Moz Review: Best SEO Marketing Tool

If you run any serious business online, chances are you already have important tools for online marketing.

SEO tools come in different shapes and sizes. While some are perfect for certain types of situations, others are more general in scope.

Today, we review one of the finest in the world of SEO marketing. I’m talking about Moz, the general-purpose SEO software that offers you so much in just one application.

Well, I have my own views, but keeping very close to my chest, I would like to hear your views after you must have gone through this review.

I also want to provide objective details about this tool for those in the market for an SEO tool.

Let’s dive right into our review so we can explore Moz like it’s never been done before.

A Brief Overview of Moz

Moz is the go-to resource for anything that has to do with SEO marketing. It showcases a rich blend of features that makes it the complete suite for anything SEO. Its metrics have become the standards in the SEO marketing industry.

How did this brand become so accomplished in the SEO world? Founded in 2004 as SEOmoz in 2004, Moz set out and offered tools to help improve SEO results. Offering benefits to businesses of any size and budget, it’s an all-in-one package for digital marketers.

Moz is a valuable resource for your business in so many ways. Here are some of my favorites from using Moz.

Amazing Benefits of Using Moz

As you may have found from other Moz reviews, there are so many positive things about the product.

I will, however, give you my best pick from using the SEO tool.

1. It Helps You Adopt a Proactive Approach

In the world of SEO marketing, a lot of the work completed turns out to be reactive, which could impact the kind of results you achieve from online campaigns.

It’s like an Army General going to war without a proper strategy. Rather than taking the lead in his battles, he ends up responding to whatever moves the enemies.

That’s a sure recipe for failure and mass casualty on his side. So, how does the General avoid this kind of situation? It’s by drawing up a proper strategy and ensuring that it is followed every step of the way.

That’s what you call proactive leadership on the battleground. So, online marketing isn’t exactly like a war campaign, though there are some similarities.

To attain an effective marketing campaign, you need to draw up a detailed strategy, have the right plans and responses to every situation.

Most importantly, be equipped with the right information before starting out. This is actually where Moz comes in – by giving you tools to gather all the right Intel for your marketing.

So, Moz offers you suggestions on the page optimization of your website. There are also tools to carry out keyword research, including details like website ranking, and identifying the best SERP targets.

2 – Most Complete SEO Toolkit

As a digital marketer with some experience, you probably heard of other SEO tools. Chances are you have used quite a number of them. And if you haven’t, I have tried some of them myself.

I can tell you that Moz is the most complete SEO tool of the rest. Whatever the demands of your online marketing, you can be sure that Moz has a solution for it.

Imagine having to coordinate all your marketing activities from one interface! That surely provides you with some level of comfort.

Now you must understand that being a complete solution doesn’t mean the best. There are certain needs that Moz isn’t the best solution for. But at least it gives you great tools to solve the problems.

As you get more experienced with your online marketing or need more specialized tools, you may consider other tools.

However, you can use Moz to solve the bulk of your SEO marketing needs – at least for new and intermediate users.

3 – Moz is an Industry Standard in Marketing

Moz is an example of a brand that has really done its homework. The packages are well designed and developed for specific purposes. They have been so good at it that the marketing industry has adopted its metrics as industry standards.

Take for instance the Domain Authority (DA) with such metrics as MozRank and MozTrust scores.

Testimonials like these tell a lot about the quality of the brand. And this isn’t a one-off affair as it has replicated his success for more than 15 years of existence.

So when you’re using a product like Moz, you’re assured of standards that will last a long time.

4 – Solid Customer Support

Moz gives a lot of support to its users, especially to those who are new to the brand. Get access to lots of resources and help in using the SEO tool effectively.

5 – Host of Other Great Features

You stand to enjoy many features from using Moz. I will take the liberty to highlight the most obvious features in the next section.

The Basic Features of Moz

I – Keyword Explorer

This is a helpful module for discovering the best-suited target keywords for you. You could also use the Keyword Explorer to prioritize keyword targets for your business.

Find out different phrases that you could use for targeting – using a variety of metrics such as competition ranking in organic search, monthly search volume, and organic click-through rates.

Moz offers a custom priority score which is a product of combining all these factors. This should help discover the opportunities that a specific keyword offers.

This feature is not unique to Moz, although few other tools have it.

The Keyword Explorer tool also offers a breakdown of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) analysis, giving you the top ranking sites for different keyword phrases in search engines.

The Moz Keyword Explorer analyses useful features to spice up your SEO marketing.

Its root domain lets you search particular domain names and find keywords that they rank for. This is a great tool for analyzing your competitors; find out what they rank for specific pages, and the whole site ranking.

II – Moz Open Site Explorer (Backlink Tracker)

Although not as accurate as dedicated trackers like Ahrefs and Majestic, it still delivers some results. The Moz Open Site Explorer is also referred to as a backlink tracker.

The link analysis allows you to find details of backlinks to your site. You can discover their Domain Authority and Page Authority through this analysis. These two metrics give you a clear picture of the domain and page authority of inbound links to your site.

This feature is great for spying out your competitors’ backlinks and giving you ideas on what to do next. It also helps you find quality backlinks to replicate what your competitors have.

What about finding the Spam Score of linking sites? This feature is used to measure the likelihood of an originating domain being categorized as spam.

In order words, you can find out if a domain falls under what Google refers to as spam. If you know this about a domain, you can prevent backlinks from these domains.

You can also find sites that naturally link to yours using backlinks analyzing. So you can reach out to those sites and work on building relationships with them. Who says you cannot build a portfolio of authentic Backlinks through such relationships?

So there are sorting and analysis options that Moz Open Site Explorer offers. View “just discovered” backlinks, “top pages”, “linking domains” or root domains. Others are “anchor text”, ‘comparing metrics”, “spam analysis” and “link opportunities”.

The backlinks indexed in Moz’s Open Site Explorer are high quality links that originate from top domains.

III – Local Business Listing Management

One of the challenging tasks of businesses is updating business listings online. Details like address, phone numbers, or emails need changing when necessary.

These details are so important that search engines use them to rank websites. When any of these details are found to be different from what Google has, you can imagine the impact.

So how does Moz help in resolving your business listing details?

Having plenty of business listings may be required. And Moz helps with checking and management of your US business listings to enable you to track down any of the listings you may have forgotten about. That way, you can easily find the results and have them updated in real-time.

IV – Moz On-page Grader

The Moz On-page Grader is a tool that provides you with essential optimization tips. This can be helpful when you have the need to produce fresh content or need to improve an existing one.

Using a number of criteria, the tool then assigns you with a letter grade depending on how much of the criteria you meet.

For instance, this tool looks at a page’s metadata, title, URL, header tags, body, bolded keywords, and image ALT text – checking to see how frequent your keyword is.

It also checks to find how accessing your site is to search engines. If your site falls short of any criteria, you will be notified. And the tool will provide tips to help improve on your search rankings for the keyword.

V – Moz Rank Tracker

After making major changes to your website and backlinks, you would want to know the impact on your site – if there is a positive or negative impact on your search engine ranking.

The Moz Rank Tracker is the tool you need to track any changes to your target. You can get your ranking result by entering keywords and the affected pages to enable you to monitor your rank on a daily basis.

VI – MozBar

MozBar provides an easy way to streamline your keyword research. It is a tool that comes with the Moz Pro plan. It is a Chrome plugin that helps to reduce the time spent on researching keywords. Just enter the keywords manually and it helps you calculate the needed metrics.

The MozBar gives you instant access to metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, and total links for organic results. Using MozBar, you are sure that all these details are made available to you.

Moz Plans and Pricing

Moz plans start from $79.99 per month for the Standard plan (billed annually). If making subscription payments on a monthly basis, then it goes for $99.

The Standard plan is stripped bare, allowing for basic privileges.

Pros and Cons of Moz


  • Moz is a complete, all in one package designed for your SEO needs.
  • Moz is a highly reputable brand that has earned its industry-standard status in the SEO marketing industry with excellent solutions?
  • Moz offers great support for users of its software.


  • As widely used as Moz is, there is no mobile app for it.
  • Moz is quite pricey if you compare it to what some other SEO tools cost.
  • The results that the software delivers can be very confusing, especially for new users.
  • Although the software has all the tools that you need for SEO marketing, it doesn’t give you the best for some of those features.


Searching for an efficient SEO toolkit for your business? You may have to consider what features the tool offers.

A lot of tools in the market focus mainly on one aspect of SEO while this is great if you are able to find what you need from the tools.

However, Moz gives you a complete SEO suite to help with all your SEO needs. You can carry out keyword searches, content ideas, backlinks analysis, and many more on Moz.

While Moz might not be the best suited for some specific tasks, it gives you all that you need to help you rank higher.

It’s easy to get started giving it a trial, as Moz is just a click away.

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