CJ Affiliate Review

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate marketer? Signing up to a reputable and trustworthy affiliate company is worth it. CJ Affiliate is one of the largest affiliate companies in the entire industry, and since you’re directed here, you are going to learn a bit more about this company.

But how do site owners use this network?

In my Commission Junction review, I’m going to show you some good reasons you may want to join this network; then you’ll know whether to sign up or not.


CJ Affiliate is an industry leading Affiliate Company among others. It’s an open door to a multitude of amazing affiliate companies in different niches. As a blog owner, you just need to have to master the system and you’ll be able to avoid any form of challenge or frustration.

What is Commission Junction & What Service Does it Offer to Affiliates?

Commission Junction is a super set of affiliate companies – a bigger affiliate company of which other similar companies form part! Whether you knew it as CJ or Commission Junction, there’s no difference at all. It’s been in operation for more than 20 years.

If you are a site owner and you’ve been getting some decent amount of traffic every day to your blog, Commission Junction is one of your targeted marketplaces when it comes to monetizing your blog. CJ is an affiliate marketing directory where you can access hundreds of affiliate programs and select offers by categories.

If you’ve resolved to promote programs within the Commission Junction network, you’re on track and could rest assured that you belong to a completely legit affiliate company.

Now, let’s have a deep look at what CJ has to offer before you take action at all. This will let you decide whether this platform is the right one for you.

What Categories of Products Can You Promote on the CJ Affiliate Network?

One amazing thing about joining this affiliate network is that it provides numerous products that you can promote.

Some programs are meant for specific industries. This is far from it at Commission Junction. As a publisher or blogger, you’ll have access to a multitude of products to promote from the different industries.

No matter which industry you’re coming from, you can sign up to the CJ Affiliate network and start promoting products for the different brands. However, if you aren’t yet a user, you may not be allowed to access advertisers or product owners.

Who Can Sign up to CJ Affiliate?

The CJ Affiliate network is open to affiliates from any part of the world. Regardless of where you came from, you can join this network today and start promoting products of your choice.

Though there are a myriad of affiliate companies that are targeting particular regions, ethnic groups, and languages, the Commission Junction Affiliate program allows you to promote such programs. All you have to do is use Google translator or any other tool that will help you translate languages. You do not have to be a resident or native speaker of any specific region to promote specific products.

An important requirement for you to promote programs on the Commission Junction Affiliate network is a personal website or blog. You must own a blog or website to promote programs on CJ.

Do not attempt to join Commission Junction Affiliate if you know you aren’t yet a site owner. You need to build a personal website first to get accepted into the network.

How to Make the Most Out of CJ?

Once you’re approved to promote programs, all you have to do is sit back, study the system and get used to how it works. The most important thing to do is figure out which program to promote and which not to promote.

Thus, I’ll show you a myriad of steps that will walk you through the process of getting started with CJ.

Step 1 – Search through the System for Affiliate Programs

Navigate through the platform and click through the Advertisers tab which you’ll find in the main menu of the website. If you want to sign up as a publisher, you must first navigate through this channel in order to find out which advertisers are available.

Here are suggested methods to find products relevant to your industry:

You wouldn’t want to waste a lot of time scrolling through the available programs because they are just too many. So, it isn’t the best method to find the relevant program to your industry.

Commission Junction has a lot of products to choose from; thus, it’s not going to be easy scrolling through all of them. Instead, use any of the already mentioned techniques.

If there’s a particular topic or advertiser you intended to search for, the second option would be preferable. It comprises a lot of filters to help you sort the affiliate programs most relevant to your specialty.

Step 2 – Select the Appropriate Affiliate Programs

Every listed program has the summary feature. Some of the common products you can promote are Fiverr, Grammarly, ShareASale, and more.

Once you have got the appropriate affiliate program to promote, click on it for program details. These details include the regions or locations that are allowed to participate, the commission structure, the cookie period, locations where you can promote a specific product, and lots more.

Step 3 – Apply for Affiliate Programs

After finding the right affiliate program to join, the next step should be to apply with your own site. Under the overview of products, select the Join Program option to apply for the affiliate program.

It may take a couple of days sometimes to get approved while, sometimes, you can get approved almost immediately. It seems to be frustrating though waiting for days before you receive approval, it’s worth it once you know you are going to get started in earnest.

Sometimes, your application may be rejected automatically. This doesn’t mean you may not reapply for the same program at a later time or rather apply for another program on the network. Sometimes, this could occur due to glitches in the system.

Once you’re approved for a program, go straight to the Advertiser’s information on the network and get your affiliate link there once again. You’re now set to begin promoting products on your site.

However, you need to note certain things about the network before you start promoting at all, and here are useful tips for you to follow.

Important Things to Note before You Start Promoting Programs or Products

The Commission Junction Affiliate network is navigable and easy to use. Here are a few things to note prior to joining.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

If you’re already used to some affiliate networks, joining the Commission Junction Affiliate program isn’t going to be new to you. CJ Affiliate is completely free for all.

This is for the sake of those who are using CJ Affiliate for the first time. There is definitely nothing to lose on joining or promoting products on this great affiliate network.

What if You Aren’t Approved for a Particular Program?

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this review, applications can be rejected on CJ Affiliate. So, prepare for such occurrences, but don’t get discouraged when it happens. Press further. Move ahead.

Something that seems to be frustrating on the CJ Affiliate network is that automatic rejections occur and this is applicable to anyone.

What needs to be done in such occurrences is contact the advertiser’s website directly reaching them via their help or contact page. Write to them via any of those channels and let them know why you would like to become part of their affiliate network and what you are ready to offer to their network as an independent affiliate marketer.

Make sure you include your website address and make them realize that you have already applied through Commission Junction Affiliate but only got an automatic rejection, which is why you are reaching out to them via their site contact. Thus, all I’m saying is never give up on automatic rejections. Reach out to advertisers instead and win in most cases.

What if Your Account Goes Deactivated?

When you joined the Commission Junction Affiliate program, you actually complied with their terms of service that you will experience account deactivation once you can’t bring a sale within a 6-month period.

This is to make sure that only active publishers and affiliate marketers are kept within the platform promoting programs.

This is further to ensure that the platform has the right publishers and that only the active ones are left promoting affiliate products on the platform. If you have a strong business website with a decent amount of organic traffic, there will be no issues at all. However, if your website is still in its newbie stage, there is no way you’re going to sell within a 6-month period.

Do not be afraid; if your account goes deactivated, this can still be resolved with the network. You can always get it reactivated for you.

In the first place, for your account to go deactivated, you are going to receive a notification via email within a period of 30 days to deactivation – meaning, you are still given more time to try getting a sale.

If that won’t still work out, you’ll be notified upon account deactivation. You will be able to reactivate the same account by following some specific sets of instructions that you will receive again via email. It is as simple as this. The reactivation process doesn’t take much time at all. It is much simpler than you insinuate.

However, one crucial thing to take note of is that you’ll experience account dormancy once a certain amount is found in your balance within a period of six months of selling nothing at all.

This means that the network will subject your account to a deduction of $10 every month until the balance reaches $0 eventually, and thus it completely goes deactivated. If, however, you eventually generate a sale again within this time frame, you are going to have your account reactivated automatically again. That’s the system on CJ Affiliate.

When and How Do You Receive Payments?

In as much as it’s possible to promote multiple products, it’s equally good that you find out how you are going to get paid. Finding out about the mode of payment is one of the things that keep you going. As far as payout is concerned, CJ Affiliate has amazing offers for affiliates.

For sales made in a preceding month, you will receive payment on the 20th of any particular month. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to getting paid on CJ. You are paid based on the country you are living in. Payment is made via checks, bank deposit, or Payoneer

Conclusion – Is It Worth Joining or Not?

Commission Junction is an awesome affiliate company with numerous opportunities. However, let me conclude my review by summing up the pros and cons. With that, you can decide whether or not it’s worth joining or not.


  • It doesn’t cost a dime to join
  • There are multiple products to promote from diverse industries
  • The payout process is stable and completely reliable
  • It’s flexible to use


  • It can be so frustrating to experience automatic rejections
  • Signing up first is required before you can find advertisers to join

There’s no doubt saying CJ Affiliate is a trustworthy, legit, and reliable affiliate company. It has hundreds of programs, products, and entrepreneurs from all parts of the world.

You simply need to be aware of account deactivation, which occurs once you can’t bring a sale after six months of starting out, and that the reactivation procedure is fast, automatic, and simple.

You should also note that you can experience automatic rejections upon applying for an affiliate program on the CJ Affiliate network, but there is always a solution to these.

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  1. CJ definitely has a lot of things to offer and surely can only get better. For a start,I value the information provided in here about them. Also, being almost the combination of so many companies coming together to be accessible via here can make the process of working via here be worthwhile and profitable. Good one to see

    • Appreciate your comment on my Commission junction review, Nath! Of course, I had to sign up to CJ Affiliate when I first got started with affiliate marketing. And from there, I started joining affiliate platforms and was able to get approved for Amazon, Grammarly, and some other affiliate programs. Thanks for stopping by, drop by anytime!

  2. Hello Sierra, I have to say I’m impressed with all the changes going on with affiliate marketing as it means so much and with this, many people who are into the business will find it easier to get involved with companies and become an affiliate. Also companies can easily get on to get some really good individuals to be their affiliate. CJ affiliate is really clever with this idea

    • Much appreciated, Justin! Thanks for reading my Commission Junction review! The network is now named CJ affiliate and it’s a network of the networks in the affiliate marketing industry. Brands create their own affiliate programs through CJ Affiliate, some of which include Grammarly Affiliate and many more. There are thousands of affiliate platforms listed on this network, so you can decide on which of them to promote.Thanks again Justin, stop by anytime!


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