Promoting your Content through Different Online Media

Bloggers work hard to put content together for their audience. It takes much effort to research content and then puts the bits and pieces of information obtained together. After this, you post it on your blog, but it doesn’t stop there.

You need to position it, so it can be made available to the audience that it was written for. You need to develop a strategy with which you will promote your content to the audience, increase the awareness of your brand, and generate traffic to your website.

This is how you can earn from your content. Being able to promote your blog content is more important than publishing several articles every day.

Why is Promoting Content So Important?

Promoting your content is a strategy for marketing your brand. Sometimes, you may pay for ads or regularly get your content listed on business listings.

You may also decide to be a part of some social media where you can share some information about your content with other members of the platforms and create more awareness about your brand using those platforms.

So, promoting content is meant to make more people aware of your product or brand.

You can take the content and keep repackaging and retargeting it for different categories of the audience or for different avenues of promoting it. For instance, after posting it on your blog, you may decide to repackage it as a video on a YouTube channel for another set of audience.

To start updating the old posts on your blog, you can select 1-3 posts per day that you want to update (which is 30-90 posts per month being updated). However, it’s good to keep the new posts coming as well, as this will improve user experience and prompt the search engine bots to constantly visit your blog for crawling and indexing.

So, the freshness factor doesn’t reside with creating new posts alone, but also updating and re-updating the old content on your blog. As Google algorithm keeps changing with time, you’ll also need to keep updating your old blog content to ensure it’s in line with the algorithm updates.

Sometimes, when Google updates its search algorithm, some sites will experience a deep drop in rankings and traffic! Why? They haven’t been updating the old posts on their blogs.

As far as the freshness factor is concerned, you’ll always keep seeing traffic inflow to your blog if you are constantly updating the old blog content. Your site ranking will never be impacted by any algorithm core update.

Promoting your content comes with some benefits:

1. You are able to make your audience aware of your social profile, your website, and content. Having more than one platform on which you share your content increases your coverage and audience.

It also makes it possible for your audience to share your content with others, and by doing so, give it an even wider coverage.

2. When you promote your work on forums and other types of social media, you get to be a part of their platforms and also participate in their conversations. That way, you have an identity there and so does your product.

You get to be identified with your product. And as you share content, so will your brand get more exposed to a variety of audiences. So, promoting your content is very important. Your content will hardly get noticed unless you promote it.

3. When you promote your content, many other people can see it. And if they appreciate the quality of the content, they may want to share it on other social media platforms too. That way, your audience joins you in marketing the content for you.

They can share it on different platforms and groups in which they belong and which you may not have otherwise made any effort to reach out to.

What are the Ways to Promote Your Content?

Promoting your content is a fast and effective way of reaching out to your audience. Before you start promoting your blog content, make sure it is of high standard and quality.

Also, make sure it is current and up to date. It should also be relevant to the audience to which you are promoting it. This will make it worth promoting and win the desire of the people to even share it.

If it is content that adds value to your audience, then they will not mind sharing it with their friends and groups.

When you are recycling an old post, make sure that the content relates to contemporary times. You can add new things into your old articles instead of creating a new and completely different article every time alone. Recycling your old articles saves you time and can even increase your ranking.

As you work more on existing content, you get more familiar with keywords and can decide on the most appropriate keywords to use. You can funnel your high ranking content into more topics. To promote your content, you can try the following:

1. You can share it on your page, or to friends, groups, forums and even on friends’ pages as well as the different social media. You can participate in their conversations relating to your niche of interest; that way, you can share your opinion with a number of people with like minds at the same time.

Quora is one of the greatest forums and a high PR site to explore when it comes to promoting your blog content. This platform allows you to search for questions related to your niche and provide a detailed answer with a link to a related web page attached to it.

Quora is a platform where you get paid to ask or answer questions, though you wait till you’re sent an invitation to start earning revenue from your questions and answers.

Aside from the revenue opportunity available on Quora, you can explore this great forum to earn lots of backlinks and drive massive traffic to your site by posting quality answers consistently and attaching a link to a relevant page on your blog.

As you continue to generate more quality backlinks, you’ll keep seeing a rise in your rankings every day. Conversely, when you start getting a drop in links, you’ll proportionally start seeing a decrease in your rankings and traffic.

So, to prevent this from happening, all you need to do is post high-quality answers to other people’s questions and do it consistently.

To explore the online communities for link and traffic building, you simply need to add your website URL to the signature section of the forums. When you create a post or thread on the forum, your signature will be automatically set to appear at the bottom of any post made.

While using forum marketing to build links and generate referral traffic, it doesn’t have to be hundreds of forums all at once. You can start with at least 3-4 great, niche-related forums. Some forums will ask you to subscribe to their premium service before you can access the signature section while others will let you add it for free.

It is easy for your content to go viral using social media. You can share your content on social media in different ways – hashtags, memes, posts, or videos.

You can even schedule your content to be posted or shared on later dates using tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer. When marketing on social media, you can:

  • Post tweets with the content of the post
  • Tag specific people as you post the content
  • Post for different platforms but modify the content to suit the members of the platform
  • Include it to your content calendar, so it can keep reposting from time to time.
  • You can use influencer marketing or an affiliate program to promote the post.

2. Promoting content on your blog: This is usually the first place where your content can be found. On your blog, you can have every content relating to that niche that you have ever prepared such as – articles, white papers, subscriptions, eBooks, newsletters, and many more.

To keep your audience patronizing your blog, you have to keep it regularly updated with current content. You don’t have to write several new blogs every day alone, but you can also recycle old content to reflect new ideas or more recent information.

Some bloggers do change the dates on their posts, so it can continue to rank on search engines, but this practice isn’t effective for ranking.

You can have timeless evergreen content on your blog. This content is always relevant to your audience, so it never outlives its usefulness and will keep your old audience always coming back while still attracting some new audience.

To promote your blog:

  • You can keep the content always updated
  • Promote Guest content
  • Encourage your audience to take an action like subscribing, liking or sharing.

3. Promote your content using email broadcasts: This is by sending newsletters to your subscribers. You can use the emails to share your content with your audience. You can even invite them to attend webinars about your content.

You will get among your audience those that are interested enough to click on your link to get your product. Through email marketing, you can share newsletters, drip campaigns, confirmation emails, or product updates.

4. Use incentives or referral programs: Incentives encourage people to share and invite other people to visit your blog. You can give them some sort of discount for some of your activities, give out free eBooks, grant them access to exclusive updates, or give them an invitation to some of your webinars.

Using referrals, a lot of potential customers are brought closer to your brand through other customers. You offer your audience some incentives as they invite their friends to your blog or share your content with others.

5. Join online communities: Seek out online communities that relate to your niche. Engage in some of their discussions and bring forth your perspective or what you know about certain issues.

You can use such opportunities to promote your content and add your links as you answer their questions. You can join forums like Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, or Reddit.

6. Writing guest posts for other blogs: Another way in which you can promote your content is by writing guest posts for other blogs with non-competing businesses but with customers similar to yours.

You can also invite them to do guest posts on yours. You can use this to earn backlinks and also drive traffic to your site. As you create more awareness for your content or brand, you get to gain more authority in your niche.

7. Go for Paid Ads: You can also pay to promote your content or brand. You can use Facebook Ads, Twitter, or LinkedIn to reach out to your audience through their advertising platforms.

When creating content for promotion, make sure that you prepare quality content that will add value to your audience. Remember to use the relevant keywords to promote your content. Also, work with a budget and direct your ads to your target audience. Make sure that it has a landing page.


Creating content is not enough for you to benefit from your blog. You also have to promote your content and reach out to your potential audience. There are several ways through which you can promote your content to result in higher traffic to your blog.

Your content should always reflect the needs of your audience. It should be of high quality and be presented in simple ways that your audience can understand.

Using social media, it is possible to make your posts go viral and reach a large audience at the same time. The more audience you can reach out to, the more you can earn from your blog.

You can try the steps mentioned in this post to increase your traffic and generate higher profit than you are already making.

Are you willing to move your business to the next level? Then, start promoting your content. You can go about promotion of content exploring online communities and social networking sites.

Some platforms you can explore for spreading the word include Quora, Warrior Forum, and the popular social media sites.

When you start generating traffic to your site, you’ll earn tons of sign-ups organically and will earn income passively in a lifetime. To explore an online business community for the needed tools and resources, check out Wealthy Affiliate today.

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