Kinsta Review: Pros and Cons of Kinsta WordPress Host

Today, the post is not entirely about design, but about technology. I’ll tell you about cloud hosting, which is exclusively for WordPress – Kinsta.

I’ve been building WordPress websites for some years now as an individual blogger, WordPress consultant, and many more.

With A2 Hosting, WordPress hosting is optimized. In fact, everything is so fabulous; yes, easy to set up. There is a cPanel with a bunch of utilities.

A friend was interviewed and she shared her own experience. She stated, “When I installed WordPress, 2 preinstalled plugins were added. This was to optimize the speed of work. Yes, the site was loading quickly and everything was fine until Jetpack sent a notice that the website was completely down”.

“Two hours later, the site started working but went down again 4 hours later. The Support team apologized, making it known that they moved my website to another server. The system started working when overloaded with resources. Although I had a brand-new website then that was receiving only 5-10 visits every day, months later, I stopped working on it”.

Next to mention is the Digital Ocean. They offer good conditions and an adequate price tag. They also give $100 for 60 days as a promo on any of their rates. I may consider launching a site there for testing.

And now, it is Kinsta – the hosting company for which I am writing this review. By the way, note that this post is not for promotional purposes neither is it meant to send referrals to Kinsta.

Who is the founder of Kinsta – Mark Gavalda – a WordPress developer and someone from DevOps. The company was founded in December 2013. During this time, they have grown in technology, had big customers and now they have 3 offices located in Los Angeles, Budapest, and London).

I am looking for 3 key components from any hosting provider:

  • Reliability availability
  • Security
  • Stability

In my own opinion, every WordPress hosting provider should support all of the above components regardless of price.

About two weeks ago, some webmasters spoke with the support team at Kinsta Hosting and it seems they found and considered Kinsta one of the best-Managed WordPress Hosting providers. It was heard from a good number of colleagues recently and one of them finally got the opportunity to work on it.

He stated, “I created several live and intermediate sites for testing, deleted and created a new one, made a backup, and it worked perfectly for me and would like to share my opinion about Kinsta Hosting”.

WordPress Challenge for Writers

Whether you are a veteran blogger or a professional blogger, managing a WordPress site is a big and daunting task. I have a complete checklist on how to start your first blog. As you can see after receiving your domain, setting up a hosting account is a key function.

In my personal opinion, an ideal hosting provider should provide all the following functions:

  • Reliable, safe and lightning-fast environment
  • The panel of basic DNS settings
  • Migration panel. As you know, VaultPress is one of the best backup and migration solutions; Kinsta also offers the same
  • The best analytics! I personally use Google Analytics on Crunchify
  • A simple toolbar to support your entire site
  • A simple backup solution
  • Complete SSL solution
  • A simple database access utility such as phpMyAdmin
  • A simple intermediate tool for local testing
  • Install WordPress in one click
  • And a bit more

In my personal findings of Kinsta, it provides all the above functions by default and much more from their MyKinsta Panel. As we proceed in the article, we will see how to experiment and try out some useful features in Kinsta.

Key Features of Kinsta:

1. Google Cloud Hosting

Google is one of the best cloud service providers in the world. It is believed that after Amazon AWS and Microsoft, Azure Google is in 3rd place on their cloud offer. Personally, I use many Google cloud servers for my own multiple applications.

When the Google Cloud event was held last year, it was amazing how they did with their data centers and cloud services.

All Kinsta hosting servers are hosted on Google Cloud, and I just cherish their reliability and security.

2. Best Speed Optimized Environment

Kinsta provides some of the best features to speed up your site:

  • Nginx
  • Apache or Nginx? Still interested? Well, in my opinion, Nginx providers have a few more options and features compared to Apache
  • LXD containers
  • It provides the best isolation solution with auto scalability.
  • PHP 7
  • It’s not big, but there are still many other hosting providers that still offer PHP 5.x.
  • MariaDB
  • Auto scalability
  • New Relic Monitoring

This is a PHP monitoring tool for getting performance statistics.

3. Best Secure Environment with all the Features Listed Below

  • Full SSL support (free)
  • Google now strongly recommends having an SSL certificate for a higher ranking in search results.
  • Hardware Firewalls (provided by Google Cloud Infrastructure)
  • Health monitoring
  • Health monitoring is a key feature of any site. You should immediately know if something is wrong with your site. It is always better to inform your users in case of any incidents.
  • DDos Detection and Alert
  • The Google Recaptcha, Secure WP-Admin page and many other methods are available to you to help protect your site from DDoS attacks. Kinsta provides all these by default.

If you play with Kinsta for just 2 weeks, I strongly believe you’ll like the service they offer their customers.

How Much Does Kinsta Cost?

Kinsta’s basic plan starts at $30/month. Yes, all the above features and security are just $30 per month to get started. One of the advantages of the annual price is always 2 months free.

They have different levels to meet the needs of your site.

  • Starter Kit – $ 30/month Up to 20,000 visits;
  • Pro Kit – $60/month Up to 40,000 visits
  • Business options – from $100 to $400 per month Up to 600,000 visits
  • Options for enterprises – from 600 to 900 dollars per month Up to 1.5 million visits

Not convinced yet? Let me tell you more.

Kinsta offers not only first-class hosting for your WordPress site but also the absolute convenience of managing your account. Their panel is called MyKinsta. It is stylish, comfortable, and it is a pleasure to use it.

All the necessary information and settings are at hand. The IP address, data for SSH/SFTP access, backups, redirects, CDN and everything else is collected in one place.

The analytics section displays all the necessary information about the resources used, as well as about visitors (country, requests, IP address and other information).

As for security and support, they work fast and respond on time… You will hardly have to wait for an answer for more than 2-3 minutes.

Kinsta Takes Support Seriously

In terms of security, the company employs professionals in their respective fields and any problems (DDoS recognition, scanning for various viruses, WordPress security) are solved very quickly and for free.

Technologies – If you still need to know about technologies – Nginx, PHP 7, LXD and MariaDB containers, Kinsta is great.

LXD is used for each site. This means that each site lives in an isolated space where it is provided with 100% of the resources that are needed. These resources are not shared between strangers and even between your sites.

About Tariffs

Kinsta is not the cheapest hosting, but here I consider an adequate price tag for everything that you get. Prices start at $30 per month for one WordPress site and go up to $900 per month for 80 sites. You can choose a monthly payment; and with an annual payment, you get 2 months for free.

Kinsta rates are based on the number of visitors. This indicator allows you to more accurately calculate the necessary resources for your project. And so, in the tariffs, the difference is in disk space, the number of WordPress installations and the volume of CDN. By the way, there is a return within 30 days which wasn’t there before.

In each tariff you receive:

  • Automatic daily backup
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL Certificate. In this case, you can simply add your certificate
  • 24/7 support that works really fast
  • One (first) free transfer of your site/sites from WP Engine and Flywheel
  • A huge knowledge base where you will find answers to any questions about Kinsta

Where Do You Begin from?

Step 1 Registration

Go to to get started. Once you’ve signed up, add your first site.

Provide details below to add your site:

  • Your server location (select by default – it depends on your geographical location)
  • Name of the site
  • Choose: Add New WordPress Installation
  • Enter the site name and administrator name
  • Save Admin Password
  • Enter the administrator email address and select the option whether you want to install WooCommerce or not

It may take up to 5 minutes to configure everything in the background. Just refresh the tab and you should see your site under the Sites Tab,

Step 2 Migration Option

If you want to launch your new site, then you can proceed with the installation and configuration.

If you want to migrate your site, you are in luck. Kinsta provides a very convenient interface for conveniently migrating a site. It’s totally free.

Step 3 Nice Interface and Toolbar

After the migration is completed or after the first site is created, go to the Sites Tab and then to the Info link to get all the details of your site.

Kinsta also provides good tools with a simple user interface:

Step 4 Auto Backup

Kinsta also provides automatic backups. The system automatically creates daily backups and provides the ability to create backups manually with one click.

Kinsta stores the past 14 backups for you for free. If you compare the VaultPress personal plan, then you directly save $39 with this setting.

Step 5 Production Site

As a WordPress consultant, I work with many of my clients. The first thing to do is to set up a new site in an intermediate environment, and then transfer everything to Live after extensive testing. Sometimes, I don’t see the Staging option for my clients, and it’s a little harder to work and migrate the site after the work is done.

With a simple one-click, Kinsta is programmed to create an intermediate site; this is great. Take a look at the Push Staging to Live option below.

Have you noticed the redirection option above?

Well, I use Yoast SEO premium and personally I feel that I pay all the money only for the redirect option in the Yoast plugin. Well, here you have this redirection option as part of the Kinsta plan, and I’m sure you will like it when you need a lot of redirection requests. You could save $89 on the Yoast Premium plugin here.


Well, having said all about Kinsta, I want to conclude by saying that Kinsta is one of the best WordPress managed hosting services available on the market. Personally, I feel that the prices are a little higher, but I bet, you will not regret that you paid a little more for all of the above benefits. Have a nice blogging experience!

For me personally, the main thing is the page load speed from anywhere in the world, and Kinsta provides it. Now my project at the testing stage lives on Kinsta and so the service is excellent. It’s highly recommended. It’s nothing to regret.

I hope I managed to convey to you all the coolness of this hosting company. Kinsta is perhaps one of the best hosting services that provide everything you need for a project, but it always depends on your needs.

While Kinsta is a managed hosting service provider with a lot of features provided and tons of technicalities handled by the support team, I want to show a brief difference between their service and that of Wealthy Affiliate managed hosting.

While WA offers a state of the art hosting package that comes with all features ideal for a professional website, it doesn’t charge a dime to host up to 50 websites (25 custom websites and 25 free websites). Once you are a user and you’ve decided to become a premium member, all the features are automatically unlocked for you and this makes it a distinct managed hosting platform from others in the market. Read my honest review of this platform through this route

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