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By | September 27, 2020

Online marketing has enabled many businesses to sell products and services to their clients all over the world. With affiliate marketing, a lot of people who do not have their own personal products to sell are able to make much money when they help other businesses sell their products.

As an affiliate marketer, once a customer clicks on an affiliate link on your website, and buys a product through it, you will be paid a commission. This helps website owners, who receive good traffic on their sites, make money as some visitors patronize affiliate links on their website.

This also means that small and large businesses have a chance to market their products and services to buyers all over the world through the activities of affiliate marketers.

ShareASale is one popular company that engages in the affiliate marketing business. You can consider it in the same category as CJ Affiliates and Rakuten. ShareASale has been in existence for over seventeen years and has grown to become a top brand.

You will find them always seeking new ways to improve their business and make all their customers happy. They are known for fairness and an efficient customer support service. Their platform also has interesting tools that are meant to support the efforts of its affiliate marketers. In 2017, the company became the property of Affiliate Window (AWIN).

ShareASale has enjoyed many benefits through their e-commerce business and has had more than an average of 10% yearly growth in its sales volume for more than ten years now. As a reputable affiliate company, it has over 4800 merchants that do business with them. As an affiliate marketer, it is very easy for you to find the best products that will suit your website and niche.

Joining ShareASale

To join the ShareASale platform, you will need to visit its official website and sign up as one of its affiliates through its Affiliate Sign Up link and you will be taken through the process of filling in your details to set up your account and make a confirmation through your email.

To be one of its affiliates, you will need to have a website that generates lots of traffic. After completing all required information including payment details, you look through its terms and conditions before you submit your completed application for review. The ShareASale application will take up to a day to be reviewed.

After your application has been approved, you can begin to add affiliate links. Using its search tool, you can filter merchants based on category, keywords, how long they have worked with ShareASale, or their sales commission structure. You can also check to see if any of the top 100 merchants can match your niche.

Earning with ShareASale

To earn with ShareASale, you may choose to get paid each time a visitor completes a merchant’s lead capture form through your link (Pay per Lead) or when visitors follow your link to a products’ webpage and make a purchase.

Once you choose a merchant, you can get access to their referral links and banners through your ShareASale account. You just need to copy-paste it into where you will like it to be on the content page of your website.

The company pays a commission on a monthly basis and you are eligible for your payment once you have earned a minimum threshold of $50.

Brands You Can Promote on ShareASale

ShareASale hardly goes for brand names; rather, they work with merchants that have regular affiliate products most people are willing to buy. Currently, they have more than 4800 merchants and you can choose any of their products that you are interested in selling.

ShareASale Dashboard

Its affiliate dashboard may seem cluttered, but it is simple and easy to use and you can easily see information such as your payment balance and any relevant updates like merchants that are closed at that moment.

The Activity Feed will let you see what is happening in your account. From your dashboard, you will also find merchants’ programs that are trending, so you can easily make your choice of merchants instead of spending so much of your time scrolling through the whole list of merchants.

Selecting Your Affiliate Programs

To find the right affiliate program for you, click the Merchants button on the dashboard and Search for Merchants. You can browse through all the different categories to find what suits you best.

You can also apply filters to restrict the results to what you are interested in. You may choose to browse by sales, leads or clicks commission, power rank, start date, cookie length, or joined status.

You can  use the modified search to bring up other parameters that you can use for your search. You can easily find programs that you can negotiate your commission with and you may even wish to negotiate for referrals made by sub-affiliates. This is one feature that gives them an edge over other affiliate platforms.

ShareASale Payment

ShareASale uses a net 30 payment model and they make their payments on the 20th of every month. Their payments are made through direct deposit, Payoneer, or Check. The direct deposit is much faster because the payment is made directly to your bank. And you will need to have a balance of up to $50 before you can be paid.

ShareASale Knowledgebase

As a new affiliate, you may experience difficulty linking to your chosen affiliate program. The company will support you by linking you to an introductory tutorial through your email and you will be guided on how to set up your affiliate links.

Interesting Facts about ShareASale

They have a high reputation

Over the years of doing business, it has built a very good reputation for its company. It’s respected online and offline and its merchants and affiliates are satisfied with working with the network. With the acquisition of the company by AWIN, its reputation has grown.

Free sign up

Signing up with its company is easy and you don’t need to make any payments. You only need to log on to its official website and fill out all the necessary information and then you wait for them to approve your application. Once you get approved, you are ready to begin your affiliate marketing journey with them.

Sign up with multiple websites

If you have more than one website and you wish to monetize all of them, you can do so since It allows owners of multiple websites to apply for different programs. You don’t need to sign up separately for all the websites as one application is enough for all of them. You just need to add them in order of importance.

Different merchants to choose from

They have so many merchants that do business with them; so you are not restricted to advertise products of a particular merchant. They have more than 40 different product categories and over 4800 merchants which makes it easy for you to choose products related to your niche of interest or products that you think your audience will easily relate to. They work with merchants from big and small businesses alike.

Easy to conduct search and filters

It has so many merchant programs such that sometimes, you may find it difficult to choose the one that is right for you. To make it easy for you, it has features that will help you filter searches.

You can filter based on keywords or category merchant EPC, merchant status or type of sales commission, or how long they have been conducting business with ShareASale. You can also use the ShareASale power rank to find the top 100 merchants on their platform.

ShareASale customer support

They have a very good customer support team that is always ready to assist merchants or affiliates. You can contact them through phone call or by sending an email. They also have a welcome kit that helps new affiliates get started with the affiliate marketing business.

You can also watch their training webinars to help you get better at the business. In their FAQ section, you will find frequently asked questions that can serve as information or guide on what you or your audience will like to know.

Customized deep linking

They allow you to easily customize your affiliate links. Short URLs are friendly to visitors and they will be encouraged to click on them. You can also use their handy social tools to share your affiliate links with your social network.

Easy to understand analytics

As you run your affiliate marketing business, you need to evaluate and analyze how your campaigns are performing. You should also be able to follow and track your earnings. Their general reporting features make it easy for you to follow and understand how your affiliate links are performing.

You can also create customized reporting that will show you reports based on the metrics that you are interested in. You can easily see your clicks and sales and also view the steps taken by your users to follow your affiliate link and make a purchase.

The Weak Points of ShareASale

1. Risk of account deletion

ShareASale can debit your account if you are unable to reach the $50 threshold by their payout time. Your account may also be deleted if you have a low account balance of below $25. This can be a problem for new affiliates that are yet to make many sales.

2. Deletion of your program without notice

There have been complaints of merchant programs being deleted without any notification, and this often resulted in the affiliate links of such merchants becoming suddenly useless.

3. No PayPal payment option

ShareASale offers payment options of direct deposit, mailed checks, and Payoneer. However, many affiliates will love the inclusion of PayPal to their payment methods.

How You Can Optimize Your WordPress Website for ShareASale

You can just add ShareASale links into your posts or insert affiliate banners on your website but you may not get many clicks on your links that way. To attract more visitors to click on your link, you should go for a high-quality hosting service that loads very fast and regularly updates your WordPress to the latest versions.

Let your domain name show clearly what your page is all about. This means that you should use words that give the main idea of the page as your domain name. Look through the WordPress themes and select the one that most appropriately fits your niche.

Let it also flow with the content of your post. Now, as you try to choose products to promote, bear in mind what your audience will like to see and purchase. It is not enough to promote products because they appeal to you.

Instead, the product should appeal to your audience and it should have some use or relevance to them. If they are not products that will be useful to your audience, you will find it difficult to convince them to buy.


ShareASale has built a long-term reputation for their business and has made it possible for affiliate marketers and merchants to generate income through its platform. Even though there are bigger affiliate networks than it, it has continued to grow at the rate of 10% yearly for the past ten years.

Affiliate marketers on its platform find it easy to take advantage of the growing online e-commerce business to generate some good revenue for them. Signing up with them is free and easy and you can access different products from about 4800 merchants working with its platform.

Its customer support is also quite efficient. You can easily reach out to them and they will work with you to solve any problems that you may have with your account. As a new affiliate marketer, they also help you get started with your affiliate marketing business.

To make the best out of the ShareASale program, you should have a reputable and well-hosted domain with a domain name that reflects your choice of category or products and you should make effort to reach out to most of your potential customers and encourage them on the benefits they will derive from using the products.

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8 thoughts on “ShareASale Review – Why You Should Join

  1. Jackie

    This is a positive review and thankfully share a sale is one that would possibly work for me especially looking at the fact that one can sign up for free. Another thing that makes me so confident about it is the fact that it has a big reputation out there that I’m sure they wouldn’t want to tarnish. This is why I’m going all in for it.

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      So true, Jackie! ShareASale has built a reputation over the years and won’t stop building a brand for herself in the affiliate marketing industry. If you are interested in joining as an affiliate, nothing stops you. Just make sure your site is no longer under construction prior to submitting an application. Thanks for stopping by Jackie, drop by anytime!

  2. ReeceMichael

    Hello Morgan, 

    ShareASale is a well constructed business and I have been really pleased with all I have seen here and its been like that with other reviews that I have seen about this business. Affiliate marketing is growing and people are drawn to only profitable businesses and this is a clear example of a good business I’ll love to try. 

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Thanks for reading my ShareASale review, Reece! Yeah, ShareASale is a well-maintained and well-constructed affiliate marketing network where affiliate marketers from all walks of life come together to achieve a common aim which is promoting the products listed and earning commissions. Thanks for stopping by Reece, drop by anytime!

  3. Sophie

    Hello there! Thank you very much for dropping this review on share a sale. I’ve gone through it and it’s a very detailed review. I like the fact that you dropped this review because most online businesses these days turn out to be not legit. It’s nice to see share a sale is a legit platform but I don’t think it’s what I can get involved in. The weak points are a bit too extreme and there are other affiliate marketing programs like Wealthy Affiliate that’s much better in my own opinion. Thank you for sharing this review. 

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Thanks for your comment on my ShareASale review, Sophie! Much appreciated! There are lots of differences between a platform like ShareASale and Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is more or less a training platform and operates independently while ShareASale is just a network of affiliate marketers who earn from promoting. 

  4. philebur

    Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s one needs to be aware of before engaging in this platform. It looks really cool but the weak points here are not to be joked with, i don’t think i can handle that

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Hey Philebur, ShareASale is just an affiliate marketing network like CJ Affiliate, PayDotCom, Amazon Affiliate Central, and the rest. Once you have got enough traffic to present, you can apply and get approved with ease. Appreciate you stopping by, drop by anytime!


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