GetResponse Affiliate Program Review

If you are looking for a great affiliate program that you can promote on your blog or website to make money, read through and pay attention to this GetResponse affiliate program review. Here I’ve compiled all you’d need to know about their affiliate program.

The following areas are covered in this review:

  • What is GetResponse
  • Offered plans
  • Possible commissions
  • Benefit of the affiliate program
  • How to join the affiliate program
  • Affiliate support
  • Whether to choose the Bounty or Recurring program
  • Affiliate news

What is GetResponse

The first thing expected of a prospective affiliate is getting to know about the affiliate company she’s to promote. If you already know about the company, you can skip this part. But read along if you know little or nothing about GetResponse.

GetResponse is a  comprehensive online marketing solution. It offers turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, and vast follow-up autoresponders, landing pages, webinars, marketing automation, and CRM to deliver to your clients.

GetResponse is the highest possible email deliverable to ensure your messages get through to your prospective clients. This is due to responsible and fully automated hygiene, anti-spam practices, and established relationships with leading Internet service providers and email service providers.

The platform delivers more than 5 billion emails in 172 countries every year. GetResponse is fully capable of handling small and huge lists (million-plus subscribers).

Highlights of GetResponse

  • 100,000+ active accounts
  • 30-day free trial
  • Deliverability of up to 68% above their competitors
  • Infinite emails
  • Powerful, automatic message personalization
  • Smart tracking features

Why Affiliate Marketers Promote the GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse values and supports their affiliates. As marketers, they realize that their success is tied to affiliates’.

The always-win philosophy does not only reflect in their affiliate program, but also in their outstanding customer service and continual product upgrades.

GetResponse has the ability to track your results any time, even when you are on your mobile phone with their mobile-friendly affiliate panel.

Plans and Prices Available

GetResponse offers categories of plans, each for a distinct audience. The cheapest of its plans is the Basic plan which is priced at $15 per month with a list size of 1000 people.

Here is an Email Platform with a Free Membership

The most famous among GetResponse’s plans is the Plus plan, priced at $50 per month. The plus plan offers more than the basic plan. There exists the Professional and Enterprise plans, which go for $99 and $1,199 respectively per month. These are meant for existing businesses, though.

However, the enterprise plan is only available for a list size of 100,000 people and above and is focused more on substantial businesses. Respective of this, it has many features to assist you with enhancing your CTR, sales and conversion rate.

  • Basic for $15 per month
  • Plus for $49 a month
  • Professional for $99 a month
  • Enterprise for $1,199 per month

These are just the prices for a list size of 1,000 people. An increase in your email list increases how much you pay per month. You are provided with a means of saving money, which is the option of paying for every 12 months or 24 months. You get a discount of 18% if you pay every 12 months, and a 30% discount if you pay every 24 months.

How Much Can Affiliates Earn With Each Plan?

Let’s look into the GetResponse affiliate program. In this program, you have two options to choose from – the bounty and the recurring plans. The bounty plan is where you earn a huge one-time commission of $100 for each referred account. The recurring option offers you 33% of the price of the purchased plan.

It should be noted that the affiliate bounty commission is delayed for 60 days. This is to ensure that the customer is in compliance with the GetResponse’s terms of service. The number one thing GetResponse hates to reward is spammers signing up.

If you choose the recurring option for an affiliate account, you will earn a satisfactory amount of money. Even if someone purchases the plan for a list size of 1000 people but keeps it for several years, you still will make your money. For you to see how much you can earn per referred account each month, I’ve compiled a list of all the current commissions.

  • Basic for $4.95 per month
  • Plus for $16.17 per month
  • Professional for $32.67 per month
  • Enterprise for $395.67 per month

Commissions for a list size of 2,500 people with the monthly payment option (with no discounts):

  • Basic priced at $8.25 per month
  • Plus priced at $19.47 per month
  • Professional priced at $39.27 per month
  • Enterprise priced at $395.67 per month

Commissions for a list size of 5,000 people with the monthly payment option (with no discounts):

  • Basic: priced at $14.85 a month
  • Plus: priced at $26.07 per month
  • Professional: priced at $45.87 per month
  • Enterprise priced: at $395.67 per month

Commissions for a list size of 10,000 people and the monthly payment option (with no discounts):

  • Basic: priced at $21.45 per month
  • Plus: priced at $31.35 per month
  • Professional: priced at $54.45 per month
  • Enterprise: priced at $395.67 per month

Commissions for a list size of 25,000 people and the monthly payment option (with no discounts):

  • Basic: priced at $47.85 per month
  • Plus: priced at $59.07 per month
  • Professional: priced at $84.15 per month
  • Enterprise: priced at $395.67 per month

Commissions for a list size of 50,000 people and the monthly payment option (without discounts):

  • Basic: priced $82.50 per month
  • Plus: priced at $98.67 per month
  • Professional: priced at $122.10 per month
  • Enterprise: priced at $395.67 per month

Commissions for a list size of 100,000 people with the monthly payment option (with no discounts):

  • Basic: priced at $ 148.50 per month
  • Plus: priced at $ 164.67 per month
  • Professional: priced at $ 191.40 per month
  • Enterprise: priced at $ 395.67 per month

As illustrated above, you can see that the list size increases your commission. This makes GetResponse interesting and attractive. For instance, to get $5,000 monthly with the Enterprise plan, you would need only 13 people to purchase the plan via your affiliate link.

Also, if someone who has purchased a plan through your affiliate links, such as the basic plan at the price of $15 per month, later increases his list to 5,000 people, you will automatically earn a higher commission.

Unfortunately, if someone you refer decides to pay every 12 months or every 24 months, your commissions would be cut down.

Benefits of the GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse affiliate program offers many benefits, of which we are going to examine the most important ones. The program is not quite different from other affiliate programs, but it has got it better in some aspects.

Quick Start Bonus

GetResponse offers a QuickStart challenge bonus. With this challenge, if you would get 10 new accounts in your first 30 days of your new affiliate account, they would pay you an additional $200 over and above the 33% commission.

Recurring Payments

First, they have a recurring payment, which makes it possible to earn a stable income. You earn a good amount of money if you try to make some sales with your affiliate promotions.

GetResponse always pays their affiliates commissions on the 20th day of the following month through check or any of the other available payment methods. PayPal and Euro transfers are the other available payment methods offered by GetResponse.

Once you have successfully registered as a GetResponse affiliate, you will get your affiliate dashboard. This is where you can see your link hits, free accounts, paid accounts, and pending earnings. It is straightforward and you will like it.


Something most people like about GetResponse is the apparent and detailed statistics about affiliate referred accounts, an affiliate link with the campaign, and affiliate earnings and payouts. Here, you can see, for example, when someone has started a trial or bought a plan.

In your affiliate link and campaign statistics, you get important data, such as:

  • Hits
  • Sales
  • Rebills
  • Free accounts
  • Refunds
  • Chargebacks
  • Conversion ratio
  • Unique visitors

In your earnings and payout statistics, you will see your pending earnings, last payouts, all-time earnings, and current period commissions, all in a useful diagram. Below the diagram is where you will find a list of all the payouts you have earned in the past.

Marketing Tools for Promotions

To enhance your effort in promoting them, GetResponse provides you with some marketing tools that you can explore in your articles or other advertisements. These tools include:

  • Banner
  • Email ads
  • Text ads
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Signatures
  • Logos

Currently, GetResponse has 13 banners that you can utilize in your promotions. You can post the banners into your posts or articles by copying the HTML or JavaScript code and pasting it into WordPress. The same process is applied to videos, logos, and infographics.

For the email ads, there are seven pieces with each addressing a particular action, such as Pro package, Lead generation, Webinars, Landing pages, List building, Forms, and List building program.

You could decide whether to send these ads directly to your email list or customize them to fit your desire.

For the text ads, GetResponse has some templates that you could utilize for your blog articles, such as a long or short description of GetResponse, a description of its features, or a description of the GetResponse Builder.

GetResponse Affiliate Bounty or Recurring Program

Getting a one-time commission of $100 per customer from the bounty affiliate program is not enough. In view of this, I would recommend that an affiliate goes for the recurring program. The recurring option of the affiliate program earns you commissions every month, which, within a short period of time, overtakes the one-time $100 commission from the bounty option.

The GetResponse team even notes that affiliates earn sustainable long term income with the recurring option, while affiliates are only generously paid off with the bounty option of the program.

How to Join the GetResponse Affiliate Program

To join the GetResponse affiliate program, you must make your choice of the program plan you want and you should ideally have an established website with relevant content. In the case of email marketing, different types of sites are applicable, since almost everyone needs email marketing.

To become a GetResponse affiliate, you must first apply on their affiliate portal. You would be asked to provide your information, such as your name and email, the address of your website, and how you want to get GetResponse promoted.

Once you have filled in your required information, you would be sent a confirmation or denial message in a few days. It would be logical that you write a helpful review of getting a response and use the review in your application for the program.

GetResponse Affiliate Program Support

If you have a problem with your affiliate link or you have questions relating to the affiliate program, you can use the “Frequently Asked Questions” section to find answers to your queries, or perhaps contact the GetResponse team directly.

You can only be fortunate to have your question in the FAQ section, as it contains only a few questions and is slightly basic. But if you have significant problems and you will need help, you are expected to contact the GetResponse team directly.

Affiliate News

The last on the list of this review is the “Affiliate News”. Let’s take a look into the affiliate news section, which drops from time to time in your mailbox. This news section will give you information about updates of buyable, current offers for your promotion, and changes in the affiliate program.

It is always good, in every affiliate program, to know when there are any changes in the affiliate program or pans. It is, therefore, advisable that you check the news section from time to time.


I believe by now that you would have made up your mind to use the GetResponse affiliate program, considering the fact that it offers you many marketing tools, outstanding commissions, and a  first-class product, which are already verified on the market.

The GetResponse affiliate program is a great opportunity for all online affiliate marketers to skillfully increase their revenue online. Email marketing is gaining grounds and with lucrative payouts in affiliate programs like that of GetResponse, you can count on considerable Return on Investment (ROI).

In my years of experience in online marketing as an affiliate, their affiliate management provides one of the best support I have even seen.

Though there might be better affiliate programs on the market, you are assured to Earn a good income from this program.

In order to make the most out of affiliate programs, you need a website of your own and I want to assure you that you can set it up in less than 5 minutes. You’ll do well by becoming part of the most active affiliate marketing community in the entire online world by reading my review through this link.  

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  1. The commissions of GetResponse Affiliate program seem to be very well above average! The tools it offers great marketing tools and I definitely think it’s something that will help my online business. I’ll definitely be looking Getresponse Affiliate Program. One thing I (weirdly) like about it is that it offers logos haha. I haven’t ran into anything affiliate program that has offered that in the past. Thank you so much for the info

    • Glad you enjoyed and found my GetResponse affiliate program review informative, Misael H! When it comes to autoresponder email marketing services, GetResponse is one of the top performing brands out there. Thanks for dropping by, much appreciated!

  2. I have been making up my mind about the best autoresponder for me. I have read reviews about Mail Chimp and AWeber. And they are both good. But recently I have been attracted towards GetResponce. I think it’s a no-brainer due to its 30-day free trial. And I have been reading it outperforms the competition.

    • That’s true about the GetResponse affiliate program review, Ann! It’s been known as the strongest autoresponder email marketing platform ever before Aweber launched its free forever package. This has suddenly turned Aweber the most preferred autoresponder service for sending emails and blog broadcasts among other fantastic features.

  3. Hello Sierra, thank for sharing this really nice information I have seen so many people get into this business and I really wonder what it is all about and now that I have seen this article I now have a full understanding of it all. I really like the programs and it’s the commission rate is really good.

    • Thanks for reading my GetResponse affiliate program review, Justin! Being one of the most popular autoresponder email marketing services out there, you can  make lots of sales if you would love to promote its services on your website or blog. It has a good commission rate and anyone from anywhere in the world is free to apply.


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