Excellent Blogs to Follow and Learn about WordPress

WordPress is a platform where you can easily create your website or blog. With WordPress, you can easily grow your business or audience. It has thousands of themes and plugins that you can use to perfect the setup of your blog as you want it to be seen by your audience.

Even though these themes and plugins come with information about what you will benefit when you use them, many WordPress users still seek for ways to interact with others to be guided on how to install and run their WordPress sites.

Sometimes, you may have questions and seek clarifications about using WordPress. This is why there is a need to have some sort of network where people can learn from each other and hear from each other. This post will show you blogs where you can learn and get information about WordPress.

1. CodeinWP

This blog was set up by Ionut Neagu in 2013.  He discusses many things that have to do with WordPress on his blog. You will learn about different designs and development features and different ways to make money through your WordPress blog.

So much has been discussed on the blog for the benefit of WordPress users and that of the developers too.

2. BloggersPassion

Anil Agarwal launched the blog in 2010 and he has successfully blogged about different WordPress tools since then. You will find reviews on plugins, themes, tools, and hosting services, so you can be guided as you make your choices.

From his posts, you will be able to tell what products are right for your business. You will also find posts that will show you ways to drive traffic to your site and help you make more money from your business.

3. WPExplorer

This blog is run by people who are really familiar with ThemeForest as they once sold themes too. On the site, you will find reviews about themes and plugins and tutorials on how to use WordPress blogs.

They are well-known for their Total Multipurpose theme that has made a lot of sales on ThemeForest. They also do give away free themes on their blog.

4. Torque

WordPress news is the main focus of Torque. It was founded in 2013 by WP Engine. They focus on news about events, trends, and any other WordPress updates that will be of benefit to you.

They don’t have much content about themes and plugin reviews; instead, they give you WordPress news that can help you understand the blogging business more. Watch out for a lot of WordPress news content from their site.

5. Yoast Blog

Yoast is quite common among webmasters and bloggers. Joost de Valk created the popular Yoast SEO plugin in 2010 and it has grown to become the best and most popular plugin. It is ranked Number 1 in the WordPress Directory.

On their blog, you can learn all you need to know about SEO and what you can do to grow your blog and rank high on search engines. You will also find WordPress news and updates, so you can be up to date on SEO activities.

6. WP Tavern

It was founded by Jeff Chandler in 2009 but sold to Matt Mullenweg in 2011. Jeff had put in a lot of work in it such that it had acquired much value by the time it was sold. Matt is focused on making it the third-largest community of WordPress users.

There is WordPress news that you will hear about on the blog. You will also get news on BuddyPress and bbPress too. WP Tavern also runs podcasts once a week.

7. WPLift

The site was founded by Oliver Dale in 2010 and is patronized by thousands of WordPress community users. This is helpful for developing your site as you will find loads of information and tutorials with plugin reviews and other posts.

In their weekly WordPress news, you will find current trends happening with WordPress. They also offer selected free themes every month.

8. WooCommerce Blog

This blog is meant to market WooCommerce products and also give information on how you can run your e-commerce business. They will give you tutorials on setting up your WooCommerce store and making the best out of it.

You will also learn about their different plugins and be guided as you choose the one that is best for you.

9. WPBeginner

This is one blog that focuses on beginners. Syed started this blog because all WordPress tutorials on the internet then were from the developers of the products. He has been able to create something different that those who are just starting out on WordPress will be able to benefit from.

This blog tops all other WordPress blogs with over 230,000 subscribers. All of those who are using WordPress for the first time have a lot to learn from this blog.

10. WPKube

Founded by Dev Sharma, this blog reviews different WordPress themes, hosting, and plugins. This helps you make guided decisions about the best themes and plugins suitable for your kind of business.

Their writers make sure they take you through every detail that is necessary for their reviews. With their tutorials, you can easily solve any WordPress challenge you may be facing on your site.

This site has been featured in many magazines including Forbes, HuffPost, and Entrepreneur magazine.

11. Templatic

This blog is useful for technical and business-oriented persons who build websites with WordPress themes. There are many tutorials and WordPress resources that you can use to grow your WordPress business.

You will learn how to create websites for any type of niche, how to choose the best theme for the site on how to maintain, and promote it. As you learn with them, you will gradually expand on your knowledge of building WordPress sites and maintaining them.

12. WP Mayor

This site is owned by Jean Galea and is popular for its product reviews. They review different types of themes, plugins, and WordPress services. You will find interesting and enlightening tutorials on their site. You can also follow news trends on the site as well.

13. Dig WP

If you have read the book “Digging into WordPress”, then you will be meeting with the authors on this site. I am talking about Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. The blog is a supplement to their book through which they show you ways to set things up on WordPress.

You will find the different methods and techniques through which you can easily get things done on your WordPress site.

14. Woorkup

A product of Brian Jackson and Brett Jackson; you get to learn about how you can build your website and create good marketing strategies for it. Something interesting about the site is the fact that there are no ads on it and they have been able to keep up with their quality standard.

You will not only learn about how to build great websites but also ways through which you can grow your traffic and increase conversions on your site.

15. BeginDot

The site is owned by Dhiraj Das and he started it in 2016. Entrepreneurs can get daily information on this site about how to use WordPress in making their businesses grow. You can access many of their resources that deal with entrepreneurship, digital marketing, WordPress, web design, and social media.

As a business person, it can be a standalone solution that will help you grow and facilitate your business success. They will also guide you on the best tools that you can use to grow your business.

16. WPCrafter

This blog is Adam Preiser’s product and it is among the popular YouTube channels that blog about WordPress. It reviews WordPress products for those who don’t have much technical knowledge.

The goal is to help them understand much of WordPress through their thorough reviews and tutorials. Adam has so much information in his videos which you will not like to miss and he has set a standard of creating quality videos that are simple and easy to grasp.

17. Kinsta Blog

A product of a popular platform started by Mark Gavalda in 2013, Kinsta comes up with a lot of original content. You will find much information about WordPress and also tips and guides that will help you to develop and grow your blog fast.

18. MyThemeShop Blog

MyThemeShop is a popular WordPress theme and plugin service provider. You get to hear from the news about new and popular themes and plugins and also get to learn about WordPress repair tutorials that can help you fix different problems you may find on your WordPress site.

19. Tuts+

On this site, you can find quality tutorials on how you can develop your WordPress site. They work with professional writers and even pay as much as $150 for a quality article. If you visit their site often, you will find posts that will show you interesting ways to develop your blog.

20. SitePoint

This blog has existed since 1999 and it was founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz. It is focused on professional web designers and you will find many questions and problems with designs answered on the blog.

They also give advice on programming in several languages. If you want to learn about programming and WordPress development, then you should visit their site often and you will find much information to guide you

21. MonsterPost

MonsterPost is a product of TemplateMonster Marketplace where you can shop for high-quality templates. On their site, you will find high-quality posts in which they will share theme roundups, WordPress hacks, design tutorials, and product reviews.

22. WPMU DEV Blog

This blog has been around for some time and was founded by James Farmer. This blog is among the best in the industry and you can find quality information with them. They won’t try to force their products on you but will get you informed on useful tools for your web design and development.

23. ShoutMeLoud

This is Harsh Argawal’s product through which he shows his love for WordPress. He has done a lot of reviews on high-quality themes and plugins. The lessons you will learn from this blog will show you different ways to make money from your WordPress site.

24. ManageWP Blog

The blog was bought by GoDaddy in 2016 and is well-known in the WordPress industry. Through this blog, you will easily learn about how you can manage multiple websites without problems.

You will find it with very rich information about current web developments, ways to grow and earn fast on your business, and how you can best manage your blogging business.

25. ThemeGrill Blog

A product of Sanjip Shah and Robin Shrestha; it was founded in 2014. They show you different interesting themes and plugins that you can use to upgrade your blog. They have collections of posts that talk about the themes and plugins for different niches, so you can use them to make the right choices and to give you the best appearance of your blog.

26. WinningWP

This blog is owned by Brian Wilson and it is a place where you will find a lot of resources about tips and insights for your WordPress blog.

There are many topics about WordPress on the blog which they have discussed and you will be able to find many helpful as you run your WordPress site. You can learn about themes and plugins and using SEO for your WordPress blog.

27. Pressidium Blog

Pressidium is a managed hosting service for WordPress that was launched in 2014 and the blog and hosting service has developed together since then. On their site, you will learn much about WordPress hosting, security, and ways to increase your loading speed.


WordPress is a fast-growing platform that will help you with all the tools you need to set up your website or blog. They have great themes and plugins that will help you give your users a pleasurable experience and help you convert them.

You can learn about the right choice to make for your site when you visit these different WordPress blogs. You will also be able to learn about how to maintain WordPress sites and get trending news and updates about their different themes and plugins.

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  1. I would have never thought there could be so many blogs about WordPress. I’m a blogger and even though I’m quite familiar with WordPress now, there’s still a lot to learn. I’m glad I’ve found your article about these sites, the one that caught my attention is SitePoint because I’d like to learn more about programming and I need some guidance for sure. 

    • Hey Lenka, thanks for reading my blog post on WordPress! Yeah, there’s still a lot to learn, consume, and digest when it comes to blogging via WordPress. You can learn the functionalities within WordPress and improve your WordPress website fast. You have a lot of plugins and themes at your disposal to leverage to your own advantage in the online world. Thanks again for stopping by, drop by anytime!

  2. Hello Sierra, thank you for compiling all these sites to know more about WordPress. I just started my blog and i have been googling about the problems i encounter like how to center a featured image, etc. I will definitely check some of the sites you listed to read and learn more about the theme that i am currently using and to learn more on how to operate a WordPress blog. All the best! 

    • Thanks again, Julai! Glad it came handy for you! If you were planning to follow some pros in the online marketing world, look no further. You already have a comprehensive list of authority blogs in this guide that you can utilize learn everything about building a WordPress blog.


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