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By | September 11, 2020

Are you on the lookout for a proficient alternative to iMovie or Windows Movie Maker? If your response is yes, you’ll find the Filmora Video Editor review indispensable. It is likely you’ll find it more productive than iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. Thus, let’s have a look into Filmora and find out whether it could be a better editing program than these two well-known programs for editing videos for blogging and socializing.

Basic Info

  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating
  • Price: $44.99 per year or Free
  • Platform: Mac OS, Windows

Pros and Cons of Filmora Video Editor


  • Supports multiple audio formats
  • In-built step-by-step informational guide
  • Frequent updates
  • High-definition video editing in Full HD and HD
  • Files import from associated cameras


  • The free version adds a Filmora watermark
  • Doesn’t support Vista, Windows XP
  • The full version has a broader functionality


Filmora is a straightforward, stylish video editing tool designed for newbie and struggling veteran users. Within a period of 15 minutes, anyone can simply learn to feature in this program. The end results always look awesome but if you leverage its free version, you’ll have your footage with watermarks. The software was designed and positioned by the developers as an alternative to Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

The Filmora video editor offers several components such as the feasibility to include animations, overlays, text, images, features like GIF images, and music in the videos. Therefore, it comes up with the tools that enable users to increase or decrease the clip size, have them adjusted to particular playback frequencies, or crop the footage. Certain parts of the videos can be blurred using the Tilt-shift feature, to prevent audio and movie from getting interrupted through noises.

Filmora Review

The Filmora’s interface is built on the proposition “All tools are right before you”. This will entice a lot of newbie users who do not admire frequent video editing software with a complicated arrangement of tools. The program is awesome and has a lot of interesting components.

Robust Potentiality of the Timeline

Its timeline gives a complete grip over your video project. You can come up with a hundred audio and a hundred video tracks for editing.

Flexible Interface

Its workflow and interface are one of the simplest to understand video editing software I’ve ever used. All functions and tools, like exporting clips and applying filters, adding transition and text are accessible on the primary interface.

It only takes a couple of minutes to navigate Filmora, whereas other programs may take several hours to master.

Numerous Modes of Video Editing

On getting started with Filmora, you’re given 4 entry points to 4 modes of editing, and the program focus is indicated by their names: Full Feature, Action Cam, Easy Mode, and Instant Cutter.

Sad to say, once you’ve entered one mode, you can no longer switch to another. You must launch the app again. For example, the tools needed for this genre are found in the Action Cam mode, in 3 modules: Speed, Fix, and Color.

Appropriate Import Features

Filmora permits HD, importing standard, and 4K videos. All of your media clips, such as audio files, images, and imported videos will be positioned right in the media library, where you’ll be able to easily and quickly access them without coming up with unneeded directories, and more.

Recording Videos

You can make use of your Personal Computer or webcam while recoding videos in this video editing software. You can as well record voice on it. You’ll have the video file automatically added to the library and can easily be dragged onto your timeline.

Broad Selection of Filters

Filmora enables you to add multiple filters. Hit the “Effects” button in your media library and choose the overlays or filters that you want to include in your project.

Now, hover around the structure of the effect you want to use. When you find a + icon in the middle, simply click on it. And that effect will be included in the timeline.
If you are using the video format (16:9) to edit a “portrait” clip, you can replace the black bars by adding background blur filters.

All overlays and filters in this video editing software are sorted according to subject categories (for instance; Bokeh or Faux Film Blurs), in order to locate them easily. Head on to the “Effect” tab and find the start watching and categories looking on the left-hand side of the screen.

Integrated Color Grading

Once you’ve dragged the video onto the timeline, now hit the “Color Palette” tab to load the “Advanced Color Adjustment” section.

We have multiple free templates, such as Vignette, 3D LUT, Movie, Shared, Favorites, and Custom included in the “Preset” window. Simply double-click on the needed template and use the application for the video right away.

3D LUT: While making movies, color correction presets are normally considered as part of the digital intermediate process.

White Balance: This metric allows you to modify the color temperature. You can set a cooler hue transferring the light toward the blue or set a warm color by transferring the light-slider toward the yellow side.

Color: In this particular section, you are free to adjust the shine, saturation, brightness, exposure, and contrast.

Light: In this section, you can adjust the video lighting by modifying the basic settings, namely; shadows, glare, and BW.

HSL: This refers to saturation, hue, and brightness that are used to make the most effective use of the individual color range of your clip.

Modifications Preview

Most Filmora video editor guides state that you are permitted to watch the video in the “Compare Before or after” mode once the setup is found to be over. You can execute this in the Left to Right, Side by Side, or Stacked display.

If you aren’t okay with the setting, you may hit the Redo / Undo button in the preview window and have everything configured again.

Audio Equalizer

The features of the audio equalizer permit you to have the sound customized in order to actualize the accurate combination of audio. So, the various vocals and instruments will sound awesome with other another.

To have the equalizer setup, simply launch the Audio Inspector section by double-clicking on the audio button through the timeline. Thus, choose the “Select” option through the “Equalizer” tab, which includes pop, default, soft, low bass, country, hard rock, blues, folk, acoustic, techno, lively, classic, rock and roll.

Alternatively, you can click through the “Customize” tab to leverage additional settings.

Audio and Text Synchronization

Where the effects and text are displayed, users can reduce the volume of the clip. You may not add phrases alone, but may complement them with amazing effects and animation as well. Most users compare the Lightworks video editor with Filmora captioning algorithm.

Split Screen Feature

With this particular function, you can create your videos with diverse frames and clips which are simultaneously displayed in a similar video. To execute this, you must choose the split screen tab positioned on the left-hand side.
This, you’ll view the split screen functions, out of which you’re going to select how many screens you really want and how they may be positioned.

Artificial Background Blur

Leverage the Tilt-Shift function if you’re going to focus on a single part of the clip and have the others blurred. The Mosaic feature enables users to blur specific parts of the video and modify the proportional fraction that leads to a decrease or increase in the part where blur is applicable.

Price of Filmora Video Editor

The trial version of Filmora allows you to have the recorded resources exported 10 times only and the Filmora logo added automatically on exported projects by the program. If you’re working without watermarks, study the prices that are based on the operating system.

  • Filmora Pro – $89.99 per year
  • Filmora Personal – $39.99 per year


  • Filmora Pro – $89.99 per year
  • Filmora Personal – $49.99 per year

You can buy a whole license without having to subscribe monthly. It’s also feasible to receive a discount for students.

Filmora Alternatives

If Filmora features and effects aren’t sufficient or you probably aren’t okay with the interface of the software, here are three state-of-the-art alternatives that will enable you to come up with ideal video editing:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Price: $20.99 per month or Free Trial
  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows


  • The feature of video content editing in real time
  • In-built video editing (non-linear)
  • State-of-the-art audio and video editing


  • You can enjoy the software for free for 1 month only
  • Material-intensive system necessities

This is a well-known industry leader for video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro has overall grip over the processing and creating of videos.

It lets you create, modify, and share files, leverage Creative Cloud storage, and work extensively with other Adobe Software. For example, you can work with After Effects to come up with special effects, and more.


Price: Completely Free
Platforms: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


  • Try color LUTs
  • Blend modes and color grading
  • Drag-and-drop feature of the interface


  • Needs sign up
  • Does not support certain languages

If the Lightworks video editor is compared with some other free tools for video editing, it’ll put several rivals behind in terms of editing potentialities. The Lightworks video editor is one of the best or most prominent video apps out there and one of the most uncommon cases when video editor software supports and incorporates multiple track editing features.

However, in other words, the Lightworks video editor is a kind of software that is needed to be mastered for a very long time without anyone coming around to assist you. This video editor software has such an uncommon video editing interface that operating it upfront looks like an actual quest.


Price: Free
Platforms: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


  • Diverse audio features
  • Multiple visual effects
  • Broad audio/video format support


  • Meant for basic video editing only

There are a couple of disparities that differentiate it from the overall mass of free video editing/processing apps out there. For example, this particular software provides a complete history of the actions of users, which makes it possible to return quickly to any specific stage of video editing/processing (related to how this is discovered in Adobe Photoshop).

Shortcut is equally a substitute to the Windows Movie Maker. It’s an effort to eventually create a comfortable free video editing tool for less or more big projects.

LUTs for Video Grading

Unlike most related simple video editing programs, Filmora facilitates uploading of LUTs and leverages these to give accurate colors to videos.

Breeze LUT

Mavic Pro is an awesome drone that may be considered the most prominent one for the available potentialities. The camera enables you to have high-quality videos recorded.

But, without color accuracies, you will not be able to get really awesome clips, and the LUT at Filmora will get this done perfectly for you. It can also help make the colors deeper and richer.

Aura LUT

I believe you’ve found several videos on the YouTube Go-Pro channel, whereby the clip is filled with multiple colors.

You have probably bought such cameras but you got a different picture rather. By downloading and leveraging the Filmora LUT feature, you will be able to get the awesome results you desire.

Green Cast LUT

This is an awesome LUT for recording landscape videos. It is cool with shades of green embellishing them.


While it’s been said that, by 2020, over 70 percent of users will choose videos, you can leverage the Filmora video editor program to process your videos. Having stated the features, pros, and cons of Filmora, you can compare and contrast this program with others.

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