Free Screen Recording Software for Quality Video Recording

Screen recording software is used to record part or all of your computer or mobile screen. Screen recorders can be used to record anything on your screen including what you are typing and even the movement of your cursor.

Screen recorders all have their distinctive features. Some features include audio narration and annotation. Thus, before downloading any screen recording software, you should evaluate their features to be sure that what you are selecting has the features you need for your recording project.

For instance, you might not need a tool/software that records in HD but need one that records in different formats. This means you have to screen the recording tools to get those that record in different formats. So, you must carefully screen and select the screen recording tools that suit your business needs.

The rate at which the Personal Computer is used is expanding at a very fast rate and the quest to record screens and make useful video content cannot be overemphasized.

To achieve this, you’d need a great screen recording tool/software for your PC in order to get the best results. No matter what you’re using screen-capture for (either for gaming or personal use), this tutorial presents the most working and easiest screen-casting software.

Needless to say, the tools elaborated in this tutorial are the best out there and users are given a 100% opportunity to have their videos uploaded to numerous social networking sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

To capture from either your webcam or screen, it is normal to mention that the screen recording software meant for Windows is used in numerous ways.

What Makes a Good Screen Recorder?

It is important that a screen recorder does not have complicated features. It should be easy to use and should facilitate the recording of any part of your screen that you wish, in part, or a complete whole or a particular window – having an in-built microphone.

A screen recorder makes it possible to give explanations and make notes on the recorded footage. With the software, you can record footage from other sources and not just the screen and you can also use it to export your recording.

If you want a tool/software with HD recording features, note that HD files take a longer time to upload; however, you can make quality and high standard videos using the HD recording software.

Below is a review of the different screen recorders with their notable features:

CamStudio Free Screen Recorder

This software allows you to screen-capture any activity on your Windows device. You can use it to capture objects, menus, and even multiple windows. It can make AVI videos from your activities and will convert them to the SWF format.

The quality of the recordings is good and it does not burden your system with heavy files. You can also edit your recordings and add screen captions. The user interface is friendly with an available help file in the software, and it is open-sourced and free


This software has fast recording capabilities and can be used to edit already-saved recordings. It can clearly capture your screen activities. You can create videos and share them on platforms such as YouTube and its wiki site –

Their platform is expanding very fast with a high number of viewers. It has a face cam and a voice synthesis that you can use to record professional videos in any setup. It is faster than any other software. However, its limitation is that it does not have high storage capacity.

Tiny Take Screen Recorder

This free screen capture software gives you the opportunity to explore and capture videos from your screen. You can also annotate them and share them on different social media. The software is simple to use and has a lot of features you can leverage in your recording.

You can also add graphics to your videos and annotate your recording. Its in-built viewer is optimized for mobile devices. To unlock and enjoy most of its features, it is better to use the premium version.


SmartPixel can be used for gaming and recording the screen of your Windows device. It can record anything that is displayed on your screen. It is easy to use and it records games so clearly that users will hardly believe that those games were recorded.

Its in-built compression technology can compress videos so that not much of your disc space is utilized as you record. Its recording output is usually appealing as it gives you the HD quality of the recording.

You can also use it to record both your screen and webcam through its picture-in-picture mode. It has editing features such as clipping and merging. You can cut off unwanted scenes, merge different video files, and add subtitles.

TalkHelper Screen Recorder

It is the software that combines the features of other screen recording software. It has a lively and friendly user interface but only runs on Windows, versions Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

It can also be run on Skype version 6.16 and above, giving clear webcam, screen recording and uninterrupted voice synthesis. Professional video output is enabled without watermarks.

The editing feature supports animation and scrolling of texts. It also allows you to share on several social media platforms including YouTube. It stores videos for future use or reference.

Icecream Screen Recorder

You can use this software to take the screenshots of your entire monitor area. It also has an easy-to-use and adaptive user interface, and many editing tools. It can make quality and professional videos and also record games.

With the editing tools, you can zoom while recording and set different screen captures on timers. You can also draw; add arrows and texts to videos captured from your webcam and screen. You can make videos from webinars and Skype conversations.

The free version of this software allows up to ten minutes of recording and has only WEBM video format.

Camtasia Studio for Windows

This is an award-winning tool/software that is popular with most users. You can use it to make professional videos. You can also use it to import videos in the HD format from external sources.

It can be used to create interactive videos, especially for educational purposes. You can use its clickable links to build your video content. It can record both audio and video tracks and use Google Drive to save videos online. It has a demo version that you can use for 30 days after which you are required to get the paid version.


This free software works through Google Chrome. As a new video creator, it is easy to use. You can explore it to capture your screen, tab or even your webcam. It has annotation features that allow you to give your users clear explanations.

Other features are Click highlighting, mouse spotlight and drawing pen tools. After recording, it automatically saves your video onto Google Drive.

iSpring Free Cam

It is the screen capture software suitable for all Windows devices. It also has standard editing tools and other high-function features for making high-quality videos. Using its editing feature, you can cut off video clips that you do not want in the final video.

You can also control the quality of the audio and remove background noises and effects that can affect the quality of the video. You can save your video as WMV and also share them on YouTube.

It assigns you the HD output of up to 720p or 1080p that you can edit to fine-tune recorded screen-casts. However, it does not support web-cam recording and doesn’t have time limits or ads.

Share X for Windows

This is an open-source and productive software. It has a star rating of 4.8 from more than 28 reviews. It supports more than eighty destinations where you can share your videos.

It can also save videos in different file formats. Among its features are Optical Character Recognition and color picker that you can use as an auto-upload to share sources. You can also use it to take screenshots of windows of different sizes.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

You can use this screen recorder for HD streaming. It does not put a restriction on the length of your videos. You can record a part of your screen or capture all of it. You can use the audio mixer to produce clear recordings for your videos. Among its features are intuitive screen-casting and live-streaming.


You can use this screen recorder for online screen recording. It supports both webcam and screen recording. It can record in 800×600 and 640×480 but does not record in HD format – it rather allows you to record in other standard formats.

This tool can record and upload videos fast. You can use it to zoom, draw, and add overlays on your video files. You can also share the recording directly on YouTube. It allows you to edit audio and synchronize recording with video footage.

It can be run on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Chromebook, and it can also upload your video on YouTube.


This is an online laptop screen recorder. You can use it to record a part of your screen or all of it. You can also use it to capture audio from your microphone and computer at the same time.

The tool allows you to convert and save your video in all formats including MP4, API, and MOV. You can also use it to upload your videos onto Google drive, YouTube or Dropbox. Accessing the PRO version allows you to use more features than the free version.

In Conclusion

You can access a range of screen recording software that can meet your needs and level of experience. Many of them can be accessed for free. Each of them has features that you can use to produce a professional video but before you make a choice, evaluate them to see which of them can get you the best features for your business needs.

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    The build in compression technology feature would be valuable to have because I know my video recordings currently are large and slow my computer laptop down a lot.
    I have used OBS in the past but found it clunky and not so user friendly.  I hear a few people using Screencast-O-Matic.  

    I agree that video marketing is essential, as is a website to build your online business and you have some great free options here.

    • That’s true, John! Screencast-O-Matic is one of the best free video/screen recording tools out there and, for the fact that it’s regularly updated, it ensures a faster recording session and can let you record for a good length of the time. You can use it for free and it serves like a paid screen recording software/tool. Thanks for reading my tutorial!

  2. A lot of screen recorder you gat there only knew few like ezvid not tried rest but have been following your site for some time now and I can categorically say your recommendations are of great quality and durable and I can say it can be trusted. After now I will give some of this apps out. Thanks fir sharing this great review here with us 

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    • Hey Aboribo, glad you enjoyed this post! Digital marketing isn’t complete without using videos to drive sales funnels. Video marketing is instrumental in helping you build website traffic and tools like these can help accomplish your marketing goal.


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