Convertri Review: The Fastest Sales Funnel Builder

Every business, whether online or offline, requires customers to grow and thrive.

For online business, there has to be a systemic way to capture the right audience. Move them along the sales funnel, and convert into sales. If you are able to do this effectively, you will experience increased sales and revenue.

You need the right marketing and sales tools to build effective sales funnels – one that will create the best user experience for your audience and your customer.

From experience, I’ve found out that there isn’t the best tool for any industry, but you can get the ideal tool that suits your particular needs, or business needs.

This is a Convertri review showing you the benefits, features, pros, cons, and pricing for the tool. My goal is to help you see if this tool is the ideal page builder for your business needs.

Let’s kick off this review with a basic intro of the “fastest” sales page builder.

Overview of Convertri

Convertri is an affordable sales funnel builder for products, services, and subscription sellers. It’s a tool that handles all your needs for landing page creation, split testing, and improved user experience.

This cool tool was created by Andy Fletcher, a renowned software developer, and highly skilled online marketer whose goal was to create a marketing system that lets you create and set up fast landing pages.

Today, landing pages from Convertri are adjudged to be the fastest in the industry, with proof to show.

Convertri is a loaded package with so many features and benefits for your online business. No matter what kind of products you sell, this marketing tool can help boost your business.

Our next stop is a profile of the main benefits you will derive from using the tool.

Convertri Benefits

Listed are the main benefits of using Convertri:

1 – Fastest Loading Pages

It has become more difficult to hold an internet user’s attention for a long period of time. In fact, you need to arrest a person’s attention within the first 5 seconds after clicking on your URL.

And if your sales funnel page takes longer than that to load, you will be missing out on business prospects. In view of this, the creator of Convertri set out to build one of the fastest loading landing pages.

Using Accelerated Page Technology, Convertri is able to achieve a full page load within 3 seconds. Landing pages that are built on Convertri are pre-optimized using AMP.

Also, the software makes use of its own CDN, shrinks its codes (JavaScript and HTML) to the smallest sizes before delivering.

With this setup, your landing pages will load super fast, increasing your chances of conversion.

2 – Build Landing Pages with Ease

Ease of use is a top priority for choosing any software tool that your business will be using. And that’s because you or your team members don’t need to spend time learning how to use the tool.

For Convertri, this is one of the great benefits that you will enjoy when you leverage its page builder.

It is a drag-and-drop landing page builder that lets you create and test landing pages instantly. You will find it very easy to add texts, media files, and moving buttons on your landing page.

The builder is so intuitive that any user can easily find their way around. This tool saves you so much money and time while creating a landing page because you won’t have to spend time learning the ropes of Convertri.

There are frameworks given to you within which to create your landing pages. And even if you make errors while at it, you will find it also easy to reverse such errors.

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3 – Mobile Optimized Landing Pages

There are two main reasons every web asset has to be optimized for mobile devices.

More than half of your visitors will visit your landing and sales pages through mobile devices. And a mobile-optimized website will ensure great user experience for them.

The second reason is the fact that Google uses this as a metric for search ranking. So if your pages aren’t optimized for mobile, you don’t get the best spots on Google search ranking.

That said; Convertri helps you build mobile-optimized landing pages and sales pages for your users. This means that you will be able to convert more of those who access your site through mobile.

What Convertri does is to convert the desktop version of your pages into a mobile version. That way, devices of various sizes and platforms still display your pages very well. And all you need to convert from desktops to the mobile version is the click of a button.

This will help improve your ability to convert both desktop and mobile users.

4 – 14-Day Trial Period

Being your first time on Convertri, you are offered a free 14-day trial period on the tool.

This trial period is designed to give you the first-hand experience of Convertri features. However, you will be expected to fill in card details when you sign up for the free trial period.

If after the trial period you do not find the tool suitable for your business needs, you can call it quits.

5 – Ideal for Startups and Small Businesses

It is true that businesses of all sizes have the need for marketing solutions. In order to create effective sales funnels, you need to work with the right tools.

But due to budget constraints, all businesses may not be able to afford high-end solutions. And that doesn’t mean that they should not have access to sales funnel builders.

That’s why Convertri is a great tool for startups, small businesses, and enterprises with a low budget. The prices are affordable and it offers the right tools for creating effective landing pages.

Main Features of Convertri

Here are the basic features of Convertri:

I – Create Professional-Looking Funnels

Users have a powerful tool that can be used to create any kind of sales funnel. And these funnels will look as professional as other good-looking ones.

You can create funnels to suit different kinds of audiences on your site which include online shopping, webinar, software products, and many other kinds.

Its drag-and-drop builder lets you decide on which ones you want to create, and gives you the right tools to use. Businesses usually have different kinds of customers for different products and services.

While using Convertri, you can create unique landing pages for each type of customer.

II – Easy to Use Page Creator

Even if you do not have any design skills, Convertri will still serve your purpose.

Using its page creator, you will find it very easy to edit any texts by using the “Edit” button. In case you want the button moved from left to right, it’s an easy task that can be done.

Instead of having to bother with design codes while building your landing page, a simple drag-and-drop feature gets the job done.

So you find that it will only take you a few minutes to create landing pages that look very professional.

III – Convertri Integrations

It’s quite possible to have API access for most online services that your business uses. Let’s say you have webinar accounts that you need to work with on Convertri.

Within a couple of seconds you can have them set up and ready to go. Convertri offers HTML integrations which are quite easy to implement and get working.

If you have an online store, then you won’t have any issues with integrating your store, as Convertri comes with in-built shopping cart integration for online stores which can be used to set up both regular and subscription-based payments.

If you offer a test payment plan for any of your products, you can set it up. If you have some users who find it difficult to pay the regular price for products, you can set up something more personal for them.

IV – A/B Testing

This is an effective method for testing different elements of two different landing pages. You can test font style, size, page colors, CTA buttons, and a whole lot of elements of any landing page.

From the tests, you will find out which versions of your landing pages appeal most to your customers.

V – Convertri Funnel Planner

This is a visual tool that you and your team can use for planning and designing funnels. With this tool, you will find that there isn’t any need to keep on using whiteboards for designing funnels.

It’s a time-saving method that you can use to create effective funnels to drive your marketing. The Convertri page editor is also a funnel that you can use to customize pages to suit your taste.

VI – Templates to Choose From

Convertri offers different templates for users to choose the best fit for their business. From these, you will be able to discover the sales page and funnel templates that you can use.

It’s just that these templates may not completely suit your particular needs, so you have to edit them. By the way, these templates are free while your plan determines how many templates you can access.

They are even optimized for conversion and they load extremely fast on desktop and mobile devices.

You may have to customize the images, texts, and other template elements. But doing this won’t take you so much time, as long as you know what you’re doing.

If you are on the Basic plan, there is a limit to the number of templates you can use, but when you upgrade your plan further, that number increases.

VII – Sticky Headers and Pop-up Boxes

Sticky headers and pop-ups are effective for attracting attention to your special offers. If well used, they will earn you higher up-sells and sales conversion.

When some conditions are met, pop-ups and sticky bars are displayed to your audience. For instance, if a person clicks on a downward link, a pop-up with the message “Enter email to start downloading” will appear.

Registering for a Free Conversion Trial

Convertri is an affordable tool for businesses of all sizes, though there is a free trial for new users. This lasts for 14 days within which you would have reached a decision whether to continue or not.

Once this free trial is complete, you can select a plan based on your needs and budget. The different packages differ in features such as the number of impressions, number of funnels, and number of pages. You will also find that the number of templates you can access depends on the plan that you choose.

Convertri Pricing and Plans

I – Standard Plan – This will cost you $53 per month and includes 25,000 impressions, 50 funnels, and 500 landing pages.

The Standard Plan also includes A/B split testing, and 45 templates to choose from.

II – Pro Plan – This costs $58 per month which consists of 100,000 impressions and 250 funnels. You also build 25,000 fast landing pages plus 30 custom domains, A/B testing, free SSL, more than 200 templates, and page importer features.

Pro plan users also gain access to dynamic text replacement and the inclusion of team members.

III – Agency Plan – This will cost $166 per month and it consists of 400,000 impressions per month plus all features of the other plans.

Subscribers can also create 10,000 fast loading pages and over 1,000 funnels, and also include sub-accounts.

Pros and Cons of Convertri


  • It is an ideal tool for growing businesses that need feature-rich tools for managing sales funnels
  • Offers you the ability to create one of the fastest landing pages that can be made
  • The sales page editor provides an interface that is very easy to use for anyone.


  • If you are in the business of selling physical products, you will need to put in a lot of effort to use this tool
  • You are required to include your card details while signing up for the free trial on Convertri.


Your choice of tools will always affect the outcome of all your marketing campaigns; for instance, the tools used for creating sales pages, landing pages, and the whole sales funnel!

Convertri is a great tool that you can use for creating all these marketing and sales assets. And one more thing, the software creates the fastest landing pages known to online marketers.

We have reviewed the product here and offered you great insights to help you decide. There’s a free 14- day trial period for you to test Convertri before choosing any of the plans.

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