How to Make Money Writing on Medium

If you are just hearing about Medium for the first time, it’s one of the most prominent blogging platforms on the web.

Medium is one of the easiest publishing platforms founded by Williams Evan, the former owner of Twitter and was launched officially far back in 2012. This publishing platform allows bloggers and publishers to share their expertise or create fresh content completely.

When it comes to reading informative content or getting fully into blogging, Medium is a good platform to consider.

The most common topics you’ll find on Medium (as found on their site’s homepage) are:

  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Politics
  • Self
  • Productivity
  • Media

How Does Medium Earn Its Income?

In order to figure out how you can make money from a platform, it’s generally necessary to find out how the platform generates its revenue.

Except for members that are already premium users of Medium, anonymous readers are only given the opportunity to read a maximum of five articles per month. If you want to have the chance to read as many articles as you want per month, you’re left with no choice other than joining its premium membership at the rate of $5 per month.

Changes to How Making Money on Medium Works

With effect from 2019, some changes were made to how authors get paid, so the modes about claps were stopped.

According to information obtained from Medium, earning calculations are now done based on the reading time, not based on claps anymore.

While authors still grow their reach with the aid of claps and indirectly generate more money for their articles, boosting engagement on your content is now the order of the day as far as earning from writing on Medium is concerned. This is beautiful revolution for the new authors on Medium.

For anonymous readers, their reading time will also be considered into payment if they become users within one month of reading your pieces.

In addition, earnings are updated this time around on a daily basis, no more on a weekly basis like ever, and articles have more detailed parameters to analyze their earning statistics. On the platform, there has been a great change since it’s been made feasible for the newbie authors to earn from writing on Medium.

Click this link for more changes and updates on the Medium Partner Program.

Earning on Medium – Bonuses for Authors

Earning bonuses for writing on Medium is a comparatively new idea, but it’s certainly awesome. Recently, Medium made it known that they would be compensating Medium partners with bonuses for quality and valuable work. However, this shouldn’t be relied upon as a solid means of earning income, as only a few stories will be rewarded with bonuses by Medium Editors on a weekly basis.

If you’re so desiring to earn from writing, Medium is a no-brainer option among other platforms out there. It truly lets you earn from writing based on your passion and you get paid based on the reading time.

Here’s a list of stats about the Medium Partner Program you might want to learn about:

  • Up to 48 percent of authors who publish a minimum of 1 story for users make money.
  • Over $7,900 was the highest possible earned by a single author, while over $2400 was the highest possible earned by a single publication.
  • Over $1,700 was the highest earned for a story, and nearly 11% of pieces generated more than $100.

The reality that a single story generated over $1,700 on Medium blew off my mind. And a single Medium author generated $7,900+.

If you’re willing to become part of the Medium Partner Program, you must submit your government-issued identification number together with your bank account details.

The Medium Benefits – Reach and Traffic for Bloggers

The traffic you can get from writing on the Medium platform is enormous. From the Alexa data, Medium is the 272nd most known site in the online world when it comes to driving traffic, and the 137th most ranked website in the US.

Medium, being an incredibly prominent blogging platform, drives over 60 million traffic hits monthly, while its algorithm is not clear to anyone.

Promoting your Content through Different Online Media

Earning on Medium – My Pieces of Advice

As an author, you can earn $100 within a complete day after publishing your first story on Medium, and this will amaze you. While writing on Medium, it’s equally good to build your online identity.

If you are a fellow writer or blogger with a personal site or blog (or who is preparing to set up one), never stop writing. As a blogger, you are offered revenue potential and a certain amount of traffic by Medium, but that does not imply that your site must be sacrificed for content creation.

The potentiality to have your best write-up imported to Medium is part of what enables blog owners to build an online presence on this platform. In addition, if you have some other series or stories you have frequently desired to come up with and which isn’t relevant to your website specialty/topic, it goes for Medium publications.

Summarily, here are my pieces of advice for leveraging Medium along with building a niche website:

  • Import your favorite stories: Begin by having one or more stories imported to Medium.
  • Set up a personal/professional profile on Medium: Add your credential, photo, passion, and why you desire to publish on Medium.
  • Handle Medium like a partner site/blog: Do not panic to link out to your personal site/blog, or link to other awesome stories online. Medium frowns with a ton of links or pushy affiliate links generally.
  • Study the algorithm: If part of your write-up is not getting views even after a couple of days, simply move such a piece to trash and import it again. Medium does not care whether you do that or not, and if you try republishing a piece, it might position it before the right viewers.
  • Conduct a test: Learning how Medium works is still part of what I am doing. But, like the normal learning curve, you are expected to put in a lot of energy. Get most of your articles monetized. Let other users view for free. Clap for fellow authors, or leave comments on other people’s articles. Come up with a ton of articles; brainstorm your titles, headlines, and images. Find out what really works out for your write-ups and members of your ideal audience.

Publications on Medium – A Chance to Boost Reach:

If you are making frantic effort to get views or earn with your stories on Medium, you are advised to link out to numerous publications on Medium and submit a writing proposal.

There are an incredible number of common publications on Medium, and most of them are frequently accepting regular content contributors or guest writers.

Presently, editors reach out to certain authors asking them to share some of their work. So, while this is going to happen, you wouldn’t need to apply at all or submit any proposal.

If you want to quickly find publications on medium that are accepting guest writers’ requests, I would advise you dig deep through the trending feature.

The most awesome part about being an author for Medium Publications is that you still get handsomely paid for what you do for them, if you’ve got most of your stories syndicated.

Once you’ve received approval to contribute your share to a publisher, you can simply modify any of your already published work and have them forwarded as part of the request for them to be included in a publication.

If your articles are approved, it can be viewed by all those following the publication, and you could realize that you’ve got an increase in claps, page views, and most importantly revenue!

Thus, do not panic to submit an application to Medium Publications or forward some electronic emails! You could discover the whole procedure starts to boost your revenue potential on the Medium platform monthly.

Other Ideas about Medium as a Blogging Platform – Writing for Income

The ultimate objective of my writing or blogging efforts is not to earn. However, blogging for fun is equally not my ultimate goal either.

When it comes to writing or blogging, my ultimate goal is helping others passionately and showing the path of success to a lot of people.

I’m passionate about writing, and I love anything related to earning passive income. Thus, I’ve chosen writing as a special hobby that I enjoy so much, and which I also can monetize systematically.

I do not believe something is wrong with getting one’s write-up monetized in as much as it is transparently and professionally done, and does not compromise personal beliefs or values.

11 Powerful Ways to Write a Blog Post: A Detailed Guide

In what way does this relate to Medium?

First and foremost, it’s a real fact that Medium is awesome by paying its authors. If you are passionate about writing, looking for writing opportunity and you do not care about having a personal website, Medium is the right platform for you.

Medium is making frantic efforts to compensate awesome authors, and it expresses its appreciation by giving out great bonuses to writers.

If you are only writing because you’re sharing expertise with people and are deriving satisfaction from that, I’d suggest you try out Medium. It could be the right platform for someone like you.

Medium is one of the best and easy-to-use writing platforms in the entire industry, and the potentiality to clap for pieces and follow authors establish discussions.

Since inception, Medium has got two model changes in business, and while I cherish the blogging platform, Medium authors typically can’t control how the site is going to be monetized.

Going forward, I believe it is crucial that article writers do not drop all of their balls in a single basket.

Thus, publish on Medium, begin a personal blog, or start some other online businesses. Just ensure you only engage in what you love doing.

An Update to Writing on Medium

This post covers all about making money writing on Medium from two years to date, and both the newbie and experienced bloggers will find the info useful.

Medium has been leveraged by several bloggers as a means of content syndication and writing on Medium can be so amazing for anyone that is passionate about writing.

Having your blog content republished on Medium does not have an influence on the potentiality to earn income.

Some writers on Medium earn well above $1,000 monthly while others earn much more than that. You can give it a try if you love writing to showcase your writing potential.

In addition, on Medium, you can grow your monthly follower base and reach easily.

Typically, building a follower base on Medium requires much time, but it is realistically feasible to earn writing on Medium and generate tons of referral traffic to your site.

One thing I’ve personally observed, however, is that stories hit the search engine results pages fast. And once it successfully hits the SERPs, you’re going to earn cool and consistent money.

If you experience technical issues and you want to prevent your blog’s page views from being cannibalized, all you simply need to do is contact the support team on Medium and they will definitely help you resolve the issues.

For writers or publishers who are longing to leverage Medium for content syndication, I’d suggest you keep a close watch on your blog content ranking positions and statistics on search engine results pages.

In addition, you should endeavor to examine your syndicated content’s page source on the Medium publishing platform to ensure your blog is rewarded with ultimate credit and authority.

A Recent Update to Earning with Medium

I’m adding this update to make it known that making money from writing on the Medium Publishing Platform is 100 percent feasible and realistic.


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    • Hello Beesean, glad you found my Medium tutorial helpful! If you are passionate about sharing stories, and creating great and captivating content, Medium is waiting for you. You will not only be writing for the sake of writing, but will be able to earn some revenue writing.

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