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Every single day, billions of search queries are made on Google – users searching for anything and everything humanly possible.

On the flip side, content creators have to provide valuable content that will satisfy the search engine users.

Online businesses are not left out because search is a major traffic source for them. But how do you provide the right information for your target audience if you don’t know what they’re searching for?

You have to find out what keywords your target audience is talking about.

That leaves you with one option – getting an effective keyword research tool which is the reason behind this SECockpit review?

We will uncover the hood to find out all that you need to know about SECockpit. And for you to decide if this is the right tool for your keyword research.

Keyword Types

Keywords are terms, single or multiple words, that searchers use for finding information online.

When you visit and type in the phrase “digital marketing” on the search bar, you just typed in a keyword.

Keywords can be used by brands to provide context for their online content. Keywords can be used to position a brand in front of the right audience.

Every business needs to have a working knowledge of keywords if they want to stand out from the rest.

Here are 4 basic types of keywords that you should be familiar with.

1 – Primary Keywords

These are foundational terms for your business that describe what you are or what you do.

For instance, if you are a copywriter based in London, your primary keyword becomes “Copywriter London”.

2 – Secondary Keywords

These are words that are related to your primary keywords and are used to optimize your content. Secondary keywords, if well used, can help boost organic traffic.

3 – Long Tail Keywords

It is a longer keyword that contains at least 3 keywords strung together.

To capture a specific niche or market segment, you must know how to deploy long-tail keywords in your content.

4 – Semantic Keywords

This involves the use of alternate keywords in the place of a keyword that has a similar meaning.

Now that we have covered keyword basics, let’s get into our SECockpit review.

Who is SECockpit For?

SECockpit is for any online business that takes its search ranking seriously and is able to pay for the tool.

Now, for the fact that you want your online business to rank, or your blog for that matter, it’s not enough reasons to rush into SECockpit.

For example, a startup company that is low on budget yet needs to perform extensive keyword research.

It’s much better to do manual keyword research by yourself, instead of opting for SECockpit. Though this option is more time-consuming, most start-ups may not need too much data to work with.

And if you find yourself overwhelmed by the time or energy spent on manual research, you can find free tools online.

The free tools may not have the kind of features that the SECockpit has, but it will give you results you can work with.

And for those who do not have cash constraints but need a complete SEO solutions, SECockpit is not for you.

But if your main focus is on keyword research and analysis, then SECockpit is ideal for your needs.

A Basic Overview of SECockpit

SECockpit is a cloud-based SEO tool for researching keywords. Users can take advantage of this data-driven keywords tool to plan their online marketing.

SECockpit has the potential to process 200 keywords within a minute, which is a massive advantage when compared to other keyword tools that process one or two keywords a minute.

Rather than perform your keyword research manually and waste valuable time, SECockpit helps you research more efficiently.

You can customize SECockpit to suit your keyword needs by adding or removing filters – letting you filter keywords based on your niche or industry, so you can remain competitive.

A Peek into SECockpit Dashboard

Are you new to SECockpit? There is an introduction video for you the moment you log in to your dashboard which should guide you on how to use the keyword tools on the dashboard. Even if you’re new to keyword research, you will know the next step to take after watching the video.

There are 3 main tabs that you will find displayed on your dashboard – Keywords, Projects, and Tasks. You can expand on each tab, and also refresh them each time changes are made.

The keywords tab is used to organize all filters you will use for your research.

The options for the keyword tab are, start a new keyword or rename existing search. You can also create a new keyword folder or edit an existing folder.

The Projects tab is used for storing the websites and pages that need to be ranked for a particular keyword. It helps you organize your SEO campaigns, so you can easily track and edit your work.

Tools found on the Projects tab are overview links, backlinks log, budgeting tool, tasks, and a journal.

The Projects tab provides options to create a new, edit an existing, and delete project folder. You can also expand all folder trees or close all folder trees from the Projects tab.

The Tasks tab contains a step by step guide to rank your website on page one of Google’s SERP.

There is also a Rank Tracker to enable you to monitor your search rank for domains or keywords tracked.

SECockpit Features

I – Keyword Processing with Speed – SECockpit runs in lightning speed when it comes to keyword processing. While other keyword tools can only process one keyword per minute, SECockpit can process 200 keywords a minute.

II – One-Click Evaluation – This enables you to get all details about a keyword, even the important details on your competitors’ keyword analysis in just a click.

IIIAdvanced Sorting to filter and select the needed keywords based on predefined data sets.

IV – Access more keywords – which is impressive because no other keyword tool grants you access to as many keyword sources or ideas as possible. You can use SECockpit to generate hundreds of keyword sources and ideas.

The keyword tool generates these ideas from Google AdWords, Google Suggest, Google Related Searches, Amazon Suggest, and YouTube Suggest.

V – Largest data – which is sourced not just from the SECockpit database, but from data on the web. Access a full competitor analysis on keywords that you have chosen to rank for.

SECockpit Pricing

SECockpit offers a 30-day window for a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the keyword research tool.

There are 3 pricing plans on SECockpit, which are Personal, Pro, and Agency Plans.

1 – Personal Plan – This plan goes for $49 a month; it is compatible with all web browsers and it offers 10 keyword searches a day.

The personal plan allows for 800 search results/keyword searches, and keyword ideas from Google AdWords.

2 – Pro Plan – This goes for $99 a month and it includes all the features of Personal plan including a special bonus Rank Tracker.

Pro plan also includes keyword ideas via Google Suggest, Google Related Searches, Amazon and YouTube Suggest.

There’s a special bonus of Backlink Spy, unlimited URL searches, 50 daily tracked keywords and more.

3 – Agency Plan – This plan sells for $199 a month, and it includes all the features found in the Pro plan. The extra features are ranking by City, Branded PDF reports, email reports, and notifications.

Users on all SECockpit plans enjoy up to 25% discount for choosing to pay yearly.

Free Training

SECockpit quick start video tutorial provides information to get you started with keyword researching. You can receive lessons on keyword basics such as keyword evaluation and rating against the competition.

There is an exclusive free training series that is offered to website visitors.

On this video series, there are such lessons as industry insights into SEO and how to monetize your website.

Learn all you can from the live examples and case studies that are featured in the video series.

SECockpit Customer Service

SECockpit users have access to solid customer support and service on its platform.

The first resource is a video with a detailed explanation of how to use the interface. The video provides a step by step guide for marketers of all levels.

For those who have demanding schedules, this resource helps to save a lot of time on keyword research.

Once you are done with this video, you should know all that is involved about the dashboard.

Users who require more information on the platform can access such through the knowledge base. There are also Customer service pages that provide additional information.

Not satisfied?

If you still have questions on how to use the tool, you can contact the Help Desk of SECockpit. You can also contact the SECockpit team via email or submit a support ticket.

SECockpit Alternatives

As with other tools, there are a number of alternative SEO tools to SECockpit.

The major difference between our subject under review and the alternative is that SECockpit is mainly focused on keyword research. In fact, you can refer to the tool as anything and everything keyword, while the other SEO tools are more or less complete solutions with features that also include keyword research and analysis.

1 – SEMRush offers a suite of SEO solutions with features for advertising, social media marketing, content marketing and keyword analysis.

SEMRush offers a 7-day free trial with 3 paid plans which are Pro ($99.95 a month), Guru ($199.95), Business ($399.95), etc.

2 – Ahrefs comes with SEO tools for competitive analysis, keyword, backlink, and content research. You can also perform rank tracking and web monitoring on Ahrefs.

Ahrefs offers no free trial but has a 7-day trial which costs $7.

It has other plans that include Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency Plans.

Pros and Cons of SECockpit


  • The ability to process 200 keywords in a minute is one feature that sets SECockpit over its peers. It makes your work super fast and enhances your productivity in your keyword research.
  • The sheer size of keyword sources and ideas that SECockpit offers is so amazing. It is not limited to just its database but generates ideas from Google AdWords, Google Related Searches, Google, Amazon, and YouTube Suggest.
  • These large keyword sources give you access to so many keyword ideas to choose from.
  • Using this tool, you can carry out thorough keyword research including the sorting and filtering of keywords. The tool presents a platform where you can perform extensive keyword analysis.
  • One of the best data-driven keyword tools you can find in the market.
  • The SECockpit presents a simple interface that allows anyone, both tech, and non-tech savvy, to use it.
  • The dashboard has support for both desktop and mobile devices, and it looks good on both of them.


  • The pricing for this tool is on the high side if you consider the cost of other SEO tools.
  • SECockpit is ideal for businesses that are focused on keyword research. It doesn’t provide support for most other SEO related activities.

In Conclusion

The right use of keywords is a critical success factor for any SEO campaign. Keywords are things that search engines use in giving context to online content.

Keywords are used for indexing web content, so search engines can easily locate these contents and serve them to searchers.

As a business person, it is best practice to understand how keywords affect your business, and how to use the best keywords.

A simple way of doing this is to do a manual keyword research on platforms like Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

While this option isn’t a bad idea, you will spend a lot of precious time on the research. But if you need to sift through a lot of data, you will need a tool that is designed for such tasks.

SECockpit is a keyword research and analysis tool designed for people who want to make the most of their online marketing.

The tool comes packed with a lot of features that enable competitive analysis and large keyword sources and ideas.

This review has presented enough details to help you decide if SECockpit is right for you.

Want to learn more about keyword research? Do not hesitate to try out Wealthy Affiliate – the home of affiliate marketers where keywords matter for content creation.

6 thoughts on “SECockpit Review”

  1. Without learning about keywords your online business will go nowhere.  Now its one thing to learn but to have a great place to get them is another story.

    I am an affiliate marketer so I have to take my keyword research very seriously but in the same breath I cant be paying too much that It is severely cutting into my bottom dollar.

    Seocockpit sounds like an ok product but a bit pricey for me.  I am lucky that almost all the tools I need are in a handy dandy place and since Im in there all the time that is what works for me.

    Thanks for an interesting review.

    • Glad you found my SECockpit review interesting and informative, Dale! Much appreciated! Yeah, as an affiliate marketer, you need to take keyword researching very seriously because it’s difficult to rank for high-competition keywords. So, in order to ensure you rank for low-competition keywords, the use of an advanced keyword research tool like Jaaxy, Google planner, and so on, is instrumental. Thanks again for stopping by.. drop by anytime!

  2. Hi and thanks for this thorough review of SECockpit. As you say it does seem a little pricey. I am not convinced it would be worth the additional cost especially as I have a keyword researching facility already included through the platform that I use and that fully meets my needs. I primarily use keyword research to find a good longtail keyword phrase for a topic that I already know I want to write about as it fits in with my niche, is relevant to my site, and fills in subject matter holes on my site. Very occasionally I have encountered keyword phrases that I did not expect which have very high traffic and very low or even zero competition. Keywords are hugely important to my content of course but right now I feel I am very well served with what I already have. Thanks for this and best regards, Andy

    • Thanks for your comment, Andy! I appreciate your input on my SECockpit review! As a matter of fact, you cannot be satisfied with a single keyword research tool unless you are leveraging Google keyword planner. Jaaxy is a brilliant tool for brainstorming and researching Keywords, but availability of searches depends on the niche you want to build around. Thanks again for stopping by..

  3. Hey Sierra,

    I have never heard about SECockpit before, but in your in-depth review l have learned what is the product’s features and its offerings. It seems that SECockpit is a robust keyword research tool especially it has the capability to process 200 keywords a minute. 

    However, the personal plan only allowed 10 keywords search per day and the price is tad expensive. How do you compare it to Jaaxy – a keyword search tool integrated into Wealthy Affiliate which l used day-to-day to perform my keyword research?

    Thank you for sharing your SECockpit, unfortunately, they don’t offer any free trial.


    • Sorry about that, Chris! Though SECockpit doesn’t offer a free trial, it’s worth the pricing as it makes an extremely brilliant keyword research tool for your content marketing endeavors. Jaaxy is equally brilliant but no single keyword research tool can single-handedly satisfy your request when it comes to the different niches that you may need to use those tools for. Tools are more brilliant that one another. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Stop by anytime!


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