Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Blog traffic is both the driving force and a significant pointer for any business. It helps you:

  • Gather intuitions about your readers while making decisions
  • Assess your marketing endeavors and overall growth
  • Increase conversions, generate more leads, and drive in more potential customers
  • Improve your search engine credibility and SEO

In this tutorial, I’ll enumerate some ways through which you can generate free traffic to your site and easily achieve your bottom line in no distant time.

Quality Traffic vs. Free Traffic

Website traffic helps to boost your ranking which eventually leads to getting more traffic, but you want to ensure that the traffic increase is connected to a boost in site engagement as well. If traffic is growing with lower conversion rates, it’s a signal that you are not driving in the right web visitors.

How to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business with Free Traffic

There is a myriad of ways to optimize your site for higher conversion rates – such as setting an email opt-in subscription form, adding calls to action (CTA) to your posts, making your site navigable, and coming up with the information searchers are looking for.

However, the maiden step should be on attracting potential visitors to your website right from scratch. As regards website traffic, your objectives should include bringing in more potential visitors to your website – those who are likely to convert into active and returning customers on your site!

Funnels that Drive Quality Website Traffic

There is no single tool that lets you set it and forget it while you expect traffic to start trooping in to your site over time. Instead, there is a mix of funnels that work together towards driving tons of website traffic. Some require money; some require energy, while some require time. Some funnels and tactics that help to drive website include:

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Online directory listings
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Blogging
  • Online Adverts

Free Ways to Boost Website Traffic Organically

1. Claim and Verify a Free Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Are you aware that a verified GMB listing receives 7 times more traffic than an unverified one? Note that your GMB listing is linked to your personal website; this is a powerful way to boost website traffic in no distant time.

Have it in mind that Google is becoming smarter each passing day with search results. If your GMB listing provides the right information that a prospective client needs to make a purchase decision, they might choose to contact your business straightaway – which is more productive than visiting your site!

2. Implement On-Page SEO Practices

There is a couple of search engine optimization practices you can implement on all of your web pages to boost their search rankings and drive in more organic visits to your site. This includes coming up with quality and useful content that your potential audience is looking for, drafting simple, relevant, and brief Meta descriptions for those pages.

11 Important SEO Ranking Factors You Should Know

You’ll find your Meta descriptions showing up below your website address in search results. On page SEO strategies are the best and most working practices but these actually take some time to get results.

3. Get Listed in Online Business Directories

A great way to boost website traffic is getting listed in review sites and free online business directories. For most of those sites, you’ll have a link connected directly to your site; so, getting positive reviews and updating your listings will likely lead to getting more site traffic.

Get listed in directories with a strong domain authority in Google like Yelp. Chances are, your Yelp pages could likely rank high in relevant local and international searches.

4. Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are links that connect people to your site from external sources. A backlink from industry influencers or complementary businesses won’t get your listing in front of a larger audience of people alone, but will pull a ton of targeted traffic to your site as well.

10 Powerful Ways to Build Backlinks in 2020

Google uses external backlinks as part of its metrics to rank your website and increases your Trust rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). When you get more trust from Google, this leads to higher search engine rankings, and more organic traffic to your site. With high-quality backlinks, you can get noticed for free on Google.

5. Publish on Social Media

Social media is one of the strategic free marketing tools at your disposal, and has a great impact on pulling website traffic. Leverage Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote your content and other pages of your site. With this strategy, you can have your social media audience turned into real and returning website visitors, as well as drive some traffic from their social networks through the content shared.

Complete Guide to Getting More Traffic to Your Blog through Social Networks

Coming up with great content doesn’t cost a dime, and isn’t as complex as it seems. You’re the authority in your service/product and your routine is to make things simple for your audience.

6. Add Hashtags to Your Posts

By including hashtags in the content used to promote your blog posts and web pages, you can have your reach extended beyond your social network and get noticed by searchers looking for your services or products. The more views you get on your links, the more free social traffic you are going to receive to your site.

7. Leverage Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is another free source of website traffic. This is a page specific to your exclusive offers, such as downloading free guides, redeeming discount codes, creating a free trial offer, and lots more.

They include details searchers need to proceed and get converted, and concentrate on particular calls to action (CTA), making it more feasible. With the specific nature of squeeze pages, you can target your messages and increase website traffic being directed to those pages.

8. Aim for Long-Tail Keywords

While people often search for short-tail keywords, it’s harder to rank for such in search results. Aiming for long-tail keywords increases your chances of ranking even higher on the first page for search queries specific to your services or products. More rankings equal more traffic.

While you would need free tools to find keywords to aim for, you can try out tools like Jaaxy, Answer the Public, and others.

9. Begin Email Marketing

Promoting offers and sending regular newsletters out via email is a powerful way to keep in touch with your audience and it’s instrumental in getting more website traffic.

Create helpful content and add links to pages of your website where they are going to learn or read more. One thing you wouldn’t want to do is bombarding your audience with too many promotional emails. Doing that will result in letting your readers unsubscribe from, delete, or disengage with your emails in the future.

Also, craft a captivating headline for all of your emails, as this will determine whether a subscriber is going to open your email or not. When your email isn’t clicked or opened, there’s no way to get traffic to your website through that channel.

Top 21 Benefits of Email Marketing

10. Publish Guest Posts

Writing guest posts for other industry bloggers with traffic bigger than that of your site can help generate a ton of traffic and backlinks to your site. Also, having industry-related influencers publish high-quality guest posts on your blog is another great way to build online presence and prove to your ideal audience that you have what it takes to provide the content that satisfies readers’ appetites.

Rather than having such influencers leave guest posts on your blog, you can ask them to give you free mentions on their own blogs which in turn generates high-quality backlinks to your blog.

11. Build Online Presence

You have a series of online groups relevant to your specialty to join for free at your disposal and this is another great avenue to build website traffic. Reach out to niche-related authoritative blogs and leave relevant, attention-grabbing comments frequently. This will result in getting tons of referral traffic and loads of quality backlinks which helps you build Google PageRank in no distant time.

Also, join Quora and provide high-quality answers to people’s questions adding URLs that link directly to pages of your site. This is another avenue to build engagement with people as well as generate high-quality links to your website.

12. Get Statistics from Your Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to leverage, and the intuitions obtained from it can help you get more organic visits to your site. Utilize tracked links for your campaigns and always check analytics for your website. This will help you figure out which tactics you should implement and style of content you should adopt, what needs to be improved, what works, and what doesn’t.

Avoid Instant Traffic Generators

There are great ways to generate free website traffic but there isn’t any magic formula or secret tool or recipe for building it without much of your personal efforts. If you are thinking to leverage an automatic site traffic generator software or tool of any kind for your business website (free or paid), here are the likely consequences you should be waiting for:

  • Your Traffic Will Not Be Targeted: The major purpose of driving more visitors to your site and getting higher search rankings in search results is to let more people interact with your brand – people who are likely to become returning customers. If those visitors are not targeted, it’s likely they won’t engage with your business, and it’s more likely you’ll begin to see your conversion rates and leads decline.
  • Auto Website Traffic Generator Tools Will Hurt Your Search Rankings: Google is smart enough to detect any kind of spam activity, monitor how searchers are interacting with your site, and become suspicious of thorns in activities. Leveraging an auto traffic generator software or tool is likely to send spam signals to Google and you will get slapped and have your reputation damaged.
  • Your Site Could Get Prohibited: If Google detects bot traffic from your site, you will risk your site getting removed from Google searches or banned from web advertising agencies. Such traffic is worthless for your website. Rather, spend quality time to build sustainable web traffic for your business website.

The Best Free Website Traffic Generator is Google My Business (GMB)

Driving tons of free organic traffic may not even cost you a dime, but it’s going to require much energy on your own part. The energy you put in will be equated to the amount of traffic your website gets in search results.

As earlier mentioned, there isn’t a point in driving more website traffic if such visitors won’t be engaging with your business and pages of your site, converting into leads, or turning into returning customers.

This is why GMB was found to be the best and most prominent free site traffic generator. GMB listing:

  • Is easy to set up and verify
  • Boosts your search visibility in search results
  • Enables you to appear for search queries relevant to your location and business
  • Gets targeted web traffic to your store and website
  • Lets customers boost your presence with reviews posted to your business

Have it in mind that GMB:

  • Leverages visuals to provide clients with a color of what your business is likely to have.
  • Allows your listing to get noticed and found in mobile searches more than in desktop searches.
  • Empowers users with the potentiality to engage with your business through your listing directly – getting fresh customers and boosting the chances of site engagement.

Given the numerous advantages of a GMB listing, you cannot do without setting up one as a local business for your website. Set up your Google My Business listing and keep it up-to-date as much as you can.


Driving more site visitors doesn’t occur overnight. It requires some time and energy and the hard part of it has already been removed for you:
By leveraging the safe online channels mentioned above and a Google My Business listing, you can rest assured that the right visitors will be coming to your website and getting converted into returning and active customers.

To ensure that you keep up with the latest traffic generating strategies, click here to see my review on the best online training platform in this industry!



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    • You have said it all in your comment, Justin! I have seen bloggers who gave up and quit after posting 1,000 articles all because they realized traffic wasn’t coming yet. People make mistakes from the onset and lack the basic knowledge about blogging pillars. You shouldn’t focus on writing alone, but endeavor to make people read what you post often. This is the way to make it happen fast and start generating some decent traffic flow organically in no time. Thanks for stopping by Justin! Drop by anytime.

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