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ContentGather Review

Have you got original articles that you would like to get paid for? Or maybe you’re a recently groomed freelance writer and you want to sell your services. I’m well aware that many content mills require you to be an experienced writer before welcoming you aboard. But this content mill will have none of that.… Read More »

15 Amazing Benefits of Content Marketing to Your Business

Behind every successful product is an effective content marketing strategy. Content marketing may be new to some people, but the concept has existed long before the internet. History tells us that the content marketing concept existed long before the trans-Atlantic trade. Over 3,000 years ago, Arab merchants traveled around the world peddling their wares and… Read More »

Step by Step Guide to Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Ever seemed like all your SEO efforts were wasted? No matter what you did, Google never ranked your site higher. You have followed all the rules for topping the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), but yet search traffic eludes you. Right now, you are thinking if Google is the problem. Or maybe Google algorithm has… Read More »

How to Use Rel=Canonical to Improve Your Site’s SEO

Ever found yourself in a situation where you publish the same content on multiple sites? I know what you’re probably thinking; that it is an SEO infraction and that this situation would attract a penalty from our big brother search engine. Incidentally, having content duplicated on different sites doesn’t make Google penalize you, as many… Read More »