Kartra Review: In-depth & Useful Breakdown! Is It Worth the Price?

By | March 23, 2020

To find out if Kartra is worth your money, try reading this review to the end, as I unveil everything you should know about this online marketing tool. You’re assured to enjoy this post.

Imagine having an online tool that allows you to sell a specific type of services or products even without having to use any other premium marketing software.

It’s an all-in-one marketing tool that handles:

  • Your email marketing
  • Website hosting
  • Split testing
  • Landing page template
  • Affiliate management
  • Shopping cart

To be candid with you, managing an online business is not an easy adventure. It requires a lot of time, energy and resources!

And if you don’t seem to have all these three at your disposal, you’d need assistance with systems or people to build a profitable business and achieve great milestones in no time.

There’s no need for 101 different online marketing tools to run your online business.

So, in this review, I’ll be talking about an all-in-one funnel building tool and marketing platform known as Kartra. We’ll have an in-depth look and find out what this company has to offer. And also know if it’s worth the cost or not.

Here’s a shortlist of what I’ll be covering in my review of Kartra:

  • What Does Kartra Stand For?
  • Kartra Integrations
  • What are the Essential Features of Kartra?
  • Kartra Pricing
  • Conclusion

What Does Kartra Stand For?

Kartra is a virtual marketing tool that provides important tools needed to manage run online business. This tool was first created in 2018 by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins (two recognized online entrepreneurs!).

When you hear about EverWebinar and WebinarJam – two different companies run under the auspices of Genesis Digital, LLC, Mike and Andy were the guys in control.

Kartra has been able to serve hundreds of companies internationally by creating a medium through which business owners could launch their ventures from one end easily.

Kartra offers a series of captivating features (which obviously some of its rivals cannot offer) that makes it stand out.

It provides you with the all-in-one marketing tools and resources (beautifully designed templates, email swipes, and sales funnel templates), amazing integrations, video hosting, and other refined tools of the venture.

Didn’t I remember to mention that – a series of training resources are available where you come to learn from a marketing guru, Kern Frank?

What does this imply?

It implies that Kartra is strongly backed by Kern Frank. Probably, you do not recognize who he is! A Google or YouTube search will let you know he’s an experienced internet marketer. Kern is great and recognized when it comes to direct response marketing.

He offers a lot of training materials and modules which are also part of the training you receive at Kartra as a user.

Kartra Integrations

Kartra can be used along with your preferred course platform, autoresponder, blog or website.

Kartra provides you with the choice of integrating other marketing tools and resources with it, though it has nearly everything needed to properly manage your online business.

Here’s a list of the 3rd party integrations (in categories):

1) Email Marketing Integrations

Kartra has the potentiality to integrate using 4 varied email platforms:

  • Postmark
  • Sendgrid
  • Elastic Email
  • Mailgun

An API key is required from the account or services support with all these integrations.

2) Payment Gateway Integrations

Here are the four Payment gateway integrations supported:

  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Authorize.net
  • PayPal

Adding more payment gateways in the platform is an important thing to put in place. Doing that from the integration area is pretty simple.

3) SMS

Exploring the services below involves a mixture of using the Kartra system and particular service’s SMS settings.

  • Twillo
  • Plivo
  • Nexmo

4) Membership Integrations

Kartra has the potentiality to integrate with just a couple of membership platforms:

  • OptimizePress
  • Kajabi
  • aMember
  • Wishlist Member
  • 52Member
  • Digital Access Pass (DAP)
  • WPFusion

5) Integrating with Zapier

As against most completed integrations on Kartra, the configuration of this specific integration isn’t intended to be done right inside your Kartra account.

To set up the connection, you need to do all from within your Zapier account – a service that will automatically set up the connection with Kartra in the framework without you having to do any additional thing.

What are the Essential Features of Kartra?

There are lots of features in this amazing marketing tool, but I’m only going to mention the unique ones:

1. Professional Page Editor

You have the page editor in your Kartra dashboard on which you built all of your pages. For your information, it has a drag-and-drop feature just as you see this in most squeeze page setup tools out there.

But Kartra really features greatly in few areas:

i. Split testing

The simple split testing section in Kartra enables you to test out diversification of your pages, funnel, colors, headlines or whatever worth the squeezing.

Kartra will simply let you know what’s feasible (and perhaps what is not) with 360-degrees & programmed split tests, actual-time analytics associated with every area of your adventure.

ii. Automated copy samples

Most templates you see while exploring other page builders are either written in Latin texts or not optimized. However, on Kartra, you are offered clearly written sales copies which give you the right knowledge on the way to structure your own.

iii. The templates

You can access lots of templates (landing page, sales page, checkout, many more) for any type of adventure and quickly have them customized in the editor area in a matter of minutes.

Making some important modifications (adding, deleting, etc) in the template components is pretty easy to do.

2. Kartra Mails

This is an aspect of Kartra that virtually got a vast majority of its users connected to it. Due to the fact that this consists of the whole functionality in Kartra, I have so much to talk about here.

i. Kartra Automation

As much as Kartra has a built-in automation potentiality – you’d find it pretty much easy to create and send automated responses to your clients based on your sales funnel actions.

ii. The visual automation Workflow builder

Kartra offers you a visual automation builder tool which is exactly the same as the one you find on ConvertKit, Drip, and ActiveCampaign, but not as ecstatic though.

There are several conditions you can incorporate into your automation. These actions were actualized using conditional statements.

Some conditions you can refer to are as follows:

  • Removing/adding of subscribers from a series
  • Removing/adding tags whenever someone clicks a link
  • Dispatching a follow-up message after a given action
  • And lots more…

iii. Kartra email platform

Kartra equally performs the same task a dedicated email marketing tool would do – such as importing your personal contacts, creating an email list, designing email templates, and sending broadcasts.

As for deliverability, I think this platform is worth nearly 100 percent! Your emails don’t get dumped into the junk/spam folder neither does any get dropped into the promotions tab of your email contacts. This is the same benefit you get during the course of utilizing the built-in Actionetics software in the ClickFunnels platform.

3. Marketing Campaigns

This is a whole marketing/sales funnel where all components (squeeze page, checkout page, landing page) are merged together to form a complete system.

This is precisely where Kartra features provide you with plays and are connected together.

Let me expatiate…

Kartra comes packed with automated campaigns created by top-notch entrepreneurs – perfected with automated copy, preset automation, pre-created pages, and lots more – that you can twist to fit your business easily, and deeply swipe in a matter of minutes.

The team at Kartra is constantly launching fresh set-for-you campaigns so you can utilize these when next you join Kartra.

i. Fast Launch Campaign

This is an online campaign set up by the online pro himself – Kern Frank. The Quick Launch set-for-you campaign at Kartra assists with launching a fresh product and speeds up sales.

ii. List-Builder Campaign

This is a direct marketing funnel, generated by a free opt-in that helps you build a strong marketing resource quickly – your mailing list.

iii. Four Day Money Machine

As the name suggests – this is a marketing funnel intended to help you earn money in your adventure within four days. It was also birthed by Kern Frank.also

iv. The eShop Campaign

The eShop Campaign at Kartra enables you to have multiple products sold on a single page, and also incorporates email series letting you follow up with the audience and with clients.

v. Book Funnel Campaign

Here, you acquire all you need to launch a whole promotional campaign instantly for your publication right out of the box. You can equally access all the premade layouts and copy that are based on the winning publication funnel that Kern Frank leveraged in advertising his publications.

vi. Kartra MasterClass Campaign

This is a marketing funnel that enables you to deliver traffic using a signup process to a reputable video presentation, webinar and then have them sold on a product.

These are the available campaigns in Kartra (as at the time of writing this post). In fact, there are a lot of them available to be frequently rolled out again and again.

4. Membership & Course Platform

This is an inbuilt marketing tool at Kartra that allows you to assign restricted access to posts and host all of your digital courses. As a matter of fact, the Kartra’s membership and course builder is found better than that of its rivals.

All that’s needed to manage and configure how you promote and sell your virtual products is made to be within your reach and there’s also a simple-to-use online wizard that guides you through the whole process.

And, if you intend to use this tool to sell your physical products, it isn’t that suitable for selling such stuff. But it is good when it comes to selling digital things such as:

  • eBooks
  • Consultations
  • Services
  • Coaching
  • Courses

Kartra Pricing

Kartra comes with five different pricing packages that are sectionalized according to your business size and every plan comes with a 14-day trial offer costing only $1. The pricing starts from $99 per month for nearly 2,500 leads for the Starter package to $699 per month for about one hundred thousand leads for the Diamond package.

The variations with these packages are the volume of emails, leads, pages, bandwidth, and products. Let’s have a look into each of them below:

The Starter Package ($99/month)

For the starter package, you’re restricted to about 15,000 emails per month, 2,500 contacts, host ten products, create 100 pages, manage up to 50GB bandwidth and set up two membership websites.

The Silver Package ($199/month)

If you wish to select the 2nd Kartra package, then you are restricted to sending up to 125,000 emails monthly, managing 12,500 contacts, running 125GB bandwidth, and you’ll have membership websites, products, and unlimited pages.

The Gold Package ($299/month)

For this package, you’ll have access to 25,000 leads, you’ll enjoy all the features in the Silver package except for the video and email hosting services that are respectively 200GB bandwidth and 250,000 emails.

The Platinum Package ($499/month)

The Platinum package provides 50,000 leads and it also comes with unrestricted features available in the Silver package, then you receive 400GB bandwidth, and 500,000 emails monthly.

How about a Discount in Kartra?

Of course, yes, there is a viable discount on Kartra, but that’s only applicable when you prepay yearly.

For yearly, you receive a 25 percent discount.


Kartra isn’t of course a scam site, as it offers a genuine premium service to its users and is proven to be a great and helpful online marketing tool for most users leveraging its platform to take digital courses.

Do you want to establish a digital course website, offer training modules to your audience and make money selling products online using an integrated online marketing tool? Then you can consider giving Kartra a try.

And when it comes to using an online marketing tool profitably as well, Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered – where training is organized in modules for both the newbie and veteran online entrepreneurs across the internet niches. Read my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate University.

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