Liquid Web Hosting Review: Is It Worth the Price?

By | March 20, 2020

Several web hosts contend for the winning position, but only very few deserve that position. Liquid Web is one of these exceptional winning hosts.

It provides excellent web hosting with industry-leading technical support. But the service seems to be on the high side.

Read down the page to know if Liquid Web is a kind of web host that will suit your business needs.

  • Who is the Founder of Liquid Web?
  • Why Is Liquid Web Pricing on the High Side?
  • Liquid Web Hosting: Offer Types
  • Pros & Cons of Liquid Web
  • Is the Support Team Worth the Price?
  • Cloud Websites
  • User Reviews
  • Overview of Liquid Web Performance
  • WPEngine Vs. Liquid Web Hosting
  • 2 Categories of Entrepreneurs that Liquid Web is Suitable for?
  • Conclusion

Who is the Founder of Liquid Web?

The company was sold by its founder, Hill Matthew in 2015, to a Chicago-based investment company called Madison Dearborn Partners. Matthew Hill quit the CEO position and Geiger Jim took over.

It has several other tech-based firms, which include Nexel, MetroPCS, and PayPal. The acquisition of Liquid Web seemed not to have influenced their service or the value of their hosting offer.

Why Is Liquid Web Pricing on the High Side?

When you are searching for a web host and stumble at Liquid Web’s pricing, it makes sense to be a little astonished by the high prices. But you’d have to reason along with them on the prices.

Liquid Web was offering a shared hosting service initially but stopped in order to specialize in more powerful hosting services where the exciting revolution occurs.

Support and Performance

This enables them to concentrate on offering quality in two crucial ways:

  • Better technical support
  • Better hosting experience and performance

The type of websites you are creating will determine whether these are significant enough to justify the prices or not.

So, in my review of Liquid Web, you will find out if this hosting service is favorable or not.

Liquid Web Hosting: Offer Types

All hosting packages on the Liquid Web platform are managed. This implies that the support team handles performance optimization, security, and server updates. All backend support and technicalities are taken care of, so you can concentrate on what matters – which is building out quality content and making cool money.

A few hosting packages are offered by Liquid Web. They are all centered on providing quality, but created for different categories of people.

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Among other services, Liquid Web offers both Windows and Linux hosting. The most popular operating system for servers is Linux OS – which leaves websites that request for Windows with fewer packages. Liquid Web has you covered when it comes to programs like .NET, Sharepoint, or Microsoft Exchange.

General Liquid Web Features

Liquid Web doesn’t offer shared hosting options but focuses on premium hosting rather.

A lot of web hosts out there offer budget-friendly shared hosting services for new websites that do not require much storage or bandwidth. The shared hosting option was discontinued by Liquid Web in 2016, and most options are customizable.

This implies that any given hosting plan can have variable features. Some other general hosting features at Liquid Web are worth noting.


cPanel is the most popular panel on the WordPress hosting market. It has a pretty fundamental layout, but it is insightful to use. Though looking for particular features can be old-fashioned, a search function is made available.

Control Panels

The Control Panel is an interface that enables users to visually manage their servers and other things such as installed tools, email, and domains. Liquid Web offers 2 different categories of control panels, which lets you select whichever suits your business needs most.

Pros and Cons

Here is a quick list of the pros and cons of Liquid Web.


  • Wide range of managed WordPress hosting packages
  • High-quality hosting plans
  • Skilled, competent, and fast support team of engineers


  • Knowledgebase is hard to access
  • No shared WordPress hosting
  • Cost is on the high side

Is the Support Team Worth the Price?

For most people out there, the extra management and performance level can be a sufficient reason to opt for a powerful host like Liquid Web, though you might not be so sure.

As stated, the other valuable source is an industry-leading support. Based on how helpful this can be for you, it should give you a clear decision one way or the other.

For 10+ years, technical support has been the biggest feature at Liquid Web Hosting.

First of all, the uptime is 100% guaranteed, though it’s not so significant unless the going down of your site for a very little time could cost you a lot of money.

Heroic Support

Heroic Support is one of the most relevant features at Liquid Web.

The Liquid Web host provides full email, chat, and phone support.

The quality of its technical support team is the most appreciable ever. When a technical issue arose, even if it was something that came up out of personal mistakes, a clearly individualized and deep support would be offered by the support team almost instantly.

On most other web hosts, the support would involve being in a dialogue with someone who is simultaneously offering support to multiple while-labeled hosting platforms.

The new support techs at Liquid Web get more than 300 training hours within their first 12 months. They understand Liquid Web pretty well, and they understand hosting really well also.

The knowledgebase is pretty good as well, but that could better be subdivided into categories. A quick search could be sorted for what you are finding; in most cases, it’s better to get in touch with the support team and earn a quicker resolution.

Cloud Websites

Cloud websites provide faster speeds and more security than traditional hosting.

You’ve likely got some experience with WordPress (a Content Management System), but not yet with platforms like Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Liquid Web offers Cloud Sites and that enables you to set up and manage multiple websites.

Cloud sites are hosted on a clump of web servers together once. This hosting type offers faster load times and more security than the traditional hosting options out there, which are run on a single server in just one location.

Installing a CMS and creating a site only takes 2 clicks.

The monthly hosting fee starts at $150; it has a bandwidth of 1TB, and a storage capacity of 50GB which is big enough for most applications and websites.

Being a cloud-based hosting company, it allows scalability if you’d require bigger resources and traffic in the future.

What Do You Understand about SSD and Why Is It Important?

SSD is generally termed Solid State Drive. SSD is a storage device type that operates on a flash storage, which leads to a more reliable and faster storage capacity. HDD, an older technology, operates on mechanical parts and magnetic tapes which are more vulnerable to havoc.

User Reviews

Check out most customer reviews of Liquid Web Hosting and you’ll find that this hosting company gets a star rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Most users spotlight Liquid Web’s great support and amazing uptime, though a few users complained of issues with their websites going down too frequently. Above all, most reviews are always positive.

Overview of Liquid Web Performance

Liquid Web has recorded an average uptime of 100 percent, and also has an average response time of 241 milliseconds.

WPEngine Vs. Liquid Web

If Liquid Web does not seem like a good fit and you run a WordPress website, then checking out WPEngine might be worth it.

WPEngine is one of the managed WordPress hosting companies where cloud hosting or shared hosting isn’t offered and doesn’t host a non-WordPress website.

Liquid Web has a storage capacity and bandwidth of 20GB and 5GB respectively while the storage and bandwidth at WPEngine are 10GB and 50GB respectively.

As far as performance is concerned, various tests show that Liquid Web Hosting has more stability with considerably faster speeds. The only difference found might not be so significant.

The basic plan at Liquid Web Hosting is relatively smaller than that at WPEngine. Other things that are really worth checking include the introductory deals and annual prices.

Other Hosting Choices

Not sure which of WPEngine or Liquid Web Hosting to consider? I shortlisted a few more options below:

Siteground: When it comes to automatic updates, built-in security features, or fast web servers, Siteground is superb.

Bluehost: Are you on the lookout for a less expensive plan for your hosting even with great and trustworthy site support? Bluehost fits in at the right time.

A2 Hosting: This company provides more cost-effective shared WordPress hosting; they concentrate on security, speed, and Support.

The 2 Categories of Entrepreneurs Liquid Web is Suitable for?

According to the different hosting options we’ve looked into, it’s obvious that there are 2 categories of people that Liquid Web is good for.

Web Developers

The very first one is the situation where you are developing multiple websites for numerous reasons. The cost per website is quite considerable between the cloud sites and managed hosting plans. Or you can get a dedicated server if all the websites are comparatively large.

This is a powerful alternative for freelance web developers who are responsible for hosting client websites. If you’ve been on the lookout to learn website building, the performance is superb, and the technical support is worth the price.

High-Traffic Website Owners

The other category is for enterprises with just one website that drives a ton of valuable traffic. In situations where the going down or slowing down of the website for just a little time could cost a ton of cash, the technical support and performance are pretty worth it.

Dedicated Server/Cloud Dedicated

If you are with a number of websites that require a lot of web resources (bandwidth or storage), a dedicated server would be a good fit and it starts at $189/month.

The hosting performance is superb and almost the highest ever yet without having to go for a costly custom alternative.

Cloud VPS

If you know your site does not require a dedicated web server yet, you can then consider choosing a cloud VPS as it is a low-priced plan starting at $59/month. Typically, a proportion of the server is given to you.

And with that, it becomes suitable for hosting new or existing websites.

It comes with Plesk or cPanel and is fully managed in WordPress.

Reseller Plan

One of the other hosting packages Liquid Web offers is Reseller Hosting, but it isn’t as easy as just buying a hosting package.

Before you can be accepted into the Liquid Web’s hosting reseller platform, you must first submit an application.

A considerable discount plan is offered and this lets you easily save a higher proportion as more hosting plans are sold.


Plesk provides a simple-to-navigate and more decent interface, with most features placed on the left-hand side in a nav bar. Generally, it is regarded as a simpler-to-use platform and is accessible on both Linux hosting and Windows

Liquid Web has so many data centers based in Michigan, Netherlands, Arizona, Phoenix, and Lansing.


The following services are offered by Liquid Web hosting:

  • Superb server performance
  • Clean prices that consider their products
  • Managed hosting in full
  • Industry-leading technical support

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