Bluehost Affiliate Review

There are numerous ways to promote the Bluehost affiliate program; once you’ve signed up for their program using the link at the bottom of the website, you should create your free account right away. You can then start the process of promoting the program.

Bluehost will provide you with the necessary affiliate links and banners to promote. After subscribing, you will start receiving promos for special deals such as flash sales at regular intervals.

The Bluehost hosting plan starts from $3.95/month but your web hosting audience can easily get it for $2.95/month through flash sales as shown on the banner. And during most flash sales, the Bluehost affiliate payout is increased to $100/signup. The moment this happens, Bluehost affiliates will receive an email giving them updated info about the sales.

Bluehost Web Hosting

You can also make money through other areas by promoting hosting plans. These areas include email marketing, solo ads, banner ads, writing reviews and many more.

How to Join the Bluehost Affiliate Program

In general, hosting affiliate programs is extremely easy; Bluehost is serious about paying affiliates well because of the significant lifetime benefits it gets from the hosting customers. It’s fully committed to paying affiliate commissions promptly.

Visit the Bluehost Affiliate Signup Page to Get Started

Before you can become a Bluehost affiliate, you must fill in the necessary details such as personal and tax information, payment directions and your website address as well.

How to Make Money with Bluehost

Making money through Bluehost as an affiliate requires you to do some things; the major thing is for you promoting services. However, this falls under two major categories which are domain registration and hosting services.

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These services will also come with Upsells which include (added security, fast hosting and so on) but your main attention or focus should be centered on those two services which are what Bluehost is primarily known for.

Bluehost Products

Bluehost provides basically everything ranging from low-cost shared hosting to dedicated servers; one thing I enjoy about it is that all plans include C-panel access to control hosting, database, email accounts and so on. The shared hosting plan in other companies sometimes offers some fundamental control of your host. The major plans include:

  • The Shared hosting: This is the least expensive plan and the best plan to start with
  • Cloud Hosting: This will help you out in case you have large traffic or bigger computing requirements; it offers a more flexible environment.
  • WordPress Hosting: This is committed to hosting majorly for WordPress sites and it is upgraded with security effectiveness.
  • Woo Commerce hosting: This is also like WordPress hosting but it is majorly for Woo Commerce on WordPress.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting: This is just like an upgrade from shared hosting and it looks alike to the cloud hosting; the only difference is that while using VPS, you are liable to get a Piece of a Specific Computer, while cloud hosting resources are spread over multiple machines.
  • Dedicated Server hosting: This is going to be your very own server; you won’t need to bother about anything related to you experiencing a sudden bug in resource usage slowing your pace down. You won’t need to bother about bad neighbors from an SEO standpoint.

Bluehost Affiliate Commission Rate

Bluehost pays a measly commission of $65 on every hosting plan referral; that’s pretty cool if you are to consider that the customer may need to be spending $8 every single month and getting the first month for $3. This means that an initial purchase decision gives up to $65.

You are wondering how possible is that? Of course, it is all about customer lifetime value; Bluehost is well aware that sometimes the hosting purchases are kind of sticky. This means that people don’t usually change host quickly. So, when one customer is captured, then such can stay for a long period of time. Several customers also upgrade to a bigger and more expensive plan as they grow.

This is good for you as an affiliate, but one thing is that even the $200 dedicated servers also pay commissions of the same $65 to affiliates.

How to Promote Bluehost Online

If you’ve been wondering if you can make money as a Bluehost affiliate, I strongly feel I should tell you about an affiliate called Pat Flynn; his income report shows that he has made over $27,000 from Bluehost commissions in a lifetime. That’s surely a pretty nice pay day, right?

But what makes it difficult is that only few sites can compete head to head with Pat Flynn for SEO traffic. Then you surely have a lot of grey hat types with the PBNs after the big payouts of hosting programs like Bluehost.

You can only rank well for something like “Best Web Hosting” if and only if you have an existing authority site with proper relevance in both the hosting niche and also backlinks. The term can have roughly 15K searches a month, though about 85k articles with the same keyword in the title.

In fact, Bluehost review with 6500 monthly searches has about 3,800 pages with the keyword in the title; that’s some competition for Google search results. The trick will surely be to:

Complete Guide to Getting More Traffic to Your Blog through Social Networks

  1. Promote it using Social Media – Be more creative with social. If you are dealing in tech or any other groups where hosting recommendation comes up, be of help and offer links only where there’s no spam.
  2. Promote via email to your audience – Build a whitepaper or info graphic that has some useful and important information in it; have this in exchange for an email. After that, attach the subscribers in a funnel and include them for a hosting affiliate program. Always send them great information and also send warm leads and the affiliate links.
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  3. Long tail keywords for SEO – Though you may not rank well for the heading keyword, you definitely need SEO traffic. Search for Longtail keywords that are not too competitive.

You can as well create content that centers on certain topics that are talked about on Bluehost’s site by making use of the CJ deep linking Capability.

However, at just $65 per referral, you can as well consider advertising. You should begin by focusing ads on your audience and email list. This is obviously low hanging fruit because for cold ads, you can place bids on the long tail keywords.

I would center them on a landing page on your site from the ad to make them cookie and try to capture a mail. Bluehost also has the usual restrictions on making use of a particular limitation on using their own trademark or Misspellings. They don’t allow you to make use of it.

Affiliate Tools and Support

You will surely get an affiliate dashboard at Bluehost with easy access to all of your banners, ads, text links and many more. They are well-equipped with account managers whose responsibilities are to make you more successful. If you get started with CJ, then you are going to get a set of tools which are slightly different.

It includes integrated dashboard with some other CJ affiliate programs.

Core linking will connect you to any page at Bluehost and make your affiliate ID ready for sales credit. Also available are Bluehost banners and ads.

The prices for them are very exorbitant and most plans do require an upfront annual payment. The most expensive plan is the only plan that has a monthly payment option. Bluehost is well-known for having good but not the best performance profile as well as the best 24/7 support group. This is important for many niches.


For each of the product categories, there are three main plans. Majorly, the first three months are subjected to a discount of about 33% but the plans are paid upfront every year. The pricing is compiled per month but billed every year.

Basically, many hosting companies do this often but I find it somehow not good. Why making the monthly price known; yet without an option! All the plans have 1-3 year pricing categories coupled with some additional discounts made available

How to Promote the BlueHost Affiliate Program?

This is the major area where it gets a little bit complicated as affiliate programs are such a nice deal for affiliates. The best way to promote is to reach out to an audience directly. You need to start a blog in the online marketing specialty and once you have an audience, you can start promoting Bluehost as one of the best platforms around.

For this reason I would advise that you start learning about SEO, because this is where the most income is made when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Even though I explained that Bluehost is a nice affiliate program with a very high payout, do not expect to start making money at the start. But if you really have an audience and you are not making use of it to promote affiliate programs like Bluehost, I can categorically tell you that you are really losing some money.

How to Get Paid As a BlueHost Affiliate (Payouts)

The least earning you must generate to be eligible for withdrawal from the Bluehost affiliate program is $100, which to me shouldn’t be a problem because you can easily earn $65 from a single customer.

You also have the privilege to withdraw directly to your PayPal account, which is also a fantastic option as it is good for all business transactions.

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How Much Money Can You Make Promoting BlueHost?

It is very hard and complicated to make calculations or estimations without you having a clue of the business and how you can promote Bluehost. To save the stress, I do my own calculations like this, for example; if you refer 1000 people a month that will likely be interested in using Bluehost, and you are able to convert 1% of them, then you’ll have 10 people every month.

Having 10 people in a month literally means $650 which sounds well. This also means that if you get 1000 people a day, you can be making up to $650 a single day.

If you are in doubt or you think it is not realistic, I will suggest you give it a rethink and have a look at Pat Flynn’s income report; he is the biggest Bluehost affiliate amidst everyone else.

Should You Become a Bluehost Affiliate?

Bluehost is a reputable affiliate platform, most especially for shared hosting and some other entry level plans. You can easily sign up with CJ vs Bluehost and receive an extra 30 days of cookie time as well as deep linking which can be utilized properly in your content marketing strategy.

Is Bluehost Web Hosting Good for Your Business or Not?

The essence of writing this Bluehost affiliate Program Review is not in any way to tell you what to do, neither is it to give you a guarantee that you will make money by just promoting Bluehost web hosting plans. What you will earn will be based on your personal efforts and marketing techniques.

If you own a website/blog with a lot of targeted traffic, this is a unique opportunity. Also, if you are a newbie in the affiliate marketing world, you’d need to learn how to explore the right channel to create awareness using your Bluehost affiliate links and banners. One good platform to learn everything about affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

I’m completely sure that my honest review of the Bluehost affiliate program will help you reach a reasonable conclusion on whether you’re going to promote it or not. It’s a reliable company with a solid web hosting service. I can boldly tell you that it is worth your time if you really want to make more money off your blog.

While you’ve been encouraged to learn all about affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate community, you’d need to know more about the community itself first and what you stand to gain by learning online marketing through its education.

Aside from going through its affiliate marketing certification courses and Bootcamp, you’re going to have access to its full-time revenue opportunities as well. Here’s the link to my review of Wealthy Affiliate. 

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  1. Thank you for the review and introduction to Bluehost Affiliate that was entirely new to me. The fact that it is such an easy hosting arrangement sounds really appealing. Clearly site traffic is an important factor in having success with this programme.  I assume you work with them? The $65 commission sounds pretty good for each referral. The example of Pat Flynn is certainly inspirational. Combined with your professional review that describes bluehost as being reputable makes this suggestion highly credible.  Thank you for this introduction.  I`m tempted.

    • Hey Trevor, appreciate your lovely comment on my Bluehost affiliate program review! Being one of the most popular WordPress hosting platforms out there, you can count on its profit potential when it comes to affiliate commissions. With some decent amount of traffic monthly, you can send potential visitors to Bluehost and once they buy a package, you are going to earn commissions. Thanks again Trevor, stop by anytime!

  2. Today we are practically all users of social networks and we try to achieve some benefit through them. This is one of the best ways to turn our time into money. I see from your review that we can earn at Bluehost Affiliate as much as $ 65 per customer, that’s a really great profit. Worth to try.

    • Yeah, Natasa, you stand to gain a lot and earn passively from becoming a Bluehost affiliate. You can promote its program using your WordPress site and earn great commissions for sending traffic to Bluehost. The higher the traffic to your site the higher the revenue you generate. Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated! Drop by anytime!


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