14 Most Powerful Native Ad Networks (2020)

As publishers try to make money from their sites through advertising, they need to connect to advertising platforms or networks through which they get advertisements placed on their sites. It is not easy for a webmaster or blogger to find the perfect advertising platform for his site.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of trials and errors before they can find one that suits their interests. Sometimes too, they may combine networks that will display advertisements on their sites. Working with more than one network usually gives them the chance to make more money through advertisements.

Nowadays, publishers have a variety of options to choose from due to the increasing number of advertising platforms. Unfortunately, publishers do not get paid according their level of experience or knowledge but according to the quality of traffic that is generated on their sites – CPM

CPM means Cost per Thousand Impressions or Cost per Mille. It has become the best method for making money as sites are able to earn on every last impression. So bloggers look out, so they can be on networks that will help them generate huge revenue. This review will help shed some light on some advertising platforms to see how webmasters and bloggers can benefit from them.

Native Advertising Networks

Native ad networks mask the ads and make them resemble content, so visitors will view them like content. It is easier to get ads approved with them than on several other platforms. Their cost per click is low, but they have a higher conversion rate and a higher click-through rate. They can place ads on the pages of reputable and trusted websites. By doing that, the ads trust level is boosted and viewers have confidence in it.

Let’s take a look at some of these advertising networks:


MGID is much appreciated as an advertising network. It has appreciable CPC traffic and gets very high sales conversions. It works with automation and insights. It guides its affiliates to follow trends. It also offers white list gadgets.

Publishers earn more revenue when they advertise to tier 1 countries. This makes most marketers show preference for those countries. But this calls for you paying more for traffic and for leads, so you have to set higher bids.

Publishers can use the MGID dashboard to make important advertising decisions. There are three tables there on the dashboard from which you can see Hot opportunities, Low competition and the best performing ads.

Be sure to budget for test and optimization and then adjust bids for your campaigns. You can also check which GEO is getting low competition, and you can get a lot of traffic for very little costs. Traffic worth $500 allows you to have an account manager who will help you with your campaigns. You will also get customized pages and teasers.

2. Infolinks

It’s connected to over 200,000 publishers in over 130 countries. Infolinks is an alternative to monetizing your blog if you do not want AdSense. It has a simple information system that is very easy to incorporate into your website.

It provides four kinds of ads: in-text ads, in-frame ads, in-tag ads and in-search ads. Their revenue generation is very high and they work with prominent websites such as Microsoft, eBay, Facebook and Amazon.

They are open to all publishers and have no minimum requirement of views before you can be connected to them.They operate an in-text based CPM ad network. Infolinks uses keywords from your content to show targeted ads. They do not use up the ad space, so, you can still take ads from other advertising networks and earn more money on your site. Their payment is by Western Union, e-check or PayPal and their minimum payout is $50.

3. AdSense

It is considered as the largest international advertising network. It offers the best ad performance and gives support to small publishers by having almost 100% of the blog traffic. It is not easy for a website to secure approval from AdSense but being able to get approved is worth the hassle.

Before applying, you need to look through their policy and webmasters guidelines. If you can meet those conditions, then it becomes easy to get their approval.

On its network, publishers are expected to always abide by those terms and conditions. Failure to do that could attract punishments. Being on the platform gives you control over when and how ads are placed on your website. You can make the ads fit with the outlook of your site.

You can also block the ads any time you don’t want them. And you can also choose the type of ads you want to be displayed on your site. With this network, it is possible to evaluate the performance of ads by comparing them. Payment is usually sent by check or Western Union and the minimum cash out is $100.

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4. RevContent

The RevContent platform makes sure that advertisers get returns on their investment. It uses the trends of native advertising to the advantage of its affiliates. It ensures that only websites with high-quality content are signed up on the platform.

So, about 98% of applications submitted to them are often rejected. Most publishers on the platform exhibit the potential for high achievements. After approval, publishers have to add JavaScript code to their website. They support their users with recommendations that help them drive traffic to their websites.


  • Their widgets can be easily customized. They can be adapted to any screen size.
  • Their clients get RPMS of $3 to $40
  • Their advertisements are in different formats such as JSON, API and XML.
  • You can calculate performance metrics using the website section, content performance or the type of device.
  • Advertisers can get 50% ROI.

5. Double Click Exchange

This platform is ranked among the top networks. It is involved in the buying and selling of advertising. Through their exchange, you can buy mobile apps, mobile webs, videos and desktop inventories, from publishers all over the world.

It is a marketplace where advertisers can bid to have their adverts placed on the internet. They also have several ad formats. Double Click Exchange is easily set up and it is very popular among publishers. It is integrated with Google’s ad server, and it has deep integration with every known ad network, DSP and has exclusive access to many big brand advertisers.

It can be easily set up through dynamic allocation to ensure the highest price for every impression. In their exchange marketplace, you can carry out private exchanges, open exchange transactions or programmatic exchanges.

You can use its query tools to find the inventory you want across the marketplace. You are also protected from fraud either by automatic or manual filtering, so you don’t buy invalid traffic. Their payment term is NET 30 and payment threshold is $100. Publishers require 30 million impressions monthly in line with Google’s terms of service.

6. Gravity

This network was founded in 2009. It is a premium advertising network with its headquarters based in New York. It has become successful due to the preference of many websites for native ad networks.

It has made a lot of contributions in the area of advertising networks. They work with the personal interests of users that visit a website and try to create an experience relative to their interests by giving recommendations based on the topics that users engage in most.

They have personalized plug-ins through which they can recommend content for users. Gravity analyzes each web page, tweets, trending topics and stories, and displays sponsored content on the website.

Its network is easy to install and the reporting system allows publishers to know the status of their content easily. It is also possible to use other networks alongside theirs. They are always available to assist their customers when necessary. They also pay well and in good time.

7. Media.net

The network is powered by Yahoo & Bing and is the second largest contextual company. It is made up of local and national advertisers. They believe in quality advertising and it is possible to get 100% fill rate across all Ad formats. In 2015, they generated revenue of $232 million.

Publishers stand very high chances of earning high income from them. Media.net publishers include Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Reuters. In-content native ads, desktop interstitial and mobile docked ads are supported.

Publishers do not need to have high traffic before working with them. Their method of payment is Wire Transfer or PayPal. And the minimum payout is $100.

8. Adpushup

Adpushup is a hybrid network with features that can help you earn more such as innovative ad formats, layout optimization, ad mediation, header bidding, AMP conversion and ad block recovery.

Adpushups has its operation team that helps publishers manage the numerous ad activities. So, publishers do not have to exhaust themselves trying to put their ads in perspectives. They use their optimization tools to help publishers give users a befitting experience.

They work with high PR networks such as Google ADX, Criteo and Rubicon. Their supported mode of payment is Wire Transfer and PayPal and they have a minimum payout threshold of $50.

9. Sharethrough

Sharethrough is native advertising software that displays articles, videos and photos on a native advertising platform. They adapt the ad units so it seems like a part of the website on which it is placed.

They use the website’s source code to determine style, color, font, etc. Sharethrough gets patronage from a lot of users due to its highly-creative content. Sharethrough ads are highly effective and can be optimized.

Publishers are able to manage all their native ads easily with Sharethrough. They offer $3 CPM and their payment term is NET 30.

10. Nativo

Nativo is a platform of digital advertising. Native places ads on publishers’ websites in a way that the ads can be viewed by the users without them leaving the website. Their campaigns have performed very well and the customer service supports publishers for satisfactory user-experience.

Publishers are able to gain much because the users hardly leave their websites.

11. Outbrain

Outbrain is a platform on which publishers make money when readers log on to their site. Their services are based on the results of visitors’ search queries. They assist publishers with monetizing their content.

As long as users visit the websites, their publishers make money. They ensure that their content captivates the readers’ attention and keeps them engaged. That way, publishers earn more income.

Outbrain allows all their marketers to be on the same platform. Publishers are paid according to how much traffic they divert to the advertisers’ site. Outbrain supports their publishers with recommendations on different media types including video, online and mobile media.

They give businesses opportunities to showcase their brands on the sites of popular publishers. They also give updates on site performance. And they use the Pay per Click model.

12. Adnow

Adnow is a native ad platform that has over 150,000 publishers. It was established in 2014 and connected in 107 countries. Publishers on Adnow get high RPM rates. Adnow is content-driven and their moderators always check the content before they are released.

They also allow you to combine native ads and media banners together. Publishers earn money from the traffic when they promote web content that captivates the viewers’ interests. The viewers tend to click on them and generate income for the publishers.

13. Adbuff

Adbuff is a networking platform with strict guidelines for publishers and advertisers. They prefer publishers with English sites like the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, and Australia. Their approval time is long but every approved site receives a welcome bonus. Adbuff is a suitable alternative to AdSense.

14. Taboola

Taboola is another platform bloggers earn from. It is a sponsored content network that supplies websites with popular content from around the world such as BBC, Business Insider, NBC News, promoted content including articles, videos and slideshows.

It is sponsored alongside Ad-blade and Outbrain networks. Once you are approved, a staff member contacts you to assist with your set up. The content is usually such that arouses the interest of users, so publishers earn good income from them. They give quality ads, good customer support and good CPM.


Having gone through the above-mentioned native ad platforms, you can consider monetizing your site with one or more of these networks and continue maximizing revenue with your blog.

However, you should continue building out great content using keywords that help you rank quickly in search results. To gain access to the most integrated yet easy-to-use keyword tool, read my review of Jaaxy.

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