SocialOomph Review: An Advanced Scheduling Tool for Bloggers

Staying ahead of the competition requires efficiency in the use of resources. That is, ensuring that raw materials are put to the best use. And being able to produce more results than others, gives equal opportunities and resources.

Your digital marketing resources are best used for planning, execution, and evaluation of online campaigns through social media, emails, blog posts, and search engine marketing.

For those interested in producing more results from their marketing efforts, I’ve got this great tool for review. It helps you save time, and automate social media and blogging activities.

This post is a review of SocialOomph; its main features, benefits, and pricing plans. But first, let me provide you with a simple explanation of social media scheduling.

The main topics covered in my SocialOomph review include:

  • What is a Social Media Scheduler?
  • Overview of SocialOomph
  • Main Features of SocialOomph
  • Benefits of Using SocialOomph
  • SocialOomph vs Hootsuite
  • SocialOomph Pricing Plans
  • Pros and Cons of SocialOomph
  • Conclusion

What is Social Media Scheduler?

A social media scheduler is a tool that assists users with operating their social media accounts efficiently. It helps to automate social media activities that would otherwise be done manually.

Social media scheduler is a great tool used for social media marketing efforts. Users are able to manage when and how their social media posts are sent. Some social media schedulers are used to retrieve and evaluate social media data and analytics.

There are many social media schedulers available online both in free and paid versions. Examples of some well-known tools are Buffer, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and SocialOomph.

SocialOomph is a great social media scheduler for your digital marketing strategy. And on this post you will get to know how this tool can help improve your social media campaigns.

Overview of SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a social media and blog posts scheduling tool designed for automating your social media tasks.

The tool offers solutions that provide time-saving benefits to users. SocialOomph was originally named TweetLater for scheduling tweets. It has since grown to include other social media platforms – the reason for the change of name.

SocialOomph allows users to manage multiple social media accounts, plan and run social media campaigns, and increase followers on Twitter and other platforms. Other features include the ability to research brand-specific terms, and usage on Twitter.

If you need a tool that can give maximum returns on your social media time, you may opt for SocialOomph. But before then, consider the basic features of SocialOomph that users find so appealing.

Main Features of SocialOomph

1. Schedule Your Tweets and Social Media Posts

The tool was first designed for finding friends and scheduling tweets on Twitter. It was later improved to include other social media networks and blog posts.

Users can now deploy SocialOomph on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media networks.

You can schedule your tweets and posts at any time of the day, to broadcast at your desired date and time.

Tweets can be scheduled in bulk and posted at your exact chosen date and time. The tool has a simple interface that makes this possible. Just select “add interface” from your dashboard, and choose from available scheduling options.

A single account is enough to schedule any number of social media networks you belong to.

2. Keyword Tracking on Twitter

To maximize your presence on Twitter, you need to leverage SocialOomph to manage your account.

One of the main features that set SocialOomph apart is its ability to track keyword activities on Twitter. You can monitor tweets that contain certain keywords, and have the results emailed to you.

Carry out audience research for keywords that relate to your brand. You can find out the engagement level with these keywords, and use the results for decision making. You surely get to find out tweets about your niche through the keyword research feature.

The keyword research can offer you a direction to take in solving problems in your niche.

3. Automation of Social Media Tasks and Related Activities

At the heart of every social media, the scheduler is the ability to automate social media tasks. Doing this very well helps users to save a lot of time and resources. SocialOomph takes up tasks that help improve your brand’s visibility, build on followers, capture vital details, and increase the click-through rate.

Users are able to automate direct messages and send them to new subscribers, and existing ones.

The automated features on Facebook include programming updates and image loading.

4. Publish Blog Posts and Articles

Our social media scheduler allows users to integrate other tools that extend their function and use. One of such functions is the posting of blog posts and articles online

To achieve this, Plurk and tools are used for posting articles and blog posts to various blogging platforms. These tools can also update profiles, and set up automatic updates and RSS feeds.

5. Post Updates through Emails

Articles and blog updates can also be sent via users’ email accounts. These emails from users are sent from their personal email accounts and converted into updates for all social media networks.

6. Automatic Tracking of Subscribers

Track and view new subscribers on Twitter, and also send direct messages to them.

This helps you connect to subscribers and build vital relationships with them.

7. Others

Other important features include the removal of outdated messages from a user’s inbox based on scheduled periods, uploading of tweets into different groups, monitoring of new followers, profile filters, auto DM and follow back, scheduling updates and status, URL shortener, and scheduling sharing.

As always, I have listed fewer features than you would find with the actual use of SocialOomph. You can find many others to suit your preference.

Here are some great benefits to enjoy from this exciting tool.

Benefits of Using SocialOomph

1. Helps you save time

Imagine the time you will save from automating social media tasks!

For instance, creating and updating social media posts took an average of 2 hours daily. That’s a total of 10 hours for a 5-day work week, and 50 hours for a month.

If by using SocialOomph you’re able to slash that time by half, that’s 25 hours saved in a month.

Think of what good 25 hours can do when reinvested back into product research, or prospecting.

2. Connect to multiple social media accounts 

So having just one SocialOomph account is enough to manage your social media portfolio.

From a single dashboard, you will be able to upload, schedule, and automate posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

3. Enables tracking keywords on Twitter 

When people hear the word “keyword”, the first thing that comes to mind is Google search.

The use of keywords in this context involves some searching, but not on Google but Twitter. This social media tool lets you search for users, influencers, tweets, and discussions based on certain keywords.

If you understand the power of keywords, you can use them to search for activities going on in your niche. You can learn about the needs of your target audience from keyword tracking on Twitter.

4. Discover targeted Twitter users to follow 

SocialOomph can send you updates on new Twitter subscribers. The tool helps to narrow its search based on targeting options and keeps you informed when your target audience shows up.

5. Search for keywords related to your brand’s products or niche

It’s a research tool for capturing helpful data and results that relate to your brand.

6. No limits to the number of scheduled posts 

You can schedule any number of posts, to all supported platforms without any limit. There is no limit placed on time as well, as posts can be scheduled for the update even when you are offline.

7. Increase followers on Twitter 

This great tool allows you to automate DM and send it to new subscribers on Twitter. You might not get a 100% positive response, but you will be noticed by more people. How about finding the right people that fit your user persona? You can perform a keyword search on Twitter to locate people with influence in your niche.

8. Auto Twitter unfollow 

Many Twitter users follow you because they have no one else to follow (just kidding). They follow you because you also follow them. It’s a cool way of repaying a kind gesture.

Well, there comes a time when you have built the number of your followers to tens or hundreds of followers.

If you want to unfollow these users, going the manual way may take so much of your time. The auto unfollow option helps to clean up your account and remove those you do not wish to follow again.

9. Automatic creation of blog posts

One of my favorite social media schedulers! I find it quite convenient being able to schedule my blog posts for automatic updates.

10. Find out what competitors are up to 

Any experienced user can find out many details about what competitors are doing on Twitter. The keyword research feature provides a lot of data that gives insights into your niche – the opportunities and competition.

To help you maintain a balanced view of our subject under review, let’s do a comparison with a competing product.

SocialOomph vs Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a globally-known social media management tool that handles all social media marketing activities. It is used for posting and scheduling social media posts, analytics, engagement, and listening.

Hootsuite enables users to receive in-depth reports on their social media campaigns.

SocialOomph is a social media management tool as well, but with more emphasis on Twitter – even though it allows you to schedule posts for other social media networks and blog posts.

Hootsuite integrates with platforms such as Facebook pages and profiles, LinkedIn pages, Instagram, YouTube, and Instagram which gives you a much wider social audience than SocialOomph.

Hootsuite also offers a free plan, although it has very limited features. The killer here is the available plans on its platform. The premium plan on Hootsuite starts from $45/month or $348 if paid yearly, to $16,000 a year for the Enterprise Plan.

I’m aware that I just mentioned the enterprise plan, but it is still on the high side while pricing for SocialOomph starts at $25.

Final verdict

Go for Hootsuite if you need a complete social media management solution. It comes packed with all features that you need. You opt for SocialOomph if you want fewer features, or just want something for post scheduling or managing your Twitter account.

SocialOomph Pricing Plans

SocialOomph offers a free plan and also a 30-day money-back guarantee on its paid plans.

The Pro plan starts at $25/month for users.

Pros and Cons of SocialOomph

Let’s give you an objective review by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of SocialOomph.

Pros of SocialOomph

30 days of free trial for you to test the product and assess if it is ideal for your needs.

Access to basic features that involve social media posting, which includes bulk posting and reports.

Link multiple social media accounts and publishing platforms to just one account on SocialOomph.

Help you manage your social media accounts that save you time and effort.

Cons of SocialOomph

The pricing is on the high side when compared to the value it offers.


How you plan and organize your social media activities can spell the difference between the success and failure of your brand. It can even give you an edge over competing brands.

SocialOomph is a proven social media scheduling tool for automating tasks like social media and blog posts, Twitter keyword tracking, and research.

The tool allows users to link multiple social media profiles and blogging platforms to a single account – giving the ability to manage all social tasks from one interface.

You can try out the free plan, or go for the 30-day free trial to get a feel of how the social media scheduler works. There are helpful articles to guide you in using the platform.

If saving time is a priority to you, then this tool is obviously for you. However, it seems pricey compared to the value it brings to the table. So you may not find the product useful for your business.

The taste, they say is in the eating of the pudding, so give it a shot.

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