ClickBank Review: A Good Program or Just another Scam?

Clickbank is adjourned to be one of the biggest platforms on the internet. The company was created far back in 1998 by a group of entrepreneurs and it currently boasts of over 200 million customers from all walks of life.

Clickbank is an online top retailer that is committed to giving customers the best taste as well as empowering online entrepreneurs. It is more than just an average affiliate network. They pay attention mostly to digital products manufactured by entrepreneurs all across the whole world.

Clickbank has been around for about 17 years and has since made a solid reputation for itself having over 200 million customers to prove that.

Clickbank is also a platform for all new and returning affiliates to work together and earn a certain commission as returns for themselves.

It is quite easy to sign up on Clickbank as a Vendor to promote, advertise, host and market your digital products within the marketplace. You can also sign up as an affiliate and generate earnings by promoting the range of digital products in the marketplace.

It is a platform that gives digital creators access to put up their digital products by providing a solid and reliable marketplace. Affiliate marketers leverage their affiliate links to promote products in order to earn commissions.

Having given you a total breakdown of what Clickbank is all about, I do feel the need to drive you into a more detailed review of Clickbank by highlighting its Pros and Cons and, interestingly, this will give you an insight into whether it is a scam or a valuable resource to affiliate marketers out there.

What Type of Products are Hosted/Promoted on ClickBank?

Affiliates sell and promote a whole lot of digital products which range from website templates, webinars, games eBooks, software and so on. And there are various niches and categories that have their products readily available on Clickbank. These niches include Sports, health, food, travel, fitness and exercise, software, home garden etc.

This is an indication that Clickbank space is such an amazing place to search products you’ll host and promote as an affiliate.

What Did These Products Actually Look Like?

Of course, most of these products are very good and originally in good shape.

While a lot of the products are genuinely good, there’s always been a problem with ClickBank hosting a lot of low-end, poor quality, and sometimes scam products.

The kinds of products I’m talking about are the notorious “Money Making Systems” and “Get Rich Fast Schemes”, often promoted through tacky banner ads, aggressive sales videos, copy-and-paste sales email templates, etc.

Yes, there is still plenty of this kind of crap hosted and sold on ClickBank. Sadly, you just have to be smart and skip them, if you have the time and energy.

Now, I’m not saying all the systems sold through ClickBank are bad, but I’m always dubious about wasting my money on any false promises when I know firsthand how hard you have to work to get real genuine results with your online business. I’m sure you would agree, right?

For the genuine stock of digital products available to promote through ClickBank, there are still reasons to use ClickBank as an affiliate.

Here is a list of the products you can purchase and promote as an affiliate through ClickBank:

  • SEOPressor Connect (WordPress SEO Plugin)
  • Affilorama – Affiliate marketing training.
  • ClickBank University (Strategic training for successfully promoting ClickBank and other affiliate products)
  • EasyAzon – Premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.
  • Fotor (Powerful online photo editor)

How Do Affiliates Get Paid and How Often?

For those who signed up to ClickBank a couple of years ago, the only available method for paying affiliates was through check. Since some years now, things have completely changed, as you can now easily get paid through check or straight up in your bank account.

And if you are unsure about the number of times you are going to get paid, you can easily set this frequency to a weekly or bi-weekly, having it in mind that whatever threshold you set is attended to first.

Take for example, if your threshold is $200 bi-weekly and you were able to earn more than this amount in each period, you will get paid on time. If you don’t earn enough, you won’t be paid until you meet up with the threshold and that’s reasonable enough.

What’s So Good about ClickBank? (The Good)

ClickBank has been around for such a long period of time simply because it has so many amazing features, so to start with:

  • A well established affiliate network: ClickBank has been around for a long time, since 1998 and it is one of the biggest affiliate network sites available online. It has thousands of digital products to choose from in every niche you can think of or imagine.
  • So many trusted products: There are a whole lot of trusted and reputable products on ClickBank and these are the products that have been tested and well proven beyond reasonable doubts; the only challenge is about searching for them, which is not quite easy.
  • Proper documented knowledge base for both vendors and affiliates: There are proper knowledge base and resources that vendors and affiliates can learn from.
  • There is a consistent payment for affiliates: Payments are made as at when due without issues and you can easily set up your payment threshold.
  • There are so many useful and nice products that can help in research and reporting tools
  • Money back guarantee: Most notable products on ClickBank do come with a money back guarantee; this is a good marketing point and can help increase sales as well as help in increasing your affiliate commissions.

There is a platform on ClickBank that is targeted towards organizing trainings on how to be active and successful as a Clickbank affiliate marketer.

There is a whole lot more that Clickbank offers which has always made it a good platform for affiliates and customers over the years. Some of these include:

Free Startup: Clickbank is fast and easy for all affiliate marketers; it is easy to join and register without any challenge.

There is up to 75% commission: Each vendor sets their different commissions and this is always a bit higher than the average.

Recurring commissions: There is a privilege given by Clickbank through upsells which gives affiliates the chance to earn more than the same amount for the same effort.

There is up to date ClickBank Analytics that show affiliates data tables and statistics which give them all the information they require to succeed.

It also supports a low payment threshold, i.e. you can select as low as $10 to withdraw.

Clickbank has multiple payment options now which include direct deposit, wire transfer or Payoneer.

Cons of Clickbank

Having highlighted the good things about Clickbank, this review won’t be complete without stating the downsides. Below are some areas where the program can improve on:

Clickbank refund Policy: Though Clickbank boasts of an amazing refund policy and this is great for customers, it is not the best for an affiliate. It can really devour your whole profit. Though this doesn’t appear like a big problem, sometimes it can be very disappointing and tough. This is one of the reasons you should always choose great quality products to promote.

There is tough Competition: Since ClickBank is a popular and well-known affiliate platform, you have to get ready to face a whole lot of competition because there are so many other affiliates who are trying to sell the most profitable and highly sought-after products on the database. You might get buzzed out of the game if you don’t have the willingness to Compete.

Clickbank Payment method: Though ClickBank pays on a regular basis, this is not just the best they can do in terms of payment. According to Clickbank, you must make a whole lot of sales in order for you to get paid. Moreover, you need to have different methods of payment already set up. Be it PayPal or credit cards, this process is stressful when compared to other affiliate programs.

The Best Ways/Tips to Earn Money on Clickbank

It is very much easy to pick through a product but this is not sufficient to earn an income on ClickBank. Expert affiliates have it that it doesn’t really matter which affiliate program you sign up with. If you are clueless about the basic principles and guidelines of affiliate marketing, then it is not likely that you are going to succeed.

The best and most reliable affiliate concepts will definitely go well with any available affiliate program.

There are as well other things to keep in mind when selling Clickbank products that are not in line with other programs.

First, ClickBank sells digital products; this surely means that the marketing techniques and strategies to be used will be different from that of Amazon Program.

Digital products sell more quickly and help to generate large profits if you can market them online without stress.

It is advisable and ideal to provide your audience with useful tips, which will describe the product and its functions to the audience.

You can as well choose to review the product; this will help you generate more traffic to almost all your content and it will surely boost your potential earnings.

You can also provide tips and guides that will serve as motivation, walking people through how to use all these products in a unique way.

Always be sure your content is well written and has great value. Your content must be of great benefit to the audience one way or the other. You need to spend some time on your reviews and guides and make sure you perfect everything you need to work on in order to make the content of great quality before publishing it.

Another thing is that great content stands a better chance of getting found on Google. In order to make your content rank better, you must implement the white hat SEO tactics. You can master it as a skill or can as well hire someone else to get it done on your behalf but your major target should be to reach the first page of Google search results.

All these methods are proven methods that have been ascertained to be the best. Product review is one of the best methods to use when it comes to selling digital products online as an affiliate marketer.

Implement this strategy and it is certain that you will get a good chance of making it with ClickBank and every other affiliate program that deals in digital products.

Follow this technique and you’ll have a good chance of succeeding with ClickBank and every other affiliate program that deals in digital products. Though there are other ways to go about it, product reviews always get loads of views and people really want to read. What this implies is that higher traffic results in higher sales.

Sure, there are other methods out there. But product reviews consistently get tons of views, and people actually want to read them. Higher traffic equals higher sales – it’s just that simple.

So, Is ClickBank Worth It?

Are you seriously wondering over this question if Clickbank is truly worth your time, energy or attention as an affiliate or you should try another affiliate programs on the web?

The honest answer is that ClickBank is truly worth a try; the program is up and running smoothly and is still making people tons of money.

Another thing is that you will have a lot of affiliates to compete with when you sign up with ClickBank, but in general, don’t let all these cons get you discouraged from trying out this program. Apparently, bad and low-quality things always find their way into all affiliate programs of today, especially anything having to do with digital products.


Do you want to give Clickbank a try? Start promoting the Clickbank digital products through your site and make a whole lot of commissions for just introducing some products to friends. While planning to start doing this, you may be worried about how you’re going to set up your personal website. I’ve got the best site builder platform for you – an online business community! Learn more through this route.

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  1. For any affiliate marketer, we all should know about clickbank. This is one of  the best affiliate program offering platforms out there and I am pleased to read a comprehensive review here about them. Though, one has to be extra careful due to some scamming programs on it, however,it can be the best place to get products to market out.

    • Most welcome, Darmi! Agreed, ClickBank is one of the largest digital marketing platforms you can explore to promote any digital products of your choice. Most vendors are willing to pay commissions at the rate of 75% and there’s no limit to how much you can earn daily, weekly, or monthly. Thanks for stopping by Darmi, drop by anytime!

  2. Thank you so much for presenting such a great article on ClickBank. ClickBank is a platform where digital products are sold and affiliate marketers sell these products to earn good affiliate commissions. Although Clickbank has some disadvantages, it is a very popular platform for affiliate marketers from which they can earn passive income. I myself work in the affiliate program of Click Bank and I am earning good money from here. So I would say they are affiliate marketers they can definitely do affiliate marketing through ClickBank where they pay a lot more commission.

    • Thanks for your comment, armanrafsan! Good to know you have been an affiliate of ClickBank promoting ClickBank digital products from the comfort of your home! One of the most interesting things about being a ClickBank affiliate is that payments are disbursed on the 1st and 16th of every month. Thanks again for your comment,drop by anytime!

  3. Hello Margan, thanks for taking the time to share this article and I feel happy about it. Some of us have little knowledge about click bank and so far I have seen some really impressive this about this platform and and so it’s really nice. However, I have been really keen on learning more about it’s affiliate system and from here it’s very great. Cheers

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lawson! Appreciate your  comment on my ClickBank review! ClickBank is a digital marketing network where hundreds of thousands of products are listed for promotion and affiliates are paid up to a 70% commission rate. Thanks again for stopping by, stop by anytime!

  4. Hey there, thank you so much for this review. I have heard about click bank before, it is really a nice platform, also one of the best, reading your article also helped me learn more about the platform. The pros outweigh the cons a million times, I would highly recommend click bank to a friend or anyone interested in digital marketing 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Collins! Yeah, ClickBank is one of the largest digital marketplaces in the world and you have tens of thousands of digital products at your disposal to promote and earn from. Most products would earn you up to 75% affiliate commissions. Thanks again for stopping by Collins, drop by anytime!


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