Ontraport Review: Why You Should Choose Ontraport

Email marketing is very popular among businesses as a way of reaching out to prospects and customers. Imagine a company with several thousands of customers; will it be possible to send emails to all of them at once?

Manually, it will be a highly difficult task to accomplish even if the company has a dozen staff all dedicated to sending emails alone. But when it is automated, it becomes a very easy task to accomplish. That is why many businesses now rely on software to handle their email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and other parts of their businesses.

That is where Ontraport comes in. Even though Ontraport is an email marketing service, it does not behave the same as other email marketing solutions. Ontraport works like a Customer Relations Management software (CRM).

There is much software that combines with customer relations and they are also capable of email marketing automation. This software only operates with basic CRM.

Ontraport is an email marketing software/tool with higher CRM ability. It is capable of combining advanced CRM with marketing automation. It is the right tool for building complex CRM workflows that you can combine with your marketing strategies.

How Ontraport Functions

The main goal of Ontraport is to focus on CRM. It came about as a result of the founder’s effort to develop a comprehensive CRM software. Landon Ray who developed Ontraport was in search of the software that would encompass all the tools he was using for his business.

In 2006, he began building an encompassing platform for CRM and market automation. In 2008, Ontraport was released as software that businesses can use to run efficiently. Ontraport has been successful over the years in supporting businesses all over the world and has grown its workforce from 3 to over 120.

Why Do You Need Ontraport

You need Ontraport

  • If you are using different software to manage your customer relationships
  • If your systems reach their capacity and you are unable to continue using them to grow your business
  • If you want synergy between your different tools and software
  • If you find it difficult to manage your analytics and KPI because your data are all stored in different records.

If you are experiencing any of these problems or other related problems, then you need to bring in Ontraport. Ontraport helps you fix and handle your marketing system in a simple but efficient manner. It will solve problems related to:

  • Organizing your email marketing system
  • Having a unified record of your data and analytics
  • Managing your business relationships with your clients
  • Setting the right landing pages for your customers
  • Managing your e-commerce business, and much more

The software makes sure that all your tools and data are well organized and managed from a central point. Even though it is an email marketing solution, its activities go beyond email marketing to your CRM and it offers graphical campaign maps that you can use to plan and track your interaction with your customers.

It has tools that you can use to create a membership site for your customers, manage payments, task management, affiliate management, managing events, generating leads, nurturing, and scoring the leads.

The software can market for you, not through your emails alone, but also through SMS, landing pages, and using website forms. The software helps you make and manage your marketing campaigns without any hassles.

Features of Ontraport

1. It has a visual map that you can use to analyze how your campaigns are performing. It is also capable of building your campaigns for you. You can use it to include actions and goals and also customize triggers to your campaign map easily.

You can also individualize your customers’ experiences by segmenting them based on their individual behavior. From the data collected, you can easily find out which of your campaigns are your audience reacting to more and it will guide you on strategizing for better results.

2. Ontraport offers you a free trial period of 14 days. You can use the trial period to learn about the features of the software as you try them out. But after the trial, the basic plan goes for $79/month.

The features of the Ontraport dashboard combines email marketing and CRM tools. It will take some learning to get a hang of them all. On the dashboard, you can view the analytics generated from your campaigns.

It is also possible for you to customize the dashboard and specify the type of reports that you like to view. It might take you about a week to understand how the tools are used.,

3. The Ontraport landing page builder makes it easy for you to create attractive pages that you can use to build your web pages.

They have different templates that you can use as the outline for your landing pages. Well-designed landing pages can lead to high conversions and you carry out your marketing campaigns. You can build web pages that reflect your brand using the templates.

4. Ontraport makes the management of your contacts easy with their effective contact management features. Your contact is stored in their database and so all corresponding CRM operations are linked to the contacts.

You may wish to create your contact database using Ontraport’s landing pages, SMS, or forms. You can also manually import the contacts using direct import. The information about your contacts can be used to design the right campaigns targeted at them.

You can even group your contacts based on their profiles and shared parameters. Ontraport also has a Router automation tool that you can use to assign leads to your team members. It is possible to assess these leads and qualify or disqualify them based on their interests, behavior, or demography.

Ontraport makes it easy to automatically assign email campaigns to your contacts using any criteria that you set.

5. The Ontraport dashboard helps you keep track of your activities with your contacts and it gives you very accurate analytics. You can use the drag-and-drop tools to customize your dashboard as you would like it to be.

You can also customize the metric reporting by deciding on what metrics should be measured and where they should be displayed. It also allows you to choose the measurement time frames and what comparisons should be made.

6. Ontraport allows you to create your email designs, landing pages, and opt-in forms using different customizable tools on the same editor. This saves you a lot of time and the stress it will take when you have to switch from one different editor to another.

You can begin to build from scratch or you can work with their templates and build on them. All you need to do is pick the right blocks and arrange them in the order you choose.

Once you have made your choice of email, landing page, or form template, you can use the editor to customize them. You can adjust their layouts, shapes, colors, and fonts and even introduce additional blocks.

7. You can create a membership site on Ontraport and use it to generate some income. It is possible to have learning platforms that you can use to create an interesting experience for your members. You may wish to protect your content and differentiate membership levels according to their subscription.

Through interaction on the membership sites, you will be able to design campaigns that will personalize the marketing campaigns.

8. The Ontraport campaign builder is a very important tool for the software. You can use the campaign builder that combines market automation and campaign building and CRM for your campaign strategy.

The campaign builder has tools for visual automation workflow. It will show you a graphical relationship between all the segments and tags and also corresponding campaign messages, so you can see your campaign roadmap and its progress as real-time statistics.

You can begin to build your campaigns from the editing mode or you can use the live view to track workflow in real-time. The projection and performance mode also allows you to have a contextual view of the campaigns.

9. It has a unique market tracking system that you can use to follow the performance of your campaigns. You can use it to easily identify any weak spots in your campaigns. The Contact Flow feature shows where your contacts have been spotted on your campaigns, where they are, or if they have dropped off.

With Lifetime Value, you can see the contributions of your customers to the bottom line. The goal Conversion Point report will show you how you can motivate your contacts to make a purchase and the Funnel Conversion report will show you how your different sales funnels are converting.

10. The software applies automation in managing email messages, SMS, digital ads, internal tasks, lead capture forms, landing pages, CRM, and marketing campaigns. Instead of having separate software to manage each of them, Ontraport allows them to be managed centrally.

Ontraport Customer Relationship Management

Ontraport helps marketers and salespersons engage positively and effectively with their customers.

Using the different available tools, you can personalize your engagements with your customers, send messages, alleviate their concerns, track their progress from the different respective workflows, compile past and present customer interactions, import and update customer information, create sales workflow and monitor the customers’ behaviors.

In the campaign workflows, you can easily see your customer’s cards displayed for easy tracking. They can also be further organized according to their progress on the sales funnel and that way, you are able to identify the more relevant customers.

You can also use the software to guide the leads through different stages and use the available tools to your advantage.

Ontraport Pricing

The cheapest plan is for the basic platform which goes for $79 monthly. You can get the following benefits from it:

  • Segmenting your contacts
  • Capturing and nurturing leads
  • Personalizing landing pages
  • Goal-based automation and automated follow-ups and re-engagements.

It allows for 1000 contacts, but you can send an unlimited number of emails.

The next in line is the plus plan that goes for $179 monthly. You have in addition,

  • Custom metrics dashboard
  • Automated payments
  • Free WordPress hosting
  • Lead routing and scoring
  • Cart abandonment automation
  • Payment gateway integration

On this platform, you get 2,500 contacts and unlimited emails.

The pro plan costs $297 monthly. The additional features it has includes

  • Projection of campaign performance
  • Custom objects
  • First and last click attribute tracking
  • UTM link generator and tracking
  • ROI tracker for marketing
  • Free email consultation

There is room for up to 10,000 contacts with unlimited emails.

The enterprise plan goes for $497 monthly and as an additional feature, you get a dedicated account representative. You can have up to 20,000 contacts but you will only be allowed to send 200,000 emails monthly.

Pros and Cons of Ontraport Software


  • You get to enjoy the use of CRM tools. This is beneficial to both the marketing and sales teams
  • It allows e-commerce sales using its diverse features
  • Its customer support is always available and they have positive and professional staff always on hand to handle your queries
  • You can use automation sequences to engage with customers using different channels
  • It uses dedicated IP addresses to send out emails and prevent the mails from ending up in spam folders
  • After the software generates reports on the campaigns, it segments the figures, so you can understand them easily
  • You can scale and customize the CRM functionalities on Ontraport
  • The drag and drop editor can help you customize the dashboard layout, so it can slow important statistics while keeping the uninteresting ones in the background
  • The A/B testing tools can give you an insight into the response of your audience to your campaign strategies
  • The campaign builder is flexible and can support complex automation of different variables and parameters
  • You can enjoy the free trial period without giving them your credit card information.


  • Small businesses might find it difficult to secure the software as it costs no less than $76/month
  • The dashboard is organized but the design is not attractive
  • Despite having a good number of integrations, it only supports a limited number of apps
  • It might take you some time to understand and learn about how the dashboard is organized.

Why You Should Choose Ontraport

Ontraport supports you to use up to date marketing techniques and generate a lot of leads. It is also possible to segment your audience and track them and it will help you strategize ways in which you can improve your marketing activities.

It will also help you collect market research and use your improved knowledge to re-strategize your campaigns. As the software integrates with many tools, the journey of your marketing success becomes simple and interesting while also establishing an excellent customer relationship with your customers.

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  1. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I have been using Mailchimp for my email marketing. Due to many limits of the service, I need to change to a new email service. I think about researching on the new service, but never take time to do so.

    Here comes your article on Ontraport. I have many different customers. It is important to segment my audience and communicate with them separately. I see that Ontraport has this function, which will certainly improve my communication efficiency.

    Another thing I need to improve to attract more leads. Ontraport supports me to use up to date marketing techniques and generate a lot of leads. This is what I am looking for and I will certainly try this system.

    • Hey Anthony, thanks for stopping by! Ontraport is the right software to explore when it comes to segmenting your audience, communicating new and existing products to your potential and returning customers as well as turning the one-time visitors into active and buying customers. Thanks again for dropping by… stop by anytime!


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