Madrivo Ad Network Review 2020

Affiliate marketing is a trusted income source for anyone who has built up quality web traffic. There are different ad networks that cater to different cadres of affiliates. You will find networks that are best suited for those who are new to this kind of business.

Likewise, there are other networks that only take up affiliates with elite status or those who have built up high-quality traffic. This post is a review of Madrivo Ad Network, one of the top ad networks.

About Madrivo

Madrivo is a privately-owned ad network that connects trusted brands with high-quality traffic sources.

The ad network has distinguished itself as a premier brand that is committed to working with only the best publishers. One of the ways it’s able to get the elite affiliates is through the detailed vetting process of those who apply to its network.

Among other things, new affiliates are asked to provide multiple references from other managers they’ve worked with before. And for those who are able to scale through this process, there are rich benefits to enjoy.

Advertisers love the network because it is one that assures them of the best ad service. They know their ads will be featured only in trusted blogs and websites. Besides, they only pay for the ad service after the required action has taken place.

Publishers also enjoy lots of benefits from being a part of this elite network. They are fully aware that their payouts will be made promptly by the elite ad network.

Let’s take a detailed look into the different benefits that users enjoy from the Madrivo ad network.

Madrivo Benefits to Advertisers

Here are the benefits of Madrivo to advertisers:

1 – Connect Brands with Their Target Audience Worldwide

Madrivo is an ad network that ensures users get the very best in quality of service. One of the ways it does this is by working with only publishers with high-quality traffic sources.

This makes it possible to promote all ad campaigns in front of the right audience. The company is able to access different traffic sources from all around the world.

Any brand that runs its ad campaign through the ad network also gets access to this global traffic.

2 – Pay Only After a Service or Action Has Been Taken

In an industry where advertisers are meant to pay upfront for ad services, Madrivo stands out. Advertisers are only asked to pay the ad company after referrals have taken the required actions.

For instance, a publisher can display a CPL (Cost per Lead) ad on the website seeking to capture email addresses of visitors. It is only after a visitor has signed up for the email subscription that the advertiser would be required to pay for the service.

3 – Deliver Only the Best Ads

Madrivo prides itself on being an ad network that only delivers ads that are good enough to feature on the New York Times.

To achieve this, the company has a licensed attorney to review every ad before it is approved for publishing.

4 – Performance-Based

Advertisers are allowed to choose the amount they would like to pay for each ad they want to promote. If their chosen price works well with the affiliates, then their ads are accepted and published.

5 – Access Exclusive Traffic Sources

Advertisers are able to access high quality and exclusive traffic sources from Madrivo publishers. Also, there are multiple traffic channels that can be accessed on Madrivo such as display, mobile, search, push notifications, and social media.

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6 – Excellent Support

Madrivo is a world-class ad network that offers the best to its clients. And of such services is access to excellent customer support 24/7.

Advertisers are able to access a team of highly-skilled personnel who are very willing to provide the needed help at any time.

Madrivo Benefits for Publishers

Here are the benefits of Madrivo to publishers:

1 – Work with Only Reputable Brands

Ad networks mainly set up marketplaces to connect advertisers and publishers. However, Madrivo goes the extra mile to ensure that only trusted brands are promoted via its network.

They even have a vetting process for each ad to pass through before they are approved to be published. Doing things this way means that Madrivo publishers only promote the best of brands.

Some of the known brands that are on this ad network include Liberty Mutual, AIG, Fidelity, and Travelers.

2 – You Get to Decide Which Ads to Promote

The network has a system that allows advertisers to choose how much they would like to pay for their ads. Also, publishers are allowed to choose the ads that they would like to display on their sites.

This gives you a lot of freedom to make ads choices based on earnings, categories, or any other factor. This power also allows you to choose the best ads that your audience would appreciate.

3 – Access to Madrivo Resources

The ad network takes good care of its publishers, part of which is giving them access to certain company resources.

So publishers can access real-time insights, legal, compliant and strategic advisers to help improve their results.

4 – Fraud Technology to Protect Your Earnings

Madrivo ensures that publishers are duly paid for the traffic that comes through their website. The network uses a fraud technology system to protect them against advertisers that may want to take advantage of them.

Madrivo Features

Here are the features of Madrivo:

I – Premium Ad Network with High Standards

When you talk about an ad network with very high standards for its advertisers and publishers, you’re talking about Madrivo.

The ad network goes the extra mile to ensure that only vetted ads are displayed through its network. Also, publishers go through a tough vetting process to ensure that only trusted traffic sources are accepted.

This makes it possible for both advertisers and publishers to enjoy the best of service that any ad network can offer.

II – The Use of Proprietary Tools

The tools used by Madrivo are designed and developed by the company. This gives them total control over the whole process of managing their ad network.

There is no case of surprise or technical issues that can disrupt normal operations because the company has the team to handle it.

Madrivo has its own tools to track and monitor publishers’ performance as well as protect them against any kind of fraud.

III – Exclusive Traffic Sources

The ad network is able to offer exclusive traffic sources across multiple channels for ad campaigns. We’re talking about sources like emails, social media networks, display, and native ads to generate leads.

IV – Transparent Pricing

The ad network provides the right pricing for advertisers based on traffic sources using multiple payout structures at no upfront cost.

V – Analytics to Improve Data Points

This is a machine learning technology platform that is designed to serve smarter ads across different channels. The goal is to improve earnings per click by optimizing data points that help attract more earnings.

VI – Integrate with Ease

Madrivo does have a highly-skilled integration team to handle all issues that you may have.

Though you may not need support from this team, all you are required to do is add a code to your website. It is a really easy process that any publisher can do even without having any coding skills.

VII – Manual Process of Affiliates Application

When a new affiliate signs up on Madrivo, they are subjected to manual processing to ensure only the best are approved.

Though there is no minimum traffic required, publishers must have quality traffic before they are approved.

VIII – Expert Lifetime Managers

Madrivo assigns expert lifetime managers to publishers to help improve their campaign results. These expert managers also recommend 40 offers on a weekly basis to the publishers. Included with these offers are insights that will help push up sales and affiliate earnings.

These managers are able to offer in-depth knowledge of various traffic sources that affiliates are using. Also, they provide lots of sales tools and other resources that help bring in revenue for all.

Publishers gain so much from these managers who take out time to understand their strategies and recommend what they should do next.

IX – Timely Payment

Madrivo is reputed for making prompt payments to its publishers without any defaults. Its payouts are always on time and the network has 3 different payment options to choose from.


Madrivo has different support systems in place to enable advertisers and publishers to attain their goals.

The support team consists of highly-skilled marketers, technical staff, and customer support personnel ready to respond to your requests. The Madrivo tech team offers 24/7 support to users of its platform on any issues they are having.

There’s an integration team that is always on standby to assist with implementing the technology. Their objective is to make the process as seamless as possible for the publishers. The company assigns expert affiliate managers to assist with industry insights that help improve sales.

The support team of Madrivo can also be accessed via their official contact email address.


One of the great benefits of Madrivo is that its system encourages higher earnings for publishers. Advertisers can decide to pay higher for a competitive ad space which results in higher earnings. Also, publishers can decide to accept or reject an ad based on their earning potential.

Though advertisers only pay for a service after the required action has been taken, publishers are assured of prompt payout of earnings.

Madrivo does not have standard terms of payment as it deals with publishers based on individual campaigns. The ad network offers 3 different payment methods which include check, wire transfer, and ACH.

Also, there is no standard minimum payout threshold as this varies based on each campaign. However, when a publisher is able to earn $1,000+ in a week, there is room to negotiate for better payment terms.

There are other financial benefits for high performing publishers who distinguish themselves in their campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Madrivo

To round up on the objective review of Madrivo, let’s consider the pros and cons of using the ad network for publishers.


  • The ad network gives a lot of attention and support to its publishers as no other network would. Their account managers are always ready to assist in finding the best offers and insights on how to improve earnings
  • Madrivo is a reputed ad network known to be prompt in the payment of publishers’ earnings. This gives them the confidence to put in their best in promoting offers that belong to advertisers
  • The company has its own tracking software that is used to offer in-depth reports and insights to publishers. These insights are used by publishers to improve their campaigns and attain the highest ROI possible
  • Madrivo provides publishers with offers that have been tested and optimized to produce the best results.


  • Madrivo is an ad network that newbies to the world of affiliate would find difficult to join. Their high-quality traffic requirements are such that only experienced publishers are able to meet.


Affiliates have a vast array of ad networks that they can choose to join and earn income from. There are ad networks that almost anyone can join and there are ad networks that are choosy about those they accept as affiliates.

Madrivo is one elite ad network that delivers high-quality traffic sources to advertisers on its network. And to achieve this, the ad network ensures that only the best of publishers are allowed to join.

It has a strict vetting process that ensures only trusted brands have access to its ad network. Ads are screened by qualified attorneys before they are approved for promotion on the Madrivo network.

Madrivo boasts of a highly-qualified support team that offers excellent customer service and technical support. There are also affiliate managers that offer tools and insights to help affiliates improve earnings from their campaigns.

Affiliates have to go through a manual screening process before they are accepted on the Madrivo ad network. If you fall into the category of an elite publisher with proof of high-quality traffic then Madrivo is for you.

However, new affiliates will have to settle for other ad networks that have less stringent terms to join.

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