Academy Of Mine Review

Academy of mine is a platform designed solely for the purpose of learning. Online courses are everywhere on the Internet, but only a few actually meet the students’ demand. There are many factors to consider before picking an online educational platform.

Before choosing an online learning platform, the simplicity and flexibility of the platform are core factors that must be taken into consideration. Academy of mine is designed for simplicity and comfort with an easy to navigate and user-friendly dashboard.

Online courses are gradually replacing traditional education since they are more flexible.  This platform allows tutors to sell their own courses. It’s also built with features that allow experts and professionals to start and own an online academy. You no longer need to worry about how to sell your courses online; Academy Of Mine has been helping tutors sell their Courses online for long.

For those who are new to online tutoring, setting-up an online store to sell courses and handle payments can be a very hectic task. This platform provides special features with a drag and drop menu for smooth and easy website building. The most amazing part of this platform is that it doesn’t require any coding knowledge to get it done.

It also provides already-designed layouts so you don’t have to start from scratch. The platform has every necessary tool already installed, so you don’t have to create a separate application for mobile or PC. Academy Of Mine is designed to work on both Desktop and Smartphone in order for students to easily access their courses.

Gone are the days when formal education required us to leave four walls off our homes. But today, online education has taken a firm stand in the educational sector. The platform focuses on serving small and large scale businesses.

Right on this platform, you can create your own only academy with full functionality. That includes a full branded website with automated e-commerce functionality. Academy of Mine has put together all tools to enable those who want to sell their courses online do so perfectly.

The user has an option to customize the dashboard; add as many courses as desired, including quizzes.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and very flexible. Users can manage all marketing data in one platform. There’s no need to sign up with any third-party platform, because Academy Of Mine provides you with maximum security, reliable and affordable solutions to monetize your training content.

Academy of Mine Makes Studying Easier for Students

On Academy of Mine, students have the freedom to combine work with study because they aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule. The platform also provides students with the chance to network with peers across nations or even different continents.

At the same time, it makes them aware and able to fit into other backgrounds easily given their exposure to other cultures.

All the information the student will need is safely stored in the platform’s online database. This includes real-time conversation documents, training materials and emails.

This is mostly useful for individuals who need to carry out research for a project and not get the personalized attention they need to have concepts clarified. This means that if there’s ever anything that needs to be clarified, the student will be able to access these documents fast and save time.

Academy of Mine Empowers Online Tutors

There are lots of people who are very knowledgeable and experienced in specific courses or subjects. Academy of Mine connects both students and experienced tutors. The platform makes it easier to communicate with professionals and experts in different fields whose knowledge base can bring change and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Academy of Mine is designed mainly for that purpose with full-pack features that allow the tutors to construct curriculum, build unlimited landing pages and add custom visual elements.

The platform provides its tutors all the benefits of private tutoring. As long as a computer with an Internet connection of suitable bandwidth is available, the tutors deliver substantial benefits to the student as well.

Tutoring sessions that are really a session with the online service of the platform is totally private, which is an important requirement of any tutoring session. The platform has provided technological solutions to help resolve the problems of interaction between students and the tutors. The tutors can monitor the performance of the students in real time and provide the necessary assistance.

Academy of Mine Makes it Easy to Sell Courses Online

Academy of mine makes it possible and easier for experts and professionals from different fields to share their skills and knowledge for the exchange of money. The platform makes it easy for tutors to upload their teaching materials and also manage all their transactions from the same platform without involving any third party app.

The platform has fully secured top security encryptions to protect user data and information. Experts and professionals who are willing to sell their courses or skill sets online should consider signing up with Academy of Mine.

Outstanding Features of Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine provides a cost-effective and easily affordable list of features and tools. Users can now create their own catalogue without leaving a hole in the pocket. Are you a tutor who has no prior knowledge of coding? Don’t worry! Academy of Mine got you covered. Anyone can build a full eLearning platform with or without the knowledge of coding or HTML.

What to Expect from Academy of Mine

The platform allows users to create beautiful catalogs for their courses and offer it for sale.

Custom Pages and Catalogs

The platform is so simple that every aspect of it can be customized.

You can create a unique online shop that relates to your field of expertise. The platform is very user-friendly; there’s no need for prior tech knowledge to easily navigate.

Reliable Security

All Users’ content and data are fully protected with TLS 2.0 encryption.

The user doesn’t need to worry about data security.

Saves Time

Academy of Mine offers an already-made and smooth layout through which the user can get started almost immediately.

Users don’t need to build an attractive online shop from scratch; with a drag and drop menu, the job is perfectly done.

Integrated User Dashboard for All Courses

Users can easily keep track of their sales and complete back-end tasks incorporated dashboards.

All courses can be managed from one interface. The user doesn’t need any special education to be able to perform these tasks.

High Quality Multiple Language Trainings

  • Integrated user dashboard for all courses
  • Users can easily keep track of their sales and complete back-end assignments incorporated dashboards.
  • All courses can be managed from one dashboard. The user doesn’t need any special education to be able to perform these tasks.
  • High quality Multiple language trainings
  • Academy of Mine meets the needs of users from different ethnicity. The platform features several lists for different languages.
  • At the time of this writing, the platform features English, Portugal, Turkish, French, German and Spanish.
  • Exams & Quizzes are incorporated
  • Academy of Mine ensures that all learners pass through series of tests and exams to ensure learners pull questions randomly from one or more categories. Users can also add descriptions on track. Users can choose to make a test dynamic which will allow them to answer regular questions.
  • A certificate award for completed courses
  • Users can choose images, text, and more. Dropdown box enables the tutors to add fields for a student’s certificate of completion for each course. Users can create custom certificates to recognize successful completion of their first, last, or full name as well as course title, date of issue, instructor name, and certificate of training. The tutors can also set a minimum passing percentage to earn a certificate.
  • Unique Marketing & Analytics Dashboard
  • A large collection of information is accessible with only a tick. Data is displayed as charts and line graphs. Customers can review information for SEO, advertising, and social campaigns.
  • View all applicable categories of information structured within the same dashboard. The dashboard is directly linked to Google Analytics.
  • Worked in Grade book for Ongoing Progress Tracking
  • Tutors can keep track of the students’ progress to evaluate how they are doing and areas where they may need help.
  • The platform includes a built-in grade book feature that records students’ progress and generates an overview
  • The tutors and students have access to the dashboards.
  • Tutors can keep track of their students’ progress while students can see their accessible courses and status.

The Academy of Mine Environment

Courses are displayed in logical lists with headers and subheaders so students can follow the materials in the right order, select from already-made designs and attach photographs, content, custom colors and more.  Alongside an easy-to-use theme, Academy of Mine likewise enables its users to make beautiful pages to sell their contents.

What Categories of Individuals is the Platform Designed to Serve

It’s a valuable tool for anyone who wants to sell courses online but doesn’t have the funds or resources to build a platform from the ground up.

Academy of Mine has designed platforms that work whether the user is part of a business or an organization. The service is reasonably priced with three options based on storage space and the size of the user’s marketing campaign, Supported Devices & Platforms

Their responsive rate is 100%. Users can have access to their dashboards and view full course materials and more features from any internet compatible device including tablets, mobile phones and desktop. The user’s landing pages will always look good no matter how large or small the screen they are viewed on is.

Full support is provided as long as the user has an active subscription. Users can easily find answers and instructions through Academy of Mine’s tutorial videos.

There’s a long features list, a lot of customizations, and the interest of creating an online Learning store with no previous knowledge of coding required, and it’s an easy way to build user-friendly dashboards  to attract more students.

The team also offers additional support to new customers during the first few months to ensure that they get a strong start as they build their site and begin selling courses offer.

Other Interesting Features of Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine offers so many features. Some top features that their platform offers include:

  • Academy of Mine offers very cost-effective Pricing Plans that meet the needs of its users
  • An easy to use interface to build a full course website using pre-built layouts and create unlimited landing pages
  • Create white-label courses with a drag-and-drop course builder
  • Accepted payment methods: PayPal, Stripe or – all with zero transaction fees (More payment options are available on the Professional and Enterprise Plans).
  • The platform offers memberships/subscriptions for your membership site.
  • Customer Support is quick and top-notch.
  • Live streaming features which allow the tutors to easily teach their courses in real-time (Professional and Enterprise Plans only).

There’s no need to break the bank or put a hole in the pocket; Academy of Mine offers cost-effective plans to its users.

Academy of Mine currently does not offer any free plan, but they have a 30-day free trial with all three plans on offer. The least plan starts at $499 for each month, which may seem a little high, but they offer features to back it up.

Academy of Mine Pricing Plans

  • First plan – Essentials – priced at – $499/Month
  • Second plan – Professional – priced at – $9,500/Year
  • Third plan – Enterprise Plan – priced at- $14,500/Year

You will get 500 GB of storage and limited templates for your website pages. The Essentials Plan and the Professional Plan offer a storage limit of 1 TB, and you get a dedicated account manager, unlimited custom templates and instructors, live streaming, and several other marketing tools and features.

The Enterprise Plan offers 2 TB storage space, a dedicated server and a dedicated account manager.

Academy of Mine is a complete course creation and an LMS platform, which is a great choice for small to medium-sized businesses. Their online course platform lets you build a community around your course with features like live chats and forums. It also offers great course creation and marketing features and tools.

However, Academy of Mine is not the platform for you, most especially if you are only looking to create a short course with a couple of videos and you don’t care about your branding.

It can be a straight learning curve if you just started creating and selling online courses.

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