Omnisend Review: An Integrated Email Service Provider

Businesses adopt different digital marketing channels to engage customers and promote their products.

This has become apparent because different digital marketing channels are best suited for the different kinds of activities, target audience, and results.

Twitter is great for promoting political-related activities, and newsworthy content, while Instagram is great for messages that are visually stimulating, require high engagement rate, and cover niches like fashion, entertainment, movies, photography and video editing.

One common trait about the most preferred digital marketing channels is that they all have a large amount of users. Facebook has about 2 billion users while Instagram boasts of more than 1 billion active users. According to a report by Statista, there are currently 3.9 billion email users, giving businesses a massive potential reach through emails.

About 293.6 billion emails were sent by businesses in 2019 to the 3.9 billion email accounts. That’s about 75 emails per account in 2019.

As users keep getting bombarded with too many emails, how does a business stand out with their email campaigns?

First, we need to get a basic understanding of what email marketing is all about.

The main topics covered in our Omnisend review include:

  • What is Email Marketing and which is The Best Email Marketing Service?
  • Overview of Omnisend
  • Main Features of Omnisend
  • Omnisend vs MailChimp
  • 10 Powerful Reasons to Use Omnisend
  • Omnisend Pricing
  • Pros and Cons of Omnisend
  • Conclusion

What is Email Marketing and which is The Best Email Marketing Service?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy employed by brands for promoting their offers to target audiences.

Email marketing is a great choice for reaching out to thousands of your audiences with just one click. The conversion rate of email marketing is much higher than that of most digital marketing channels.

Email marketing is great for contacting customers, building relationships with potential customers, promoting discounts, coupons and other offers to customers.

An effective email marketing campaign will definitely build a Brand’s customer base and increase profit.

Examples of well-known email marketing service providers include MailChimp, Aweber and Omnisend, which we will be reviewing in this post.

There are hundreds of email marketing service providers that businesses have to choose from. Which email service is the best for your brand?

The best email marketing service is one that provides you with automated and easy-to-use tools for engaging your customers.

We are reviewing one of the best email marketing service providers that meet the above description.

Overview of Omnisend

Omnisend is a cloud-based email marketing service that provides businesses with automated tools to deliver personalized emails to new and existing customers. The solutions are created to suit the online marketing needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

Omnisend offers solutions that help brands personalize their customers’ experience, create and effectively manage their subscriber lists, improve conversion and follow up on customers after they have made purchases.

This email marketing service is an ideal tool for new and experienced users of email newsletters. The pricing plans come with a lot of flexibility for users, and it is quite affordable even for small users.

I’ve put together some basic features you would find with using the Omnisend email marketing service.

Main Features of Omnisend

1. Email Marketing Automation – All email marketing service providers offer users generic platforms where email newsletters can be created and sent to the subscriber base. Generating better returns from your email campaigns requires a platform that gives you the right tools to maximize interaction with customers.

Omnisend offers an integrated platform for businesses to automate the workflow of their email marketing campaigns from capturing visitors’ information on your site through creation of personalized email messages, to automated emails.

2. Creation of Email Campaigns – Omnisend aids users in creating impressive and personalized email campaigns that help nourish relationships between businesses and customers.

The industry average for email marketing is a 20.8% open rate while surveys have shown a 50% increase in the open rate when personalized subject lines are used. Omnisend Smart Triggers can be used to send your emails to customers based on their journey with you.

This gives your communication a personal touch and a deeper bond with your customers.

3. Omnisend Push Notification – Omnisend provides an additional channel for users of its service to connect with their target audience. You can enable the push notification for use in reaching your blog audience that are already subscribed to your list.

To use Omnisend’s push notification service, users must have SSL certificates on their websites, Shopify integration and API.

4. Built-in Forms – Users of Omnisend can avail themselves of the built-in forms for capturing visitors’ data which is vital for personalizing interactions with them.

5. Create Effective Follow up Campaigns – After converting a visitor to a customer, you can continue the follow up process through email newsletters to further strengthen the relationship with customers.

Through Omnisend email campaigns, you can create personalized emails that align with your customers’ interests, share important information and updates. The personalized touch that Omnisend gives will enable you to build and maintain connection with your customers.

6. Subscriber Segmentation – Subscriber needs and preferences differ from each other, which makes it essential to segment them if you are going to deliver relevant and personalized messages to them.

The Intelligent segmentation on Omnisend enables you to create different lists, so the right messages can be sent to those who need them.

Using this tool helps to improve on revenue and convert more sales for businesses.

7. Omnisend Content Editor – Users are provided with an easy-to-use content editor with a graphical user interface for creating beautiful emails. It comes with a drag-and-drop tool to create the same newsletter to use for all campaigns. You can also choose from different customizable email templates which can be edited to reflect your brand.

The content editor helps users save time by allowing the use and editing of pre-designed templates, making use of discount codes and adding products automatically.

To give you a better perspective of the strengths of Omnisend, we will attempt a comparison with MailChimp email services.

Omnisend vs MailChimp

If you have had any experience using email marketing or newsletters, there is a very good chance that your first email marketing platform is MailChimp. And that’s with some very good reasons.

MailChimp is an easy-to-use tool that offers free unlimited accounts for users. It is also a very established email marketing service provider that provides you with all the tools you require for successful campaigns.

MailChimp is a great tool to grow your business through email marketing, though this is best suited for beginners. If you want to add more flesh to your email marketing campaigns, I suggest you opt for Omnisend based on some reasons I will cite here and in the next section.

Omnisend takes advantage of omnichannel marketing by aiding connection of multiple channels in the same automated workflow. This helps save time and resources by carrying out various email marketing activities on one platform.

Omnisend is primarily focused on email marketing and how its clients can do this effectively. The use of its visual content editor allows for full customization of every element of your email.

There are various options for capturing emails allowed on Omnisend, which include the use of landing pages, pop-up windows and lead generation forms.

Users of Omnisend can use the email automation and advanced segmentation to effectively engage subscribers in very personal ways based on profile data, campaign usage or purchasing behavior.

10 Powerful Reasons to Use Omnisend

Check out my best 10 reasons you should be using Omnisend to run all your email marketing campaigns.

1. Use automated tools to stay relevant and increase conversion – Lets you create, run and analyze your campaigns with tools that automate the email marketing workflow. Capture visitors’ details, enable automatic product recommendations and send emails on autopilot using the automated tool.

2. Get personal with customers through intelligent segmenting – You can capture personal details of visitors, create segmented lists based on peculiar needs and preferences, and send personalized mails based on profile details and campaign history.

3. Variety of beautiful templates to choose from – Omnisend offers a variety of fully customizable templates for users to edit to personal taste. These templates make the email newsletter creation easy and fast for users.

4. Save time working with the visual editor – This features a graphical user-interface with drag-and-drop functionality for users to easily create professional looking email newsletters.

5. Generate more sales while growing your ecommerce business – Business owners with online stores have so much to benefit from using Omnisend. First is the integration of Shopify to your Omnisend account through API. You can also use the omnichannel of email and push notification to achieve better results in your marketing campaigns.

6. Engage customers even after sales – Though most email campaigns aim at converting visitors into sales, Omnisend goes beyond this, offering tools to enable you follow up on customers after they have bought from you.

You can personalize your interactions with them using the information gathered from previous interactions, provide help tips and updates that will improve their user-experience with your brand.

7. Turn visitors into subscribers with Omnisend forms – The built-in forms enable users to easily capture details of visitors after they have filled and submitted the forms. The information provided is then used to deliver customized messages and offers to them.

8. Carry out effective A/B testing – You can run tests using two different email templates or designs and analyze the results from both. This testing will help in measuring the success of one email newsletter or email campaign against another.

9. Use Omnisend reporting to track the performance of all campaigns – The results of the reports are useful for tweaking campaigns and an important input for decision makers.

10. Best alternative to MailChimp – While MailChimp offers an easy-to-use interface for beginners in email marketing, Omnisend offers more tools for intermediate and advanced users. Users can easily automate the workflow of their email campaigns with personalized content.

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend offers flexibility for its pricing and plans, having both monthly and annual subscription plans.

Omnisend allows users to create subscription plans based on the number of subscription lists owned. Annual subscription comes with discounts as against paying for monthly subscription.

Below is the comparison of Omnisend pricing and packages.

The Standard plan allows for 1,000 to 15,000 subscribers at a price of $15 to $150 for monthly subscription payments, and $12 to $120 for yearly subscription payments.

The Pro plan pricing remains the same up to 10,000 subscribers.

The Omnisend free plan comes with features that include 15,000 emails/month, 2,000 emails/day, website tracking, sign up forms, newsletters, discount codes and content editor.

Pros and Cons of Omnisend

Our review can only be said to be objective after due consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of Omnisend.

Pros of Omnisend

  • Great tool to create personal customer experience
  • Provides users with the choice of selecting the different types of email capturing such as landing pages, pop-up windows and lead generation
  • Flexible and affordable pricing plans to suit users’ preferences and budget.
  • 14-day free trial available for Standard and Pro plans.
  •  Manage everything that has to do with your email marketing campaigns from one place.

Cons of Omnisend

  • The platform has a slightly steep learning curve for beginners.
  • There are no much detailed segmenting options available for users.


Businesses go all out to stand out in whatever niche they find themselves.

One of such means of standing out is to identify and interact with customers on a personal level. Omnisend gives businesses the opportunity to create personalized messages and send them using beautifully-designed templates.

Omnisend offers automated workflows to help you streamline your email campaigns and save you some valuable time while at it.

The pricing plans are flexible and affordable, and there is a free plan also with some great features.

You can sign up right away and get started with Omnisend.

Some people still believe email marketing is an old-fashioned way of generating leads, nurturing the ideal audience, and converting visitors into active subscribers or customers. What’s your own belief about email marketing?

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