • Complete all fields with your own name, username, and password and other biometric details.
  • For the first 2 weeks of joining this platform, you’re allowed to upgrade to premium with just $7 to test things out yourself.
  • After you’ve upgraded your free account, you will be redirected to the certification platforms.
  • Congratulations and you’re most welcome to Powerhouse Affiliate!


If you carefully read this review, you’ll find that it is a replica of Wealthy Affiliate program whereby you’re provided with all resources within the community and you can further ask the chat platform or Site Support on virtually anything you need help for. If you don’t mind learning more about this community, here is the resource page.

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