MarketHealth Affiliate Network: Is It Just Another Scam?

By | September 22, 2020

Although extremely dubious sometimes, the online health industry is one of the largest industries you can leverage to establish an ideal affiliate marketing business.

Health-related products are highly-promising and demanding. And if you have a plan of becoming an affiliate marketer in the health product industry and would be serious about partnering up with the appropriate agencies, you can generate a good amount of income for real.

Today, I am drafting my honest review of the MarketHealth affiliate network, which is one of the health industry’s prominent affiliate networks for health-related products that you can ever find.

Literally, a lot of people are on the lookout for honest reviews of this program and wanted to give it a try in order to figure out if it’s really worth promoting.

Let’s get started.

Affiliate Disclosure ~ “When you buy something from this website, I may receive an affiliate commission.
These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products.
My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research.
I never recommend poor quality products, or create false reviews to make sales.
It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decision on which ones suit your needs best.” See affiliate disclaimer policy here

What Is MarketHealth?

As stated above, MarketHealth is an affiliate network of products pertaining to the health industry.

I like their tagline that states “Where Wealth and Health Connect!” and, according to their website, they’ve been successful at merging both wealth and health in a single platform.

They’ve been in operation since 1998 – that is now 22 years in the business and in the space of health affiliate networks that seem rare to come across.

Having said this, let’s forge further and dig in deeper to see what else there’s to MarketHealth.

What You Get With MarketHealth

Affiliate marketing is not an easy task to embark on. Even though many people claim that making money with affiliate marketing is easy, I see it as a mixture of both the hardest and easiest way to earn money online.

What I’m driving at is that you will need all the assistance you can get from an affiliate program and this particular program appears like it can provide you with all you’ll need to start generating commissions.

MarketHealth’s Commission Rates

At a 50% commission rate, MarketHealth appears not to be a bad deal.

Is MarketHealth a Scam?

It is not a scam!!

There are several affiliate networks that pay a commission of 50% and above but offers like this are, most times, applicable to digital products rather than physical products.

I have done a series of research and I have never heard a negative report from any other affiliate regarding commission payments. As a matter of fact, a lot of people say positive things about MarketHealth.

Besides, they pay out commissions two times a month on the first and 16th of every month – and the minimum withdrawal is just $20, which is awesome.

On average, from what I have experienced and what other affiliates would say, a sale can earn you anywhere from $40 to $70.

Exclusive Health Product Offers

MarketHealth has a store of over 200 products in a broad variety of diverse health sub-niches.

With the availability of over 200 products to choose from and promote, I am of the certainty that you will see a great one you can promote to your audience.

Recurring Income for Your Sales

Recurring commissions are one of the key untold secrets of making more commissions as an affiliate marketer. MarketHealth doesn’t lag behind in this aspect. What this means is, upon referring a customer once, you’ll continue to earn a recurring commission on every purchase that your referred customer makes in the future.

Yes, this implies that if you make a sale once, you keep getting paid for it again and again with every purchase the customer makes.

Free Resources to Help Affiliates Sell

I have stated above how significant it is to partner with an affiliate network that provides you with all the needed resources to help you make sales.

If you think it’s compulsory that affiliate networks should do everything within their power to assist you with making sales, you are wrong.

However, MarketHealth provides you with all the tools and resources you need to be able to successfully make your sales and turn your readers to buyers.

By joining MarketHealth, you are given access to a variety of various banners, tools, and resources to help you convert more on your website. These were just some of the resources MarketHealth offers.

Below, I’ll be talking more on how to promote MarketHealth on your site. So, if you would want to discover more about the program, do well to Click Here and visit the MarketHealth website and become an affiliate, which is free to do.

How Do You Promote the MarketHealth Affiliate Network?

Similar to any other affiliate program, you can summarize the whole selling procedure into 4 simple steps.

1. You need a website:

To promote MarketHealth, you would need a website that is focused on health products.

But if your site is not in the health niche, at least, you should have some posts or categories that talk about health and products that suffice.

2. You need a topic

As earlier said, you will need a topic that is related to the health industry. This can be a variety of things and you can speculate how many such things we have in the health industry.

From remedy for back pain to how to remove acne, the health niche is vastly open with sufficient opportunities and sub-niches you can earn money with.

Easiest Ways to Set up a Profitable Niche Business

Choose wisely, ensure there aren’t too many rivalries and learn how to get traffic to your website.

3. You need readers

MarketHealth can be the best affiliate program in the world considering the best type of health products you can come across but unless you have a substantial and steady flow of visitors visiting your website, you are not going to earn any money.

I won’t go into detail about getting traffic in this review, as it will be a diversion of the subject matter, but you can see my post on free ways to drive traffic to your website by clicking here.

4. You need to make sales

Affiliate marketing is a game of numbers, above anything else.

Having got a steady and healthy flow of traffic coming in, you are set to make some sales at some point. The only puzzle is to convert more readers into buyers.

Virtually, if you are able to convert 1 of every 100 visitors, there are ways to follow in order to start converting 5 out of every 100 visitors.

Have it in mind that it’s all about a game of numbers and even as MarketHealth is a great affiliate program, you are left to crack this formula on your own, based on what type of traffic your site has come in.

Is MarketHealth Legit or Scam?

After researching this specific affiliate program and taking my time gathering people’s opinions; I can, with assurance, say that MarketHealth is an incredible affiliate program to promote if you are in the health world.

The Advantages of Market Health

If you are fascinated to join this program, chances are, it’s probably due to one of the following reasons.

  • Getting approved by most CPA networks can be a difficult task, but in this case, you are assured immediate access. No need for phone calls, no strict background check. Just a short account set up and you are in. That shows you can access the affiliate links and start promoting through your niche blog or website.
  • Seeing that this is a persistent niche, the trend for health, beauty and fitness will never cease from existence. Due to that, these products will always be demanded by modern consumers and the opportunity to promote them is absolutely evergreen.
  • The affiliate program perhaps has the highest commission rate I’ve come across so far. Making 50% on each sale is a whole lot of money as an affiliate, especially when these products are highly-priced. Above that, you are eligible to request for a 60% commission when you have referred more than 20 sales to the network. There are also recurring commissions when referred customers pay for subscriptions and 5% revenue share if you refer new affiliates.
  • Besides English, the products offered also cater for different regions around the globe. Belgium, Croatian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swiss and Turkish are included among the supported foreign languages by the network. This could contribute to more income opportunities on the international level.

The Disadvantages of Market Health

No matter how good and lucrative the offers may seem, when it comes to making money as an affiliate, there’s always the other side of the coin. I tag the reality check and there are a few things to be conscious of if you are planning to embark on and join this network.

  • First and foremost, they don’t use PayPal as a method of payment. From my findings, check is the only payment method available currently and that implies, it may take a while to cash out your earnings, even though with the provision of getting paid twice a month. If there’s a hurry to use money, this appears to be a problem.
  • Against the international impression, residents from certain countries are inhibited from applying for the program and certain products are actually not allowed to be shipped to some particular countries. So, it’s advisable to know whether you are eligible or not and specify your targeted region prior to doing any promotion.
  • Depending on the category of offers, your affiliate landing page can either lead to a sign-up form or an online store. It’s a nice gesture that they have all these things in place for you, but one thing that worries me is that many of these pages aren’t optimized to use SSL domains. What this implies is that you will see the words ‘Not Secure’ in front of the website domain. Let’s now imagine providing your email address or credit card information on these pages. You would not feel protected as a consumer. This, on the side of the affiliate, results in lower conversions.
  • Above that, there are few or no customer reviews on the product pages. This is something you will not find on the Amazon marketplace where you can find real testimonials on whether a product works or not. You then wonder if anyone had ever bought the products before or had any experience with the products for that matter. It would far better and more persuasive if they could rectify the SSL issue and motivate more buyers to leave reviews or feedback.
  • Talking of the health, beauty and fitness niche, product competition is unavoidable and among your biggest competitors would be Amazon. On this big marketplace alone, you find hundreds, maybe thousands, of selections; most of which generates quality, affordability, and also customer satisfaction. That’s the type of e-commerce element that works to your advantage. Unfortunately, Market Health seems to lack this.
  • One thing that baffles me is that the network is yet to sell any CBD products which have in recent years been proven to be beneficial to human health. This market trend is set to be a multibillion-dollar industry and progressing as more people demand this natural substance for remedies as well as skincare. Considering it as a so-called ‘leading health network’, it’s certainly losing many opportunities by not having any CBD included in their list of products.
  • They don’t give resources regarding affiliate promotion. You are aware that a website is required of you, but you do not know how to effectively convert traffic to sales. If you are just going to spread links all over your blog, the results will be horrible.


Affiliate marketing is not just about selling. It’s about enlightening consumers on making better purchasing choices from a personal perspective. It’s also more of understanding how the search engine works. Hence, creating valuable content in addressing topics or products like anti-ageing, weight loss and their kinds, is significant to passing your message across prior to promoting anything to your audience.

In fact, the absence of training doesn’t apply to only Market Health. I realized that most affiliate networks have inadequate resources on this subject of discussion as well. That’s why I would propose learning from this extensive training platform if you plan to build a robust foundation for your affiliate business.

I hope you found this review insightful to help you decide whether or not to join the Market Health affiliate network.

As it’s mentioned in this review, it takes a personal website to be able to get accepted into the MarketHealth affiliate network; so, you need to be given exposure into the right site builder platform that will help you set up a profit ready website in a matter of minutes and start rocking your online business. Here’s the link to the resource page.

6 thoughts on “MarketHealth Affiliate Network: Is It Just Another Scam?

  1. Sophie

    Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on on market health affiliate network. This is a very detailed article and I must say you did a really good job. It’s good to see that market health affiliate marketing is not just another scam seeing as there’s a lot of scam cases in online businesses today. However, it’s not something I’ll want to get involved in because I don’t think it’s a very easy process. Thanks for sharing 

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Thanks for reading my MarketHealth affiliate program review, Sophie! There’s no need to worry about how complicated or difficult it is to promote or drive traffic to the products, all that matters is building remarkable content around that niche and getting traffic organically. Thanks for stopping by Sophie, drop by anytime!

  2. philebur

    Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s one needs to be aware of before joining such programs. As for me i think i will likely get involved with this as i am into the health world and seeing the fact that it is legit is really great

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Yeah, MarketHealth is based on the health niche and has a high-paying affiliate program that attracts the potential affiliates to promote its products and earn commissions. Being an health blogger should be an added advantage for someone like you. Thanks for stopping by, drop by anytime!

  3. Energy Kadango

    Signing up as an affiliate to this network sounds doable. The 50% commission is very lucrative. A few things that worry me though. The Health niche is very competitive. you will have a lot of established guys and it will not be easy to break through. As you mentioned in your review you will compete with the likes of Amazon. It will be difficult to sell. Thanks

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Thanks for reading my MarketHealth affiliate program review, Energy! Yeah, it pays up to 50% commissions to affiliates  and focuses mostly on the health products. You don’t have to worry about how competitive it is, as all that matters to you as an affiliate is to promote using the right strategies and earn.


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