Contena Review: Is It a Legit Program?

For some weeks now, many of my loyal visitors have been on my neck requesting that I come up with a detailed review of Contena.

To say the truth, I haven’t belonged to this freelance training academy but have got to know a bit more about it from one of my good internet marketing pals and, thus, I decided to write a review of it whenever I have the time.

In this comprehensive and detailed Contena review, I’ll be giving you guys a ride through this massive freelancing training academy and revealing to you everything you stand to be offered.

Regardless of whether you’re a freelancer looking to land your next writing gig, or if you have an interest in learning how to create your own freelancing business, Contena has the necessary tools that will assist you with achieving all of this and so much more.

If you have ever taken over a job of writing for others and being gainfully paid, then I urge you to stick around and proceed with this review until the end.

What Is Contena?

Contena is virtually a membership website created for freelance writers so as to get help in finding work.

It’s practically a platform that enables you to browse through their archives and get job opportunities.

If you are serious about becoming a freelance writer, Contena is certainly one of the good places for you to get jobs.

Contena is proven to be an online freelance training academy and a freelance job search board that assists with connecting writers with the numerous best & highest paying remote jobs found in the online world.

It was launched on the 13th of October, 2017; this freelance training platform has, within this short period of time, gained huge attraction.

As said earlier, Contena caters for anyone who is interested in starting up their own freelancing business.

Their step by step training directly takes you by the hand and journeys you through achieving all of this.

They do not just train you but provide you with your own personal coach as well. This personal coach will share with you some advanced marketing techniques that you can leverage to attract high-quality clients.

They also have an extremely comprehensive database of a good amount of the best remote companies you can work for as well as a variety of filters that you can use to optimize your search and suit your liking.

I would urge you to continue reading so as to enjoy the juicy details as I’ll be going more into detail on how all of this works.

Who Can Benefit From Contena the Most?

As it is probably obvious already, this is focused more on yearning writers and freelance authors planning to either get started from scratch in this industry or gear up their career to the next level.

This is also excellent for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to cash in and earn up to $500 or even more for every article they write going by the companies’ specifications.

Also, if you fall under the category of individuals who don’t have a fantasy in going out to a morning-to-evening job and you are in need of a good-paying job you can do from home, it is ideal that you check into this and see if it’s something you could see yourself doing.

How It Works

Your intentions when joining will determine how your Contena experience plays out for you.

Are you a freelance writer looking for your next gig? Then, click through the writing jobs tab at the top of your screen on their site.

Scroll down to have a view of all the available jobs along with details of each of them.

You are going to see things like:

  • Job Category
  • Job Title & Company
  • Quality Score
  • Job Type
  • Date Added

Regardless of whether you’re interested in starting your freelance career or paddling it to the next level, all of this and more are what you will find inside the member’s area.

There is also an abundance of filters that you can apply to either broaden or narrow down your search to your interest.

Coronal uses a quality score metric that gauges the quality of each gig and some even include how much each job will earn you.

The content submission section is available as well which is where various companies have posted writing jobs that pay up to $300 per article.

Could you imagine  earning $300 by just writing an article? It doesn’t seem feasible, right?

Well, this is certainly possible and as I was searching around, I found jobs that could even earn you more than that.

Here’s a taste of just a few of the massive jobs that are ready for you in submissions

Obviously, you are required to meet the qualifications listed for each job before you are eligible to apply for it and apply for the one you’re most qualified for.

They also have step by step training that will see you through this as well.

Tools, Training, and Coaching All In A Place

One of the things that I really found outstanding as I was doing my findings for this review is that everything you need to start your very own freelancing business is embedded in your membership package.

The Contena Academy is where you’ll need to go in starting the training and have access to your 9 video modules.

For me, having a coach is one of the features that make this platform great and part of the reason I rate this program that high.

Your coach is also there to support you and attend to any of the questions that come up while you’re taking the training.

As you continue going through the training, you’ll unlock achievements and be able to unlock badges and level up your freelancing skills.

Contena Academy

At first glance, I would like to recommend Contena mostly to experienced writers who are serious about what they do

This may be as a result of the fact that those are the people who would benefit from simply paying a monthly fee.

Literally, I got to realize that they offer a training program that is beneficial to beginners as well.

Your monthly fee gives you access to Contena Academy and will teach you writing, getting gigs, creating portfolios and many other things you are to know.

As of the time of writing this review, they offer 7 modules that comprise training videos, written lessons, and other downloadable materials.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that this is great and will make the $100 worth it for many newbie entrepreneurs out there.


This is something that you just might find helpful at some point in your freelance endeavours.

At some point in time, a job might not be going so well and you’ll need someone to assist you with figuring it out.

For example, if an issue of disagreement or misunderstanding comes up between you and the client where the client doesn’t want to pay you, Contena will come in and help solve the problem.

In some instances, if the person who hired you isn’t happy, they can simply seize to pay you and walk away

To prevent that from happening, there is a need for an intermediary with whom the money is deposited prior to the commencement of the job.

So, if they don’t have the will to pay you, Contena can then help in rectifying the issue even without you automatically losing your time and resources.

Customer Support

This is one of the features that many beginners will find useful within the Contena Community.

There is a 24/7 customer support system accessible for you to ask questions.

They are available to assist in ensuring that you are able to find work and as well assist you with anything you might need help with.

The Pros And Cons

It usually appears to be beneficial to my readers when I include both the good and bad sides of a program in a review.


  • Great Training Course
  • Mediation
  • Customer Support


  • $100 Monthly Fee
  • Relatively New

Now, let me take some time to shed light on what I mean with each of these points.

  • The $99 Monthly Fee

Based on your personality and your situation, this can either be considered a merit or  demerit. What do I mean by saying this?

Well, there are numerous websites on the web offering similar services without demanding a monthly fee.

However, these websites will charge you a certain percentage of each job that they set up for you.

For instance, they could get you a job that pays $200 but they’ll charge you $40 because you used their service.

So, the $99 monthly fee might appear to be a lot for someone who hasn’t been making a huge amount of money writing.

However, someone who is earning $2,000 monthly writing would find it beneficial paying just 100 bucks instead of a 20% charge.

How Much Will All Of This Cost You?

Currently, they have two memberships that start at $99/ month and go.

  • Gold membership: 6 monthly payments of $99 for 1-year access.
  • Platinum membership: 6 monthly payments of $199 for 2 years access.

If you want to save money on your membership, they offer a yearly full payment option.

  • $497 — Gold Yearly Full Payment
  • $997 — Platinum Yearly Full Payment

For the gold membership, you’ll be able to save $97 by taking the full payment option and nearly $200 if you choose to go platinum.

Also, thinking of it; you could nearly earn your cost of membership back after writing your first article.

Dependant on which writing gigs you choose to apply for, you could start making profits after writing your second or third article. Anything after that would be total genuine earnings for you.

I might not be sure of your impression, but to me, I think that’s pretty sweet.

For some people, this may sound expensive, but thinking about everything you get here, it’s a small price to pay to redeem everything you’ll gain access to in the member’s area.

Is there somewhere else that you can learn how to launch your very own freelancing business, where you can learn how to attract high paying clients and offer yourself a personal coach for under $500 a year?

From my personal experience, I know that coaching can get really costly and you might have to pay as much as $500 an hour just for coaching.

Not to talk of the added cost of training, this could also get extremely costly.

How Much Money Can You Earn Here?

You can earn $300 for an article with some even paying above that amount.

Contracting jobs are also available. With this category of job, you are able to earn a monthly salary working for the company.

Let’s now talk of how much you could earn in 1 week working only a couple of days.

Let’s play with numbers.

How long it takes you to write an article will determine how much you get paid per hour

Let’s now assume you wrote 4 articles a week.

One pays $300, another pays $150 and the other two pay $100 each. That’s $650 a week. Is that not lucrative?

My Final Thoughts on Contena

If you’re the type of striving freelance writer looking for ways to break into the industry and have exposure to some of the highest paying gigs available online, I would recommend that you check into this program and see what they can offer you.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you can get worksheets, checklists, and templates from each lesson for you to study too.

Like I mentioned earlier, regardless of whether you’re looking to launch a full-blown freelancing business or just looking to secure some decent-paying writing jobs, Contena offers the training, tools, and personal coaching to make this a dream come true for you.

Having said this, if you’re a newbie in the freelancing world and you have an insufficient budget, Contena might not be a good fit for you at this particular point of time, considering their cost.

Whatever your case may be, I really hope this review is beneficial to you and has given you an inside look of what you’ll gain if you would decide to join.

Do you still have questions that I failed to talk about in this review? You can leave them in the comment box.

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    • That’s good to know, Collins! If you are passionate about writing and you have what it takes to be a prolific writer working at home, Contena might be a good fit for you. Simply give it a try and you can be well on your way to earning hundreds of dollars daily, weekly, and monthly writing. Appreciate you stopping by, drop by anytime!


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