Best 15 Drop Shipping Specialties in 2020

In this tutorial, I’ll share about 15 drop shipping specialties you can start selling this very year. If you’re a novice in the dropshipping market, a specialty is likened to a store category, and if you’re in dropshipping contract with Oberlo and Shopify, you’ll have a choice on what category you’d like to sell and what to sell specifically.

It takes thorough research to choose the right niche, but I did that already for you. Thus, if you’ve been on the lookout for the product to sell this very year, but are not certain what specialty to deal in, I’ve got you covered with the 2020 vision write-up by short listing the trending niches of the year.

I’ve compiled 15 dropshipping specialties for you to go through and, thus, I won’t waste a nasty lot of your time with that; I just wanted to bring to your notice how I came up with this guide. I’m going to walk you through numerous wide dropshipping specialties like Home and Garden, Clothing and Accessories, and many more.

Men’s Accessories & Clothing Dropshipping Specialities

1. Tech-Affectionate Fitness Clothes

The very first specialty I suggest you venture into in 2020 is tech-affectionate fitness clothes. Lately, there has been a blast in fitness apps, and those apps have become refined. Thus, a lot more people are coming for workouts with their mobile phones so they can trail around with their chosen fitness influencers’ workout game plans, keep an eye on their burned calories, and the likes.

Products like those gym shorts with a concealed pocket for mobile phones are excellent because they assist those who admire using fitness apps on their cell phones and working out with doing both together once without the phone and the apps distracting the workout.

I’m classifying this specialty in the men’s accessories and clothing niche, but it can also be considered fitness and health. Clothes that help women convey their cell phones in the gym could be found also. It’s up to you if you’d want it being a men’s fitness store or accessories and clothing store.

2. Shade Sunglasses

The next specialty that I suggest you sell is Shade sunglasses. I do not frequently recommend selling shade sunglasses in any dropshipping store because any consumer can easily walk into a nearby men’s accessories and clothing store in the galleria and pick up shield sunglasses therein.

I do have two key reasons for recommending these:

  1. It’s hard to search for particular designs in large stores. Come to think of it if some customers find a sunglasses design they admire, they’d want to purchase it if they imagine it’ll be difficult to find such unique pairs of shade sunglasses in a large store.
  2. This sunglasses pattern is of course popular, so you can be sure of springing on a drift that you’re able to leverage social media influencers for promotion.

The clue to selling items in this specialty is finding systematic instagram influencers, exceptional designs to deal in.

Health/Wellness Dropshipping Specialties

Now, let’s dive into and talk about the health/wellness classification and other dropshipping specialties to sell in the year 2020 under this classification.

3. Healthy Bathing

Though this may sound unnatural, it keeps popping up everywhere. Research recorded roughly a 300 percent rise in searches for healthy bathing. One of the amazing things you could do if you’ve considered to deal in this specialty is coming up with content that talks about it and how several people can make use of those products to experience the sound benefits of healthy bathing.

I particularly admired the Crystal Singing Bowls product as the bowls are streamlined with a video that you can utilize to promote and analyze what those bowls actually do.

4. Sound Sleep

The next specialty in the health/wellness classification is a specialty that will definitely boom, and there’s a lot of possibilities for dropshipping firms to be innovative. Several people do take a lot of time contemplating on how they could improve their sleep, and great brands keep an eye on this specific market.

Though there are great brands in the market, you can, of course, secure a good place for yourself.

Not that you’ll be dropshipping mattresses, what you’ll simply need to do is to grab this feel for a cooler night’s sleep and find out what significant accessories you can deal in to help people stop the circumstances of turning and tossing at night. These accessories do vary from anti-shore accessories to pillows.

5. Swimming

Another significant health/wellness specialty that’s worth selling is swimming. Of course, more and more significant classifications about a fitness specialty than swim bikinis and trunks are springing up in this space.

And swimming is significant because it is designed to put little harmful effect on the body so the injured people can switch to swimming and start improving their strength in a safe way for their joints.

With cheap accessories like resistant gloves, people who are interested in swimming are sure of getting more out of their workouts. What’s amazing is that an activity like swimming is comparatively easy to focus on Facebook so it will not be difficult for you to hit your market and start these accessories.

Babies & Kids Dropshipping Specialties

6. Snack Accessories for Little Children

If you are passionate about selling items related to kids, note that you’re expected to sell to basically to parents. So, your priority should be to satisfy the parents’ appetites for such accessories. As we know parents are always meticulous about their sound eating culture, their priorities are also their children’s healthy eating culture.

If you sell stuff like these, or perhaps you wish to dive into the sound kids eating specialty, great content would be instrumental. Create lists or recipes of delicious snacks and advertise them on Reddit, Instagram, and of course on Facebook.

The awesome thing about content is that you aren’t selling stuff. Thus, it is adhering strictly to the rules on platforms like Facebook and Reddit communities by spreading the word.

7. Pet Memorial

As it may be painful to think about dying pets, the pet memorial products can actually help pet parents honor their beloved pets’ memory. Most dropshippers do not consider it all because it’s a kind of sad product to sell.

However, if you can be so smart and logical about promoting it such that it wouldn’t occur to customers that you’re talking about dead pets but rather about their memories. Then, you’ll find that you can earn much more money than in many other specialties mostly focused upon.

In as much as most dropshippers aren’t diving into this classification, if you are passionate about being creative, then you can generate a lot of sales from this direction.

Kitchen & Home Dropshipping Specialties

8. Children’s Birthday Decor

Most parents are pressurized to host elaborate (Pinterest-worthy) birthday celebrations for their kids. What I cherish about this specialty is that e-commerce stores like AliExpress have begun consolidating those party kits whereby customers can purchase one item or, in this instance, you can sell one package that comprises all that parents would even need to host such parties for their wards.

What you’re simply up to is enabling parents to provide their wards with an exciting birthday celebration. You are just preventing them from visiting large stores; you’re saving them so much time and inspiring them on how to host an exciting birthday party all along.

The amazing thing about this specialty too is that there are lots of seasonal deal opportunities. Thus, if a parent intends to organize a fun party in the summer, it could likely be a beach theme, or if it is in the winter, it could be a snow theme, so you’d come up with unique and uncommon products that are seasonal but available all year round to promote.

9. Expensive Dining Sets

Another specialty to talk about in the kitchen and home dropshipping classification is costly dining sets. Most home kitchen magazines are forecasting that this luxury trend will definitely pop up in the year 2020 and escalate.

It’s now the time to sell those amazing touches and dipped forks that make daily dining experience look a bit more attractive.

Women’s Accessories & Fashion Dropshipping Specialties

10. Face Jewelry

This can be referred to as face crystals or face jewelry. Thus, whichever name you desire to call it, just purchase the domain, and the space becomes your property.

If you dive into selling these, ensure to specifically focus on people who admire the show animation. A culture in animation puts on a ton of these face jewelries, and a lot of popular face crystals have been inspired on social media like TikTok, Instagram and the likes.

11. Statement Jewelry

Another specialty in the women’s accessories and fashion classification is Statement Jewelry. This is something you’d enjoy shopping for on stores like AliExpress.

Jewelry is something customers can visit the large stores to shop for and purchase but when it comes to something uncommon and original like Statement Jewelry, you’ll surely motivate customers to purchase right away.

When customers come across an uncommon product, they’ll potentially believe that they can hardly find it somewhere else or perhaps they wouldn’t want to stress up describing this unique piece of jewelry so it can be searched for elsewhere.

12. Wide Belts

The other dropshipping specialty in the women’s accessories and fashion classification is wide belts. Wide belts are seen everywhere around the media and the amazing thing about those belts is that they transform oversized sweaters.

A lot of people in this specialty will have got those oversized sweaters and probably they are looking for ways to put them on, and this is precisely where the wide belts come up.

Mobile Phone Accessories Niches

13. Creator Tools

Mobile phone accessories are another classification we’re talking about now and the specialty in mobile phone accessories that you could ever consider is Creator Tools. One of these tools that are already driving traffic is TikTok.

Though you might be wondering how you can leverage TikTok to promote with, this isn’t the ideal way to leverage the platform. This is because not too many people are willing to consume TikTok’s content, but too many are ready to become rich on TikTok.

So, you advertise to the people with something called Creator accessories. And Creator Accessories can be likened to a selfie light and some accessories out there that make it possible for people to take quality videos on their own mobile phones.

If you are interested in advertising this on TikTok, it might be necessary to first come up with some videos and later do the same again proving that a reasonable video is compared to prior to making use of your Creator Accessories.

14. Phone Stands & Holders

Another specialty that I would be happy about is phone stands and holders. Yes, this is seen all over the places, but fresh designs keep on coming out day in day out, and a lot of new mobile phones are being manufactured. This year, lots of new mobile phones will be released, and when folks buy those new mobile phones, new accessories will be demanded for.

Items like these are of course what you’d be targeting when you’re in search for the upcoming great things in the mobile accessories market. In as much as this classification of mobile phone accessories has no place to go, it’s left to you to get the new products and also find members of your audience that are in need for and earn some big money.

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Bonus Dropshipping Specialties

15. Llamas

One significant bonus dropshipping specialty I’d always recommend is Alpacas or Llamas. Perhaps anyone of them might be performing pretty well, it’s constantly been found through Google Trends that Llamas is the one that’s more popularly talked about and searched for.

If I’m selling within this specialty, I would suggest you set up an Instagram forum or Facebook page dedicated to lovers in Llama.

Having set up your own community, it’s the right time to go along with items that you strongly feel the community will cherish. Though this particular strategy may be time-consuming, it’s completely free to implement.

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  1. Hi Sierra, I really got a lot of ideas from this list of dropshipping specialties in 2020. I was most interested in the one that mentions that high dollar dining furniture and items. I do think you are on to something with this trend as the year 2020 has driven everyone out of restaurants and into their home for meals. The money that is saved on dining out can be put into making the home dining experience better.

    Do you have a favorite dropshipper to work with for this specialty?

    • Thanks for your comment, Aly! Dropshipping is one of the most prominent business adventures in the online business world. You can mingle with a drop shipping company and earn your own part of the sale. You don’t have to sell directly to customers. All you need to do is deliver the traffic and get paid a commission. Appreciate you stopping by,drop by anytime!


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