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By | June 16, 2020

Have you got original articles that you would like to get paid for? Or maybe you’re a recently groomed freelance writer and you want to sell your services.

I’m well aware that many content mills require you to be an experienced writer before welcoming you aboard.

But this content mill will have none of that. You could be a freshly baked writer for all they care about.

All that is required is a good command of written English and a mind for original content.

Our review is on ContentGather, one mill that offers unique value to writers. But before you get right to it, let’s provide you with the details about this platform.

After reading this review, you would know if ContentGather is the right platform to sell your writing services.

A Brief Overview  of ContentGather

ContentGather is a unique content mill designed to service content writers and consumers. Content writers are able to sell pre-written articles or offer their writing services while content users or consumers are able to pay for original articles or engage writers.

Freelance writers of any skill level or experience can sign up on ContentGather to sell their articles or services. Unlike most other content mills that require each writer to possess reasonable writing experience, ContentGather takes them as they come.

But you must demonstrate a good grasp of written English, even if it isn’t your native language.

Freelance writers are allowed to set prices for their content, although ContentGather provides a price range depending on your skill level.

Content consumers are generally website owners who use these contents on their platforms. They require that your content must be original and well-written.

Once your content meets their criteria, they pay you whatever price you set for your article.

ContentGather earns 20% for any of your articles that have been bought. Depending on your level on ContentGather, you could be paid 10% for your article the moment it is approved for sale.

ContentGather provides a good means for you to earn money for your pre-written articles, as long as it meets their requirements.

Let’s explore some benefits that any freelance writer should expect on ContentGather.

Benefits of ContentGather to Freelance Writers

1 – Get Paid For Already-Written Articles

Situations may have led to you having previously-written articles in your hands.

There are times when a written piece is rejected by a client because it does not meet the client’s requirements. Or a client who may have requested you to write an article but stop communicating with you later on.

Or maybe you are in the habit of writing blog posts even when no clients requested them.

The bottom line is that you found yourself with some articles that are not immediately useful to you.

So what do you do with all those articles?

You quietly package them for sale on ContentGather. At least you’re assured of getting a fair amount for any of the articles sold there.

2 – No Experience Required For Writers

So you have tried signing up on a content mill before, but got rejected because you had no writing experience.

This is very common with a lot of the content mills out there.

And quite frankly, I don’t blame them for placing this hurdle on writers.

I guess ContentGather was created to fill up that need for new writers, although there is some limit placed on the specific amount new writers can charge for their articles or services.

If you love to write and you need to get paid while at it, then ContentGather gives you the opportunity to achieve that. And it does so without minding your level of experience.

3 – Increase Your Earnings

Starting out isn’t so much fun as you are able to earn at the rate of $0.01 to $0.03 per word.

But the good thing about this platform is that your earning potentiality increases as your skill level grows.

At the onset, there is a limit beyond which you can charge for your articles. After growing through the skill ranks, you will be able to earn a maximum of $0.12 per word for your articles.

The five levels on ContentGather are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. As you progress higher, you earn higher.

Keep in mind that ContentGather gets 20% off whatever you earn on each article.

4 – Freedom to Write in Whatever Niche

Content consumers will always expect you to write articles in a chosen niche.

Let’s say a blog owner in the Pets niche contracts you for writing gigs. It is almost certain that you will be writing posts in the Pets niche or related industry.

But when it comes to ContentGather, you are given the freedom to write content for any niche.

That means you can write for your preferred audience or any topic that resonates with you. The only thing you have to consider is, if the niche you’re writing for has good sale value.

This freedom is priceless if you are someone who loves to write on inspired ideas on thoughts.

5 – You Choose

Apart from choosing from a range of niches to write about, you can also choose how to earn on ContentGather.

There are two options which include writing articles to be sold on the marketplace. Or offering writing service to those who may need articles created based on their specs.

There are no limitations placed on any writers as you can choose to both sell your articles and writing services.

6 – Helps You Strive For the Best

Before any article is approved for sale, it has to go through a strict screening process. The team of in-house editors has to go through each article manually based on the company’s rules.

If any work is rejected, the writer is notified of the reasons for rejection and requested to make corrections before resubmitting the article.

This feedback process helps writers learn from their mistakes and improve their writing skills

So, you become better at writing with time, as you create articles on ContentGather.

Let’s find out more about ContentGather by highlighting some salient features of the content mill.

Features of ContentGather

1. Great platform for freelance writers to sell their content and services. You can provide pre-written articles for sale, or offer writing services to those who need them.

2. Choose from a wide range of topics, niches, or industries to write about provided the topics fall under any of the categories found on ContentGather.

3. The company may be quite new in the content mill space. But it has within itself a combined experience spanning 3 decades. That’s a whole lot of experience packed into one content mill.

4. The platform is a go-to for website owners that require different content types like blog posts, press releases, produce reviews, and tutorials. Other kinds of contents that can be accessed are how-tos and product descriptions.

5. Less stringent requirements for joining ContentGather when you compare it to other content mills. You are not required to possess any kind of writing experience before you can join.

Also, you have to ensure that all the contents that you submit are original. Or else you may have to face some form of penalty for submission of plagiarized content. The sign-up process is quite easy and straightforward even for those who haven’t used a content mill before.

6. The minimum word count that is expected of writers is 250, while 1,500 is the maximum word count. There are, however, special cases where a piece of content exceeds 1,500 words.

7. Access for writers to get custom jobs or earn higher depends on their writer’s level and rating. ContentGather uses 5-level grading for writers which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

8. The overall writer rating is measured by four different measurements (also ratings).

9. Payment to writers is made through PayPal, making PayPal account ownership a requirement for joining. A PayPal account is free to set up but it imposes restrictions on some countries.

10. ContentGather receives a commission of 20% on whatever you earn from the sale of your content or custom job.

Let’s say you earn $5 for a piece of content sold in its marketplace. ContentGather is entitled to $1 (which is 20% of $5) while you keep the rest.

What You Should Know About ContentGather Before Joining

Any freelance writer can get signed up to ContentGather and start earning almost immediately. But you need some info that will help you optimize the use of the platform.

You need to have attained the age of 16 years before you can sign up.

You need to have a good grasp of the English language, though you are not required to reside in an English speaking country. Or for that matter to be a native English speaker, even though this gives you an edge.

Once signed up on the platform, you will need to submit an article of 250 – 1,500-word count for approval, which will be reviewed and accepted or sent back to you for editing if rejected.

If approved, you get a percentage of the earnings on that article. If rejected, reasons for rejection will be stated and you will be expected to submit it again after you have edited it.

If your article is rejected a total of three times, you will not be able to submit it again. Once approved, your article is placed in the ContentGather marketplace and it ceases to become yours.

Your first article is important because it is used to measure your baseline writing skills and determine custom jobs you can access.

Now that you’ve got a good picture of how things work over there, let’s explore the payments.

ContentGather Pay Rate

Before you submit an article, you will have to choose how much you want to be paid for it. The new entrant will start at Bronze level meaning you can only charge $0.01 to $0.03 per word.

As your reputation level increases, you can grow your earnings by up to $0.12 per word.

Ensure that the rates you set for your article truly reflects its value. You have to follow this rule if you want your articles to be considered by the buyers.

The team at ContentGather is at liberty to reject your submitted article if they think your rate is higher than the value of your work.

Another thing to keep in mind is the 20% commission that the company takes for every article sold on its platform.

Pros and Cons of ContentGather


  • You the freedom to write articles on any topics or niches that you like. All you’ve got to do is ensure that your articles fall under any of the categories on ContentGather
  • Any original articles of ours can be sold as long as they meet ContentGather criteria.
  • Writers can also earn money on ContentGather by writing custom content for website owners.


  • Your articles could take a very long time before they are bought, that’s if you ever get buyers for them
  • The 20% commission charged by the company is a bit on the high side if you compare it with other content mills.


Freelance writers have a number of options when it comes to choosing a platform to sell their services. They can decide to sell their services or sell their articles on ContentGather.

That’s because the platform connects writers with site owners who seek content for their sites.

Writers are given the freedom to write in whatever topic or niche that they choose to.

Once an article is written and submitted, the ContentGather team evaluates that before approving it.

After approval, the writer is paid part of the earnings, and the article becomes the property of ContentGather.

This platform is a great place for new writers to join and develop their writing skills. There is no need for experienced writing before you can join ContentGather. And the sign-up process is quite simple even for new writers.

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