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Jaaxy Affiliate is one of the most recognized affiliate programs in the online business environment. It offers a wide range of recurring revenue plans to affiliates and disburses on time. The founders (Kyle and Carson) have been in the business of affiliate marketing over the past decade.

The internet is packed full of earning opportunities and affiliate marketing is one of the best and most legitimate ways to generate online income passively. So, Jaaxy is quite one of the most prominent affiliate platforms in the online business community. Thus, you should endeavor to read this review and you’ll figure out how prominent Jaaxy Affiliate has been so far.

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Website Address: https://my.jaaxy.com

Company name: Jaaxy

  • Co-owners: Carson and Kyle
  • Length of time in operation: 12 years
  • Niche Research: 10/10
  • Product proficiency: 9/10
  • Support: 7/10
  • Keyword Research: 10/10
  • Website Rank analysis: 10/10
  • Competition analysis: 10/10
  • Price – Pro: $49/month. Enterprise: $99/month. Starter: free.
  • Domain search: 10/10

The overall ranking is 90 percent.

An Overview of Jaaxy Affiliate

As a Jaaxy affiliate, you’re privileged to earn monthly recurring commissions regardless of whether you’re signing up as a pro or enterprise member.

With Jaaxy Affiliate, there’s a great rewarding system for members and there’s an opportunity to earn big promoting the program regardless of the membership option you’re opting for. Though there are a lot of affiliate programs in the industry, Jaaxy Affiliate stands the most proficient regardless of whether you’re a veteran or newbie entrepreneur.

Apart from earning from the affiliate program, Jaaxy is an integrated, yet the easiest and simplest keyword and niche research tool in the entire industry. Thus, whether you’re a newbie or veteran entrepreneur, Jaaxy will definitely help you choose the right specialty for your niche site. It assists you with finding low hanging fruit keywords for your content and ensures that you come up with the best content for your ideal audience.

You can assess the status of your site ranking and evaluate your competitors’ keywords. Brainstorming is equally allowed for coming up with the topics you’ll need for creating great content.

The Commission Plan on Jaaxy

As earlier mentioned, whether you are an enterprise or pro user, Jaaxy lets you generate a decent amount of income by sending people to those membership options. Your level of income depends solely on the membership option each of your referrals chooses. Apart from the basic package fee, there are no hidden charges.

Let’s have a breakdown of how the commission is paid to you over referring people:

  • You receive a $400 commission every year on every enterprise package referral or a $40 monthly commission on a recurring basis.
  • You receive $200 commissions on a yearly basis per pro member referred or a $2o monthly commission on a recurring basis.

The Proficiency in Jaaxy Affiliate

As soon as you start seeing some decent amount of search engine traffic flood your site, it’s time to consider joining some affiliate programs as a means of monetizing your site and Jaaxy would be a great choice.

Of course, every site owner needs an integrated keyword and niche research tool and Jaaxy is proven to be one of the best tools in the entire industry for performing keywords, brainstorming topic ideas, checking PageRank status, and many more.

Let’s do some Mathematics…

If it’s assumed you bring in up to 3 referrals every day to Jaaxy using your affiliate link, and up to 12% of these referrals happen to take action by purchasing the Pro membership option, staying active for the next 6 months and beyond as pro members, you will have grown your revenue to over $5,000 monthly.

Payout Plans in Jaaxy Affiliate

You’re paid through PayPal on the 1st day of each month. Since launch, it hasn’t happened that affiliates weren’t paid on the 1st day of any given month or Jaaxy defaulted in disbursing affiliate payments on time. Not at all!

To ensure you receive affiliate payment on time, go to the affiliate payment settings and update your PayPal email address. You also have the option to choose your minimum payout which starts from $10 upwards.

Links & Tracking at Jaaxy

A promo link will be generated for you once you’ve signed up to Jaaxy Affiliate (either as a pro or enterprise member). So, once you’ve got your affiliate link, you can start promoting Jaaxy and earn commissions using your own website.

To find your affiliate links, simply go to the links and tracking section of your account. Your referrals are tracked through the affiliate link uniquely generated for you. When someone accepts your invitation to buy either the enterprise or pro package, you’ll earn your due commission instantly.

What to Gain from the Jaaxy Affiliate program

You can be guaranteed to earn cool and legitimate income promoting Jaaxy. It has a great potential to help you make money. The co-owners of Jaaxy (Kyle and Carson) have always remained faithful in disbursing affiliate payments.

What is Jaaxy Meant for?

  • Jaaxy is a keyword tool used by webmasters to research keywords for their website content. It shows metrics for coming up with the low hanging fruit keywords that help your content rank fast in search results. These metrics include Quoted search results (QSR), Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI), Monthly Traffic, Average Searches, and more.
  • Jaaxy is used to find the right domain for your specialty website
  • Jaaxy helps you find the right specialty for your business. Most newbie bloggers usually find it hard to find their right niche for their business website, but with Jaaxy, it’s not an issue at all. Without any limit, you’re free to choose from the pool of passion-related niches using Jaaxy.
  • As a blogger, Jaaxy ensures that you have an edge over your competitors’ status on SERPs.
  • Jaaxy uncovers a lot of affiliate programs for you to promote.
  • With Jaaxy, your search engine rankings can be tracked easily. When Google finds a post on your blog, you are immediately notified by Jaaxy. So, you’ll be happy using Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Support and Training

You get due support and training from Jaaxy in 4 different video series. So, you’re walked through the entire process of using and making the most out of Jaaxy through these video series.

  1. Keyword Research and Management
  2. Website Research and Analysis
  3. Clarification of Niche Research
  4. Jaaxy Affiliate Training

You also get 3 additional bonuses in 3 different PDF tutorials:

  • Bonus 1: A thousand High Search Traffic, Low Hanging Fruit Keywords
  • Bonus 2: Niches, Keywords, Success
  • Bonus 3: Domain Industry Secrets

Without spending a dime, you’ve got an alternative option to become part of Jaaxy which gives you access to the support and training needed to build a personal brand. This particular option gives you the full support towards building a virtual real estate and helps you achieve financial independence in no distant time.

This route is called Wealthy Affiliate. Without spending a dime, you’ll get the main resources and tools you’d need to build an online business successfully. Through this community, you’ll create a multiple stream of passive income in a lifetime and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

You’ll have access to the live chat section of the community through which you can ask questions anytime and get more than enough answers from the community members who are always willing to help others become successful in their business too.

Tools in Jaaxy

  • Keyword Research: Jaaxy is proven as the most integrated, yet the most simplified tool for researching keywords across the entire industry. If you’re new to keyword research, Jaaxy is the right home for you. You’ll get the right knowledge and exposure exploring the right resources at WA.
  • Niche Research: Through Jaaxy, extensive training is offered on how to search for proficient niches in a few minutes. You’ll be walked through the process of searching and finding the appropriate niche for your niche blog.
  • Competition Analysis: Jaaxy helps you find the right keywords and rank fast in search results with your blog content. You can leverage this in analyzing your rivals’ keywords and rankings.
  • Domain Search: To find unregistered domains for your business, Jaaxy is a perfect tool to leverage for that.

Rates on Jaaxy

Starter Membership

Becoming a free starter doesn’t attract any fee. It’s completely free to remain a WA free starter for life. If you’re completely a newbie and don’t even have any understanding of what building an online business is all about, I’d suggest you try it for free first and then upgrade at a later time. So, as a free starter, you get just thirty keyword searches for free.

$99 Monthly Enterprise Membership

This specific package is created for high-caliber of online entrepreneurs who are strictly committed to their business and wouldn’t mind keeping their websites up and running for as long as possible. Owing to the fact that the system leverages automation in all areas, the membership option is even more efficient.

Pro Membership Option

The monthly subscription for the Pro membership option is $49. This is the most preferred package for brand-new websites for which professional features aren’t yet needed but the integrated ones. With the Pro membership package, there’s no limit to the number of keyword searches you can perform using Jaaxy.

The Pros:

  • When compared with most affiliate programs out there, Jaaxy is proven to be bigger, because its keyword research tool is the most integrated one let alone mentioning other branded features like Domain Search, Competition Analysis, and Website Ranking. So, Jaaxy is worth your investment.
  • Jaaxy is known to be legit and faithful when it comes to paying the right affiliate commission at the right time.
  • Without having to use any other similar tool for checking rankings, website domains, and niches, Jaaxy is sufficient to suffice your content marketing goal.

The Cons:

  • Jaaxy has a restriction in terms of the training it provides. It doesn’t offer new video resources on its own unless you create an account first through Wealthy Affiliate. It’s limited to its video training and/or PDF tutorials.
  • There’s no live chat feature on Jaaxy except for the one you’ll find on the WA web space.
  • If you’re just a free Jaaxy user, you cannot participate in the referral program.

Who Can Promote the Jaaxy Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program of Jaaxy is open to everyone from all walks of life, from the newbie to the pros. When it comes to niche and keyword research, Jaaxy is the most recognized tool for that purpose. However, don’t try promoting Jaaxy unless you’re using your own website.

With your own site, you can make as much money as your website traffic allows. If you really want to make money online from promoting affiliate programs, you need to write great content regularly.

Never stop posting high-quality content. This is the key strategy for building a PageRank and coming on top of the competitor. Why? Google and other major search engines love fresh content and love it consistently created to update a blog.

Jaaxy Affiliate Training Video Resources

To figure out how Jaaxy can be leveraged to make money, go through the video and text walk-through resources created by Kyle.

In order to become a Jaaxy Lite user and achieve financial independence, you’d need to join Wealthy Affiliate and upgrade your free starter membership to the premium package.

Final Thought about Jaaxy

Jaaxy is one of the most prominent affiliate marketing companies for its being legit, faithful, and professional. Besides it being an affiliate program, it’s an effective tool for finding keywords and niches, analyzing your competitors’ site rankings, and evaluating your website PageRank.

Once you can come in as a WA free starter, you’re automatically a Jaaxy Lite user. If you’re interested in learning how to build an online business, you can read my review of this platform. Click through here and get rolling.

You’ll enjoy other functions such as unlimited keyword searches, 25 keyword lists saved, 100 website rank scans, and ten soup results (Alphabetical).

Build website traffic through content marketing. Earn search engine traffic by posting consistently and building engagement. Explore the working performance marketing channels and increase your search popularity in search results.

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  1. Jaaxy has been so useful in my time working with it. I’m always singing its praises but never considered joining it’s affiliate program. This review is great in explaining why it’s such a good idea and the fact that you can use it as either a newbie or a veteran is such a big help. The commission is a lot higher then expected.

    • Hey Kelly, thanks for reading my Jaaxy affiliate program review! First, Jaaxy is an integrated, yet a simple-to-use keyword and niche research tool. Second, it has a high-paying affiliate program which is a part of your Wealthy Affiliate membership! Thanks for stopping by Kelly, drop by anytime!

  2. Thanks for the review of Jaaxy and what we all stand to gain from using. It for our seo. Jaaxy is good and it can be the best thing for us to really get to the very top. And all. I really like the overview here and it might be the difference we have all been hoping for. Thank you for this here as it makes so much sense here

    • Hey Darmi, thanks for reading and commenting on my Jaaxy affiliate program review! Glad you found it informative and helpful! Jaaxy is such a brilliant keyword and niche research tool that simplifies keyword researching and ensures that you brainstorm ideas properly prior to creating your content. Thanks again for dropping by, stop by anytime!


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