Top 17 Tactics to Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue

Google AdSense happens to be the most preferred advertising platform for bloggers and internet marketers all over the world. Website owners and bloggers can monetize their content through this advertising platform.

Google AdSense displays text advertisements or videos on your website. The blogger earns money each time a viewer clicks on the advertisement. Google AdSense displays its advertisements based on your content.

Driving traffic to your blog or website is very crucial, but it’s not the only factor to be considered. Apart from huge traffic, there are other factors to be considered in order to increase AdSense earnings such as, the position of the adverts on your site, the size of the advert, type of advert, and the cost per click for each advert.

A lot of advertisers trust Google with the placement of their advertisements. Many topnotch bloggers trust Google AdSense, because their payment seems to be higher than that of other advertising platforms, and also because your payments are guaranteed.

One area you should seriously give attention to is the placement of your advert. Do not place your advert in a way that entices viewers to click on the advert; that’s a violation of AdSense policy.

Also, to be on a safer side, never ask anyone to click on your advert. Just as long as you keep to the AdSense policy, you will never have a problem receiving your payment. While doing your keyword research, always take note of the CPC rates; the higher the CPC, the higher you get paid for each click.

In a quest to increase AdSense Revenue, most bloggers and internet marketers have made a lot of mistakes which had a negative impact on their AdSense accounts.

Before we explore the top 17 Tactics to boost your AdSense Revenue, ensure that you do not violate any of the rules listed below:

  • Buying of traffic or false clicks
  • Do not make your text advert look like plain text in order to entice your readers to click on it
  • Do not ask your friends or family members to click on your adverts.
  • Don’t place your advert on a site with inappropriate content such as adult content gambling.

If you’ve been searching for effective ways to increase your AdSense earnings for probably a long time, look no further.

Here’s a list of the top 17 and most effective ways to boost your Google AdSense Revenue:

1. Place Your Advert in Position Where Your viewers can see them

The position where the advert is placed is very crucial, and should not be taken for granted; it has a huge impact on the CPC rate. It’s much better to place your advert at the top of the website where viewers can easily see them.

Statistics have also shown that advert placed at the top of the website has a higher click-through rate and higher earning potential. But be careful not to place too many advertisements on the same page of your website; Google penalizes for this.

2. Publish Quality Content Frequently

The importance of quality content cannot be overemphasized. Writing very high quality content should be regarded as your core factor in your SEO strategy. Your blog post should be very readable, inspiring, informative and entertaining.

Just like it’s often said in the internet world today; content is King. One of the factors that determine the strength of any website is quality content. Publishing quality content makes your website rank higher, and even shows more often in Google search results.

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So, if you want to make your website visible and outstanding, then quality content must be published regularly. The more regularly you publish quality content on your website, the more traffic will be driven to your website. Quality content + right traffic = higher AdSense Revenue.

When you’re consistent enough to message your brand, your brand will grow faster. One way to build a solid relationship with your audience is by regularly publishing content that meets their needs and provides relevant answers to their questions.

The truth is that when you give your audience values without demanding anything from them in return, your audience will likely trust what you recommend to them.

Undoubtedly, you can increase the reputation of your brand by displaying the right content to the right audience, and at the right time. Your SEO efforts will be greatly enhanced, when you frequently produce high-quality content. When you consistently produce quality content, your online authority will be strengthened.

3. Increase Your Page Load Speed

Statistics have shown that people abandon websites with slow speed. Due to the recent improvement in technology, people want the information that they seek online to appear within a few seconds.

Kissmetrics statistics has shown that over 35% of consumers expect the webpage to load within 2 seconds or even less, and about 40% click away from any website delayed to open within those few seconds. You can increase the speed of your website by optimizing images and using simple designs; your site speed has a major impact when you’re improving bounce rate and SEO rankings.

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4. Remove Other Advertising Networks

If you want to make good money from AdSense, then consider removing other advertisements. Removing other adverts will not only increase your page load speed, but it will give Google AdSense ads more visibility, and that will also increase your AdSense revenue.

5. Work on the Advert Size

Horizontal advertisement has proven to be more effective than the vertical, because they are reader friendly. If you have placed vertical adverts in a web page without seeing much result, then consider placing it horizontally. If you want to better your advert performance, the best sizes to enhance it are:

Skyscraper (160×600), Large rectangle (336×280), Medium Rectangle (300×250) and Leaderboard (728×90)

6. Location and Type of Advert

The best area to place the Google AdSense ads is on the site content. A lot of bloggers often ignore the importance of link-based ads; they are not the same as banner ads. Those kinds of ads are placed at the header navigation bar. Both text and banner adverts work well if used the proper way.

7. AdSense Heat Map

If you design a website mainly to be used for AdSense, consider the AdSense heat map; this will help you come up with AdSense-optimized themes. The best size in this regard is around 160×600, 728×90 and 300×250.

8. Organic Traffic

If you’re new to SEO, then the term organic traffic might be really confusing.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is a term used in the online world to describe traffic sent directly to a website from a search engine result. When a user enters a search query into the search box, a series of results will be displayed.

As the user clicks on any of the search results, he/she will be redirected to the website. That kind of traffic is recorded by analytic tools as organic traffic because it came directly from the search engine.

Google AdSense ads work best when your traffic comes directly from search engines like Google search, Yahoo search, Bing search, etc.

Traffic sources are very crucial; traffic coming from tier 1 countries like UK and USA pay higher CPC.

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9. Using Relevant Ads

Google AdSense is a contextual ad network, which functions based on the content the users make use of; this means adverts are displayed based on the website content.

10. Blog Niche

Blog niche is a very important factor to consider; it has a major impact on traffic inflow to your blog. Recent Statistics has shown that niche blogs get more traffic than most websites with diverse niches.

Niche blogs attract more traffic and get higher Google AdSense revenue.

Why is niche blogging important?

One main advantage of niche blogging is that it attracts loyal readers. The truth is that if your readers love your content, they know what to expect from you; so they will always keep coming back for more, and that way, your Google AdSense revenue will be on the rise.

Another importance of niche blog is that your blog will gain authority in the eyes of search engines in your chosen niche.When people are directed from search engines to your blog, they will end up reading similar contents, and through that way your AdSense revenue will increase.

Why a niche blog is important to increase your AdSense revenue!

  • You can take advantage of ads that are targeted based on keywords and niche. And means more money for you
  • Making money with a niche blog is a lot easier
  • You can easily build a relationship with your audience and have the same people coming back for more
  • The cost of starting is not high and there’s less work involved
  • Because it’s a niche, you will only focus on 1 topic
  • Since a niche blog is solely based on keywords, you can do effective SEO campaigns

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11. Blending

It’s very important for the adverts displayed on a site to blend well with the website theme. The advert shouldn’t be too attractive and it should not stick out from the rest of the page, but should be a bit unique, so viewers can click on them.

Mixing and matching similar and complementary colors will go a long way. You can design your text ads with similar color and font styles with that of the content, and should let the background of your advert be a bit different.

12. Category Blocking

Advert placement has different lists of categories; you check categories that are not performing well and have them blocked. It’s very easy and stress-free to find those categories that are not performing well.

You should consider taking advantage of the categories feature to increase your Google AdSense earnings. Any category with a good percentage of impression and with low earnings percentage should be blocked.

13. Website Optimization

Optimization is simply the process of modifying a website with adverts in order to improve its usability and quality. In order to achieve the goal of increasing your Google AdSense revenue, It’s very expedient to optimize your AdSense ads implementation.

Website Optimization happens to be one area many bloggers neglect. If you make use of heavy graphics, images, videos and loads of adverts on your website, the load time will definitely become affected. Remove unnecessary graphics, images that affect the page load speed and optimize it to ensure it loads faster on all browsers.

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14. Placement Targeting:

Many bloggers are not implementing this idea. You have the option that allows you to add more details about your ad types when you create a channel.

You can then put up your advert for unction by opting for placement targeting in the market. The value of ads on your site goes up and it increases the competition. If you already have a custom channel and you want to enable placement targeting, log into your AdSense account, click on <my ads>, then on <Custom Chanel> and simply fill in the details, then put a checkmark on placement targeting.

15. AdSense Blacklist URLs

Many advertisers pay very little amounts of money per click. There are sites that show AdSense ads blacklist, or if you already have a list, you can block those advertisements

16. Find Your AdSense Referrers and Improve Them

The moment you connect your Google AdSense account with your Google Analytic account, you can view which referrer generated your AdSense revenue.

For example, if you notice that most of your AdSense revenue traffic comes from Facebook, then improve your presence on Facebook in order to increase your traffic and AdSense revenue.

17. Don’t Make Your Website Look Like it is Made for AdSense

Build your website or blog to solve a particular problem, or meet a particular want or needs. By meeting your Readers at the points of their needs, they will always come back to get similar solutions and your revenue will grow naturally.

The beauty of AdSense is that it enhances user experience by showing relevant adverts that may interest the user. Therefore, your focus shouldn’t be on adverts, but to enhance the user experience with quality content.


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