Kajabi Review – Should You Use It To Sell Online Courses?

Kajabi is a well-known content marketing platform that makes available a single and decentralized system for individuals and small business owners to sell, promote and deliver their goods and services as well as their product content.

It is targeted at providing users with a user-friendly and comprehensive content marketing guide and solution. It is also internet-based software that provides multiple tools in a single software with the major aim of helping you make money from selling your knowledge in one app. Kajabi includes the following:

  • Tools used for website building
  • Promotional and marketing tools
  • Blogging features and attributes
  • Web course software/Membership site
  • Built-in video streaming
  • Private community social area
  • Prompt payment processing
  • Email marketing tools
  • Automated marketing funnels for list building
  • Landing page tools
  • Affiliate marketing features

The Kajabi Interface

Kajabi is easy and simple to use; it is even easier to leverage compared to a WordPress-based tech automated system. There is a dashboard located at the homepage of the admin section which includes many great stats and up-to-date news and events from the Kajabi team. From my so many years experience of building sites for clients, I can tell you categorically that most of my clients find Kajabi very easy, convenient and simple to navigate.

Kajabi Themes and Site Design Tools

There are so many amazing things to admire about Kajabi, but those features come a bit short in the available theme options for the non-member, marketing/blog website. The Kajabi crew is majorly centered on providing just one theme which is the Premier theme, coupled with so many amazing color variations.

Premier is just more than a single theme; it is a strong website editor and a theme design forum that affords you some nice design concepts.

In addition, there is an upcoming powerful theme in the next few months known as ENCORE. To be very frank, this theme looks really nice and there is so much flexibility you can add to it depending on how you want it to appear or look; it is a limited theme with so many white spaces that will surely make your photos (both small and large for sections of a single page) unique and look different.

This implies that you can determine and control how your site appears by the type of photo you decide to put up on the site and some other things such as the color palette you use for the header menu bar and the call to action buttons around the site.

You can as well make the theme appear like a proper and corporate site by inserting a corporate image and a traditional corporate blue color palette. Another look you can give to it is by making it look like a friendly and nice site for a yoga training business by inserting photos that compliment a feminine color palette.

So, don’t bother about the availability of just a single theme, because it is more of a dynamic theme.

Kajabi Theme Design and Editing

Below are some of the things I fancy about the theme design and editing features placed in the kajabi’s website:

  1. There is much ease and convenience when you make use of the Kajabi editing tools; it is quite a nice tool to use and it makes your website design so easy and simple. You can easily make changes to these designs without getting to see or touch any code.
  2. Editing the content area of the home page simply requires clicking on the major element area, then editing straightaway in the editing section of the left sidebar of the appearance editor.
  3. It is easy to neglect the whole section of the homepage if you are not interested in making use of them; all you need to do is just scroll through the three available dots close to the section name and click on hide; and instantly the whole section of the design will disappear.
  4. You can easily insert you brand color into the Kajabi theme using the available color picker.

Blog Post Creation

This is somehow the major con of Kajabi, but it is not as bad as it may sound. The blogging features available on Kajabi are not as well grounded and developed as those you might find on the WordPress site, but always remember that WordPress started a long time ago, very much earlier than Kajabi.

So, WordPress is more advanced in this regard because it has been around for so many years and as such has more time to develop its blogging features. However, there are also some things that make blogging unique on Kajabi:

  1. It is somehow hard or impossible to resize an image you want to place at the top of your blog post. This means it is highly advisable to use the recommended size of an image you want to use.
  2. There is no media place or section containing all images you have put on other blog posts in the past; this means that if you want to insert a photo in a post, you’d have to upload them afresh irrespective of whether you have uploaded them in the past.

Kajabi Online Course Features

This is one of the reasons people are so much interested in Kajabi. It builds up a superb membership website experience for you and your team as managers of the membership sites.

Listed below are the major aspects of Kajabi’s membership section and online course features.

The presence of  Wista video streaming service

With respect to my streaming experience, Wista remains a standout video streaming service. Over the past years, several people have been leveraging Wista for both their online courses and multiple businesses.

Wista streaming stands out as the best service. The price starts at $99/mo. That’s just the exact amount people have been paying for the past years. However, the basic plan for the whole Kajabi package is priced at $199/month.

Wista streaming service alone costs $99/month; this means that for just $19 more you are going to enjoy a whole lot of the Kajabi system and the entire features that come with it.

Kajabi is undoubtedly the only system that incorporates the Wista streaming service into its platform. Upon visiting the Kajabi site, you will see what the Wista video player looks like inside Kajabi.

Kajabi Community Forum

Kajabi is really providing its system to be a thorough, all in a single system app based on recent and continuous development. They have taken a step further in proving that by recently adding a built-in, private community discussion forum just like Facebook, it truly has the attribute you will need for an interactive community space for members and participants of your online courses.

You can as well sell the access to only the community space as a single and separate product. Given the negative remarks that keep surrounding Facebook over the past few years, so many online course owners have lost interest in utilizing Facebook for their community interactions and meeting space.

I was able to figure this out because I interact with hundreds of course owners through consultation calls.

The bottom line is that course owners need their personal community space to engage their audience. And with the help of Kajabi’s built-in Community features, you have got that designed already for your own members’ area alone.

One of the major advantages of this is that there is no room for any Ad to distract you or your members and your member’s personal data is secured and kept intact.

Email Marketing Tools

One of the advantages of the Kajabi system is the fact that you have your email marketing tool right inside this system alongside your website creation/editing tool as well as your membership site platform.

This type of multiple integrations is one of the major strengths of the Kajabi platform because it literally means that you don’t need to login to different tech tools to achieve the things you need to run your business smoothly.

Below are some of the things that make the Kajabi’s email marketing tools stand out:

  1. The email marketing features are thrilling and wonderful; you will get to see everything you need to achieve all the basic and advanced strategies of list building and email marketing. Kajabi’s email marketing features give you permission to do almost everything like every other committed email marketing app just as Active Campaign allows you to do.
  2. You will find tools to create opt-in forms for things to be used as free offers, broadcast emails, autoresponder emails, and webinar registration and connection
  3. There are also like 45 different ways to segment your email list on the basis of actions that people take, the tags they lack, things they signed in for, or the products they have once purchased. The list in Kajabi is quite strong and dynamic.

Affiliate Marketing Features

There is an already built-in affiliate program in Kajabi if only you have the Pro or Premium plan; this will give you access to control and manage your affiliate marketing program, and also place your affiliates dashboard where they can get their clicks and sales stats.

  1. Here’s what your affiliates would see when they login to your dashboard to check their clicks and sales stats.
  2. Almost all the things embedded in affiliate management programs are in the Kajabi’s Affiliate Program which includes your dashboard as the admin of the site, where you can as well track the clicks and conversions of your affiliates.
  3. You can also come up with a link for your affiliates, set the default commissions, take charge of the default and also create another custom commissions mainly for individual affiliates and as well share links out for affiliates to visit that page and sign up to turn one of your own affiliates
  4. You can send emails out to all your affiliates within Kajabi by utilizing the same built-in marketing features you would use to send out broadcast emails to all your email lists. The only difference is just that this email will reach your affiliates only.

Customer Support

One of the great things about Kajabi is the support team. Experientially, if you have cogent reasons to contact the support, they will always be timely, friendly and responsive. Kajabi’s support team is one of the best examples of how a software customer support team should operate.

If you subscribe to a Pro plan, they have a live chat section and, from experience, getting help while in the middle of a problem is one of the best things in online courses. I can’t remember vividly the number of times the Kajabi support team of people have come to my rescue.

Then for the lower level plan, support occurs through a support ticket system and you are sure to get responded to within just a day.


The only downside I can say about Kajabi is that the software is kind of expensive when compared to its other competitors.

Why You May Need to Use Kajabi

If you have the perception that you really need a highly-customized, uniquely-branded website, then Kajabi should be your top priority, and also if you don’t see yourself as a “tech” person and you know that you don’t want to get frustrated along the line when building your brand, then Kajabi should be your top choice and even if you have something like a custom WordPress site for your marketing site, Kajabi would surely be my best bet for promoting and selling online courses and other digital services or products.


While you’re leveraging Kajabi to promote, sell, and deliver goods alongside, you should also consider building a multi-million dollar brand of your own. Your brand is your personal website or blog and you have an integrated, state-of-the-art site builder platform at your disposal to leverage in building your own online business the right way.

If you are truly ready to achieve financial success in the online world, then you must consider leveraging this platform and build a profit ready website in a matter of minutes. To learn more about this platform, click through this route and read my review.

4 thoughts on “Kajabi Review – Should You Use It To Sell Online Courses?”

  1. I’ve actually run into Kajabi ads on youtube pretty frequently recently. I’ve been wanting to do research on it so I’m glad I decided to surf around your website a bit. You’ve answered several of the questions that have come to my head. I have been wondering whether I can trust it or not. Will be considering it for leverage in my personal business

    • Hey Misael H, thanks for reaching out once again! Yeah, if you have been on the lookout for a good and promising e-learning platform, Kajabi is one you can trust, of course. It’s used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of students and tutors from all walks of life.

  2. Hello Sierra, I have been in business for some time now and I have I’m been hearing a lot about WordPress and how good it is and I’m happy because there are other options which would create competition and they all will want to be better to have more users. I like the training course of kajabi but how good is the support system?

    • Thanks for reading my Kajabi review, Justin! Much appreciated! Kajabi has good support and is trusted by many. Kajabi is one of the popular e-learning platforms like Coursera and it is a great medium through which you can sell online courses. If you are good at any expertise, Kajabi can help you showcase that expertise of yours!


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