Top 21 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools that we can use in our digital marketing strategy. Among other things, it enables us to keep in touch with our customers and leads, whenever we have a quality database. But this is only one of the benefits of email marketing that you can utilize to the fullest in your business. If you want to know them all, keep reading.

What is Email Marketing?

On many occasions, we have a brief perception of email marketing. The fault is that some companies send thousands of worthless emails to people who have not given their consent to receive those messages. That’s not email marketing: it’s spamming, and spamming.

Email marketing consists of sending e-mails to a specific database with different objectives, such as selling a product, interacting with customers or generating loyalty for your company or website. But the key for an effective email marketing system and not to be considered as spam is relying on a proper and generated database from the information provided to us by our customers and contacts in a consented manner.

It is therefore not recommended to buy databases carrying out massive advert campaigns without these persons giving their permission. All of these measures are still of the utmost importance with the new Data Protection Act, which applies to all events in May 2018 and which gives greater control to users over their data.

In recent times, Marketers compiled prospects after which visitors would fill out registration forms and confirm that they’ll want to receive mail from a particular website.

Website owners also make use of automatic answering services (autoresponder) such as AWeber, MailChimp, constant content, etc, just for their email marketing campaign to be on autopilot.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Once we have a clear distinction between email marketing and spam, let us know what benefits you get from an effective email marketing campaign.

1. Increase Your Web Traffic

Sending emails to your prospects will help you increase your web traffic, even if it includes links to the same website or product. If you can write an attractive message and that the user opens the post, it is very likely that he clicks on the links embedded and, therefore, ends up visiting your blog or online store.

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2. It is a Direct and Personalized Communication Channel

The electronic mail allows us to create a flow of constant communication with our contacts in a direct and personalized way. With the majority of platforms used to manage email marketing, such as MailChimp or Sendinblue, you can include the name of the recipient and offer content based on your preferences. Thanks to this segmentation; the user realizes that you are addressing him/her exclusively and that he contributes to generating leads.

3. It is Easily Measurable

Any action that takes place in digital marketing must be measured to see that it is working and the email marketing is not an exception. The metrics that are offered to us on the different platforms that we use to send emails will give us very valuable information to assess the impact that we have had on our campaigns.

The most important can be the opening menu and the number of clicks on the links, but that’s not the only one we have to analyze.

 4. Directed and Returning Traffic

70% of your visitors will not return to your site if you do not notify them of new events or new content.

Then, how do you notify them?

The answer is simple; you need to retrieve the email of each visitor for the first time so in the future, if something is new on your site, he/she will be notified of the new content on your blog.

Email marketing will drive tons of return and targeted traffic to your blog. The reason is very simple. When we send the blog broadcast, subscribers open their emails and click through to your publications.

5. Effective for Building Strong Relationships

This is one particular benefit of email marketing that I cherish most. Assuming you want to send a wave of desire to all of your readers! How are you?

You cannot put a banner on your site and it is not possible to post messages to everyone on social networks. It is not just possible. The best way is to simply send mail and if you can do it with a single click. This is simply because if we send a mail often, it will help to build a relationship between the readers and the content producers (website owners).

6. It Provides a Better ROI

Hay three main sources to increase traffic: SEO, Social networks and email marketing

SEO is a long-term process that is very difficult to accomplish. It can take 3 months to classify a keyword. Even our SEO tips and tricks work very well, but after all, they are not a cheap technique.

Social networks are a great way to drive traffic, but they are not long-lasting. A promissory time in vivo for the Facebook post is one hour and for an Instagram post is 3 hours.

But in the electronic mail, the life span might last for a longer period.

7. Provide Fast SEO Results

I mentioned that SEO takes time, needs patience. If we try to build backlinks quickly, Google thinks it’s spam and could penalize our site. So, there is a risk factor in SEO as well. But in email marketing, there is no fear of being penalized.

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It provides the result of the day. You can measure your success as you progress. So you don’t have to wait.

8. You Can Use it Again

We assume that a blog reader will become your subscriber in 2017. But the loveliness of email marketing campaigns is that “you can send it in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, even in 2020”.

It does not close due to expiry.

9.  It’s Cheaper Than SEO and Social Media

SEO is hard and expensive too. It takes months to get the SEO result. You might even become so discouraged with all your unsuccessful SEO strategy at some point; this is why email marketing is a better choice compared to other forms of generating traffic.

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10. Consume less time

There are many webmasters who have established a follow-up series for 365 days and hacked dinners.

Email marketing is a type of “system configuration and maintenance.” Simply set up some electronic tracking devices, and their automated email tools will do the rest for you.

If you were on my list, you would have noticed that you get an email delivered every day for 7 P.M. for 7 days a week. In reality, I send them daily. They’re already on autopilot.

Now my email responders have set everything for me automatically, even when there is no need to start a session in your name.

11. Privacy

Your friends can see what you’re sharing on your Facebook wall. But in email marketing, no one else can see what is being sent. It is the best source for generating traffic without compromising your privacy.

12. I Could Do a Survey

You want a touch-up on your blog. Then, the best way to know what your audience wants is, simply sending the survey form within your electronic mail and they can be filled out by your subscribers.

Many electronic mail automation services provide this type of tool in any way that can be integrated into a single survey.

13. More Confidence

When someone registers and sends his e-mail address, he trusts your service or the content you publish on your website and doesn’t want to miss any new update at any time. This thought makes it possible for your subscribers to trust you more than any other person.

14. The Money is On The List

Every successful Internet provider accepts it. It is also 100% accurate with it. The cash really depends on the list. If you have 1000 email subscribers on your list, you can send your affiliate link with just one click at any time.

You just create an awesome product and you want to sell it in the best way you can. Simply create a post and send it to your thousands of subscribers at any time.

15. Guarantees Steady Website Visitors

Many people will always check their mail folders; Check their inbox every five minutes. People who are on your checklist review their mailing list once a day. As long as your subscribers understand that there is something of quality published on your blog, they will come to your site whenever you have a new update.

16. It Will Never be Prohibited. Like Social Media Networks

Each social networking site has its own norms and values. If I infringe due to an error in some rules, they might decide to block my account as a form of penalty for going against their set of rules.

Or how would you feel if your Facebook page has not been published? I’m sure you’ll be very sad. But in the case of email marketing, there are no rules. You can send what your audience wants.

17. Organized Databases

Starting your email marketing strategy also allows you to start organizing your database, maintaining it and becoming aware that it is the main asset of your business. Prospects can also use some new web forms to earn new subscribers and lists to grow your database if you want to increase the potential audience for your services.

Email marketing also allows you to have this list updated, organized and also communicating with it constantly.

18. Providing Added Value

Email marketing can be that added value that differentiates your service from what it offers to your competitors. If you follow up with the audience and email marketing deliveries remain the best … they can represent an important competitive advantage over your rivals.

Intelligently use the tool and maximize your profit.

19. Market intelligence

Through email marketing you can make periodic surveys and questionnaires to measure the level of customer satisfaction; get to your audience, get information from your email subscribers.

The email is versatile enough so you can inquire about your subscribers the service you choose: directing them to a landing page on your web; directly pointing to a specialized site where they could create your survey online; through something like “survey for reward”, etc.

20. Offering Discounts and Promotions

In addition to your services, through emails, you can also offer discounts, promotions and special bonuses. This will allow you to get the maximum profitability out of your services and, on the other hand, also utilize all the data from your email marketing platform for promos and profitability.

21. Total and Continuous Connection

Email marketing allows service companies to engage in 360-degree, comprehensive strategies. You can link them to all communication channels that you decide to use to promote your service: traditional, less conventional and digital.

What Are The Best Tools for Automatic Answering/Email Marketing?

Many people reported that they’ve tried out Constant Content, MailChimp and Aweber. After 4 months with them, there is no prohibition without prior notice. I was also able to download my list of subscribers.

In the next few hours, I found Aweber with his 30 days of free trials and since that moment I have no problem with them as well. Everything works fine.

You have many features that you will have access to in the first free months, set up an unlimited campaign, create unlimited tracking series, and collect unlimited seeds. This is why most successful sellers use Aweber.

Basic Email Marketing Techniques

Basic techniques are simple. You must configure the registration forms in which visitors will be lured to click more. You can gift free products just to get more Signups.

Once you confirm Signups, you can send them to your sales page. If you have no product that can redirect your affiliate page, you can also send a follow-up series with your affiliate products. One of the unique and lovely things about email marketing is that “everything will be in auto-Pilot”


If you want to be successful as a blogger, you need to focus on email marketing right now. It is also relevant to know when you need to launch the email marketing campaign. You can keep track of what time your emails get the best response. Besides, you can send emails congratulating parties or birthdays to your users.

What do you think about email marketing? Is it still effective or not? Whatever your opinion is, share it. Do you think there are other benefits to email marketing? Are you ready to become part of an affiliate marketing community that has all you need to be successful in an ideal online business? Read my review of this Online Business Community and change your lifestyle for the better.

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