StudioPress Affiliate Program Review

Today, we have a good number of WordPress companies out there, but StudioPress has proven to be the best-known for offering excellent themes and a fully-optimized WordPress platform created for performance, security, SEO, and support.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people used StudioPress for hosting, but most of them had to switch now that it’s been sold out to WP Engine. WP Engine is known for great hosting, but it’s very costly compared to other companies offering similar services for a reasonable price. (Note: Many online entrepreneurs recommend WP Engine as the best out there; so, it’s still a great affiliate program to invest in).

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Since 2010, StudioPress has been offering its users world-class themes that make use of their specialized Genesis Framework which is aimed at making your site work faster and safer than any other one you can see on the market today.

One great thing about StudioPress is that they have a great affiliate program that makes working with them that much greater.

Before we go on, let’s look at the features of StudioPress that your prospective customers may like:

1. SEO-Friendly: With clean code, there are fewer technical problems

The real SEO you are offered with a StudioPress theme is the type of clean code that enables your website to run fast, responsively, smoothly, and securely. You are not promised that your rankings are going to skyrocket if you use StudioPress (no themes will even do this for you). But the fact is that most website technical issues could have been simply prevented if the theme code was written adequately.

Avoiding technical issues consequently helps SEO and it also enhances user knowledge, uptime, security, and would save you a lot of money that you would spend hiring a developer to fix errors.

Genesis Framework has its own SEO settings but just as with any theme, it is better off configuring the Yoast SEO Plugin. Genesis also has for rich snippets but you’re better off using a plugin like All-In-One Schema or WP Rich Snippets. These plugins are certain to do a better job no matter the theme you choose.

11 Important SEO Ranking Factors You Should Know

Don’t be fooled when a developer utters the words “SEO-Friendly” on their WordPress theme. The best way to be sure is to have a check on what the top WordPress people are using, and that’s a reason people like Yoast, and Matt Cutts from Google choose the Genesis Framework by StudioPress.

2. Reliability: Trusted By More than 200,000 People Who Love Genesis

There’s a lot to say about purchasing a theme from a reputable company. StudioPress currently has more than 200,000 users who trust them for making ongoing updates and improvements to their themes and Genesis Framework. The reliability factor can single-handedly save you countless hours spent on having to rectify technical issues and the fear that your WordPress theme might be terminated or abandoned.

3. Lightweight:  The Issue of Bloated Code Slowing You Down Is Rectified

A great percentage of StudioPress themes don’t include a built-in portfolio, short codes. In fact, some don’t include a slider. Instead of embedding these features into your theme (which are harmful to your page load time), you rely on plugins to add the needed functionality. This is all about lightweight.

Also, StudioPress’ coding is top-notch; so, you are assured your Genesis-powered WordPress site will load immediately.

4. Security: Code Is Reviewed By Core Developer Mark Jaquith

As far as coding is concerned, I may not have much knowledge of security (I can only speak in the area of general things like changing your admin username, installing a security plugin like Wordfence, etc). But I’m sure that StudioPress brought on Security Expert and main WordPress Developer, Mark Jaquith, to review and tweak their themes. This is a good development considering WordPress sites have been a recent target.

5. Accessibility Ready: For the Impaired

This renders your website more easily readable by the impaired, visually impaired, or color blind. They’re little things, such as making the text of high contrast against the background color or enabling your navigation selectable by the keyboard. Though it’s not a ranking factor in Google, it makes your site easier to navigate and read by this group of people.

7. Excellent Designs with A Wide Selection Of Themes

Although I guarantee that there are better WordPress designers out there, your website can be a customized version of StudioPress’. To have a look of Genesis sites designed using StudioPress themes, visit the showcase section on StudioPress.

8. Powered By The Genesis Framework

Each of the StudioPress themes is created in the Genesis Framework. This is identical to a parent theme and stimulates the development of your child theme (the one chosen on StudioPress). By using Genesis, you give permission to StudioPress to make ongoing updates to the Genesis Framework which enhances the smooth running of your website. It virtually assists with everything listed in this StudioPress review.

How the Affiliate Program Works and How You Can Benefit

Generally, affiliate programs are established to compensate individual affiliates for referring new potential customers to purchase their products and services. Talking about StudioPress, if you refer visitors to buy themes, the Genesis framework, or to make a purchase of their own WordPress site; you’ll be paid a commission if the prospective customers successfully sign up.

You are not required to pay anything to sign up; but if you’re already a StudioPress user, there’s nothing preventing you from getting started to make money. I have, therefore, decided to use this article to reveal to you everything about the StudioPress company and its affiliate program details.

What Type of Products Do They Offer?

StudioPress has quite a few varieties of products/services, but it’s of utmost importance to first explain how WordPress sites, frameworks, and themes work because it can most times be confusing what you’re really buying when you start with some of these WordPress support companies.

Let’s go straight to the basic terminology so you know what you’re paying for or referring customers to purchase.

Below are the 3 different levels:

  • WordPress Site
  • Framework
  • Themes

StudioPress explains this perfectly when they relate themselves to a car. WordPress acts as the engine of the car which keeps it on the motion. The Framework acts as the body of the car which is the basic frame, security, performance, and SEO foundation.

The Framework assists with ensuring that your site will be easy to use in the future and you do not lose anything when updates/changes/customization happens in the future. The Theme is simply the design – of that car’s fire engine red paint job – that can get altered at any time.

StudioPress has all 3 different parts examined above, but there are some seemingly important points you should know and which I will discuss below:

Genesis Framework: This framework was specifically developed for Search Engine Optimization with the aim to making sure you are highly ranked to enable your readers and customers to find you easily. With Genesis, you are offered unlimited everything. That is unlimited websites, support, updates, domains, and more.

Themes: Not less than 40 perfectly designed themes for your WordPress site are both desktop and mobile-optimized, each having the ability to be run as a demo before applying it to your website.

WordPress Website: StudioPress is currently under the ownership of WPEngine. WPEngine is a well-known WordPress hosting platform on which you can host and build your website. While this is excluded as a part of the StudioPress affiliate program, there is a different program you can get on for WPEngine too.

The Commission Rate

Affiliates who promote the StudioPress affiliate program are paid a flat 35% commission on all successful sales. Precisely, you are rewarded with 35% of the sale that customers make, be it on their Genesis Framework or WordPress Themes that are purchased when you refer customers through your affiliate links. This is a vast commission rate considering that you are the referrer.

It’s as well important to note that StudioPress has a cookie period of 60 days. What this implies is that you will only receive a commission on a sale if it is done within 60 days of you referring the customer. After 60 days, you are no longer paid a commission unless you refer that customer again by making use of your affiliate links.

At this point, I would like to mention it again that when you are using the StudioPress site, if you click the link meant for getting a new WordPress site, you will be directed to the WPEngine website which is entirely not a part of the StudioPress affiliate program. They also have an affiliate program which you can sign up to.

Generally, the commission percentage for StudioPress is fair compared to other sites that offer similar programs with a commission rate between 30-50% on sales as well.

Website Ideas

Another incredible thing about working with WordPress affiliate programs is that you can use it on virtually any website (as long as you use WordPress on yours – which many of us do). Perhaps you’re writing about antique cars, tips on being a mother, or anything else, the StudioPress affiliate program can be used on it.

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve had a WordPress site for several years, everyone falls in love with having a beautiful website that is completely optimized and secure. Simply add the banner for StudioPress on your home page now and the work will be done for you. People will want to imitate your success and, by seeing this, may build their own website, stimulated by you. This is seen with foodie blogs all the time.

One other significant way through which this affiliate program has been working great for people is by writing about their experience to help others get their own WordPress site up and running. In other terms, you can build a WordPress tutorial website, or maybe for WordPress product reviews, like theme reviews.

Can You Make Money With The StudioPress Affiliate Program?

If you asked me how feasible your chances of making money with this program, I would say you have a huge chance of making money. If you have the appropriate approach, content, and tools; you can always make money. Now, let’s discuss those tools so you can have deep knowledge of how to get the users on your site.

The first step to take is signing up by using their affiliate portal which is managed by the ShareASale company. Once you have signed up, you’ll then search for StudioPress in the merchant’s list and apply. You are approved for both platforms. And once you’re approved, you’re set to start.

To utilize their affiliate tools, click the “Get Links” button which takes you to their tools, such as text links, banners, and Datafeed.

Text Links: In your approach to referring customers to StudioPress, the first place to go is the text links. You are allowed to make use of the text links both to hyperlink text, link photo/banners, and share on your social media sites. All HTML text links from the ShareASale site contain your affiliate partner ID to ensure that you get credited for every successful sale.

The Benefits of Links to Your SEO

Banners: These are mostly used and loved more by affiliates than other tools and are graphically fascinating. You can use these tools by clicking the “get code” button and just paste it into your sidebar, header, footer, or in the content of your post.

Datafeed: Perhaps, you would like to refer a customer to a specific product (i.e theme, package, or Genesis framework) on the ShareSale’s website; you can utilize the effective Datafeed tab to have those specific links. This works best when you’re talking about a specific product.

Pros and Cons of Working with the Affiliate Program

Now, let’s discuss some of the advantages and drawbacks of this affiliate program to enable you to know whether it’s the right one for you or not.


  • This program has one of the most concrete framework platforms you can see on the market today with a reputation to prove it.
  • Now, under the leadership of WPEngine and as it’s partnered with WPEngine, this company is worth investing your money on if you’re serious about having an incredible website.
  • More than 40 elegant themes to choose from to make your site just for you


Though the overall commission of 35% is a great deal, there are other programs that offer up to 50% commission rate and others offering up to $200 commission which is far greater than StudioPress.


While you can leverage the affiliate program of StudioPress under the auspices of WPEngine, I’d love to recommend the best hosting platform out there – a platform that has grown at a pace faster than the industry and has been in operation for more than a decade! Learn more by checking in through this route.

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  1. Creating a good platform will need you to do more than just learn a few things and go on with a business it requires you to learn to make use of tools that are being trusted ti help your business grow and getting all of these things from platform is all that matters because you just have all you need in one place. Studio press is a great and ideal platform and worthy to be tried 

    • Hey Michael, aside from its fantastic and high-paying affiliate program, StudioPress is trusted by millions of WordPress blog owners. It gives you total rest of the mind when it comes to building amazing WordPress websites, and pays good commissions to affiliates. Appreciate you stopping by, drop by anytime!

  2. This is a really well made article and I love the way you’ve explained all about Studio press affiliate program here, makes it very understandable and I can say this so the first time I’m reading about it and I’ve been able to get a lot. I like the fact that it is user friendly and it is affordable, I’d love to check it out.

    • Hey Jbryce, thanks for stopping by! Glad you found my StudioPress affiliate program review interesting and useful! Some products you can sell to people on StudioPress include Genesis Framework and themes and you stand to earn a 35% affiliate commission. Thanks again for stopping by Jbryce, drop by anytime!


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