Top 8 Landing Page Builders to Build Your Affiliate Business Pages

A landing page is a web page that is created for marketing or advertising campaigns. Once visitors click on a link that advertises your product or service, the link is to lead them to your landing page where they can know more about your product and where you can funnel them up to the point at which they make a purchase.

The main purpose of a landing page is to encourage users to take any action that will increase the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns.

In recent times, landing pages have become really easy to create. You do not need so much programming knowledge before you can set up a landing page for your business. It has become quite possible to build a landing page in less than five minutes.

Create an Ideal Landing Page

When you advertise your products and services, your customers may not convert so easily right after seeing your ads. You may need to motivate them further like furnishing them with more information that can persuade and commit them to make a purchase.

A potential customer will need to be convinced about why he needs your product and information like the benefits he will derive from purchasing your product. This is why a landing page is really important. With a landing page, you can guide your customers as you funnel them until they take action.

Benefits of Creating Your Landing Page with a Landing Page Builder

When you use a landing page builder, you can easily create your pages without having any coding knowledge or experience. You will be able to access pre-designed templates that you can choose from as you design your pages.

This saves you a lot of time as you try to plan the right design and set up your landing page. The pre-made designs are usually very responsive to any device and you will not have to worry about experiencing click loss.

Many landing page builders include A/B testing to get your pages optimized. They may even include analytic tools to help you improve on your page. You can easily add tools or plugins to them and even duplicate the pages.

Choosing a Landing Page Builder

You may wish to use free landing page builders or better still go for paid ones. Free landing page builders will also help you create good landing pages but the paid options will make you better landing pages.

You do not have to reach out to expensive builders. If you go for free landing pages, you may have used much of your time complementing their designs. There are certain qualities you should look out for in a good landing page builder. These include:

  • How easily you can use it to create your landing pages. For a start, you do not need any complicated stuff
  • The kind of templates available and how easily and freely you can customize your design
  • It should be easy to integrate with other tools
  • It should also be able to load very fast
  • You should get good value for your money. No customer will like to spend so much time trying to load a poorly designed landing page.

Let us take a look at some page builders that can help us design a good landing page.

1. Instapage

This tool is very useful for marketers and advertisers. You can use it to design great landing pages for your products. Besides creating great landing pages with Instapage, they have a wide range of tools that you can apply to your affiliate marketing business.

You can use the premade templates on Instapage to build your landing page or you may opt for a blank canvas to begin your landing page building from scratch. You can use the editor to match elements according to the color schemes of your choice.

Advantages of Instapage Builder

  • You can use it to create designs that match any color scheme of your choice
  • It comes with real-time analytics and heatmaps
  • You can apply it for dynamic text replacement.


  • You can only apply the A/B testing to higher plans
  • There are no pop-up options available
  • Only the basic plan has a different price, all the other plans have the same price.

2. LanderBolt

This is a professional affiliate marketing tool that offers you much of what is needed to succeed in your affiliate marketing business, in one package. LanderBolt is not only concerned with the technical aspect of marketing, but it also has a standard affiliate tracker and you can use it for multivariate testing.

It applies its analytic features in building highly technical pages for your site. You can also use it to upload zip web files through its universal page importer.

Advantages of LanderBolt

  • You can use it for multivariate testing and integration
  • You can have your domains, landing pages, and your website all on one platform
  • It has a universal page importer and you can import URL and file uploads
  • The loading speed is optimized to give users a great experience on your site.


  • You will need to take some time learning about how to use the features of the editor
  • The best features are only available with higher plans
  • The starter plan has a limited number of landing pages

The starter plan goes for $77 monthly or you may go for a yearly subscription plan of $97. You can also upgrade to the professional plan of $237 monthly.

On the professional plan, you can enjoy using its automated multivariate page generation system and an unlimited number of landing pages and domains.

3. Unbounce

This builder will help you launch your landing pages really fast and also make them convert well. It has many templates that you can choose from to make your landing pages. It has an advanced editor that gives you a variety of options as you make your landing pages.

Even though it has many advanced and interesting features, it may take some time for those new to building landing pages to understand how to use them. You may have to take about two weeks to understand the features and learn how to apply them. When you subscribe to this tool, you will be able to use the bonus features that come with it.

Advantages of Using the Unbounce Landing Page Builder

  • The templates are built with the intent of facilitating conversions
  • It integrates with AdWords & WordPress
  • It has SSL encryption with A/B testing included in all its plans
  • It has a keyword replacement feature for PPC.


  • It is a bit expensive
  • New users will have to take some time learning about its features and adapt to them
  • Each of its plans has only a few landing pages.

Bonus features that you can enjoy on its platform include A/B testing, integration with Google ads, and analytics. The Essential plan costs $79 monthly and the Enterprise plan goes for $399 monthly.

4. GetResponse

This is a digital marketing platform with a landing page builder. You can use it to set up a landing page that suits your needs and also add features like leads generation forms, market automation, and platform optimization to it.

It has a drag-and-drop editor that offers you different templates tailored to help you convert your prospects into buyers.

Advantages of GetResponse

  • It comes as a total digital marketing business solution
  • It comes with a mobile workspace and dynamic templates
  • You can also use it with social media integration.


  • Once you reach one thousand page views, it will automatically upgrade your plan
  • Sometimes, the editor can perform very slowly.

The pricing is very affordable at $15 monthly for the lowest plan. But as your page views hit a thousand, you will get upgraded to a higher plan automatically.

See more on GetResponse here

5. Hubspot

It is important that every digital marketer works with this tool. Its platform works more with inbound marketing. It may not be the best landing page builder that you will find in the market. But it is a flexible and easy-to-use landing page builder and has several pricing plans you can choose from.

Apart from building your landing page, you also get to use other Hubspot tools and services once you subscribe to them. You will be able to access their analytics, CRM dashboard, and SEO optimization. You can use this tool to carry out many of your marketing tasks.

Advantages of Hubspot

  • Its templates are also optimized for mobile users too
  • You can easily integrate it with other platforms and tools
  • Once you subscribe, you get to use other Hubspot tools
  • It also comes with an analytics dashboard that you can use to evaluate how your prospects are funneling
  • You also get to access customized SEO suggestions.


  • You can only use the tool if you have subscribed to Hubspot
  • Some of their subscription plans do not have a landing page builder
  • They do not have many landing page templates. This allows you to have very limited options.

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6. Leadpages

This is a landing page builder that will not only build you impressive landing pages but also host your website. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface and will not get you distracted with so many features.

It has many customizable features that you can choose from. It is not expensive and you can easily use it to create several landing pages in a very short time.

Advantages of Leadpages

  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface that does not have many complex features
  • You can use it for A/B testing and analytics
  • It has advanced pop-ups and alert bars
  • It is quite affordable.

You can go for the standard plan at $25 monthly or the pro plan at $48 monthly and get access to more features than the standard plan.

7. Landerize

This is a new product from Colin Dijs. This web builder works best for small companies and affiliates. This tool comes with a template library of mobile-optimized landing page layouts.

You can easily customize your landing pages and re-design them to suit your interests. It has great speed and you can easily create a good number of pages in a very short time.

Advantages of Landerize

  • The drag-and-drop editor is quite easy to navigate
  • Once you subscribe, you get full access to all of its features
  • Its page landers are also optimized for mobile devices
  • There are effective tools that can help you customize your landing pages
  • Its pages also get to load really fast.


  • Each plan has a limited amount of landing pages
  • They cost more than many other page builders.

8. Wishpond

This product makes it easy for you to engage your users and also ensure conversions. It comes with leads generation forms and other leads engagement features such as social contests.

Instead of subscribing with a fixed sum, you pay according to the number of leads you can generate through its platform.


  • You get access to an unlimited number of landing pages
  • The landing pages are easily automated
  • They reach out to your audience with pop-ups and social contests
  • You pay according to your number of leads.


  • It has a limited number of tools that you can use for customization. Its Starting Out plan goes for $49 monthly but to enjoy many of its features such as API access and A/B testing, you should upgrade to $99 monthly.  


Having a landing page is really important for your business. With the right landing page, you can easily funnel your customers and encourage them until they take action.

There are many page builders that will assist with the task of building your landing pages. If you go for paid landing page builders, you will be able to benefit more from many of its features than if you opt for free ones.

You can look up the features of the different landing page builders and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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